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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 52.—Machines and Apparatus in general

Class 52.—Machines and Apparatus in general.

699 Abraham, J., Shepperd-st., Ballarat.—Windmill.

700 Anscombe. W. W., Kangaroo Flat, Sandhurst.—Engine for elevating water.

701 Arnott, J. L., Albert-st., Footscray, Melbourne.—Vertical engine and boiler.

702 Atlas Co. of Engineers, Latrobe and Queen sts., Melbourne.—Sleeper adzing and boring machine. Windmill.

703 Baker, J., 32 Bank-st. West, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Washing, wringing, and mangling machine.

704 Batten, E. G-. & Co., Fernleigh-st., Chilwell, Geelong.—Model of beam-engine, with boiler attached.

705 Brierly, W., Moray-st. and Sandridge-road, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Bolts, nuts, screws, &c.

706 Briscoe & Co., 11, 13 and 15 Collins-st East, Melbourne.—Mangles.

707 Brown, E., Shire Engineer, Benalla.—Machinery.

708 Browning & Calvert, 12 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—-Electro-magnetic locomotive engine.

709 Buchanan & Nodrum, Sandridge, Melbourne.—Single and double cylinder engines and boilers. Winding-gear.

710 Coltman, E., 135 Latrobc-st East, Melbourne.—Steam pumps, improved pillsometers, and exhaust steam condensers.

711 Cowley & Davis. 10 Legare-st., Ballarat West.—Improved method of affixing clothes-lines for household purposes.

712 Croker, M. & F. G., East Charlton.—Rabbit annihilator.

713 Dalton. W., Finch-st., Beechworth.—Horizontal engine.

714 Danks, J., 42 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Engineers' and plumbers' brass-work. Windmill. Steam and hand pumps.

715 Davison, G., 44 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Cocks and valves.

716 Drysdale & Fraser, 131 King-st., West Melbourne.—Ship and crab winches. Patent double-acting pump.

717 Falconer. J. R. R., 31 George-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horizontal engine. Vertical boiler.

718 Flood. F., 139 Lonsdale st. West, Melbourne.-Washing-machines. Pumps. Water-lifts.

719 Ford, F. W., Union-st., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Vertical steam-engine.

720 Ford, R. G., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Ford's patent boiler.

721 Ford. R. G-. jun., Union-st., East Brighton, Melbourne.—Patent washing-machine and boiler.

722 Godfrey, R., 12 Franklin-st. West, Melbourne.—Bankers' and butchers' scales. Weighing-machines.

723 Gray, F. G., 104 Dover-st., Richmond. Melbourne.—Model beam-engine, working saw-mill.

724 Grayson. J., & Sons, 225 and 227 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horizontal-engine. Screw press. Saw-spindle.

725 Greenwood, C. H., 264 Elizabeth st., Melbourne.—Horizontal engine.

726 Hatty, J., Lennon's Agricultural Works, North Melbourne.—Model of stationary steam-engine.

727 Jones. H.. & Co., 10 Franklin-st West, Melbourne.—Weighing-machines.

728 Langland's Foundry Co.. The. 144 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Portable 10-horse power steam engine

729 Lawrence, W. H., Lewisham-road, Prahran, Melbourne.—Model of vertical engine.

730 Lowe, J. E., Darling-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Hydraulic engines.

731 Lugton, A., & Sons. 144 little Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Steam-engines. Boilers. Cylinders. Models.

732 M'Bean, W., 21 Collins-st. West Melbourne.—Model of horizontal engine.

733 M'Call, Anderson & Co.. 138 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Stevedores' hoisting-engines. Steam boilers.

734 M'Comas & Co., 49 King-st, Melbourne.—Water-lifters. Steam engine and water-lifter combined.

735 M'Lean Brothers & Rigg, 69 Elizabeth-st, Melbourne.—Windmill.

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736 Manuel, R., 11 Capel-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Builders' elevating and expanding scaffold.

737 Mourant, J. T., 77 Oxford-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Wood taps. Glass, earthenware, and metal keys for same.

738 Munday, J., Geelong.—Leather belting, &c.

739 Munro, D., & Co., 154 Queen-st., Melbourne.

(1)Stationary engine, with hoisting-gear, for mining and other purposes.
(2)Boiler for stationary engine.
(3)9-inch centrifugal pump.
(4)7-inch do. do.
(5)4-inch do. do.
(6)2½-inch do. do.
(7)Deep well pumps.
(8)" Victory" patent self-adjusting windmills, for pumping water for farm and station use. Constructed of metal, and mounted on tripod stand.
(9)Derrick crane, Suitable for contractors and quarrymen.
(10)Portable do. Suitable for contractors and quarrymen.
(11)Self-filling tanks, for squatters' use.
(12)Model of "Victory" windmill and pump.

740 Murray, R., Chiltem.—Model of horizontal steam-engine.

741 Nicholls, C. F., Abbotsford Lodge, Abbotsford, Melbourne.—Boiler and steam-pipe coverings.

742 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Mill-bands.

743 Pitkeithly, R., Pampa, Lake Boloke.—Improved windmill.

744 Randall, T., & Co., 81. 83, and 85 Rose-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Washing-boards. Knife-boards.

745 Rasche, W., C.E., 55 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Steam-engine.

746 Reade, R., Talbot.—Model of winding steam-engine.

747 Reay, T., & Co., Stoke-st., Sandridge. Melbourne.—Wool and timber screws. Blocks and Sheaves.

748 Richmond, S. G., 45 Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Mangles.

749 Roberts, A., & Sons, Wills-st., Sandhurst-Horizontal engine, with vertical boiler. Double-cylinder underground hauling-engine.

750 Robinson & Sons, 6, 8, and 10 A'Beckett-st., Melbourne.—Fountain and other washing-machines. Bolts, nuts, rivets, spikes, &c.

751 Union Foundry, Drummond-st., Ballarat—Model of traction-engine.

752 Victoria Ice Co. Limited, 77 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Ice chests and cabinets.

753 Victoria Iron Rolling Co., Dudley-st., West Melbourne.—Marine engine shaft, with collar; two-throw crank shaft.

754 Vulcan Foundry, Geelong.—Steam-engines. Washing-machines.

755 Walker, A. R., 40 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Washing-boiler.

756 Walker, J., 128 Lygon-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Compound vertical steam-engine.

757 Walls, J., Camperdown.—Patent washing-machine.

758 Watson, W. R., 104 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Knife cleaner and sharpener combined with boot and shoe cleaner.

759 Williams, P., Franklin-st. West, Melbourne.—Washing-machine; Wringer; and Washing-boiler.

760 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.-Weighing-machines. Carriage-lifts.

761 Wolter & Echberg, 6 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Washing-machines.

762 Wright & Edwards, Little Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Steam-engines and boilers. Hydraulic stump extractor and jinker. Centrifugal pump.

763 Young, W. C., Hotham-st., East Melbourne.—Small vertical engine and boiler.