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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

IV. Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories

page 78

IV. Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories.

Class 30.—Cotton Thread and Fabrics.

65 Humberstone, Laura, 217 Elizabeth-st., Sydney—Cushion, embroidered with crewel-work.

66 Jenkins. Mrs., Pyrmont.—Knitted quilt.

Class 31.—Thread and Fabrics of Flax, Hemp, &c.

67 Forsyth. R., & Co., 339 Kent-st., Sydney.—Six coils of Manila hemp rope.

Class 33.—Woollen Yarn and Fabrics.

68 Humberstone, Laura, 217 Elizabeth-st., Sydney.—Wool-work.

69 Minnis. Helen, St. Peter's-st., Woolloomooloo.

Class 34.—Silk and Silk Fabrics.

70 Affleck, T., Alburv.—Reeled silk and cocoons.

Class 36.—Lace, Net, Embroidery, and Trimmings.

71 Calvert. May M., Woodlands, Marrickville.—Silk braces, worked.

72 Haviland. Lucy M., 1 Enmore-terrace, Pitt-st., Redfern.—Collar and cuffs (tatting), of No. 100 machine cotton.

73 Humberstone, Laura, 217 Elizabeth-st, Sydney.—Lace apron, collar, handkerchief, buttonhole piece.

74 Hunt, G. H., Ryde Public School, Parramatta.—Fancy-work, embroidery, &c.

75 Hunt. Mrs. G. H., Ryde Public School. Parramatta.—Fancy-work, embroidery, &c.

Class 37.—Hosiery and Underclothing and Accessories of Clothing.

76 Alderson & Sons, 101 York-st., Sydney.—Patent-leather leggings, patent spring and buckle.

77 Hunt, Mrs. G. H.. Ryde Public School, Parramatta.—Knitted stockings and gloves.

78 Magrath, P., Yass.—Knitted woollen gloves.

Class 38.—Clothing for both Sexes.

79 Alderson & Sons, 101 York-st., Sydney.—Colonial-made boots and shoes; goat, kangaroo, kid, enamelled, and patent leathers.

80 Gillespie, C., Goulburn.—Ladies', men's, and children's boots and shoes; lawn-tennis made boots.

81 Taylor, E., 22 York-st., Sydney.—Boots and shoes.

82 West, A., 44 Clevcland-st., Darlington.—Copper toe-tips for children's boots.

Class 39.—Jewellery and Precious Stones.

83 Alonzo, S., Dowling-st., Sydney.—Process of manufacturing imitation jewellery; imitation jewellery, so manufactured.

84 Altman, L. J., 277 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Fancy-made silver trinkets.

85 Moonen, L., Lambert-st., Camperdown.—Colonial gold, enamel, and other jewellery.

Class 41.—Travelling Apparatus and Camp Equipage.

86 Alderson & Sons. 101 York-st., Sydney.—Telescope trunks; railway portmanteaus, various kinds, solid and patent leather; valises, brown and patent leather.

Class 42.—Toys.

87 Altman, L. J., 277 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Digitine, for athletes; cricketing and lawn-tennis goods.

88 Kerr, E., 508 Gcorge-st., Sydney.—Mechanical and scientific toys.

89 Lasseter, F., & Co., 417 Gcorge-st., Sydney.—(1) Roller skates; (2) Indian clubs, skittles of colonial wood.