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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Ladies' Court

page 64

Ladies' Court.

1536 Adair, Elise M., Stanley-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Fern tables.

1537 Addis, Miss, S Murphy-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Point lace, embroidery on satin.

1538 Alderson, Mrs. A. G., 22 George-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Fancy-work in satin.

1539 Anderson, Annie, Lighthouse, Belfast.—Cuttlefish flowers.

1540 Anderson, Catherine, Ardmillan-road, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne.—Feather flowers.

1541 Armitstead, Alice E., 4 Trafford-place, Chetwynd-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1542 Austin, Mrs.—Hearthrug.

1543 Baker, Prances A., 19 Andrew-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Silk and paper flowers. Painted hand-screens.

1544 Barclay, Georgina M., Skipton-st., Ballarat.—Wool-work slippers.

1545 Barry, Isabella H., O'Hea's-road, Coburg, Melbourne.—Wax flowers.

1546 Basett, Eliza, Murphy-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Limerick lace; velvet cushion, embroidered with Irish salmon scales; velvet cushion, &c.

1547 Batters, Eleanor A., 76 Commercial-road, Prahran, Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

1548 Bedford, Miss, Geelong.—Flowers embroidered on satin.

1549 Bell, Mrs. L. W., Alma-road, St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Hand-painted table.

1550 Bibbey, Blisda, Bridge-st. East, Richmond, Melbourne.—Cover, in tape work.

1551 Bice, Helena, Brick-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Children's woollen boots.

1552 Boobier, Nellie, Waterloo-place, Sandhurst.—Paintings on silk, &c.

1553 Borland, Martha, Maryborough.—Picture in leather-work frame, stuffed birds and flying squirrels.

1554 Boyd, Susan P., Jackson-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Vase of flowers.

1555 Bragge, Mary J., 1 Grattan-place, Keppel-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Cross, in imitation Parian marble.

1556 Bray, Ellen A., Robe-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Articles made of rock-melon seeds.

1557 Brearley, Josephine L., Studley Park-road. Kew, .Melbourne.—Embroidery on crewel canvas, for bedroom suite.

1558 Bride, Abina, High-st., Heathcote.—Siik patchwork cushion.

1559 Broadbent, Isabella, Elsternwick, Melbourne.—Child's dress. Lady's dress.

1560 Brooker, G., sen., 12 Yarra-st, Abbotsford, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Vase of cuttlefish flowers.

1561 Brookman, Margaret R., M'Larcn-st., Sandhurst.—Painted groups of flowers. Point laee.

1562 Brown, Miss E. A., Kincaird, Balaclava, Melbourne.—Imitation old Venetian point lace.

1563 Bruce, Mary A., 13 Hotham-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Crochet antimacassar.

1564 Bryer, Katie, 25 Park-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Dolls' millinery.

1565 Bull, Mrs. G., 13 Carlton-st., Melbourne. Wool-work chair.

1566 Burton, Miss, St. John's School, Latrobe-St., Melbourne.—Ottoman and antimacassar.

1567 Burton, Isabella A., St. John's State School, Latrobe and Elizabeth sts., Melbourne.—Fancy-work made in the school.

1568 Caldwell, Edith, Commercial Rank, Geelong.—Fancy-work in perforated cardboard.

1569 Chapman, J., Colac.—Bracelets, rings, crosses, &c., in hair-work.

1570 Clarkson, Eliza, Rae-st., North Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1571 Clarkson, Jane, Rae-st., North Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1572 Coates, Alice C., Mayroyd, South Yam, Melbourne.—Fret-work bracket and frames.

1573 Cocking, Jane, St. John's-parade. Cotham road, Kew, Melbourne.—Splash-work table. Venetian point-lace handkerchief.

1574 Cole, Chassie, Geelong.—Flowers painted on silk.

1575 Cooper, Emma S., 91 Gcrtrudc-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Embroidered cushion and fender-stool. Fern-work music-case.

1576 Cruikshank. Fanny & Bessie, Sandhurst,—Fancy-work, painting on silk, bead-work, &c.

1577 Davison, Jane A., Woodend.—Frilling caps, and bugle collar.

1578 Dawbin, Mrs. T.—Needle-work and woolwork pictures.

1579 De Grandet, Mrs., Ararat.—Hair flower*.

1580 Denham, Miss.—Painted screen and cushion.

1581 Dimelow, Miss, Richmond, Melboume.-Cone whatnot.

1582 Doherty, Emma J., Vale-st.. St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Wax flowers. Leather-work brackets. Darned net table-cover.

1583 Douglass, Mrs. A., Corio Villa, Geelong.-Skeleton leaves.

1584 Elsbury, Mary, Fryerstown, Castlemaine.—Knitted quilt.

1585 Esmond, Geraldine M., 28 Dawson-st North, Ballarat West.—Wax, rice, and paper flowers. Wool antimacassar.

1586 Esmond, Sarah, A. E., 28 Dawson-st, Pallarat West.—Lace, silk embroidery.

1587 Farquharson, Mrs., Melbourne.—Hand, painted table.

1588 Finley, Alice & Eva, Drayton, Kew, Richmond.—Embroidery in silk. Doll.

1589 Fisher, Agnes, Clarke House, Geelong.-Fret-work.

1590 Fisher, Sarah A., Moorabool-st., Geelong.—Fancy work in straw.

1591 Flatow, Mrs. J.. 26 Capel-st., Hotham. Melbourne.—Pressed ferns. Picture of everlasting flowers, grasses, and fungi.

1592 Flatow. Mrs. J., 26 Capel-st.. Hotham. Melbourne.—Derice in coral shells and seaweed, collection of coral, coralline, sponge, &c.

page 65

1593 Forrest, T., Pakenham, Gippsland.—Ornamental work made from fern-trees, &c.

1594 Frazer, Elizabeth F., Albert-st., Creswick.—Tapestry pictures.

1595 Frost, R., Julia-st., Portland.—Cuttlefish flowers.

1596 Fuller, Elizabeth, Inverlelgh.—Feather flowers.

1597 Gamon, T., Walter-st, Footscray. Melbourne.—Cuttlefish flowers. Seaweed picture.

1598 Gerson, Rika A., 163 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Embossed silk flowered banner-screen.

1599 Gerson, Sarah L., 163 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Paper flowers.

1600 Goldberg, Mrs., East Melbourne.—One large and two carte-de-visite albums.

1601 Gomm, Sarah A., Cheltenham.—Orna mental flower-stand and bride's cake made from the pith of rushes.

1602 Goode, Louisa, 224 Cardigan-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Leather-work frame.

1603 Gourlay, Mrs. J., 200 Cecil-st, Albert Park, Melbourne.—Ornamental writing.

1604 Grandison, Margaret, Newry-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Paper flowers.

1605 Grant, Mrs. J., Chapman-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

1606 Greathead, Sarah P., 33 Chetwynd-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Smoking-cap.

1607 Griffin, Mrs., Victoria-parade, Melbourne.—Point lace.

1608 Grover, M. M., Argyle-st. West, St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Fern-work table.

1609 Hardbottle, B., Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, Melbourne.—Fancy articles in leather-work.

1610 Haughton, C., jun., 58 Elgin-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Miniature suite of drawingroom furniture, carved in bone, &c.

1611 Hayward, Maria E., 49 Rowena-parade, Richmond, Melbourne.—Pictures cut out with scissors.

1612 Heinzle, Annie, 211 Smith-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Needle-work upholstery.

1613 Henderson, Agnes R., Gipps-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Paper flowers.

1614 Henry, Mrs. M., 40 Faraday-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Pictures in paper flowers, fern leaves, &c.

1615 Henty, Mrs. R., Toorak-road, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Collection of lace.

1616 Higgins, Mary J., Glen Huntly-road, Caulflold, Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

1617 Hillas, Mrs., Drummond-st., Melbourne.—Patchwork tablecover and cushions.

1618 Hodgkinson, Arabella B., Hotham-st., East Melbourne.—Fruits, &c., modelled in wax.

1619 Holder, Margaret S., 57 Spring-st., Melbourne.—Wax and paper flowers.

1620 Holland, Mrs. John, Ararat.—Patchwork quilt.

1621 Holland, Mrs. Margaret, 5 Sussex-st., Ballarat.—Down quilt.

1622 Hordera, Cicelia, Auburn-road, Hawthorn, Melbourne.—Fender stool, footstools.

1623 Howe, Mrs. S., 1 Marine-parade, Collingwood. Melbourne.—Patchwork quilt.

1624 Hurst, Kate & Edith, Glenferrie-road, Hawthorn, Melbourne.—Point-lace parasol cover, antimacassar, toilet set, &c. Crewel-work apron.

1625 Irvine, Jemima F., 8 Canterbury-terrace, Powlett-st., East Melbourne.—Fancy-work.

1626 Jamieson, Margaret, 6 Moor-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Wool-work pictures.

1627 Janes, Lydia & Harriet, 27 Peel-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Imitation marble cross and harp. Crochet quilt.

1628 Jefferson, Etta, Fernshaw.—Collection of preserved ferns.

1629 Jeffreson, Caroline, Howitt-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Hand-made lace.

1630 Johnston, Miss E. A., 7 Albert-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Embroidery on silk and satin, dressed doll, children's dresses.

1631 Johnston, P., Bull and Mouth Hotel, Ararat.—Plate, knife, fork and spoon, chains, &c., carved in wood.

1632 Johnstone, Jeannie H., Latrobe-terrace, Geelong.—Seaweed picture. Picture-screen.

1633 Jones, Minnie, Queen-st, West Melbourne.—Embroidered toilet set.

1634 Keen, Elizabeth, Fyans Ford, Geelong—Patchwork quilt

1635 Kelsall, J. E., Postmaster, Cape Otway.—Boxes of muskroot and other Cape Otway woods.

1636 Kitz, Mrs. C., Simpson-st., East Melbourne.—Wax flowers. Fret-work.

1637 Laing, Maggie M., Aberdeen-road, Prahran, Melbourne.—Crystal cross and flowers.

1638 Lancelot, A., Castle Donnington Hotel, Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Fret-work fan, for photographs.

1639 Laurance, Amelia, 11 Byron-st, Hotham, Melbourne.—Gold, silver, black, and white point lace.

1640 Laurance, Catherine, 11 Byron-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Darned net antimacassar. Lace darned upon Brussels net.

1641 Lee, Esther, Earl of Zetland Hotel, Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Ladies' underclothing.

1642 Leek, Elizabeth, Hyde-st., Yarraville, Melbourne.—Fancy picture, in leather-work frame.

1643 Le Souef, Eva W., Royal Park, Melbourne.—Splashed fern table.

1644 Lewellin, Grace E., Chapel-st., Prahran, Melbourne.—Skeleton leaves.

1645 Liddelow, A., State School, Tarraville, South Gippsland.—Cone picture-frames.

1646 Lister, Mary, Beech-st., Sand ridge, Melbourne.—Wax flowers.

1647 Little, F., Thomas-st., Little Brighton, Melbourne.—Point-lace veil, fac-simile of that worn by the Princess of Wales at her marriage.

1648 Lyon, J. G., Newry-st., North Carlton, Melbourne.—Fern-work loo-table; wool-work picture, mounted in fern-work frame.

1649 M'Alplne, Miss, Campbell-parade, Richmond, Melbourne.—Mottoes on perforated card.

1650 M'Alpine, C. A., Campbell-parade, Richmond, Melbourne.—Fancy articles in wood and metals.

1651 M'Donald. Margaret, Chapman-st., Hotham Hill, Melbourne.—Wax flowers. Leather-work frame.

1652 M'Donnell, F. M., 16 Jolimont-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Pack of hand-painted cards.

1653 McGivern, Emilia, Chetwynd-st, Hotham, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1654 McMillan, Anna G., Simpson-st, East Melbourne.—Fruits, &c., modelled in wax.

page 66

1655 McWalter, Elizabeth, 20 Ireland-st., West Melbourne.—Basket of flowers.

1656 Mc Walter, Jeannie W., 20 Ireland-st., West Melbourne.—Alum cross, with passion flowers.

1657 Manley, Blanche E., Acland-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Hand-painted tables (flower ornamentation).

1658 Maybille. Sabina A., Royal Arcade Hotel, Little Collins-st., Melbourne.—The Lord's Prayer, embroidery in floss silk.

1659 Meyers, J. S., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Baskets, leather-work frames.

1660 Miller, Mabel C., Bosisto-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1661 Mills, H. W., 40 Albert-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Silk picture, worked in 1779.

1662 Mirams, Isabella C., Vaucluse, Richmond, Melbourne.—Crochet quilt.

1663 Monkhouse, Susan, 3 Fraser-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Patchwork quilt.

1664 Moore, O. & E. F., Charnwood. St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Painted satin border of tablecloth.

1665 Morgan, Maria, Nicholson-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1666 Mowat, Mary A., Derby-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Pictures, &c., in seaweed and shells.

1667 Murphy. Kate J., R. C. School, Heathcote, Melbourne.—Point-lace antimacassar, collar and cuffs. Irish linen antimacassar.

1668 Nail, Hannah, Derbyshire Farm, Waaragee, Beechworth.—Hand-knitted woollen hosiery.

1669 Naughton, Bridget, Church-st. North, Richmond, Melbourne.—Patehwork counterpane.

1670 O'Callaghan, Miss E.—Flowers, in water-colours.

1671 O'Callaghan, Katie. Church-st., Hawthorn, Melbourne.—Lace toilet set.

1672 O'Callaghan, Miss M.—Flowers, in water-colours.

1673 O'Connell, Mrs. J.-Socks.

1074 Oliver, Sarah, Grant-st., Ballarat East.—Lace curtains and dress.

1675 Ormond, Mrs. M. E., Aberdeen-st., Geelong.—Hand-painting on glass.

1676 Owen, Mrs. J., Abbotsford-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Paper flowers. Carved emu eggs.

1677 Paterson. Emma J., St. James's Park, Hawthorn, Melbourne.—Needle-work picture.

1678 Patton, Emily S., Studley Park-road, Kew, Melbourne.—Poem on Sydney International Exhibition. Embroidery on silk and satin.

1679 Pearson, Elizabeth, Argyle-square, Carlton, Melbourne.—Paper flowers.

1680 Peebles, Florence J., Agnes-st., Jolimont, Melbourne.—Wax flowers.

1681 Penny, E. T., 7 Lygon-terrace, Lygon-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Skeleton leaves.

1682 Phillips, Clara, 4 Grattan-place, Keppel-st., Carlton. Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1683 Phillips, Emily B., 2 Macquarle-st., Prahran. Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1684 Pidgeon, Margaret, 18 Raglan-st. Hotham, Melbourne.—Shell and seaweed ornaments.

1685 Pinkus, Sophia. 64 Victoria-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1686 Plimpton, Rose, 131 Young-st.. Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Leather-work table. Wax flowers.

1687 Potts, Mary A. & R., 109 Church-st., Richmond.—Point lace, handkerchiefs, imitation honiton lace, and feather hand screen.

1688 Power, Misses H. & S., 43 Collins-st East, Melbourne.—Fancy needle-work and embroider)-.

1689 Prunty, Mrs., Queen-st., Footscray, Melbourne.—Antimacassar, collar and cuffs.

1690 Puckey, Eliza P., Grosvenor School, Colling, wood, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1691 Purnell, A., Russell-st., Chilwell, Geelong.—Hand-painted table.

1692 Reed, Annie, Toorak-road, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Crochct quilt.

1693 Reid, Mrs. R., Post-office, Flemington, Melbourne.—Cross, in imitation Parian marble.

1694 Rich, Hannah, 132 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Point lace.

1695 Richardson. Mrs., Roden-st., West Melbourne.—Embroidery on velvet.

1696 Riley, Isabel, 3 Eastbourne-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Paper flowers.

1697 Robertson, Rebecca L., 45 Clifton-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Cone frame.

1698 Roberts, Isabella, Roden-st., West Melbourne.—Knitted bed-covers.

1699 Roddy, Sarah, 1 Wodonga-terrace, Cardigan-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Wool picture.

1700 Rooke, Ellen C., Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Picture in Berlin wool.

1701 Rosman, Mrs. M., 75 Fitzroy-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Knitted quilt.

1702 Rumbell, W., 116 Nicholas-st., Geelong—Vase and picture-frames in shell-work.

1703 Russell, Catherine H. G., 104 George-st., East Melbourne.—Tatted piano stool-cover.

1704 Sage, Catherine, Avenue-road, Camberwell.—Embroidery on satin.

1705 Sage, Catherine, Avenue-road, Camberwell, Melbourne.—Wool-work.

1706 Sage. Charlotte H., Avenue-road, Camberwell, Melbourne.—Darned net.

1707 Sainsbury, Ellen L., Halcyon Farm, Newstead.—Leather-work picturc-frames.

1708 Sarjeant, Sarah A., 46 Gertrude-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

1709 Sasse, Sophia, & Purnell, A., Geelong.—Macramé fringe. Fret-work.

1710 Sayers, Mrs. E., 59 Barkly-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Leather-worK. Wool flowers.

1711 Seekamp, F. W., 85 Barkly-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Eggshell ornaments.

1712 Shand, Martha, Erskine-st., Hotham Hill, Melbourne.—Fern-work table.

1713 Shaw, Jessie, High-st.,Maryborough.-Lace. Wool, silk, and bead work.

1714 Simons, Lizzie, 49 Bridport-st. West, Albert Park, Melbourne.—Paper flowers and trees.

1715 Simons, Rose, 49 Bridport-st. West. Albert Park, Melbourne.—Paper flowers, hand-painted.

1716 Sinclair, Mary A., 4 Princes-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Croehet quilt.

1717 Smith, Mrs. S., Sunny Bank, Tvrendara.-Honiton lace kerchief.

1718 Solomon, Esther, 117 Smith-st., Fitaoy, Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

1719 Spence, Caroline A., 2 Short's-terraw. Roden-st., West Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

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1720 Stark, Mary H., 1 Walworth-terrace, Levison-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Cross, in imitation of Parian marble. Paper flowers.

1721 Stillman, W. L., Fitzroy-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Chess-table, etched.

1722 Sturrock, Grace, 9 University-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Wool-work pictures.

1723 Syme, Jane, Cheltenham.—Ornamental pith-work.

1724 Symons, Polly, 2 John-st.. Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Point and honiton lace.

1725 Taylor, Anna, 138 Capel and Peel sts., West Melbourne.—Crochet antimacassar.

1728 Taylor, Ann E., 13 Miller-st. West Melbourne.—Paper flowers and alum cross.

1727 Taylor, Lilly, 138 Capel and Peel sts., West Melbourne.—Fancy card baskets. Carved bookmark.

1728 Taylor, Mrs. J., Mitchell-st., Sandhurst.—Wax flowers.

1729 Taylor, Mrs. R., 138 Capcl and Peel sts., West Melbourne.—Leather-work cornices.

1730 Taylor, Rose T., Mitchell-st., Sandhurst.—Native flowers, in wax.

1731 Teale, Sara, 69 Cobden-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Articles of ladies' dress in lace.

1732 Thom, Annie, 3 Richardson-st., North Carlton, Melbourne.—Hosiery.

1733 Thompson, Mary A., Hibernian House, Kew, Melbourne.—Cone frame.

1734 Thomson, Anna, Fitzroy-st.. St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Loo-table, etched. Paintings on silk. Fancy articles made of seeds, &c.

1735 Thunder, Anne C. H., Inkermann-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Paintings on velvet.

1736 Tilly, Claranda, 18 Howe-crescent, Albert Park, Melbourne.—Silk quilt 10,555 pieces.

1737 Tompsitt, Mrs., Toorak, Melbourne.—Coloured tatting.

1738 Tullett, H., Grey-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Two crayon drawings.

1739 Uggles, Emmeline, 1 Lygon-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Needle-work for suite of furniture.

1740 Van den Houten, Mrs., 2 Henry-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Patchwork quilt, made from remnants of dresses of Queen Adelaide.

1741 Vines, Rebecca, Brougham-st., Kew, Melbourne.—Fancy picture-frames, Canterbury and brackets.

1742 Wade, Miss, Hotham-st., East St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Tea cosie.

1743 Wagg. Amelia, Murray-st., Colac.—Doll-house furniture made from Victorian wild-fowl bones.

1744 Wallis, Eliza, 9 O'Connell-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

1745 Warner, Isabella, Sydney-road, Coburg, Melbourne.—Wax flowers.

1746 Watson, Kate, 131 Rosslyn-st., West Melbourne.—Wool-work picture.

1747 Watts, Fanny C., 101 York-st., North Richmond, Melbourne.—Wax and paper flowers.

1748 Way, Mrs. R. H.. High-st., Maldon.—Flowers in wool. Beaded embroidery on silk, &c.

1749 Wearne, Margaret J., Springs, Maldon.—Leather-work frame.

1750 Whittle, Catherine A., Islington-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Wool-work.

1751 Whybrow, Miss, Brighton, Melbourne.—Undergarment for infants.

1752 Whyte, Jessie A, Palmerston-st., Sandhurst.—Point-lace apron, handkerchief, and sleeves.

1753 Williams, Miss E. A., Mitchell's Reef.—Wool flowers.

1754 Windsor, Kate.—Wild Tasmanian flowers embroidered on cloth.

1755 Wing, Marie, Lincoln-st., North Richmond, Melbourne.—Wool flowers.

1756 WitheH, Mrs. M., 1 Railway-gate, Mac-arthur-st., Ballarat West.—Cuttlefish and seaweed flowers.

1757 Wright, Emily, Post-office, Narree Warren.—Vase of artificial flowers.