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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Medicine, Hygiene, and Public Relief

Medicine, Hygiene, and Public Relief.

Class 14.—Appliances, instruments, and apparatus requisite for anatomical and histological works.

Plastic anatomical models.

Instruments of medical research.

Apparatus and instruments for dressing wounds and for simple surgery, general and local; anaesthetic apparatus.

Surgical instruments grouped according to their purposes; instruments for amputations and dissection. Special instruments, obstetrics, ovariotomy, urinary channels, ophthalmology, dentistry, &c.; electro-therapeutic apparatus.

Apparatus for plastic and mechanical prosthesis, orthopedic apparatus.


Apparatus for restoring persons apparently drowned or suffocated.

Baths and hydro-therapeutic apparatus; gymnastical apparatus for medical and hygienic purposes.

Plans and models of hospitals, various asylums, houses of refuge, poor-houses, lunatic asylums. Arrangements and furniture of such establishments. Various apparatus for infirm persons, invalids, and lunatics. Accessory objects for the medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical services in hospitals or infirmaries.

Chests and cases of instruments and medicines for military and naval surgeons. Means and apparatus for succouring the wounded on battle-fields. Civil and military ambulances.

Appliances, instruments, apparatus, and all things requisite for veterinary surgery.