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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Second Group.—Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts

Second Group.—Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts.

Education of Children, Primary Instruction, Instruction of Adults.

Class 6.—Plans and models of orphan asylums, infant schools. System of management and furniture of such establishments. Appliances for instruction suitable for the physical, moral, and intellectual training of the child previous to its entering school.

Plans and models of scholastic establishments for town and country. System of management, and furniture for these establishments. Appliances for instruction: books, maps, apparatus, and models.

Plans and models of scholastic establishments for adult and professional instruction. System of management and furniture for these establishments. Appliances for adult and professional instruction.

Appliances for the elementary teaching of music, singing, foreign languages, book-keeping, political economy, practical agriculture and horticulture, technology, and drawing.

Appliances adapted to the instruction of the blind and of deaf mutes.

Works of pupils of both sexes.

Libraries and publications.

Organisation and Appliances for Secondary Instruction.

Class 7.—Plans and models of establishments for secondary instruction, lyceums, grammar schools, colleges, industrial and commercial schools. Arrangement and furniture of such establishments.

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Collections, classical works, maps, and globes.

Appliances for technological and scientific instruction, and for teaching the fine arts, drawing, music, and singing.

Apparatus and methods for instruction in gymnastics, fencing, and military exercises.

Organisation, Methods, and Appliances for Superior Instruction.

Class 8.—Plans and models of academies, universities, medical schools, practical schools, technical and practical schools, schools of agriculture, observatories, scientific museums, amphitheatres, lecture-rooms, laboratories for instruction and research.

Furniture and arrangement of such establishments.

Apparatus, collections, and appliances intended for higher instruction and scientific research.

Special exhibitions of learned, technical, agricultural, commercial, and industrial societies and institutions.

Scientific expeditions.

Printing, Books.

Class 9.—Specimens of typography; autographic proofs; lithographic proofs, black or coloured; proofs of engravings.

New books and new editions of books already known; collections of works forming special libraries; periodical publications. Drawings, atlases, and albums.

Stationery, Bookbinding, Painting, and Drawing Materials.

Class 10.—Paper; card and pasteboard; inks; chalks; pencils; pastels; all things necessary for writing-desks and offices; inkstands; apparatus for weighing letters, &c.; copying presses.

Objects made of paper: lamp shades, lanterns, flower-pot covers.

Registers, copybooks, albums, and memorandum books; bindings, loose covers for books, cases, &c.

Various products used in water-colour painting and tinting: colours in cakes, pastels, bladders, tubes, and shells; instruments and apparatus for the use of painters, draughtsmen, engravers, and modellers.

General Application of the Arts of Drawing and Modelling.

Class 11.—Designs for industrial purposes; designs obtained, reproduced, or reduced by mechanical processes. Decorative paintings, lithographs, chromo-lithographs, or engravings for industrial purposes. Models and small articulated wooden models of figures, ornaments, &c.

Carvings. Cameos, seals, and various objects decorated with engraving. Objects modelled for industrial purposes produced by mechanical processes, reductions, photo-sculpture, &c. Casts.

Photographic Proofs and Apparatus.

Class 12.—Photographs on paper, glass, wood, stuffs, and enamel. Heliographic engravings, lithographic proofs. Photo-lithographic proofs, photographic stereotypes, stereoscopic proofs, and stereoscopes. Enlarged photographs. Coloured photographs.

Instruments, apparatus, and chemicals necessary for photography. Materials and appliances used in photographic studios.

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Musical Instruments.

Class 13.—Non-metallic wind instruments: with common mouth-pieces, with reeds with or without air-reservoirs.

Metallic wind instruments, simple, with lengthening pieces, with slides, with piston, with keys, with reeds.

Wind instruments with keyboards: organs, accordions, &c.

Stringed instruments played with the fingers, or without keyboards.

Stringed instruments with keyboards; pianos, &c.

Instruments played by percussion or friction.

Automaton instruments, barrel organs, bird organs.

Separate parts of musical instruments and orchestral appliances.

Medicine, Hygiene, and Public Relief.

Class 14.—Appliances, instruments, and apparatus requisite for anatomical and histological works.

Plastic anatomical models.

Instruments of medical research.

Apparatus and instruments for dressing wounds and for simple surgery, general and local; anaesthetic apparatus.

Surgical instruments grouped according to their purposes; instruments for amputations and dissection. Special instruments, obstetrics, ovariotomy, urinary channels, ophthalmology, dentistry, &c.; electro-therapeutic apparatus.

Apparatus for plastic and mechanical prosthesis, orthopedic apparatus.


Apparatus for restoring persons apparently drowned or suffocated.

Baths and hydro-therapeutic apparatus; gymnastical apparatus for medical and hygienic purposes.

Plans and models of hospitals, various asylums, houses of refuge, poor-houses, lunatic asylums. Arrangements and furniture of such establishments. Various apparatus for infirm persons, invalids, and lunatics. Accessory objects for the medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical services in hospitals or infirmaries.

Chests and cases of instruments and medicines for military and naval surgeons. Means and apparatus for succouring the wounded on battle-fields. Civil and military ambulances.

Appliances, instruments, apparatus, and all things requisite for veterinary surgery.

Mathematical and Philosophical Instruments.

Class 15.—Apparatus and instruments used for mathematical purposes.

Apparatus and instruments illustrating practical geometry, land-surveying, topography, and geodesy; compasses, calculating machines, levels, mariners' compasses.

Apparatus and instruments for measurement: verniers, micrometric screws, dividing machines, &c.; scales for scientific uses.

Optical instruments. Astronomical instruments. Physical and meteorological instruments, &c. Instruments and apparatus requisite for laboratories and observatories.

Weights and measures of various countries. Coins and medals.

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Maps, and Geographical and Cosmographical Apparatus.

Class 16.—Topographical, geographical, geological, hydrographical, and astronomical maps, atlases, &c.

Physical maps of every kind. Plans in relief.

Terrestrial and celestial globes and spheres. Statistical works and tables. Tables and ephemerides for the use of astronomers and sailors.