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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VII. Alimentary Products

VII. Alimentary Products.

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

996 Baines, G. P., Spring Vale, Merrygum.—Wheat.

997 Beaufort Agricultural Society, The, Beaufort.—Flour.

998 Bencraft, G., & Co., Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Oatmeal. Flour. Pearl Barley. Pease-meal. Groats. Maize-meal

999 Billson, G., Last-st., Beechworth.—Malt.

1000 Boobier, W. J., Market-square, Sandhurst-Wheat and oats.

1001 Burston, s., & Co., 123 Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Barley. Victorian-made malt.

1002 Charles worth, J., Marong.—White Tuscan and red-straw wheat, &c.

1003 Church of England Mission Station, Lake Tyers, Gippsland.—Arrowroot.

1004 Collard, J. T., Dimboola.—Flour.

1005 Creswell, C. F., 37 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Grain and Seeds.

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1006 Danelli, S., Sydney-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Italian paste, macaroni.

1007 Day, J., South Murchison.—Flour.

1008 Department of Agriculture, Melbourne—Cereals.

1009 Deutscher, C. T., Murtoa.—Purple-straw wheat.

1010 Dimboola Flour Mill Co., Dimboola.—Flour.

1011 Edwards, W., White Ilills, Stawell.—Wheat. Flour.

1012 Fry, J., Dimooola.—Flour.

1013 Galbraith, H. L., Rosemount, Lancefield.—Field peas.

1014 Graves. J. H.—Wheat.

1015 Hagenaur, Rev. F. A., Aboriginal Mission Station, Ramahyuck, Lake Wellington, Gippsland.—Arrowroot.

1016 Hanning, T. W., Franklin River, Gippsland.—Arrowroot.

1017 Harper, R., 12 Little Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Farinaceous products, tapioca, maize-meal, arrowroot, oatmeal.

1018 Hirth, H., Dimboola.—Wheat.

1019 Hubbard, W., Yarra Flats.—Oats.

1020 Hughes, D. S., 10 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Wheat. Barley.

1021 Hatchins, T. & J., Newington-road, Stawell.—Purple-straw wheat.

1022 Irving. J. L., & Co., 280 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Wheat.

1023 Jewell. E.—Wheat, chaff.

1024 Keene, M.—Flour.

1025 Kelson, J. H.—Peas, barley, wheat, oats.

1026 Kempton, W. S.—Flour, wheat

1027 Kensington Maizena and Starch Co., Kensington, Melbourne.—Maizena. Starch.

1028 Kidd, A., Glenlyon Flour Mills, Glenlyon.—Flour.

1029 Kyneton Agricultural Association, The, Kyneton.—Wheat. Oats. Barley.

1030 Kyneton Flourmill Co. Limited, The, Kyneton.—Wheat. Flour.

1031 Lal Lal Flour Mills, Rupanyup.—Wheat, purple-straw and golden drop.

1032 Laurens, J., Musk Creek, Daylesford.—Oats.

1033 Lewis & Whitty, 36 Charles-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Starch.

1034 Lincolne, A., Kirk's Bazaar, Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Sheaf of cereals. Named grain seeds.

1035 Lowan Shire Council, The, Dimboola.—Grain.

1036 Lucini, P., SpringCrcek, Hepburn.—Macaroni and vermicelli.

1037 M'Connell, J., Rochford.—Barley. Rye.

1038 M'Donald, J., Myall Flat. Macorna, Cohuna.—Skinless oats. Purple-straw wheat.

1039 M'Kenzie, J. F., & Co., 6 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Pearl barley, groats, oatmeal, maize-meal, pease-meal, rice.

1040 Malcolm, J., & Co., East Charlton.—Flour.

1041 Malcolm, J., & Co., St. Arnaud.—Flour.

1042 Maxwell, D., Cohuna, Echuca.—Wheat.

1043 Minchen, L.—Short sandy oats.

1044 Mitchell, P., Eden Park, Romsey.—Barley.

1045 Moira Agricultural Society, Cashel.—Cereals.

1046 Moncrieff, J., Tabilk.—Purple-straw wheat.

1047 Moran, J., Kiora.—Tartarian oats.

1048 Murray Valley Flour Mills, Koondrook.—Flour.

1049 Nicholls, R. U., & Co., 34 Armstrong-st., Ballarat.—Vegetable and agricultural seeds.

1050 Parsons Brothers & Co., 90 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Oatmeal. Groats. Pearl and patent barley. Dressed rice.

1051 Perrin, W., jun., Stephenson-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Victorian-made malt, from different sorts of barley.

1052 Player & Kitchen.—Wheat, oats, beans.

1053 Poison, A., Moyston, Ararat.—Wheat. Oats. Barley.

1054 Richardson, S., & Sons, Bolwarra, Ballarat.—Arrowroot.

1055 Rowbottom, E. S., Harcourt-parade, Richmond, Melbourne.—Barley. Malt.

1056 Schmitt, F., Bcrwick.—Barley.

1057 Schmitt, L., Berwick.—Oats. Tares.

1058 Schultz, C. C., Mount Bolton.—Oats in sheaf.

1059 Smeaton, Spring Hill, & Bullarook Agricultural Association, Smeaton.—Barley, wheat, maize, peas, oats, buck wheat.

1060 Smith, C., & Co., 150 Little Flinders-st East, Melbourne.—Malt. Barley.

1061 Smith, G., 41 Armstrong-st., Ballarat.—Wheat. Barley. Oats. Rye-grass. Peas.

1062 Smith, J., Buninyong East.—Wheat.

1063 St. Arnaud Pastoral & Agricultural Society, The, Town Hall, St. Arnaud.—Wheat in sheaf. Oats in sheaf.

1064 Stanton, J., & Co., Islington-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Malt.

1065 Students' Model Farm, Cashel.—Strawrick.

1066 Swallow & Ariell, Sandridge and Melbourne.—Flour, &c.

1067 Swallow & Sons, Shepparton.—Flour.

1068 Taylor, R. S., Streatham Park, Streatham.—Wheat

1069 Throssell & Tankard, Chapel-st, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Barley. Pale, amber, brown, and black malt, made from Victorian barley.

1070 Tickner, A. M., Burrum Burrum, Banyena.-Canary-seed.

1071 Tinning, J., Tarrawingee.—Flour.

1072 Vaughan, C., & Co., Market-square, Ballarat.—Wheat. Barley. Oats. Peas. Rye-grass seed.

1073 Warrenheip Distillery, The, Unlimited, 30 Lydiard-st., Ballarat.—Wheat. Malt. Rye.

1074 Westcott, T., Catumnal.—Wheat.

1075 White, W. E.—Flour.

1076 Wimmera Flourmill Co., Stawell.—Purple-straw Tuscan wheat. Flour.

1077 Wise Brothers, Avoca Flour Mills, Avoca.—Flour.

1078 Wriglen, R., Mair-st, Ballarat.—Grain. Oats in sheaf. Wheat in sheaf.

1079 Yeaman, A., Pannoobamawn.—Wheat. Purple-straw wheat.

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Class 68.—Bread and Pastry.

1080 Guest, T. B., & Co., William-st., Melbourne.—Machine and hand-made fancy biscuits.

1081 Newman, C. T., 175 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Cakes. Biscuits.

1082 Swallow & Ariell, Sandridge and Melbourne.—Biscuits and cakes.

1083 Walker, J. H., & Son, 203 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Biscuits.

Class 69.—Fatty Substances used as Food. Milk and Eggs.

1084 Adams, J. S., Alphington.—Olive oil.

1085 Bartram, J., & Sons, 8 Quecn-st., Melbourne.—Cheese. Butter.

1086 Bird, G., The Heart, Sale, Gippsland.—Cheese.

1087 Burke, M., Woodstock-on-Loddon.—Cheese.

1088 Foy, F., Lancefield.—Cheese.

1089 Grimes, S., & Co., Moreland-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Lard.

1090 M'Donald, M., The Springs, Berwick.—Cheese.

1091 Mitchell, P., Eden Park, Romsey.—Cheese.

1092 O'Nial & Davies, Briagolong, Gippsland.—Cheese, Stilton and others.

1093 Warren, J., 59 Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Butter and cheese.

1094 Watson & Paterson, Bourke and Queen sts., Melbourne.—Cheese.

1095 Wilson, W., Lancefield.—Cheese.

Class 70.—Meat and Fish.

1096 Bartram, J., & Sons, 8 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Bacon.

1097 Danelli, S., Sydney-road. Brunswick, Melbourne.—Italian sausages.

1098 Fulton & Wylie, Grcville-st., Prahran. Melbourne.—Tinned meats.

1099 Grimes, S., & Co., Moreland-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Hams. Bacon. Sausages. Cured provisions.

1100 Hutton, J. C., Coburg, Melbourne.—Bacon. Hams. Ox-tongues. Pigs'-heads, &c.

1101 Kierath, C., Cornish Town, Indigo.—Hams, bacon.

1102 Melbourne Ham & Bacon Curing Co., 55 Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Hams and bacon.

1103 Melbourne Meat Preserving Co., The, 56 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Preserved meats and soups.

1104 Red Cross Preserving Co., The, Chapel-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Potted meats. Anchovy and bloater paste. (See advertisement).

1105 Warren, J., 59 Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Bacon.

1106 Watson & Paterson, Bourke and Queen sts., Melbourne.—Bacon and hams, sausages, lard, &c. Turtle soup.

1107 Western Meat Preserving Co., Limited, The, Colac.—Preserved meats, game, soups, &c.

Class 71.—Vegetables and Fruit.

1108 Bennett, H., 43 Armstrong-st., Ballarat.—Potatoes.

1109 Cochrane, R. & J., Bairnsdale, Gippsland.—Hops.

1110 Dods, R., Marong.—Muscatel raisins.

1111 Ferguson, J., 32 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Gippsland hops.

1112 Henley, J., Milawa, Oxley.—Hops.

1113 Henty, J., & Co., 11 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Hops.

1114 Laurens, J., Musk Creek, Daylesford.—Peas. Potatoes.

1115 Lewis, W. E., Avenel.—Zante Currants.

1116 M'Connell, J., Rochford.—Peas.

1117 Madresfleld Hop Plantation, Bairnsdale, Gippsland.—Hops.

1118 Mellon, F., Dunolly.—Fruits preserved in brandy, fruits preserved in water.

1119 Oldrneadow, T. A., Broadway, Dunolly.—Fruits preserved in water. Jams.

1120 Red Oross Preserving Co., The, Chapel-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Bottled fruits. Tomatoes. Preserved peas. (Sec advertisement)

1121 Redenbach, P., Bairnsdalc, Gippsland.-Hops.

1122 Slater, W. H., Mitcham Grove, Box Hill Distillery, Nunawading.—Dried Fruits.

1123 Smith, C., & Co., 150 Little Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Hops.

1124 Smith, J., Thornbury Farm, Northcote, Melbourne.—Sugar beet

1125 Warrnambool Borough Council, The, Warrnambool.—Agricultural products.

Class 72.—Condiments and Stimulants, Sugar and Confectionery.

1126 Adams, S., Somerset-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Confectionery.

1127 Barrett, W., Lal Lal-road, Ballarat.—Woreestershire sauce.

1128 Browne, M., 4 Henry-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Tomato sauce.

1129 Brown, W. P.. Dandenong road, Melbourne.—Tomato sauce. Conserved tomatoes. Gardiner sauce.

1130 Bush, J., 35 Argo-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Tomato sauce.

1131 Cane, H., 18 A'Beckett-st. East, Melbourne.-Malt. Vinegar.

1132 Capper, S., & Co., 97 Webb-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Baking-powder. Yeast-powder. Vinegar, &c.

1133 Comport, H., Cheltenham.—Tomato sauce.

1134 Cooper, A., Park-st., Brighton, Melbourne.—Syrups and liqueurs.

1135 Cunliff & Patterson, Brunswick and West-garth sts., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Jams. Jellies. Marmalade, &c. Lemon and other candied peels.

1136 Cunliff. Marian L., 8 York-terrace, Brunswick-st., North Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Jellies. Meat. Fruit. Plums dried as prunes.

1137 Dickson, J., & Co., Franklin-st. East, Melbourne.—Vinegar.

1138 Dillon & Burrows, Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Confectionery. Chocolate. Preserved fruits.

1139 Dods, R., Marong.—Oil of sweet almonds.

1140 Fordham, F., 241 and 243 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Piekles. Sauces. Condiments. Oilmen's stores.

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1141 Gutheil, E., & Co., 46 Chapel-st., Prahran, Melbourne.—Vinegar in casks and bottles.

1142 Harper, R., 12 Little Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Coffee. Spices. Mustard. Chicory.

1143 Hogg, T., Gruyere Hills, Lilydale.—Jams. Jellies.

1144 Kierath, C., Cornish Town, Indigo.—Tomato sauce. Tomato chutney.

1145 Kruse, J., 6 Hanover-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Sauce piquante.

1146 Lavers, A. R., 45 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Currie-powder.

1147 Lewis & Whitty, 36 Charles-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Baking-powder. Custard-powder. Egg-powder. Currie-powder.

1148 Lezza, S., 15 Madeline-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Confectionery, ice-creams.

1149 Longmore, F., Flinders and King sts., Melbourne.—Compound jam.

1150 McClean, E., & Sons, Bridgewater-on-Loddon.—Liqueurs.

1151 M'Donald, M., 18 Franklin-st. West, Melbourne.—Liqueurs.

1152 M'Dougall, W., Young-st., East St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Tomato sauce.

1153 Macgregor, T., Bond-st., Melbourne.—Baking-powder. Currie-powder. Essences. Vinegar.

1154 M'Kenzie, J. F., & Co., 6 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Coffee. Chicory. Pepper. Ginsrer. Spice-Currie-powder. Cocoa. Chocolate. Mustard, &c.

1155 Marks, N. S., 108 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Culinary essences.

1156 Mellon, F., Tivoli Vineyard, Dunolly.—Dried and preserved fruits. Fruits preserved in water and in brandy. Wine vinegar. Preserved tomatoes.

1157 Meyer, E., Cromwell-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Sauces. Pickles.

1158 Newman, C. T., 175 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Jams.

1159 Oriental Tea Co., 144 to 148 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Specimens of teas and tea-packing.

1160 Parsons Brothers & Co., 90 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Raw and manufactured chicory. Roasted and prepared coffee. Spices.

1161 Red Cross Preserving Co., The, Chapel st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Jams. Jellies. Pickles. Sauces. Chutneys. Vinegar. Peel, &c.

1162 Reed, H., & Co., South Yarra.—Raspberry vinegar and lime-juice cordial.

1163 Riordan, F., Creswick.—Sauces.

1164 Russell, T., Kingston.—Tomato sauce.

1165 Stean, J., & Co., 149 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Vinegar. Yeast-powder.

1166 Stringer & Co., 43 and 45 King-st., Melbourne.—Pickles and sauces. Currie-powder. Baking-powder. Anchovy paste, &c.

1167 Swallow & Ariell, Sandridge and Melbourne.—Treacle. Golden syrup.

1168 Victorian Confectionery Co., The, Prince's-bridge, Melbourne.—Confectionery. Preserved fruits, &c.

1169 Victoria Sugar Co., The, 12 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Raw and refined sugar. Syrup, &c.

1170 Victoria Vinegar Works, The, Toorak-road, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Vinegar.

1171 Vine. R., 25 Errol-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Wedding cakes.

1172 Watson & Paterson, Bourke and Queen sts., Melbourne.—Assorted fruits. Jams. Marmalade, &c.

1173 West, J. & S., Cowes, Phillip Island.—Mustard seed. Chicory.

1174 Zorn, E., Oakleigh, Melbourne.—Tomato sauce. Ketehup. Currie-powder, &c.

Class 73.—Fermented Drinks.

1175 Adamson, T., Sunbury.—Hermitage. Riesling. Verdeilho.

1176 Aitken, T., Victoria-parade Brewery, East Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled. Whiskey. Rum. Spirits of wine.

1177 Andersen, R. & S., Sunbury.—Verdcilho.

1178 Anderson, T., Bet-Bet.—Unfermented wine.

1179 Australian Freehold Land & Produce Co. Limited (Chateau Tahbilk Vineyard Wine Stores), 85 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Muscat. Port. Riesling. Verdcilho. Hermitage. Carbinet. Ugni Blanc. Paxorata Jcripago.

1180 Baynes & Hearn, Wangaratta.—Bulk and bottled ale. Bottled stout.

1181 Baynes, A., Wangaratta.—Ale, in bulk.

1182 Best, J., Great Western Vineyard, Great Western—Claret. Burgundy. Hock. Sultana.

1183 Billson, G., Last-st., Beech worth.—Ale and porter, bottled. Cordials. Bitters.

1184 Borland, A., Laanecoorie-on-Loddon.—Hermitage.

1185 Boyd & Head, Shamrock Brewery, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Ales and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1186 Brensing, E., Goulburn River.—Riesling. Hermitage. Black Cluster. Gouais.

1187 Browne, H., 213 Clarendon-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Orange wine.

1188 Bruhn, A., Emu Vineyard, Sandhurst.—Carbinet. Hermitage. Pedro Ximenes. Hock.

1189 Buchanan, C., Ondit.—Carbinet. Mataro. Liqueur wine.

1190 Caldwell & Co.. 114 Collins-st. West. Melbourne.—Wine, bottled.

1191 Castella, De, & Rowan, St. Hubert's Vineyard, Lilydale.—Riesling. White Hermitage. Chasselas. Tokay. Carbinet. Syra. Brandy.

1192 Caughey, A. & R., Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Wine.

1193 Cohn Brothers, Sandhurst.—Ale in bulk.

1194 Cooper, A., Park-st., Brighton, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1195 Cooper, A., 28 a'Beckett-st. East, Melbourne.—Cordials. Bitters. Ginger brandy.

1196 Coyle, P., Royal Mint Brewery, Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1197 Crippa, F., Spring Creek, Hepburn.—Hermitage.

1198 Daly, H. O'B., Dunolly.—Hermitage. Chasselas.

1199 Daniel, C., Oaklands Junction, Bulla.—Nar-bonne wine.

1200 Davies, J., Moonee Ponds, Melbourne.—Hock. Claret. Hermitage. Ngarveno.

1201 Davis, R., Sunbury.—Hermitage. Pineau.

1202 Dickson, J., & Co., Franklin-st. East, Melbourne.—Gordials, British wines.

1203 Dixon, P. G., Rosslyn-st., West Melbourne,—Cordials.

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1204 Dunns, P., Glenlyon-st., Balaclava, Melbourne.—Stout and ale, bottled.

1205 Egli, L. F., Tabilk.—Hermitage. Wine from Pineau and Riesling grapes.

1206 Farrell, A., sen., Sumner Hill, Baringhup.—Engordo. Hermitage.

1207 Faux, P., Lyre Vineyard, Dunolly.—Hermitage. Riesling.

1208 Fehring, J., Yarra Track.—Black currant and gooseberry wine.

1209 Fischer, A., Emu Creek, Bcndigo.—Ver-dcilho. Riesling. Hermitage. Frontignac.

1210 Fox, A. W., Bendigo Vineyard, Emu Creek, Bendigo.—Hermitage. Carbinet. Verdeilho. Madeira. Muscat.

1211 Fuller, C., Inverleigh.—Pinnogree. Pineau Grès.

1212 Fulton, E. G., 32 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Verdeilho. Riesling. Pedro Ximcnes. Carbinet. Hermitage. Grenache. Burgundy. Malbec, &c.

1213 Giovannoni, D., Spring Creek, Hepburn.—Hermitage.

1214 Gooch, H. M., 99 Collins-st West, Melbourne.—Wine.

1215 Gordon, C-, & Son, Axedale, Sandhurst—Hermitage. Carbinet. Verdeilho.

1216 Greene. S-, & Co., Kent and Young sts., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1217 Grosse, F., Strathfieldsaye.—Riesling. Madeira. Tokay. Verdeilho. Pedro Ximenes. Carbinet. Hermitage.

1218 Hall, A., 48 Douglas-parade, Williamstown, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1219 Hanson, G., Waurn Ponds, Geelong.—Chas-selas. Hermitage.

1220 Harris, J., Axedale, Bendigo.—Hermitage.

1221 Hemmons, Laws & Co., 55 Russell-st, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1222 Hennelly & Co., 140 Latrobc-st West, Melbourne.—Ale, in bulk and bottled.

1223 Hopper, T-, Snake Valley, Carngham.—Milk punch.

1224 Hoyle. Mackay & Co., 27 King-st., Melbourne.—Bitters. Wines. Cordials.

1225 Jones, W., Wedderburn.—Hermitage.

1226 Joske, A., 5 Little Collins-st, East, Melbourne.—Wine.

1227 Kahland, J., King-st.,Sandhurst.—Carbinet. Burgundy. Hermitage. Verdeilho. Riesling. Pineau Blanc. Chasselas. Blended wines.

1228 Kitz, L., & Son, 50 Bourke-st. East. Melbourne.—Aucarot. Riesling. Carbinet. Frontignac.

1229 Latham, E., Carlton Brewery, Melbourne.—Ale. Porter. Stout. In bulk and bottled.

1230 Licensed Victuallers' Brewery Co. Limited, OS Collins-st. East Melbourne.—Ale, in bulk.

1231 Loan, L., Walhalla, Gippsland.—Bottled ale. Cordials. British wine.

1232 Lyon, G., Beechworth.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled. Cordials.

1233 M'Bean, R., Marangau Vineyard, Bcnalla.—Muscatel. Claret. Shiraz. Malbec. Muscat. Tokay.

1234 M'Bride & Martin, Melbourne Brewery, West Melbourne, Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1235 McClean. E., & Sons, Bridgewater-on-Loddon.—Cordials. Fruit wines.

1236 McCracken, R., & Co., City Brewery, Melbourne.—Beer and stout, in bulk and bottled.

1237 M'Donald, M., 18 Franklin-st, West Melbourne.—Cordials. Fruit wines.

1238 M'Donald, W., Docker's Plains.—Tokay. Muscat. Verdeilho. Port.

1239 Macgregor, T., Bond-st, Melbourne.—Cordials. Bitters. Sarsaparilla. Ginger brandy.

1240 Marks, R., & Co., Maldon.—Beer, in bulk.

1241 Martin, J. P., Brown's Plains.—Riesling. Hermitage. Muscatel.

1242 Martin, P. J., Australian Brewery, Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1243 Mellon, F., Dunolly.—Hermitage. Mataro. Pedro Ximenes. Riesling. Muscatel. Verdeilho.

1244 Merle, J., Daylesford.—Samois.

1245 Metzger, L., Conconcella Creek. Stawell.-Hermitage. Burgundy. Riesling. Mixture.

1246 Meyer, H., Sheepwash.—Madeira. Riesling. Chasselas. Hermitage. Carbinet.

1247 Moore, C. R., Bridport-st., Daylesford.-Cordials.

1248 Morris. G. P., Brown's Plains.—Shiraz. Grenache. Tokay. Verdeilho. Riesling. Burgundy. Unfermented wine.

1249 Mueller, A., Yackandandah.—Wine, red and white. Liqueur, wine.

1250 Myring, J., Campbell's Creek.—Ale and porter.

1251 Perini, V., Spring Creek, Hepburn.—Hermitage. Pineau.

1252 Pin, J. B., Brighton.—Chasselas. Vin Cint.

1253 Pohl, C., Emu Creek, Strathfieldsaye.-Hermitage. Verdeilho. Riesling.

1254 Prevot & Bilton, Madeline-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Cordials. Cherry brandy. Rum punch. Sarsaparilla. Bitters. Maraschino. Curacoa.

1255 Pury, G. de, Yerinberg.—Hermitage. Chasselas. Pineau Blanc.

1256 Ritchie Brothers, Murgheboluc, Geelons;.—Hermitage.

1257 Schmitt, P., Berwick.—Riesling. Hermitage.

1258 Schraeder, E., Castlemaine.—Riesling. Chasselas. Burgundy. Carbinet. Hermitage.

1259 Schwerkolt, A., Ringwood.—Sherry. Peach wine. Mead wine.

1260 Shaw, P. K., Goornong.—Hermitage. Riesling.

1261 Smith, L. L., Nunawading.—Champagne. Claret. Burgundy. Champagne (carte blanche). Perle d'Australie, and other wines.

1262 Smith, T., Riddell's Creek.—Rhubarb wine.

1263 Stean, J., & Co., 149 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Bitters. Tonics. Cordials. Fruit wines. Sarsaparilla. Wines.

1264 Stokes, S., Church-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1265 Taegtow, P.,Hobson's Bay Brewery, Williamstown, Melbourne.—Bottled ale and porter. Lager beer.

1266 Tracy, J., West End Brewery, Geelong.—Ale and stout, in bulk and bottled.

1267 Trinkaus, A., Muckleford.—Hermitage. Riesling. Tokay.

1268 Turner, J., & Co., 117 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Whiskey.

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1269 Victoria Brewery, Wangaratta.—Ale.

1270 Warrenheip Distillery, The, Unlimited, 30 Lydiard-st., Ballarat.—Spirits of wine. Malt whiskey. Geneva.

1271 Wilson, A. S., Ivanhoe Lodge, Ivanhoe, Melbourne.—Wines, red and white.

1272 Wood, J., & Son, Yorkshire Brewery, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Ale, in bulk and bottled. Bottled stout. Cordials. Bitters. Schnapps.