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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries

page 48

VI. Machinery—Apparatus and Processes used in the Mechanical Industries.

Class 49.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests.

631 Australian Deodorising, Disinfectant, & Fertilising Co. Limited, 66 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Artificial manures.

632 Birkmyre, W., Mona-place, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Residuum from purified Yan Yean water, to be used as a manure.

633 Bromfleld, J., Union Foundry, Horsham.—Model of plough.

634 Buncle, J., Parkside Machine Works, North Melbourne.—Horse-works. Chaff-cutter. Corn-crusher. Tobacco and bark cutters.

635 Byrne, J. K., Echuca.—Model plough.

636 Clark, J., Majorca.—Ploughs. Harrows.

637 Cockerell, R., 28 Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Patent potato-digging plough. Patent rotary cultivator and harrow.

638 Cumming. Smith & Co, 47 William-st., Melbourne.—Chemical and bone manures. Guanos.

639 Department of Agriculture, Melbourne.—Soils.

640 Edwards, D., 274 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Patent land cultivator. Patent soleless plough. Harrows. Model plough.

641 Grant, J., & Co., 34 and 36 Elizabcth-st. North, Melbourne.—Ploughs. Harrows. Swingle-trees.

642 Groom. B., Edward-st. Brunswick, Melbourne.—Patent tobacco-cutters. Binder heads.

643 Harratt. H., Chetwynd-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Iron tree-guards.

644 Henderson, T., & Co., Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Ploughs. Harrows. Scarifier. Models of agricultural machinery.

645 Hesse, L., Argyle-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Artificial manures.

646 Higgins, J. F., 39 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Block of compressed patent manure.

647 Hoy, R., Ararat.—Farrier's shoe-turning hammer.

648 Howden, J., Darraweit Guim.—Harrows.

649 Kelly & Preston, Creswick-road, Ballarat.—Ploughs.

650 Lennon, H., North Melbourne.—Ploughs. Scarifiers. Harrows. Horse-hoes, &c.

651 Leslie, J., Marong.—Ploughs. Scarifiers. Harrows. Swingle-trees. Ploughshares.

652 Lugton, A., & Sons. 144 Little Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Chaff-cutter.

653 Lyon, C. H., Ballanee, Ballan.—Grubbing-machine.

654 M'Calraan & Garde. Black wood-st., Ilotham, Melbourne.—PIough. Harrows.

655 M'Millan. A., 7 Madeline-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Tobacco-cutters.

656 Munro, D., & Co., 154 Queen-st., Melbourne.

(1)Horse-power, with intermediate gear.
(2)The S. M'Caughey patent automatic earth-scoop, mounted on four wheels, to be worked by one man and two horses. Capable of removing 150 to 200 yards of earth per day of ten hours.

657 Munro, G., Alfredton, Ballarat.—Horse-works.

658 Musgrove, J., Greenvale.—Horse-works.

659 Newhouse & White, 62 Leicester-st.. Carlton, Melbourne.—Blades for reaping. Mowing, chaff-cutting, and tobacco-cutting machines.

660 Obermeyer, J., North Maldon.—Hand Tobacco-cutting machine. Capable of cutting 10lbs. hourly. Can be wrought by steam if preferred.

661 Perry. J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Fork, spade, and broom handles. Sieve and riddle rims. Rakes.

662 Petti grew. A., Cropley.—Extra heavy plough, for special uses.

663 Randall. T., & Co., 81, 83, and 85 Rose-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Hay and drag rakes.

664 Robinson & Sons, 6, 8, and 10 A'Beckett-st., Melbourne.—Ploughs.

665 Roche, J. E., Union Foundry, Horsham.—Plough.

666 Rouse, F. A., Argyle-st., Talbot.—Tobacco-cutting machine.

667 Shire and Borough of Ararat.—Model of double-furrow plough.

668 Sugden, T., Morland-st., Footscray, Melbourne.—Patent manures.

669 Swan & Co., 62 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.-Ploughs.

670 Tynan, J., Mair-St., Ballarat.—Plough.

671 Vulcan Foundry, Geelong.—Agricultural machinery.

672 Williams, G., Gippsland.—Model ploughs.

Class 50.—Apparatus and Processes used in Agricultural Works, and in Works for the Preparation of Food.

673 Baker, J., 32 Bank-st. West, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Meat-press.

674 Bey, T., Crescent. Talbot:—Patent double-action churn.

675 Bodington, R., Queensberry-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Flour-mill machinery, and tools used in flour-making.

676 Bult, G., High-st., Echuca.—Chums and cheese-vats.

677 Burne, J., jun.. Strathfieldsaye, Sandhurst—Wine-making model.

678 Cherry, E., Gisborne.—Churns.

679 Coulsell. L. B., Abbotsford-st.. Hotham, Melbourne.—Sausage-chopping and filling machines.

page 49

680 Davis, G.. 270 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Churns and other dairy utensils.

681 Faul, J. W., Williamson-st., Sandhurst.—Cooling" apparatus.

682 Foulton & Wylie, Greville-st., Prahran, Melbourne.-Arctic economic ice safes. Refrigerators, &c.

683 Hall, A., 48 Douglas-parade, Williamstown, Melbourne.—Cabinet bottle-rack.

684 Harratt, H., Chetwynd-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Cheese-presses and screws.

685 Hulme, E., Milawa, Oxley.—Model of Dairy.

686 Johnstone, A., Stawell.—Churn.

687 Kent, W., 102 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Grocers' coffee-mill. Improved grocers' sugar-mill.

688 Lezza, S., 45 Madeline-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Apparatus for the manufacture of confectionery, ice creams, &c.

689 Lugton, A., & Sons, 144 Little Lonsdale-st. East. Melbourne.—Sausage-chopping and filling machines. Brine-pump. Bone-mill.

690 Mourant, J. & T., 77 Oxford-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Shives, spiles, plugs, &c.; cork rings.

691 Parkes, w. H., 14 Market-buildings, Collins-st West, Melbourne.—Machine for moulding, for kitchen use.

692 Radford. W. J., 19 Little-Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Cheese-tubs. Milk-cans. Cheese-vats. Honey and treacle cans. Syphon and curd-breaker.

693 Randall, T., & Co., 81, 83. and 85 Rose-st, Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Churns. Mill trucks. Hay and drag rakes.

694 Thirkettle, W. J., Kyneton.—Diagonal box-churns.

695 Victoria Ice Co., 77 Collins-st., Melbourne.—Ice chests.

696 Wolter & Echberg, 6 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Churns.

Class 51.—Apparatus used in Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Tanning.

697 Apollo Stearine Candle Co. Limited, Footscray, Melbourne.—Apparatus for making fancy soap.

698 Kitchen, J., & Sons, 28 Little Flinders-st. West. Melbourne.—Candle-making machinery, in operation.

Class 52.—Machines and Apparatus in general.

699 Abraham, J., Shepperd-st., Ballarat.—Windmill.

700 Anscombe. W. W., Kangaroo Flat, Sandhurst.—Engine for elevating water.

701 Arnott, J. L., Albert-st., Footscray, Melbourne.—Vertical engine and boiler.

702 Atlas Co. of Engineers, Latrobe and Queen sts., Melbourne.—Sleeper adzing and boring machine. Windmill.

703 Baker, J., 32 Bank-st. West, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Washing, wringing, and mangling machine.

704 Batten, E. G-. & Co., Fernleigh-st., Chilwell, Geelong.—Model of beam-engine, with boiler attached.

705 Brierly, W., Moray-st. and Sandridge-road, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Bolts, nuts, screws, &c.

706 Briscoe & Co., 11, 13 and 15 Collins-st East, Melbourne.—Mangles.

707 Brown, E., Shire Engineer, Benalla.—Machinery.

708 Browning & Calvert, 12 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—-Electro-magnetic locomotive engine.

709 Buchanan & Nodrum, Sandridge, Melbourne.—Single and double cylinder engines and boilers. Winding-gear.

710 Coltman, E., 135 Latrobc-st East, Melbourne.—Steam pumps, improved pillsometers, and exhaust steam condensers.

711 Cowley & Davis. 10 Legare-st., Ballarat West.—Improved method of affixing clothes-lines for household purposes.

712 Croker, M. & F. G., East Charlton.—Rabbit annihilator.

713 Dalton. W., Finch-st., Beechworth.—Horizontal engine.

714 Danks, J., 42 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Engineers' and plumbers' brass-work. Windmill. Steam and hand pumps.

715 Davison, G., 44 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Cocks and valves.

716 Drysdale & Fraser, 131 King-st., West Melbourne.—Ship and crab winches. Patent double-acting pump.

717 Falconer. J. R. R., 31 George-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horizontal engine. Vertical boiler.

718 Flood. F., 139 Lonsdale st. West, Melbourne.-Washing-machines. Pumps. Water-lifts.

719 Ford, F. W., Union-st., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Vertical steam-engine.

720 Ford, R. G., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Ford's patent boiler.

721 Ford. R. G-. jun., Union-st., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Patent washing-machine and boiler.

722 Godfrey, R., 12 Franklin-st. West, Melbourne.—Bankers' and butchers' scales. Weighing-machines.

723 Gray, F. G., 104 Dover-st., Richmond. Melbourne.—Model beam-engine, working saw-mill.

724 Grayson. J., & Sons, 225 and 227 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horizontal-engine. Screw press. Saw-spindle.

725 Greenwood, C. H., 264 Elizabeth st., Melbourne.—Horizontal engine.

726 Hatty, J., Lennon's Agricultural Works, North Melbourne.—Model of stationary steam-engine.

727 Jones. H.. & Co., 10 Franklin-st West, Melbourne.—Weighing-machines.

728 Langland's Foundry Co.. The. 144 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Portable 10-horse power steam engine

729 Lawrence, W. H., Lewisham-road, Prahran, Melbourne.—Model of vertical engine.

730 Lowe, J. E., Darling-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Hydraulic engines.

731 Lugton, A., & Sons. 144 little Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Steam-engines. Boilers. Cylinders. Models.

732 M'Bean, W., 21 Collins-st. West Melbourne.—Model of horizontal engine.

733 M'Call, Anderson & Co.. 138 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Stevedores' hoisting-engines. Steam boilers.

734 M'Comas & Co., 49 King-st, Melbourne.—Water-lifters. Steam engine and water-lifter combined.

735 M'Lean Brothers & Rigg, 69 Elizabeth-st, Melbourne.—Windmill.

page 50

736 Manuel, R., 11 Capel-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Builders' elevating and expanding scaffold.

737 Mourant, J. T., 77 Oxford-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Wood taps. Glass, earthenware, and metal keys for same.

738 Munday, J., Geelong.—Leather belting, &c.

739 Munro, D., & Co., 154 Queen-st., Melbourne.

(1)Stationary engine, with hoisting-gear, for mining and other purposes.
(2)Boiler for stationary engine.
(3)9-inch centrifugal pump.
(4)7-inch do. do.
(5)4-inch do. do.
(6)2½-inch do. do.
(7)Deep well pumps.
(8)" Victory" patent self-adjusting windmills, for pumping water for farm and station use. Constructed of metal, and mounted on tripod stand.
(9)Derrick crane, Suitable for contractors and quarrymen.
(10)Portable do. Suitable for contractors and quarrymen.
(11)Self-filling tanks, for squatters' use.
(12)Model of "Victory" windmill and pump.

740 Murray, R., Chiltem.—Model of horizontal steam-engine.

741 Nicholls, C. F., Abbotsford Lodge, Abbotsford, Melbourne.—Boiler and steam-pipe coverings.

742 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Mill-bands.

743 Pitkeithly, R., Pampa, Lake Boloke.—Improved windmill.

744 Randall, T., & Co., 81. 83, and 85 Rose-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Washing-boards. Knife-boards.

745 Rasche, W., C.E., 55 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Steam-engine.

746 Reade, R., Talbot.—Model of winding steam-engine.

747 Reay, T., & Co., Stoke-st., Sandridge. Melbourne.—Wool and timber screws. Blocks and Sheaves.

748 Richmond, S. G., 45 Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Mangles.

749 Roberts, A., & Sons, Wills-st., Sandhurst-Horizontal engine, with vertical boiler. Double-cylinder underground hauling-engine.

750 Robinson & Sons, 6, 8, and 10 A'Beckett-st., Melbourne.—Fountain and other washing-machines. Bolts, nuts, rivets, spikes, &c.

751 Union Foundry, Drummond-st., Ballarat—Model of traction-engine.

752 Victoria Ice Co. Limited, 77 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Ice chests and cabinets.

753 Victoria Iron Rolling Co., Dudley-st., West Melbourne.—Marine engine shaft, with collar; two-throw crank shaft.

754 Vulcan Foundry, Geelong.—Steam-engines. Washing-machines.

755 Walker, A. R., 40 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Washing-boiler.

756 Walker, J., 128 Lygon-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Compound vertical steam-engine.

757 Walls, J., Camperdown.—Patent washing-machine.

758 Watson, W. R., 104 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Knife cleaner and sharpener combined with boot and shoe cleaner.

759 Williams, P., Franklin-st. West, Melbourne.—Washing-machine; Wringer; and Washing-boiler.

760 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.-Weighing-machines. Carriage-lifts.

761 Wolter & Echberg, 6 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Washing-machines.

762 Wright & Edwards, Little Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Steam-engines and boilers. Hydraulic stump extractor and jinker. Centrifugal pump.

763 Young, W. C., Hotham-st., East Melbourne.—Small vertical engine and boiler.

Class 53.—Machine Tools.

764 Atlas Co. of Engineers, Latrobe and Queen sts., Melbourne.—Moulding, planing, tonguing, and grooving machine.

765 Drysdale & Fraser, 131 King-st., West Melbourne.—Punching and shearing machine.

766 England, A., Stewart-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Machine for punching Venetian blind laths.

767 How, H. M. C.,Gipps-st., Collingwood.—Postborer.

768 Lankester, E., Colac.—Foot-power drilling-machine, auger-machine, circular saw.

769 Letham, J., Bouverie and Victoria sts.,Carlton, Melbourne.—General masons' tools.

770 Munro, D., & Co., 154 Queen-st., Melbourne.

(1)Patent travelling self-acting breaking-down circular-saw bench, with top and bottom saws, &c., complete.
(2)Vertical saw-frame.
(3)Circular-saw bench.
(4)Post-boring machine, used in fencing.

771 Royal, J., & Son, Leicester-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Bench screws. Patent screw-cutting lathe, in motion.

772 Walker, T., 95 Clarendon-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Machine tools.

773 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Post-borer.

Class 54.—Apparatus and Processes used in Spinning and Rope-making.

774 Donaghy, M., Geelong.—Rope. Cordage.

775 Jones, A. T., Albion-st. East, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Rope. Halters. Cordage.

776 M'Dougal, D. E., 33 Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Rope.

777 M'Nally, J., Sydney-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Rope. Twine. Ropo plough-reins, Halters, &c.

778 Miller, J., & Co., 61 Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Ropes and cordage.

779 Reay, T., & Co., Stoke-st., Sandridge. Melbourne.—Patent gins.

Class 55.—Apparatus and Processes used in Weaving.

780 Higgins, J., jun., Napier-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Weavers reeds.

781 Jackson, Ellen A., Buckingham-st., North Richmond, Melbourne.—Machine for manufacture of knitted hosiery.

782 M'Gillivray, Sarah, 148 Moray-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Knitting-machine.

783 Macintosh. H.,9 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Loom for wire-weaving.

page 51

784 Youl, T. B., 10 Howe-crescent, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Knitting-machine.

Class 56.—Apparatus and Processes for Sewing and for Making-up Clothing.

785 Crowley, C., 5 Little Lonsdale-st., Melbourne.—Stands for clothing.

786 Groom, B., Edward-st., Brunswick, Melbourne.—Hatters' irons, &c.

787 Shelmerdine, T., Mollison-st., East Collingwood, Melbourne.—Machines and appliances used in the manufacture of hats.

788 Wilson, H., & Sons, Flemington-road. Hotham, Melbourne.—Machines and knives used in the manufacture of boots and shoes. Lasts.

Class 57.—Apparatus and Processes used in the Manufacture of Furniture and Objects for Dwellings.

789 Musgrove, J., Greenvale.—Foot lathe.

790 Roberts, O., Botherambo-st.. Richmond, Melbourne.—Patent self-acting painting-machine.

Class 58.—Apparatus and Processes used in Paper-making, Dyeing, and Printing.

791 Azzoppardi, A. J., Queen and Latrobe sts., Melbourne.—Electrotypes. Stereotypes.

792 Clark, W. T., 32 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Rubber Stamps, Pads, Specimen Books; &c.

793 Purse, C., Gwynne-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Wood type and printing apparatus.

794 Grant, J., Walsh-st., West Melbourne.—Printers' composing-sticks.

795 Roeszler, C. G., 41 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Numbering-machine, self-inking endorsing press and rubber stamps.

796 Thitchener. H.,3 Stanley-buildings, Moray-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Printing type.

Class 59.—Machines, Instruments, and Processes used in various Works.

797 Aitken. T., Victoria-parade Brewery, East Melbourne.—Cask-washing Apparatus.

798 Flegeltaub, L., 35 Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Tools used in the manufacture of jewellery.

799 Harratt, H., Chetwynd-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Copying and embossing presses.

800 Harrison, T. S., & Co., 24 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Aerated water bottle-corking machinery.

801 Roeszler, C. G., 41 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Bookbinders' blocks and tools. Proofs of relief engraving.

802 Rule, H., Racecourse-road, Flemington, Melbourne.—Machine for hanging wall-paper.

803 Stokes & Martin, 100 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Medal and embossing presses.

804 Tyrer, P., 425 King-st., Melbourne.—Patent cork extractor.

805 Wilson, G., & Co.. Little Flinders-st. West. Melbourne.—Hand-bottling rack. Stoppering and extracting machine. Syrup-pump.

Class 60.—Carriages and Wheelwrights' Work.

806 Alston, G., Bulla.—Hay-dray. Tip-dray. Wheelwright's work, rough and finished.

807 Armfleld, T. G., 113 Peel-st., Windsor, Melbourne.—Carriage and buggy springs, fixtures for same.

808 Baalam. J., jun., Russell-st., Sandhurst-Bicycle and stand.

809 Burton, J. H., & Sons, 61 and 63 Latrobe-st. East, Melbourne.—Hansom cab. Buggy.

810 Carroll, E., 1 Argyle-square North, Carlton, Melbourne.—Eccentrie buggy-lock.

811 Crutcll, W.. 5 and 7 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Brougham. Barouche. Landau, with patent hood. Stanhope wagonette.

812 Dalrymple, W., 361 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Improved hansom cab. Wagonette. Buggy. Gig.

813 Dickason Brothers. 175 Bridge-road, Richmond, Melbourne.—Double-seated Abbott's buggy.

814 Evans, W., 22 and 24 Grant-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Carriage springs.

815 Ewing Brothers, Franklin-st. West, Melbourne.—Landau. Brougham. Phaetons.

816 Gardiner, J. H.. Courtney-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Invalid's chair and perambulator.

817 Hamilton, G. W. N., 11 Post Offlce-place, Melbourne.—Carriage and harness mountings.

818 Harding, W., 49 Hoddle-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Lorries. Carriage and wheelwrights' work.

819 Harratt, H.,Chetwynd-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Carriage-axles. Brake-screws.

820 Harvie, J., Bridge-road, Richmond, Melbourne.—Park phaeton.

821 Hewitt, E., Little Ryrie-st., Geelong.—Carriage-mountings. Springs.

822 Holden & George, Creswick-st., Ballarat.—Model of delivery cart.

823 Houghton & Co., 8 Bridge-road, Richmond, Melbourne.—Bath chair. Perambulators.

824 Jamieson Brothers, Rheola.—Improved single-seated buggy.

825 Kelly, J. T., 380 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Tip-dray.

826 Kelly & Preston, Creswick-road, Ballarat.—Farm waggon.

827 M'Donald. A., & Sons, 12 to 22 Levison-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Brougham. Landau. Victoria phaeton.

828 Musgrove. J., Greenvale.—Hay dray.

829 Noble, E., & Co., Abbotsford-st., West Melbourne.—Buggy and dray axles.

830 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Articles used in carriage-building.

831 Press, R. A., 22 Leicester-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Model of flre-reel.

832 Proctor, W., Sturt-st., Ballarat.—Sociable wagonette.

833 Reade, R., Talbot.—Model of Farm waggon.

834 Rose, J., Yarra-st., Geelong.—Carriage axles.

835 Ross, D., Toorak, Melbourne.—Steel bicycles.

836 Royal, J., & Son, Leicester-st., Carlton, .Melbourne.—Hose-reel. Sulky. Axles. Brake-screws.

837 Russell, R.. 142 Victoria-st., West Melbourne.—Model of jump-seat buggy.

page 52

838 Samwells, H., 119, 130, and 132 Little Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Wagonette. Phaetons. Patent two-wheeled brougham. Buggy, &c.

839 Schaefer, M., Ironbark, Sandhurst.—Model of spring-cart.

840 Sharpe, A. M., Lennox-st, North Richmond, Melbourne.—Whitechapel dog-cart.

841 Stephens Brothers, Liebig-st., Warrnambool.—Buggies. Carriages.

842 Stevenson & Elliot, 177, 179, and 181 King-st., Melbourne.—Landau. Pony phaeton. Stanhope phaeton. Brougham.

843 stickland & Sons, 133 Latrobe-st. East. Melbourne.—Victoria extension-top phaeton, mail or Stanhope phaeton.

844 Stockton, J. H., 277 Smith-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Public and agricultural vehicles, carriage, wagonette.

845 Sturtevant, B., 1 Victoria-st. East, Melbourne.—Electroplate carriage mounting, &c.

846 Victoria Carriage Co., The. High-st., St. Kilda. Melbourne.—English-shaped brougham. Wagonette or mail phaeton.

847 West. J. & B., Mount Alexander-road, Essen-don, Melbourne.—Hay-dray.

848 White, D., 245 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Stanhope phaeton. Double or single seated buggy. Ladies' phaeton.

849 Williams, M., & Sons, 123 and 125 Johnston-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Phaetons. Wagonette.

850 Williams & Sons, 125 Johnston-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Four-wheeled buggy.

Class 61.—Harness and Saddlery.

851 Alliband, T. G., Post-office, Echuca.—Green hide and kangaroo-skin stock-whip thongs.

852 Alston, D., 25 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Harness. Saddlery.

853 Baird, R. F., Little Malop-st., Geelong.—Horseshoes and shod horse-hoofs.

854 Brooke, A., Post-office, Echuca.—Whip-thongs and handles.

855 Carey. W., Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Horse-shoes.

856 Clark, F., Duke-st., Simpson's-road, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Whip-thongs.

857 Cook, J., Barton-st.. Hawthorn. Melbourne.—Harness mountings, silver and aluminum plated, &c.

858 Coyle, T., Sandhurst.—Horse-shoes.

859 Cunnack, G., Barkly-st., Castlemaine.—Harness. Crop, &c.

860 Dixon, J., & Co., Macaulay-road, Hotham, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

861 Edwards Brothers, Lynch-alley, Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Saddle-trees.

862 Eyton, T., 95 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Saddles.

863 Forster, C., & Son, 31 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

864 Furley, J. F., 113 Rathdown-st, Carlton, Melbourne.—Model horse-shoes.

865 Gregg & Lord, 37 and 39 Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

866 Guthridge, Power & Co., 26 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Saddlery. Whips.

867 Hatton, J., 185 King-st., West Melbourne.—Harness.

868 Henderson. F., Dandenong.—Whip-thongs.

869 Kelly, J. T., 380 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horse-shoes.

870 Kennon, J., & Sons, Riverst., Richmond, Melbourne.—Whip-thongs and fancy plaited work.

871 Kermode, W., 111 Little Lonsdale-st. West, Melbourne.—Horse-collars.

872 Keyston, J., 36 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Whips and whip-thongs.

873 Kinnear, G., Sydney-st., Kilmore.—Saddlery.

874 Murrel, A., Little Malop-st., Geelong.—Horseshoes and shod horse-hoofs.

875 Lancaster, J., jun.. 209 Gertrude-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horse-shoes.

876 Pemberton, F., Beech worth.—Horse-shoes.

877 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Wood for hames and saddle-trees.

878 Potter, T. J., 174 William-st., West Melbourne.—Saddles.

879 Rothwell, W., 52 Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

880 Rutledge, J., 129 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Saddles.

881 Tinning, J., Sydney-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Whip-thongs.

882 Whitmore, H., 98 Gertrude-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Buggy harness.

883 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Harness brackets.

Class 62.—Railway Apparatus.

884 Ballarat Model Locomotive Co., Phœnix Foundry, Ballarat.—Model bogie locomotive.

885 Barrett. G. G., 110 Collins-st. East. Melbourne.—Model of locomotive engine and tender.

886 Boan, R., Hilton Cottage, Spencer-st., Melbourne.—Working model of American bogie goods-engine and tender.

887 Evans, W., 22 and 24 Grant-st.. Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Railway-carriage springs and ironwork.

888 Jordan, J., Yarra Boiler Works, Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Working model of locomotive engine and tender.

889 Kelly, R. H., 25 Urquhart-st.. Ballarat.—Brass domes for locomotive engine-boilers, or others.

890 Langlands Foundry Co., The, 144 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Locomotive engine and railway-carriage wheels.

891 Milligan & Wilkinson, 22 Swanston-st, Melbourne.—Gates for railway-crossings or other purposes.

892 Noble, E., & Co., Abbotsford-st., West Melbourne.—Railway buffers.

893 Phœnix Foundry Co., The, Limited, Ballarat.—Locomotive engine and tender. Steam lorry.

894 Rule, H., Racecourse-road, Flemington, Melbourne.—Model of railway-carriage safety coupling.

895 Stanford & Milligan. 22 Swanston-st, Melbourne.—Working models of self-adjusting railway-carriage couplings. Railway brakes.

896 Thompson & Co., Castlemaine.—Points and crossings manufactured for Victorian railways.

897 Tyrer. P., 425 King-st., Melbourne.—Self-acting model of railway signal or semaphore.

898 Victoria Iron Rolling Co., Dudley-st., West Melbourne.—Tram-rails. Fish-bolts. Dog-spikes. Pins. Railway waggon axles.

page 53

899 Victorian Railway Department, Williamstown, Melbourne.—Locomotive goods-engine and tender. First-class American saloon car.

900 Wilson, A., 201 Gertrude-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—working model of Pullman's railway saloon car.

901 Woods, The Hon. J., M.L.A., Edom, Melbourne.—Wood's automatic railway-carriage break-gear.

Class 63.—Telegraphic Apparatus and Processes.

902 Azzoppardi & Whiting. 5 Erin st., North Richmond, Melbourne.—Telegraphic key and sounder. Galvanometer. Electric apparatus.

903 Crisp. H., Main-st., Ballarat East.—Electro motor. Galvanometer. Electric bell.

904 Edwards. J. E.. 37 Erskine-st.. Hotham, Melbourne.—Electric bells. Indicators. Telephonic apparatus. Telegraphic appliances.

905 Harris, L.. 169 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Electric induction apparatus.

906 Joseph Brothers, 77 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Telegraphic apparatus.

Class 64.—Apparatus and Processes of Civil Engineering, Public Works, and Architecture.

907 Atyeo, P., Lytton-st, Carlton, Melbourne.—Monument in Italian and colonial marble. Works in marble.

908 Baker, J., 32 Bank st. West, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Patent safety steps. Ladders.

909 Barningham & Lacey, Barkly-st., Brunswick. Melbourne.—Bricks of various kinds.

910 Buncle, J., Parkside Machine Works, North Melbourne.—Engineers' tools, &c.

911 Butcher, T., Brunswick.—Verandah columns.

912 Carey, J., 246 Fitzroy-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Model of wooden bridge.

913 Cawkwell. H. A., Australian Tile Works, Malvern.—Ornamental tiles.

914 Chambers & Clutten, Lonsdale and Stephen sts., Melbourne.—Marble and stone chimneypieces. Fonts. Ornamental marble flooring.

915 Clayton, E., 5 Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Longitudinal elevation and plan of iron railway girder-bridge.

916 Corn well, A., 28 William-st., Melbourne.—Patent hydraulic stone, manufactured for building purposes.

917 Cregan & Shearon. 96 Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Cement for glass and household purposes.

918 Cumming, Smith & Co., 47 William-st., Melbourne.—Model of chemical and manure works.

919 Danks, J., 42 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Gas and water fittings.

920 Davis, J., Avon Cottage. Lennox-st, North Richmond, Melbourne.—Davis's patent Victorian sashes.

921 Drysdale & Fraser, 131 King-st., West Melbourne.—Friezes, brackets, panels.

922 Finn, Quin & Co., Dowling-st., Sandhurst.—Granite monuments and columns.

923 Footscray Stone-cutting Co., 59 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Sawn bluestone flags and steps.

924 Grand Victorian North-Western Canal Co., The, 86 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Map of Victoria, showing its canalisation.

925 Hoffman Patent Steam Brick Co., The, Albert-st.. Brunswick, Melbourne.—Foundation, building, paving, and fancy bricks; clays, &c.

926 Home, A., 275 Smith-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Masons' and bricklayers' tools.

927 Howitt, W., Little Latrobe-st. East, Melbourne.—Masons' tools.

928 Hutchison, J., 5 and 7 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Cast-iron staircase. Iron castings for verandahs.

929 Kaufmann, L., Dunkeld.—Ornamental stone gate-pillars.

930 Kelly, R., 53 Fitzroy-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Longitudinal section and plan of iron lighthouse.

931 M'Pherson, D. F., 14 Fleet-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Patent sash segments; new method of opening, closing, and locking fanlights.

932 Mahoney, F.—Patent valveless ventilator.

933 Melbourne Bellows Co., 23 Elizabeth-st. North. Melbourne.—Blast and smiths' bellows. Patent circular forge.

934 Murphy, E., Sandridge-road. Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Patent bivalve ventilator, self-acting; ventilating ceiling centre-flowers, chimney-cap.

935 Nicol, D., 51 Adderley-st., West Melbourne.—Bell-knocker.

936 Parker, E., Brougham-st., Sandhurst.—Cast-steel hammers.

937 Paterson, A. J., 142 George-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Geometrical spiral staircase. Drawings of same.

938 Peppercorn, J. P., Balaclava-road, Caul field.—Design for centre-piece of fish-basin or fountain.

939 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Sledgo-hammer and road-pick handles.

940 Phillips, M'Walter & Chambers, Victorian Foundry, Carlton, Melbourne.—Ornamental iron castings for verandahs.

941 Sexton, Nellie, 17 Little Lonsdale-st West, Melbourne.—Roller for window-blind.

942-3 Siegfriedt, E., 66 Dow-st., Sandridge, Melbourne.—Plaster-of-Paris model of the Australasian Flint-glass Works, Emerald Hill.

944 Taylor, J., Mitchell-st., Sandhurst.—Granite monuments, fountains, &c.

945 Thirkettle, W. J., Kyneton.—Model of grand staircase.

946 Thorpe, J., Creswick.—White bricks.

947 Train, W., & Co., Moray-st. North. Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Marble and enamelled mantelpieces. Marble tiles, fenders, &c.

948 Trapp, A., Cecil-st., Williamstown, Melbourne.—Model of spiral staircase.

949 Victoria Pottery Co., Lal Lal.—Tiles.

950 Vivian, J. E., 24 Wellington-st.. Collingwood.—Model of Melbourne Town Hall, made from bottle corks.

951 Watts, T-, Sale, Gippsland.—Model of swing bridge.

952 White, J., 48 Dawson-st. South, Ballarat West.—Ornamental tomb-railing.

953 Williams, P., Franklin-st. West, Melbourne.—Patent fan-light opener and fastener.

954 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Fire-proof strong-room door.

955 Wolstencroft, J. & W., Miller-st., Back Creek, Sandhurst.—Tiles. Fire-bricks, &c.

956 Wood, W. U., & Co., 46 Post Office-place Melbourne.—Show-cases. Steps, &c.

page 54

Class 65.—Navigation and Life-saving.

957 Barker, J., Bedford-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Drawing of caisson for graving-dock.

958 Brierly, E., Mount Alexander-road, Essendon, Melbourne.—Model of schooner yacht.

959 Burman, H. W., Pitt and Fnn sts., Fleming-ton, Melbourne.—Life-boat, fitted with cork, covered with cane-work.

960 Cosgrave, J., 7 Ferrars-place, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Models of yachts.

961 Dawbarn, W. H., & Son. 35 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Cork life-buoys and belts.

962 Durand, W., 125 Sandridgo-road, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Model of turret ironclad ram.

963 Edwards. J., Prince's-bridge, Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Eight-oared sliding-seated outrigger. Sculling outrigger. Skiff, swivel rowlocks.

964 Firman, W. H., Malvern House, Brunswick-road East, Brunswick.—Cork life-buoy.

965 Fuller, R. S., Yarra Bank, Prince's-bridge, Melbourne.—Racing-boat.

966 Gordon, W. W., 215 Park-st. East, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Half-models of vessels and yachts.

967 Greenland, W. T., Prince's-bridge, Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Sculler's outrigger racing-boat, with patent swivel rowlocks.

968 Handfield, F. O., 4 Albion-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Model of apparatus for extinguishing lire on board ship.

969 Inglis, Smith & Co., 123 Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Ships' blocks.

970 Ingram, A., Verdon-st., Williamstown, Melbourne.—Model of full-rigged ship.

971 Meyer, L. S., Robc-st., St Kilda, Melbourne.—Built-up model of a yacht.

972 Morgan, W., 14 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Flags.

973 Murray, H. R., 17 Clarendon-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Models and half-models of yachts and steam-launches.

974 Petersen, P. H., 60 Swan-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Model of steamship.

975 Prendergast, M., 4 M'Kean-st., North Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Models of ship, barque, and brig.

976 Roberts, W. J., 1 Cornwall-terrace, George-st., East Melbourne.—Model of ship.

977 Seger, A., Cooper-st., Footscray, Melbourne.—Model of a steamer.

978 Selby, J., 102 Market-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Model of steamer.

979 Stevens, T. C. L., Beauchamp-st., Kyneton.—Models of fore-and-aft schooner, schooncer-yacht, cutter-yacht, fishing-boat, half-model of gun-brig.

980 Stevenson, J., Kangaroo Flat, Sandhurst.—Model and drawing of life-boat.

981 Strachan, C., Neptune-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Model of life-boat on an improved principle. Life-buoy. Life-jacket.

982 Sutherland, G., Nelson-place, Williamstown, Melbourne.—Ships' blocks. Patent sheaves.

983 Thirkettle, W. J., Kyneton.—Models of yachts and screw steamer.

984 Watts, W. K., Wellington-parade. East Melbourne.—Half models of yachts, steam-launches, ships, &c.

985 White, G., Nclson-place. Williamstown, Melbourne.—Models of yachts, steam-launches, &c.

986 Williams. H. W. L., Office of Titles, Melbourne.—Model paddle-wheel steamer.

987 Wooldridge, H., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Model of steamer, showing the best means of extinguishing fire.

Class 66.—Materials and Apparatus for Military Purposes.

988 Hamilton, G. W. N., 11 Post Office-place, .Melbourne.—Military equipments and mountings.

989 Harvey, R., Balaclava-road, Caulfield, Melbourne.—Mechanical model for defence purposes.

990 Hooke, T., Victoria Barracks, St. Kilda-road, Melbourne.—Model of field forge.

991 Jones, T. S., 12 Jeffcott-st., West Melbourne.—Plan of fortification.

992 M'Donald, A., Victoria Barracks. St. Kilda-road, Melbourne.—Model of 9-pounder muzzle-loading rifled field-piece.

993 Salmon. P. M., Nott-st., Sandridge, Melbourne.—Model of smooth-bore gun on garrison carriage.

994 Vail, W. K., 84 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Naval and military uniforms. Cocked hats. Shakoes, &c. Sword-belts.

995 Wallworth, S., 55, Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Army and navy head-gear.