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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

II. Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts

II. Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts.

Class 6.—Education of Children, Primary Instruction, Instruction of Adults.

1 Department of Public Instruction.—Collective exhibit.

2 Department of Public Instruction.—Plans, models, and photographs of public school buildings, &c.

3 Department of Public Instruction.—Samples of pupils' work.

4 New South Wales Institute for Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (E. Robinson, Hon. See.).—Articles made by scholars of the Institute.

5 Troughton & Boulton, 150 Macquarie-st., Sydney.—Improved school-desks and educational apparatus.

Class 8.—Organisation, Methods, and Appliances for Superior Instruction.

6 Fitzgerald, R. D., Deputy Survey or-General, Sydney.—Five parts of a work on Australian orchids; 26 plates of same work.

Class 9.—Printing, Books.

7 Altman, L. J., 277 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Music, printed in New South Wales.

8 Batson, C., 30 Wynyard-square, Sydney.—Specimens of printing.

9 Drewe, Amelia B., Oak-terrace, Parramatta-road.—Musical compositions of lady amateur.

10 Gardner, J., Young.—Specimens of coloured printing.

11 Gaden, Eliza B., Hampton Villa, Balmain.—Armorial album.

12 King. P. G.,Tamworth.—Letter-book of Governor King.

13 Richards, T., Government Printer, Sydney.—Collective exhibit of books.

14 Royal Society of New South Wales (A. Liversidge, Secretary)—Journal of the Society and pamphlets.

15 Silver, s. W., & Co. (J. Henniker Heaton, 148 Pitt-st., Agent).—Colonial publications and maps for use of tourists and emigrants.

Class 10.—Stationery, Bookbinding, Painting and Drawing Materials.

16 Alderson & Sons, 101 York-st., Sydney.—Bookbinding leathers—rough and smooth calf, kangaroo, goat, sheep, morocco, Russia hides.

17 Short, G., South Head-road Public School, Paddington.—Bookbinding, showing advantage of flexible over non-flexible backs.

18 Smithers, H., 83 Victoria-st., Darlinghurst.—Large frame of postage stamps.

Class 14.—Medicine, Hygiene, and Public Relief.

19 Bottrell, E. H., 197 Castlereagh-st., Sydney.-Elcctro-galvanic machinc and battery.

20 Chaim, J., 3 Enmore-road, Newtown.—Artificial teeth.

21 Guyatt, G., 301 Georgc-st., Sydney.—Various surgical instruments and appliances.

22 Spencer, J., 44 Margaret-st.. Sydney.—Mechanical dentistry in gold and vulcanite.

Class 16.—Maps, and Geographical and Cosmo-graphical Apparatus.

23 Adams, P. F., Surveyor-General of New South Wales.—Maps of New South Wales.

24 Butterfield, G., Marrickville.—Astronomical planispheres, &c.

25 Department of Mines, Sydney.—Geological sketch map of New South Wales (collective exhibit).

26 Hunt, G. H., Ryde Public School, Parramatta.-Maps.

27 Searchfield, E., 43 Collins-st., Surrey Hills.—Port Jackson Harbour.