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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products

X. Mining Industries—Machinery and Products.

Class 81.—Apparatus and Processes of the Art of Mining and Metallurgy.

1318 Allan, J., Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1319 Allan, R., 102 Creswick-road, Ballarat.—Model of safety mining cage.

1320 Bendigo Iron Works, Sandhurst.—Model of Seymour's patent safety-cage. Seymour's patent cam.

1321 Bland, R. H., Clunes.—View of Port Phillip and Colonial G. M. Co.'s surface works, and the underground sections of the mine.

1322 Bright Brothers & Co., Little Flinders st., Melbourne.—Plumbago crucibles.

1323 Catherine Reef United, Eaglehawk.—Plan of workings.

1324 Conway, J. P., Pioneer Hotel. Humffray-st., Ballarat.—Horizontal engine and winding-gear, complete.

1325 Cottew, J. E., 179 Spencer-st., West Melbourne.—Patent mining signals.

1326 Davidson, J., Ironbark.—Davidson's safety-cage as used in the Garvlen Gully United Co.'s mine. Ironbark.

1327 Fletcher, D., Beech worth.—Model of sluice-boxes.

1328 Ford, R. G., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Ford's patent pumping-engine, electric fuse for blasting, improved patent rock-boring machine, &c.

1329 Goyne, J-, & Co., Epsom, Sandhurst.—Stamper-gratings used for quartz-crushing mills.

1330 Great Extended Hustler's Co.—Collection of miners' tools. Plan of Company's mine.

1331 Harvey, T., Yackandandah.—Metallic mining hose.

1332 Her Majesty's Mint (Melbourne Branch).—Models and apparatus illustrating the operations of minting, as carried out in that department.

1333 Hickman, J., Ballarat.—Complete set of mining tools.

1334 Hope, A., Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Patent double-action stone-breaking machine.

1335 Hopkins, J. R., Ballarat.—Horizontal engine and ten head of stamps, and showing copper plates, blanket-tables, &c., &c.

1336 Horwood's Foundry, Sandhurst.—Working model of steam-hammer. Watt's patent disc. Forgings, &c.

1337 Knobel, G. A., Royal Park Hotel, Queens-berry-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Model of twin ventilators, improved blast and exhaust fan.

1338 Lal Lal Iron Co.—Iron ore and products.

1339 Lang-lands Foundry Co., Melbourne.-Quartz-crushing battery and appliances.

1340 Long Tunnel G. M. Co., Walhalla.-Samples, illustrating process of separation of gold from pyrites. Plan of chamber, shaft, and tunnel.

1341 M'Caw, D. B., & Son, Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1342 Macdonald, A., Church-st., Royal Park, Melbourne.—Model of amalgamating-machine.

1343 McKay, J., Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1344 M'Neil, J. R., Walhalla, North Gippsland—Gold-saving amalgamating-machine, self-acting.

1345 Mathieson, J., 71 Elizabcth-st. North, Melbourne.—Mining tools.

1346 Matthews, W., Havelock-st., Soldier's Hill, Ballarat.—Model of patent safety-cage.

1347 Mines, Department of, Melboume.—Mining plans and geological maps. As per departmental catalogue.

1348 Morgan, W., 14 Swanston-st., Melbourne.-Whim buckets.

1349 Morrison, A. T., Ballarat.—Sectional plan of underground works.

1350 Munro, D., &Co., 154 Queen-st., Melbourne.-Winding.pumping, and quartz-crushing machinery. Pulveriser. "Victory" patent safety mining cage.

1351 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st, Melbourne.—Mining pick-handles.

1352 Pryor, J., Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1353 Queen G. M. Co., Ballarat.—Sectional plan of underground works.

1354 Rasche, W., C.E., 55 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Patent direct-acting quartz battery.

1355 Sale Borough Council.—Model of Artesian well.

1356 School of Mines, Sandhurst.—Hendy's "Challenge" ore feeder. Collection of mining models.

1357 Sutherland, A., & Co., 96 and 9S Little Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Fire-clay retorts.

1358 Temperance Co., Little Bendigo.—Plan of underground workings.

1359 Thomas, R., California Gully.—Model of winding and pumping engine, and crushing-battery.

1360 Thureau, G-, Sandhurst.—"National"rock-drill and compressors (single and double).

1361 Trezise, H., Long Gully, Sandhurst.—Model of Davidson's safety-cage.

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1362 Union Foundry, Drummond-st., Ballarat.—Model of engine and quartz-crushing battery.

1363 Walker, J., Westbury-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Model of safety-cage.

1364 Wayman & Co., Stawell.—Safety mining-cage.

1365 White, D., Stawell.—Model of safety-cage and appliances for working in mining shafts.

1366 Wright & Edwards, 99 and 101 Little Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—The Australian patent water auger. Tools for extracting cores, &c.

1367 Young, P., 25 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Strong wire-work, for screening ores.

Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy.

1368 Abel, A. T., Mair st., Ballarat East.—Collection of minerals.

1369 All Nations Reef, Talbot.—Auriferous quartz.

1370 Altman, E. A., 80 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Models in oxydisea silver.

1371 Anderson, Capt., S.S. "Pharos."—White sand, Waterloo Bay.

1372 Ararat Shire & Borough Councils.—Granite, freestone, and limestone.

1373 Back Creek.—Ferruginous and auriferous "cement."

1374 Bailey, J. F., 191 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Victorian fossils.

1375 Band of Hope Quartz Co., Ballarat.—Quartz specimens.

1376 Bank of Australasia.—Gold specimens.

1377 Bartlemore, T.—Ferruginous and auriferous "cement."

1378 Beechworth Committee.—Minerals, auriferous quartz, &c.

1379 Benedetta, G., Blackwood, Green Hills.—Various stones found on alluvium soil.

1380 Bentley, c.. 56 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Electroplated work and stampings.

1381 Berry, H., 142 Spencer-st., Melbourne.—Salt, in blocks and bags.

1382 Betts & Walker, Garden Gully and Perseverance. Sandhurst.—Calc-spar occurring in "lava streaks" or dykes.

1383 Black Horse G. M. Co., Egerton.—Auriferous quartz. Amalgam, retorted and smelted gold.

1384 Bland, R. H., CIunes.—Mineral specimens.

1385 Blight, J., Mount Alexander Quarries.—Granite, with copper pyrites and molybdenite. Cubes of polished granite.

1386 Boulter, J., Ararat.—Salt.

1387 Brache, J., Northcote, Melbourne.—Manganese and cobalt ore, from near Walhalla.

1388 Bright Brothers & Co., Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Antimony—"Star" and "Regulus."

1389 Bristol Hill, Maryborough District.—Auriferous quartz.

1390 Bombay Gold & Antimony Co. (H. Browne), Heatheote.—Selwynite, diorite, and limestone or marble, from Mount Camel Range.

1390a Brunswick Pottery, The, Sydney roa Brunswick. Melbourne.—Clays, raw and prepared, for the manufacture of earthenware.

1391 Butler's Reef Co., Heathcote.—Gold specimens in a casket.

1392 Carlisle & North Garden Co., Long Gully, Sandhurst.—Auriferous quartz. Mammillated sandstone and pyrites.

1393 Carter, G. D., Melbourne.—Lignite, from Crossover, M Kirley's Creek, Gippsland.

1394 Castlemaine Paving Co.—Rough flags, sawn flags, and mouldings in slate.

1395 Castlemaine Town Quarry.—Mctamorphic sandstone (a good road metal).

1396 Cawkwell, H. A., Australian Steam Tile Works, Malvern.—Clays, raw and prepared, used in tile manufacture.

1397 Chapman & Edwards, United Pyrites Co., Sandhurst.—Samples, illustrating pyrites roasting.

1398 Chapman, C. W., Sandhurst.—"Lava streak," with olivine in large masses.

1399 Clarke, S. H., Fryer's Creek.—Quartz with gold, pyrites, and galena. English and Australian

1400 Cock, J.. Victoria Gold Mines, Long Gully, Sandhurst.—Quartz crystals.

1401 Connelly, T. J., High and Forest sts.. Sandhurst.—Tinware. Copperware.

1402 Connor, J. H., jun., Ryrie-st., Geelong.—Minerals.

1403 Corrie, C. H., Railway Reserve Co., Eagle-hawk, Bendigo district.—Secondary pyrites on quartz.

1404 Cresswell, Rev. A. W., Camberwell.—Victorian fossils.

1405 Croker, E. J., 182 Bridge-road, Richmond, Melbourne.—Minerals.

1406 Crook & Busst, 13 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Wire-work cloths, netting, See. Domestic articles in wire-work.

1407 Cutten, W. C., Railway Department, Sale.—Rough, polished, and mounted stones (ferro calcites).

1408 Dangerfleld Brothers.—Iron castings.

1409 Danks, J., 42 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Electroplating and gilding in gold, silver, copper, and nickel.

1410 Davidson, H., Beechworth.—Auriferous quartz, minerals.

1411 Davison, G-, 44 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Bells.

1412 Dixon, W., Anderson's Creek.—Specimens of diorite.

1413 Draper, Dyer & Co., 147 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Nickel and electroplated goods.

1414 Duggan, D. J., Tarnagulla.—Large crystal of smoky quartz.

1415 Dyring, W., Talangatta.—Tin ores, smelted tin.

1416 Eaglehawk Union Mine, Tarrengower.—Metamorphic schist from crosscut at 1200 feet. Elvan rock.

1417 Egerton Co., Egerton.—Auriferous quartz.

1418 English & Australian G. M. Co.—Quartz with gold, galena, and pyrites.

1419 Enticott & Shawcross, 174 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Ornamental, japanned, and embossed brass, tin, and copper goods.

1420 Flatow, J., 26 Capel-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Minerals.

1421 Fone's Reef Q. M. Co., Burke's Flat.—Auriferous quartz with copper, zinc, galena, and pyrites.

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1422 Footscray Stone-Cutting Co.—Sawn slabs of Milestone.

1423 Fraser, R., Castlemaine.—"Slickenside" of quartz with gold. Quartz with gold and galena. From "Eureka Reef," &c.

1424 Galbraith. P., Patrick-st., Stawell.—Block of dressed freestone from the Grampian quarries.

1425 German Reef Tribute Co., Maldon.—Auriferous quartz and arsenical pyrites. Roasted quartz.

1426 Gilbert, T., New North Clunes Co., Clunes.—Auriferous quartz, raw pyrites, and pyrites refuse.

1427 Great Southern Co., Great Extended Hustler's.—Auriferous quartz.

1428 Greenwood, J.. 222 Drammond-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Fac-similes of nuggets found in Victoria.

1429 Greer & Ashburner, 38 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Wire cloth. Wire fire-stands.

1430 Gregory, J. W., Wandiligong.—Quartz from various reefs (six).

1431 Guthrie, G. D., Bendigo Pottery, Epsom, Sandhurst.—Minerals and clays used in pottery.

1432 Hale, T., Daylesford.—Auriferous quartz and washdirt.

1433 Harris & Hollow, Bethanga.—Three blocks copper ore from "Pride of Bethanga" mine.

1434 Hoffman Patent Steam Brick Co., The, Albert-st., Brunswick, Melbourne.—Specimens of clay, raw and specially' prepared, for brick-making.

1435 Holdsworth, B., Victoria Quarry, Waurn Ponds.—Limestone.

1436 Holloway, H. W.. 73 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Specimens of galvano-plastic art, electrotypes, &c.

1437 Holstein, G., Bright.—Auriferous quartz, washdirt, from Frceburgh and Bright.

1438 Howes, D. J., Melbourne.—Coal, from Mosquito Creek, Moe, Gippsland.

1439 Howitt, W., jun., 2 Little Latrobe-st. East, Melbourne.—Smiths'-work.

1440 Hughes & Harvey, 144 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Japanned and other tinware.

1441 Hughes & Preston, Reilly-st., Collingwood.—Star antimony, pig lead, and ores.

1442 Hunter, J., Stawell.—Blocks of quartz.

1443 Jessop, J. P., Yackandandah.—Drift and cement.

1444 Jewell, E., Clovelly Farm, Bridge water-on-Loddon.—Gypsum.

1445 Kelly, E. A., Deep Dene, Yackandandah.—Colonial stone. Lava. Porphyry. Coral. Aquamarine.

1446 Kirkwood, H., Eaglehawk.—Samples, illustrating the treatment of gold-quartz.

1447 Kissane, W. R., 22 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Coal from Cape Paterson.

1448 Kitchingman, E. L., Pyrites Works, Bethanga.—Mineral specimens, &c.

1449 Knobel, G. A., Royal Park Hotel, Queens-berry-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Antimony ore, with traces of gold, from Arcona mine.

1450 Lane, Zebina, Ironstone Hill Lead G. M. Co., Malmsbury.—Washdirt, secondary pyrites, cement, &c,

1451 Leonard, S. S., P. O., Cowley's Creek, Cobden.—Burnt limestone, slacked and unslacked.

1452 Levi, N., 149 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Coal from Cape Paterson.

1453 Lockridffe, D. D. B., Fire Brigade Office. Melbourne.—Electrotypes.

1454 Lock, The Messrs., Tarrengower.—Auriferous quartz from their claim.

1455 Lowan Shire Council, The, Dimboola.-Limestone. Salt. Gypsum.

1456 M'llwraith, J., 165 to 169 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Block-tin. Lead. Sheet lead. Lead, compo., and tin pipe. Pig lead, &c.

1457 Maclvor, R. W. E., F.C.S.,Melbourne.—The new guano minerals Hannayite and Newberyite, from the Skipton Caves.

1458 Macintosh, H., 9 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Woven wire, and quartz-grating. Wire bird-cages and flower-stands.

1459 McMasters, R. J., Malmsbury Confluence G. M. Co.—Washdirt, and the usual minerals and gems found in it.

1460 M'Millan, A., 7 Madeline-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Articles of hardware.

1461 Malmsbury Borough Council.—Sandstone and granite, bluestone.

1462 Mansfield, C. & W. J., Bethanga.—Ores from Pride of Bethanga, Gift, and Polsen's claims, and their products.

1463 Manuel, R., 11 Capel-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Triturating-amalgamating gold-saving machine.

1464 Marks, J., 131 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne-Gilding and electroplating.

1465 Marks. M., & Co., 124 Swanston-st, Melbourne.—Electroplated ware.

1466 Massey, J. W., German Reef Tribute Co., Maldon.—Arsenical pyrites.

1467 Mines, Department of, Melbourne.-Rocks. Fossils. Minerals. Coal. Building-stone. Cores from bores. As per departmental catalogue.

1468 Mitchell, D., Lilydale.—Marble from Yering, near Lilydale, polished and unpolished.

1469 Munday, J., Walhalla Copper Mine Co., Cooper's Creek.—Collection of ore, "country" rock, and products of the mine.

1470 New Chum Consolidated.—Auriferous quartz.

1471 New Era G. M. Co.—Auriferous quartz, with pyrites and zinc blende. Group of quartz crystals. Quartz with gold and pyrites.

1472 Nicholas, H. B., Senior-inspector of Mines, Castlemaine.—Quartz crystals, auriferous quartz, and cement.

1473 Nicholls, C. F., Abbotsford Lodge, Abbots-ford, Melbourne.—Specimens of quartz, coal, tin, &c.

1474 Normanby Quartz Mining Co., No Liability, Dargo.—Quartz specimens.

1475 North Shenandoah.—Auriferous quartz.

1476 Oakley, G. N., 49 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Samples of quartz and other ores.

1477 Ogier, J. C. H., 17 Temple-court, Melbourne.—Specimens of quartz and crystal.

1478 Ogilvie & Robinson, Geelong.—Waurn Ponds limestone.

1479 Ord, M., Stawell (for local Exhibitors).-Mineral specimens.

1480 Page,—, Maldon.—Quartz crystals, from Eureka reef.

1481 Parker, W., Long Tunnel Extended, Walhalla.—Diorite and other rocks.

1482 Parkins' Reef Tribute Co.—Auriferous quartz, with pyrites and mixed sulphides.

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1483 Patton, Emily S., Studley Park-road, Kew. Melbourne.—Patent iron monumental tablets.

1484 Pearson, W., East St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Auriferous quartz, from Long Tunnel Gold Mining Co., Walhalla; pyrites.

1485 Penal Establishment, Pentridge, Melbourne.—Tinware. Furniture castings.

1486 Pigdon, J., Melbourne.—Flagging sawn out of Lethbridge stone, for Parliament House.

1487 Pleasant Creek Cross Reef Q. M. Co., Stawell.—Model or trophy of gold from the mine (over nine tons).

1488 Rowley, W. & G., 34 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Metallie bird-cage.

1489 Queen Co., Ballarat.—Case of reef showing the mundie vein and indicator slates.

1490 Queen's Birthday Co., Dunolly.—Golden quartz.

1491 Radford, W. J., 19 Little Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Tinware. Iron tubs.

1492 Rea, Mary E., Main-st., Eldorado.—Tin specimens. Furnace droppings.

1493 Ristori Co., Seven Hills Estate, Kingston—Box of alluvial washdirt.

1494 Rosales. H., Walhalla Co., Walhalla.—Specimens illustrating his patent process for extracting gold from pyrites without roasting; models, &c.

1495 Rowe Brothers, Duke of Cornwall and Mosquito mines, Fryers.—Quartz crystals. Quartz with gold and galena, &c.

1496 Rowe, E. W. H., Fryer's Creek.—Conglomerate of secondary pyrites and quartz, from the Black Hawk mine.

1497 Royal Saxon Co., Golden Gully.—Quartz with coarse gold, and "country" rock from hanging and foot walls of reef.

1498 Schlossman, S-, Little Collins and William sts., Melbourne.—Model of the "Viscount Canterbury" nugget.

1499 School Of Mines, Sandhurst—Antimony ore(stibnite with cervantite), from Whroo. Pyrites, graptolites, auriferous quartz, &c.

1500 Scott, R., Melbourne.—Sample of infusorial earth, from Lillicur, Amherst.

1501 Selle, C. H., 102 Canning-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Pewter goods, candle-mould, non-corroding taps, &c.

1502 Shaw, A., & Co., 13 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Tinned, japanned, and galvanised ware.

1503 Smith, S. W., Francis-st., Foot? cray.—Minerals.

1504 Stawell Committee.—Collection of mineral specimens.

1505 Stewart, C., Inspector of Mines, Ballarat.—Minerals.

1506 Sutherland, A., & Co., 96 and 98 Little Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Fire-clay.

1507 Swanston, Willis & Stephen, Geelong.—Block of limestone from Dryden Estate.

1508 Syme, D., & Co., "Aire" Newspaper Office, Melbourne.—Stereotype plates.

1509 Talbot.—Ferruginous and auriferous "ement."

1510 Tasmanite Manufacturing Co., 95 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Castings. Raw material and prepared.

1511 Technological Museum, Melbourne.—Trophy of the rare Zeolites, "Phacolite" and "Phillipsite," from the corporation quarries, &c.

1512 Telegraph Extended G. M. Co.—Auriferous quartz, with pyrites and galena; with hanging and foot wall.

1513 Temperance G. M. Co., Little Bendigo, Ballarat.—Auriferous quartz.

1514 Thomson, A., Long Tunnel G. M. Co., Walhalla.—Auriferous quartz, diorite, slate quartz, calcite, tailings, and pyrites.

1515 Thureau, G., Sandhurst.—Specimens of rocks of the Sandhurst district.

1516 Tuson, J., Ararat—Mineral specimens, fossil wood, pyrites. Map of Ararat

1517 Union G. M. Co., Church Hill, Amherst.—Auriferous quartz, with pyrites and zinc blende.

1518 United Shire of Metcalfe, Metcalfe.—Granite, rough and polished.

1519 Victoria Iron Rolling Co.,Dudley-st., West Melbourne.—Bar-iron. Iron for special purposes. Angle-iron. Riddle-iron. Stripper-teeth iron, &c.

1520 Victorian Compressed Fuel Co., Mercer-St., Geelong.—Hunter's patent compressed fuel. Lignite. Hunter's patent disinfectant.

1521 Virtue, P., jun., Daylesford.—Washdirt.

1522 Vulcan Foundry, Geelong.—Wire strainer.

1523 Washington G. M. Co.—Auriferous quartz.

1524 Walker, R. B., Lara, Geelong.—Hydraulic lime.

1525 Watklns, F., Stawell.—Grampians freestone, for building purposes, &c.

1526 Western Port Coal Mining Co. Limited, 22 Market-st., Melbourne.—Coal.

1527 White, D., Stawell.—Cores taken out by the diamond drill, and showing sections of the bore. Quartz. Tailings. Pyrites, &c.

1528 White, W. W., Castlemaine.—Potholed stone.

1529 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st, Wrest, Melbourne.—Wire strainers.

1530 Winterbottom & Stephens, Sandhurst.—Dentritic markings on slate, from Carshalton reef. Golden Gully, Sandhurst.

1531 Wischer. W. H., 1 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Marble and limestone, from Waratah Bay, Gippsland.

1532 Wolstencroft, J. & W., Miller-st., Back Creek, Sandhuret.—Clays for brick-making purposes.

1533 Wraith, H., Harrietville.—Minerals, rocks, and fossils.

1534 Yates, G., Castlemaine Pyrites Works.—Oxide of iron, crude arsenic. Arsenic and sulphuric acid.

1535 Young, P., 25 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Arches, arbours, flower-stands, fireguards, in wire-work.