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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 61.—Harness and Saddlery

Class 61.—Harness and Saddlery.

851 Alliband, T. G., Post-office, Echuca.—Green hide and kangaroo-skin stock-whip thongs.

852 Alston, D., 25 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Harness. Saddlery.

853 Baird, R. F., Little Malop-st., Geelong.—Horseshoes and shod horse-hoofs.

854 Brooke, A., Post-office, Echuca.—Whip-thongs and handles.

855 Carey. W., Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Horse-shoes.

856 Clark, F., Duke-st., Simpson's-road, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Whip-thongs.

857 Cook, J., Barton-st.. Hawthorn. Melbourne.—Harness mountings, silver and aluminum plated, &c.

858 Coyle, T., Sandhurst.—Horse-shoes.

859 Cunnack, G., Barkly-st., Castlemaine.—Harness. Crop, &c.

860 Dixon, J., & Co., Macaulay-road, Hotham, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

861 Edwards Brothers, Lynch-alley, Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Saddle-trees.

862 Eyton, T., 95 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Saddles.

863 Forster, C., & Son, 31 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

864 Furley, J. F., 113 Rathdown-st, Carlton, Melbourne.—Model horse-shoes.

865 Gregg & Lord, 37 and 39 Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

866 Guthridge, Power & Co., 26 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Saddlery. Whips.

867 Hatton, J., 185 King-st., West Melbourne.—Harness.

868 Henderson. F., Dandenong.—Whip-thongs.

869 Kelly, J. T., 380 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horse-shoes.

870 Kennon, J., & Sons, Riverst., Richmond, Melbourne.—Whip-thongs and fancy plaited work.

871 Kermode, W., 111 Little Lonsdale-st. West, Melbourne.—Horse-collars.

872 Keyston, J., 36 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Whips and whip-thongs.

873 Kinnear, G., Sydney-st., Kilmore.—Saddlery.

874 Murrel, A., Little Malop-st., Geelong.—Horseshoes and shod horse-hoofs.

875 Lancaster, J., jun.. 209 Gertrude-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Horse-shoes.

876 Pemberton, F., Beech worth.—Horse-shoes.

877 Perry, J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Wood for hames and saddle-trees.

878 Potter, T. J., 174 William-st., West Melbourne.—Saddles.

879 Rothwell, W., 52 Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Saddlery and harness.

880 Rutledge, J., 129 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Saddles.

881 Tinning, J., Sydney-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Whip-thongs.

882 Whitmore, H., 98 Gertrude-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Buggy harness.

883 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Harness brackets.