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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

III. Furniture and Accessories

page 77

III. Furniture and Accessories.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

28 Forster, S., & Sons, 106 Harrington-st., Sydney.—Brass and iron bedsteads.

29 Hasarts, L., 81 Goulburn-st.. Sydney.—Ebonised gilt sideboard, with oil painting.

30 Holterman, B. O.. 674 George-st., Sydney.—Carved furniture.

31 Hudson Brothers, Botany-road, Redfern.—Cabinet-work.

32 Jones, W., & Son, Ross-st., Glebe.—Pine-wood bookcase, dark oak mounting.

33 Millson, A., 121½ Liverpool-st., Sydney.—Furniture.

34 Wearne, T., 386 Sussex-st., Sydney.—Fireproof safes.

Class 18.—Upholsterers' and Decorators' Work.

35 Doubleday, Miss Mary, Napier-st., Pad-dington.—Wax imitation of Parian marble.

36 Greenhalhh, J., 11 Beaufort-st., Sydney.—Wood revolving shutters.

37 Kean, J. A., 242 Castlereagh-st., Sydney.—Table-top, imitation of inlaid wood and stone.

38 Lawson. J.. 261 George-st., Sydney.—Drawing-room furniture.

39 Millson, A., 121½ Liverpool-st., Sydney.—Decorative furniture.

40 Rowe, T., & Son, 282 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Venetian and wire blinds.

41 Winter, L-, Newtown-road, Sydney.—Ornamentation, fancy goods in plaster-of-Paris.

Class 19.—Crystal, Glass, and Stained Glass.

42 Ashwin & Falconer, 314 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Circular-headed stained-glass window.

43 Cornish, J. C., Illawarra-road, Marrickville.—Kent glass and show-case.

44 Lyon, Cottier & Co., 119 Liverpool-st.—Stained-glass windows.

Class 20.—Pottery.

45 Baldock Brothers, London Pottery, Camper-down.—Pottery-ware.

46 Davis, J., Campbell-st., Camperdown.—Terracotta work.

47 Stevens & Kyle, Albury.—Six varieties of bricks.

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

48 Alderson & Sons. 101 York-st., Sydney.—Coloured morocco leathers, roan bright hard-grained; enamelled hides, bright and hard-grain.

49 Read, J. C., Principal Gaoler, Darlingtraret.—Matting, hammocks, network, &c.

Class 23.—Cutlery.

50 Kerr, E. 508 Gcorge-st., Sydney.—Improved W. p. sheep-shears, tool sharpeners, carbonised itee'-cutters, tin-openers, oyster-knives.

Class 24.—Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Work.

51 Bartlett, S., 42 Huntcr-st., Sydney.—Rings, earrings, and studs of New South Wales gold.

52 Jones. E., 11 Hunter-st., Sydney.—Gold and silver plate, &c.

53 Joubert, J., Sydney.—Tea and coffee service, presented to exhibitor in 1868.

54 Lloyd. H. G. (care of Parramatta S. N. Co.). Syd ney.—Silver goblet, presented to Lieut. Williams, 21st Light Dragoons, by brother officers, 1817.

55 Roberts, C. J., Chats worth.—Silver cradle, presented during mayoralty of exhibitor by Municipal Council of Sydney.

55a Prize Cups, Presentation Plate, &c., lent by C. Belisario, Esq., Dr. Milford, and others.

Class 25.—Bronzes and various Art Castings and Repousse Work.

56 Smith, R. B., M.P., Macquarie-st., Sydney.—Model of the statue of Captain Cook.

57 House Committee Sydney Infirmary.—Brass plate found at foundation.

Class 26.—Clocks and Watches.

58 Smith, J. M., 17 Hunter-st., Sydney.—Watch and clock wheels, bevel wheels.

Class 27.—Apparatus and Processes for Heating and Lighting.

59 Marshall, A. A., & Co., 8 Macquarie-place, Sydney.—Gas cocks.

60 Penson, J. A., 279 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Two kerosene sun lights, kerosene lamp.

Class 29.—Leather-work, Fancy Articles, and Basket-work.

61 Alderson & Sons. 101 York-st., Sydney.—Enamelled morocco Gladstone bags, satehels, leather pouches, portfolio-cases.

62 Alexander. Mrs., 48 Margaret-st., Sydney.—Flowers made from seeds and lobster-shell.

63 Hunt. Mrs. G. H., Ryde Public School, Parramatta.—Seed-work, shells, &c.

64 Stratton. E., Tamworth.—Two miniature chairs carved in wood.