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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 81.—Apparatus and Processes of the Art of Mining and Metallurgy

Class 81.—Apparatus and Processes of the Art of Mining and Metallurgy.

1318 Allan, J., Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1319 Allan, R., 102 Creswick-road, Ballarat.—Model of safety mining cage.

1320 Bendigo Iron Works, Sandhurst.—Model of Seymour's patent safety-cage. Seymour's patent cam.

1321 Bland, R. H., Clunes.—View of Port Phillip and Colonial G. M. Co.'s surface works, and the underground sections of the mine.

1322 Bright Brothers & Co., Little Flinders st., Melbourne.—Plumbago crucibles.

1323 Catherine Reef United, Eaglehawk.—Plan of workings.

1324 Conway, J. P., Pioneer Hotel. Humffray-st., Ballarat.—Horizontal engine and winding-gear, complete.

1325 Cottew, J. E., 179 Spencer-st., West Melbourne.—Patent mining signals.

1326 Davidson, J., Ironbark.—Davidson's safety-cage as used in the Garvlen Gully United Co.'s mine. Ironbark.

1327 Fletcher, D., Beech worth.—Model of sluice-boxes.

1328 Ford, R. G., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Ford's patent pumping-engine, electric fuse for blasting, improved patent rock-boring machine, &c.

1329 Goyne, J-, & Co., Epsom, Sandhurst.—Stamper-gratings used for quartz-crushing mills.

1330 Great Extended Hustler's Co.—Collection of miners' tools. Plan of Company's mine.

1331 Harvey, T., Yackandandah.—Metallic mining hose.

1332 Her Majesty's Mint (Melbourne Branch).—Models and apparatus illustrating the operations of minting, as carried out in that department.

1333 Hickman, J., Ballarat.—Complete set of mining tools.

1334 Hope, A., Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Patent double-action stone-breaking machine.

1335 Hopkins, J. R., Ballarat.—Horizontal engine and ten head of stamps, and showing copper plates, blanket-tables, &c., &c.

1336 Horwood's Foundry, Sandhurst.—Working model of steam-hammer. Watt's patent disc. Forgings, &c.

1337 Knobel, G. A., Royal Park Hotel, Queens-berry-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Model of twin ventilators, improved blast and exhaust fan.

1338 Lal Lal Iron Co.—Iron ore and products.

1339 Lang-lands Foundry Co., Melbourne.-Quartz-crushing battery and appliances.

1340 Long Tunnel G. M. Co., Walhalla.-Samples, illustrating process of separation of gold from pyrites. Plan of chamber, shaft, and tunnel.

1341 M'Caw, D. B., & Son, Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1342 Macdonald, A., Church-st., Royal Park, Melbourne.—Model of amalgamating-machine.

1343 McKay, J., Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1344 M'Neil, J. R., Walhalla, North Gippsland—Gold-saving amalgamating-machine, self-acting.

1345 Mathieson, J., 71 Elizabcth-st. North, Melbourne.—Mining tools.

1346 Matthews, W., Havelock-st., Soldier's Hill, Ballarat.—Model of patent safety-cage.

1347 Mines, Department of, Melboume.—Mining plans and geological maps. As per departmental catalogue.

1348 Morgan, W., 14 Swanston-st., Melbourne.-Whim buckets.

1349 Morrison, A. T., Ballarat.—Sectional plan of underground works.

1350 Munro, D., &Co., 154 Queen-st., Melbourne.-Winding.pumping, and quartz-crushing machinery. Pulveriser. "Victory" patent safety mining cage.

1351 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st, Melbourne.—Mining pick-handles.

1352 Pryor, J., Ballarat.—Model of safety-cage.

1353 Queen G. M. Co., Ballarat.—Sectional plan of underground works.

1354 Rasche, W., C.E., 55 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Patent direct-acting quartz battery.

1355 Sale Borough Council.—Model of Artesian well.

1356 School of Mines, Sandhurst.—Hendy's "Challenge" ore feeder. Collection of mining models.

1357 Sutherland, A., & Co., 96 and 9S Little Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Fire-clay retorts.

1358 Temperance Co., Little Bendigo.—Plan of underground workings.

1359 Thomas, R., California Gully.—Model of winding and pumping engine, and crushing-battery.

1360 Thureau, G-, Sandhurst.—"National"rock-drill and compressors (single and double).

1361 Trezise, H., Long Gully, Sandhurst.—Model of Davidson's safety-cage.

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1362 Union Foundry, Drummond-st., Ballarat.—Model of engine and quartz-crushing battery.

1363 Walker, J., Westbury-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Model of safety-cage.

1364 Wayman & Co., Stawell.—Safety mining-cage.

1365 White, D., Stawell.—Model of safety-cage and appliances for working in mining shafts.

1366 Wright & Edwards, 99 and 101 Little Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—The Australian patent water auger. Tools for extracting cores, &c.

1367 Young, P., 25 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Strong wire-work, for screening ores.