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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 49.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests

Class 49.—Agricultural Implements and Processes used in the Cultivation of Fields and Forests.

631 Australian Deodorising, Disinfectant, & Fertilising Co. Limited, 66 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Artificial manures.

632 Birkmyre, W., Mona-place, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Residuum from purified Yan Yean water, to be used as a manure.

633 Bromfleld, J., Union Foundry, Horsham.—Model of plough.

634 Buncle, J., Parkside Machine Works, North Melbourne.—Horse-works. Chaff-cutter. Corn-crusher. Tobacco and bark cutters.

635 Byrne, J. K., Echuca.—Model plough.

636 Clark, J., Majorca.—Ploughs. Harrows.

637 Cockerell, R., 28 Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Patent potato-digging plough. Patent rotary cultivator and harrow.

638 Cumming. Smith & Co, 47 William-st., Melbourne.—Chemical and bone manures. Guanos.

639 Department of Agriculture, Melbourne.—Soils.

640 Edwards, D., 274 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Patent land cultivator. Patent soleless plough. Harrows. Model plough.

641 Grant, J., & Co., 34 and 36 Elizabcth-st. North, Melbourne.—Ploughs. Harrows. Swingle-trees.

642 Groom. B., Edward-st. Brunswick, Melbourne.—Patent tobacco-cutters. Binder heads.

643 Harratt. H., Chetwynd-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Iron tree-guards.

644 Henderson, T., & Co., Elizabeth-st. North, Melbourne.—Ploughs. Harrows. Scarifier. Models of agricultural machinery.

645 Hesse, L., Argyle-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Artificial manures.

646 Higgins, J. F., 39 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Block of compressed patent manure.

647 Hoy, R., Ararat.—Farrier's shoe-turning hammer.

648 Howden, J., Darraweit Guim.—Harrows.

649 Kelly & Preston, Creswick-road, Ballarat.—Ploughs.

650 Lennon, H., North Melbourne.—Ploughs. Scarifiers. Harrows. Horse-hoes, &c.

651 Leslie, J., Marong.—Ploughs. Scarifiers. Harrows. Swingle-trees. Ploughshares.

652 Lugton, A., & Sons. 144 Little Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Chaff-cutter.

653 Lyon, C. H., Ballanee, Ballan.—Grubbing-machine.

654 M'Calraan & Garde. Black wood-st., Ilotham, Melbourne.—PIough. Harrows.

655 M'Millan. A., 7 Madeline-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Tobacco-cutters.

656 Munro, D., & Co., 154 Queen-st., Melbourne.

(1)Horse-power, with intermediate gear.
(2)The S. M'Caughey patent automatic earth-scoop, mounted on four wheels, to be worked by one man and two horses. Capable of removing 150 to 200 yards of earth per day of ten hours.

657 Munro, G., Alfredton, Ballarat.—Horse-works.

658 Musgrove, J., Greenvale.—Horse-works.

659 Newhouse & White, 62 Leicester-st.. Carlton, Melbourne.—Blades for reaping. Mowing, chaff-cutting, and tobacco-cutting machines.

660 Obermeyer, J., North Maldon.—Hand Tobacco-cutting machine. Capable of cutting 10lbs. hourly. Can be wrought by steam if preferred.

661 Perry. J., 167 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Fork, spade, and broom handles. Sieve and riddle rims. Rakes.

662 Petti grew. A., Cropley.—Extra heavy plough, for special uses.

663 Randall. T., & Co., 81, 83, and 85 Rose-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Hay and drag rakes.

664 Robinson & Sons, 6, 8, and 10 A'Beckett-st., Melbourne.—Ploughs.

665 Roche, J. E., Union Foundry, Horsham.—Plough.

666 Rouse, F. A., Argyle-st., Talbot.—Tobacco-cutting machine.

667 Shire and Borough of Ararat.—Model of double-furrow plough.

668 Sugden, T., Morland-st., Footscray, Melbourne.—Patent manures.

669 Swan & Co., 62 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.-Ploughs.

670 Tynan, J., Mair-St., Ballarat.—Plough.

671 Vulcan Foundry, Geelong.—Agricultural machinery.

672 Williams, G., Gippsland.—Model ploughs.