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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Third Group.—Furniture and Accessories

Third Group.—Furniture and Accessories.

Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

Class 17.—Sideboards, book-cases, tables, dressing-tables, beds, sofas, couches, billiard, tables, &c.

Upholsterers' and Decorators' work.

Class 18.—Bed furniture, stuffed chairs, canopies, curtains, tapestry, and other hangings.

Decorative furniture made of costly stones and substances. Composition ornaments and objects moulded in plaster, carton-pierre, papier-maché, See. Frames. Paintings and decorations for churches and houses.

Crystal, Glass, and Stained Glass.

Class 19.—Drinking-glasses of crystal, cut glass, plated and mounted crystal, &c. Table glass. Common glass-bottles.

Window and mirror glass. Cast, enamelled, crackled, frosted, and tempered glass.

Glass, crystals for optical purposes, ornamental glass, &c.

Stained glass. Mirrors, looking-glasses, &c.

Venetian glass.


Class 20.—Biscuit-ware, hard and soft paste porcelains. Japanese, Indian, and Chinese porcelain. Fine earthenware with coloured glazing, See. Earthenware biscuit, Terra cotta. Enamelled lava. Bricks and tiles. Stoneware.

Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

Class 21.—Carpets and rugs, moqucttes, tapestry, terry, and velvet pile, See. Felt carpets, matting, &c. India-rubber floorcloth, &c.

Furniture stuffs of cotton, wool, or silk, plain or figured. Horse-hair fabrics and leather cloths, moleskins, &c. Leather for hangings, for covering furniture, &c. Oilcloths.


Class 22.—Printed paper-hangings. Flock, marbled, veined paper, See. Paper for covering, bookbinding, &c. Artistic papers. Varnished and enamelled paper. Imitations of wood and of leather. Painted or printed blinds.


Class 23.—Knives, penknives, scissors, razors, &c. Cutlery of every description.

Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' work.

Class 24.—Church plate, ornamental plate, and table plate; gold and silver toilet articles; writing materials, &c. Electrotypes.

Enamels, cloisonne, champlevé.

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Bronzes and Various art Castings and Repousse work.

Class 25.—Statues and bass-reliefs in bronze, cast-iron, zinc, Sec. Castings coated with other metals by galvanic action.

Repoussé work in copper, lead, zinc, Sec.

Clocks and Watches.

Class 26.—Separate parts of clocks of large or small size.

Watches, chronometers, pedometers; various time-keepers, &c. Time-pieces and clocks working by springs or weights, regulators, metronomes.

Astronomical clocks; marine chronometers; travelling clocks. Alarums, &c. Water clocks and sand glasses. Electric clocks. Turret and church clocks.

Apparatus and Processes for Heating and Lighting.

Class 27.—Fire-grates, fire-places, stoves, and hot-air stoves. Accessory objects for heating. Kitchen-ranges and apparatus for heating and cooking by gas.

Apparatus for heating by the circulation of hot water, steam, or heated air. Ventilating apparatus. Drying apparatus; drying stoves.

Enamellers' lamps, blow-pipes, portable forges.

Lamps for illuminating purposes, fed with various oils.

Accessory objects for lighting. Matches.

Apparatus and accessory objects for lighting by gas.

Lamps for the electric light. Apparatus for the use of the electric and magnesium light.


Class 28.—Cosmetics and pomatums. Perfumed oils, essences, extracts and scents, aromatic vinegar; almond paste; perfumed powders, pastilles, and scent bags; perfumes for burning. Toilet soap.

Leather work, Fancy Articles, and Basket-Work.

Class 29.—Dressing-cases, work-boxes, small articles of fancy furniture, liqueur-cases, glove-boxes, caskets. Cases and bags, jewel-boxes. Purses, pocket-books, note-books, cigar-cases.

Turned, engine-turned, carved, or engraved articles in wood, ivory, tortoise-shell, &c. Snuff-boxes. Pipes.

Fancy toilet combs and brushes.

Lacquered ware.

Fancy basket-work; wicker-work for bottles; articles in fine straw.