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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 73.—Fermented Drinks

Class 73.—Fermented Drinks.

1175 Adamson, T., Sunbury.—Hermitage. Riesling. Verdeilho.

1176 Aitken, T., Victoria-parade Brewery, East Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled. Whiskey. Rum. Spirits of wine.

1177 Andersen, R. & S., Sunbury.—Verdcilho.

1178 Anderson, T., Bet-Bet.—Unfermented wine.

1179 Australian Freehold Land & Produce Co. Limited (Chateau Tahbilk Vineyard Wine Stores), 85 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Muscat. Port. Riesling. Verdcilho. Hermitage. Carbinet. Ugni Blanc. Paxorata Jcripago.

1180 Baynes & Hearn, Wangaratta.—Bulk and bottled ale. Bottled stout.

1181 Baynes, A., Wangaratta.—Ale, in bulk.

1182 Best, J., Great Western Vineyard, Great Western—Claret. Burgundy. Hock. Sultana.

1183 Billson, G., Last-st., Beech worth.—Ale and porter, bottled. Cordials. Bitters.

1184 Borland, A., Laanecoorie-on-Loddon.—Hermitage.

1185 Boyd & Head, Shamrock Brewery, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Ales and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1186 Brensing, E., Goulburn River.—Riesling. Hermitage. Black Cluster. Gouais.

1187 Browne, H., 213 Clarendon-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Orange wine.

1188 Bruhn, A., Emu Vineyard, Sandhurst.—Carbinet. Hermitage. Pedro Ximenes. Hock.

1189 Buchanan, C., Ondit.—Carbinet. Mataro. Liqueur wine.

1190 Caldwell & Co.. 114 Collins-st. West. Melbourne.—Wine, bottled.

1191 Castella, De, & Rowan, St. Hubert's Vineyard, Lilydale.—Riesling. White Hermitage. Chasselas. Tokay. Carbinet. Syra. Brandy.

1192 Caughey, A. & R., Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Wine.

1193 Cohn Brothers, Sandhurst.—Ale in bulk.

1194 Cooper, A., Park-st., Brighton, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1195 Cooper, A., 28 a'Beckett-st. East, Melbourne.—Cordials. Bitters. Ginger brandy.

1196 Coyle, P., Royal Mint Brewery, Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1197 Crippa, F., Spring Creek, Hepburn.—Hermitage.

1198 Daly, H. O'B., Dunolly.—Hermitage. Chasselas.

1199 Daniel, C., Oaklands Junction, Bulla.—Nar-bonne wine.

1200 Davies, J., Moonee Ponds, Melbourne.—Hock. Claret. Hermitage. Ngarveno.

1201 Davis, R., Sunbury.—Hermitage. Pineau.

1202 Dickson, J., & Co., Franklin-st. East, Melbourne.—Gordials, British wines.

1203 Dixon, P. G., Rosslyn-st., West Melbourne,—Cordials.

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1204 Dunns, P., Glenlyon-st., Balaclava, Melbourne.—Stout and ale, bottled.

1205 Egli, L. F., Tabilk.—Hermitage. Wine from Pineau and Riesling grapes.

1206 Farrell, A., sen., Sumner Hill, Baringhup.—Engordo. Hermitage.

1207 Faux, P., Lyre Vineyard, Dunolly.—Hermitage. Riesling.

1208 Fehring, J., Yarra Track.—Black currant and gooseberry wine.

1209 Fischer, A., Emu Creek, Bcndigo.—Ver-dcilho. Riesling. Hermitage. Frontignac.

1210 Fox, A. W., Bendigo Vineyard, Emu Creek, Bendigo.—Hermitage. Carbinet. Verdeilho. Madeira. Muscat.

1211 Fuller, C., Inverleigh.—Pinnogree. Pineau Grès.

1212 Fulton, E. G., 32 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Verdeilho. Riesling. Pedro Ximcnes. Carbinet. Hermitage. Grenache. Burgundy. Malbec, &c.

1213 Giovannoni, D., Spring Creek, Hepburn.—Hermitage.

1214 Gooch, H. M., 99 Collins-st West, Melbourne.—Wine.

1215 Gordon, C-, & Son, Axedale, Sandhurst—Hermitage. Carbinet. Verdeilho.

1216 Greene. S-, & Co., Kent and Young sts., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1217 Grosse, F., Strathfieldsaye.—Riesling. Madeira. Tokay. Verdeilho. Pedro Ximenes. Carbinet. Hermitage.

1218 Hall, A., 48 Douglas-parade, Williamstown, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1219 Hanson, G., Waurn Ponds, Geelong.—Chas-selas. Hermitage.

1220 Harris, J., Axedale, Bendigo.—Hermitage.

1221 Hemmons, Laws & Co., 55 Russell-st, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1222 Hennelly & Co., 140 Latrobc-st West, Melbourne.—Ale, in bulk and bottled.

1223 Hopper, T-, Snake Valley, Carngham.—Milk punch.

1224 Hoyle. Mackay & Co., 27 King-st., Melbourne.—Bitters. Wines. Cordials.

1225 Jones, W., Wedderburn.—Hermitage.

1226 Joske, A., 5 Little Collins-st, East, Melbourne.—Wine.

1227 Kahland, J., King-st.,Sandhurst.—Carbinet. Burgundy. Hermitage. Verdeilho. Riesling. Pineau Blanc. Chasselas. Blended wines.

1228 Kitz, L., & Son, 50 Bourke-st. East. Melbourne.—Aucarot. Riesling. Carbinet. Frontignac.

1229 Latham, E., Carlton Brewery, Melbourne.—Ale. Porter. Stout. In bulk and bottled.

1230 Licensed Victuallers' Brewery Co. Limited, OS Collins-st. East Melbourne.—Ale, in bulk.

1231 Loan, L., Walhalla, Gippsland.—Bottled ale. Cordials. British wine.

1232 Lyon, G., Beechworth.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled. Cordials.

1233 M'Bean, R., Marangau Vineyard, Bcnalla.—Muscatel. Claret. Shiraz. Malbec. Muscat. Tokay.

1234 M'Bride & Martin, Melbourne Brewery, West Melbourne, Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1235 McClean. E., & Sons, Bridgewater-on-Loddon.—Cordials. Fruit wines.

1236 McCracken, R., & Co., City Brewery, Melbourne.—Beer and stout, in bulk and bottled.

1237 M'Donald, M., 18 Franklin-st, West Melbourne.—Cordials. Fruit wines.

1238 M'Donald, W., Docker's Plains.—Tokay. Muscat. Verdeilho. Port.

1239 Macgregor, T., Bond-st, Melbourne.—Cordials. Bitters. Sarsaparilla. Ginger brandy.

1240 Marks, R., & Co., Maldon.—Beer, in bulk.

1241 Martin, J. P., Brown's Plains.—Riesling. Hermitage. Muscatel.

1242 Martin, P. J., Australian Brewery, Melbourne.—Ale and porter, in bulk and bottled.

1243 Mellon, F., Dunolly.—Hermitage. Mataro. Pedro Ximenes. Riesling. Muscatel. Verdeilho.

1244 Merle, J., Daylesford.—Samois.

1245 Metzger, L., Conconcella Creek. Stawell.-Hermitage. Burgundy. Riesling. Mixture.

1246 Meyer, H., Sheepwash.—Madeira. Riesling. Chasselas. Hermitage. Carbinet.

1247 Moore, C. R., Bridport-st., Daylesford.-Cordials.

1248 Morris. G. P., Brown's Plains.—Shiraz. Grenache. Tokay. Verdeilho. Riesling. Burgundy. Unfermented wine.

1249 Mueller, A., Yackandandah.—Wine, red and white. Liqueur, wine.

1250 Myring, J., Campbell's Creek.—Ale and porter.

1251 Perini, V., Spring Creek, Hepburn.—Hermitage. Pineau.

1252 Pin, J. B., Brighton.—Chasselas. Vin Cint.

1253 Pohl, C., Emu Creek, Strathfieldsaye.-Hermitage. Verdeilho. Riesling.

1254 Prevot & Bilton, Madeline-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Cordials. Cherry brandy. Rum punch. Sarsaparilla. Bitters. Maraschino. Curacoa.

1255 Pury, G. de, Yerinberg.—Hermitage. Chasselas. Pineau Blanc.

1256 Ritchie Brothers, Murgheboluc, Geelons;.—Hermitage.

1257 Schmitt, P., Berwick.—Riesling. Hermitage.

1258 Schraeder, E., Castlemaine.—Riesling. Chasselas. Burgundy. Carbinet. Hermitage.

1259 Schwerkolt, A., Ringwood.—Sherry. Peach wine. Mead wine.

1260 Shaw, P. K., Goornong.—Hermitage. Riesling.

1261 Smith, L. L., Nunawading.—Champagne. Claret. Burgundy. Champagne (carte blanche). Perle d'Australie, and other wines.

1262 Smith, T., Riddell's Creek.—Rhubarb wine.

1263 Stean, J., & Co., 149 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Bitters. Tonics. Cordials. Fruit wines. Sarsaparilla. Wines.

1264 Stokes, S., Church-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Cordials.

1265 Taegtow, P.,Hobson's Bay Brewery, Williamstown, Melbourne.—Bottled ale and porter. Lager beer.

1266 Tracy, J., West End Brewery, Geelong.—Ale and stout, in bulk and bottled.

1267 Trinkaus, A., Muckleford.—Hermitage. Riesling. Tokay.

1268 Turner, J., & Co., 117 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Whiskey.

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1269 Victoria Brewery, Wangaratta.—Ale.

1270 Warrenheip Distillery, The, Unlimited, 30 Lydiard-st., Ballarat.—Spirits of wine. Malt whiskey. Geneva.

1271 Wilson, A. S., Ivanhoe Lodge, Ivanhoe, Melbourne.—Wines, red and white.

1272 Wood, J., & Son, Yorkshire Brewery, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Ale, in bulk and bottled. Bottled stout. Cordials. Bitters. Schnapps.