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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

996 Baines, G. P., Spring Vale, Merrygum.—Wheat.

997 Beaufort Agricultural Society, The, Beaufort.—Flour.

998 Bencraft, G., & Co., Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Oatmeal. Flour. Pearl Barley. Pease-meal. Groats. Maize-meal

999 Billson, G., Last-st., Beechworth.—Malt.

1000 Boobier, W. J., Market-square, Sandhurst-Wheat and oats.

1001 Burston, s., & Co., 123 Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Barley. Victorian-made malt.

1002 Charles worth, J., Marong.—White Tuscan and red-straw wheat, &c.

1003 Church of England Mission Station, Lake Tyers, Gippsland.—Arrowroot.

1004 Collard, J. T., Dimboola.—Flour.

1005 Creswell, C. F., 37 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Grain and Seeds.

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1006 Danelli, S., Sydney-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Italian paste, macaroni.

1007 Day, J., South Murchison.—Flour.

1008 Department of Agriculture, Melbourne—Cereals.

1009 Deutscher, C. T., Murtoa.—Purple-straw wheat.

1010 Dimboola Flour Mill Co., Dimboola.—Flour.

1011 Edwards, W., White Ilills, Stawell.—Wheat. Flour.

1012 Fry, J., Dimooola.—Flour.

1013 Galbraith, H. L., Rosemount, Lancefield.—Field peas.

1014 Graves. J. H.—Wheat.

1015 Hagenaur, Rev. F. A., Aboriginal Mission Station, Ramahyuck, Lake Wellington, Gippsland.—Arrowroot.

1016 Hanning, T. W., Franklin River, Gippsland.—Arrowroot.

1017 Harper, R., 12 Little Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Farinaceous products, tapioca, maize-meal, arrowroot, oatmeal.

1018 Hirth, H., Dimboola.—Wheat.

1019 Hubbard, W., Yarra Flats.—Oats.

1020 Hughes, D. S., 10 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Wheat. Barley.

1021 Hatchins, T. & J., Newington-road, Stawell.—Purple-straw wheat.

1022 Irving. J. L., & Co., 280 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Wheat.

1023 Jewell. E.—Wheat, chaff.

1024 Keene, M.—Flour.

1025 Kelson, J. H.—Peas, barley, wheat, oats.

1026 Kempton, W. S.—Flour, wheat

1027 Kensington Maizena and Starch Co., Kensington, Melbourne.—Maizena. Starch.

1028 Kidd, A., Glenlyon Flour Mills, Glenlyon.—Flour.

1029 Kyneton Agricultural Association, The, Kyneton.—Wheat. Oats. Barley.

1030 Kyneton Flourmill Co. Limited, The, Kyneton.—Wheat. Flour.

1031 Lal Lal Flour Mills, Rupanyup.—Wheat, purple-straw and golden drop.

1032 Laurens, J., Musk Creek, Daylesford.—Oats.

1033 Lewis & Whitty, 36 Charles-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Starch.

1034 Lincolne, A., Kirk's Bazaar, Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Sheaf of cereals. Named grain seeds.

1035 Lowan Shire Council, The, Dimboola.—Grain.

1036 Lucini, P., SpringCrcek, Hepburn.—Macaroni and vermicelli.

1037 M'Connell, J., Rochford.—Barley. Rye.

1038 M'Donald, J., Myall Flat. Macorna, Cohuna.—Skinless oats. Purple-straw wheat.

1039 M'Kenzie, J. F., & Co., 6 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Pearl barley, groats, oatmeal, maize-meal, pease-meal, rice.

1040 Malcolm, J., & Co., East Charlton.—Flour.

1041 Malcolm, J., & Co., St. Arnaud.—Flour.

1042 Maxwell, D., Cohuna, Echuca.—Wheat.

1043 Minchen, L.—Short sandy oats.

1044 Mitchell, P., Eden Park, Romsey.—Barley.

1045 Moira Agricultural Society, Cashel.—Cereals.

1046 Moncrieff, J., Tabilk.—Purple-straw wheat.

1047 Moran, J., Kiora.—Tartarian oats.

1048 Murray Valley Flour Mills, Koondrook.—Flour.

1049 Nicholls, R. U., & Co., 34 Armstrong-st., Ballarat.—Vegetable and agricultural seeds.

1050 Parsons Brothers & Co., 90 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Oatmeal. Groats. Pearl and patent barley. Dressed rice.

1051 Perrin, W., jun., Stephenson-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Victorian-made malt, from different sorts of barley.

1052 Player & Kitchen.—Wheat, oats, beans.

1053 Poison, A., Moyston, Ararat.—Wheat. Oats. Barley.

1054 Richardson, S., & Sons, Bolwarra, Ballarat.—Arrowroot.

1055 Rowbottom, E. S., Harcourt-parade, Richmond, Melbourne.—Barley. Malt.

1056 Schmitt, F., Bcrwick.—Barley.

1057 Schmitt, L., Berwick.—Oats. Tares.

1058 Schultz, C. C., Mount Bolton.—Oats in sheaf.

1059 Smeaton, Spring Hill, & Bullarook Agricultural Association, Smeaton.—Barley, wheat, maize, peas, oats, buck wheat.

1060 Smith, C., & Co., 150 Little Flinders-st East, Melbourne.—Malt. Barley.

1061 Smith, G., 41 Armstrong-st., Ballarat.—Wheat. Barley. Oats. Rye-grass. Peas.

1062 Smith, J., Buninyong East.—Wheat.

1063 St. Arnaud Pastoral & Agricultural Society, The, Town Hall, St. Arnaud.—Wheat in sheaf. Oats in sheaf.

1064 Stanton, J., & Co., Islington-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Malt.

1065 Students' Model Farm, Cashel.—Strawrick.

1066 Swallow & Ariell, Sandridge and Melbourne.—Flour, &c.

1067 Swallow & Sons, Shepparton.—Flour.

1068 Taylor, R. S., Streatham Park, Streatham.—Wheat

1069 Throssell & Tankard, Chapel-st, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Barley. Pale, amber, brown, and black malt, made from Victorian barley.

1070 Tickner, A. M., Burrum Burrum, Banyena.-Canary-seed.

1071 Tinning, J., Tarrawingee.—Flour.

1072 Vaughan, C., & Co., Market-square, Ballarat.—Wheat. Barley. Oats. Peas. Rye-grass seed.

1073 Warrenheip Distillery, The, Unlimited, 30 Lydiard-st., Ballarat.—Wheat. Malt. Rye.

1074 Westcott, T., Catumnal.—Wheat.

1075 White, W. E.—Flour.

1076 Wimmera Flourmill Co., Stawell.—Purple-straw Tuscan wheat. Flour.

1077 Wise Brothers, Avoca Flour Mills, Avoca.—Flour.

1078 Wriglen, R., Mair-st, Ballarat.—Grain. Oats in sheaf. Wheat in sheaf.

1079 Yeaman, A., Pannoobamawn.—Wheat. Purple-straw wheat.