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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

II. Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts

II. Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts.

Class XI.—General Application of the Arts of Drawing and Modelling.

Perugia & Son, Stephen-st, Melbourne.

437 Bust—"Clytie."

438 Bust—"Princc of Wales."

439 Bust—"Princess of Wales."

440 Bust—"Duke of Edinburgh."

441 Bust—"Duchess of Edinburgh."

442 Statuette—"Apollo Belvidere."

443 Statuette—"Diana."

444 Statue—"Madonna," painted and gilt,

445 Statue—"The Conception," painted and gilt

446 Statue—"St. Joseph."

447 Statue—"The Saviour."

Peppercorn, J. R., Balaclava-road, Haw-thorn.

448 Modelled group for centre of a conservatory, fish basin.

page 305

Scurry, J., 172 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.

449 Bust of late "Judge Fellows."

450 Bust of late "Charles Summers," sculptor.

451 Design of "Lion," for entrance-door.

452 Design of "Lion," for a "Fountain."

Scurry, Wm., jun., Percy-st., North Fitzroy.

453 Bust of "David Willis," from life.

454 "Dioinede." Copy from antique.

455 Ornamental architectural panel. Original design.

456 Mask and scrolls, from the antique.

Schlemm. C., Powlett-st., East Melbourne.

457 Bust in bronze—" Empror of Germany." (Loan.)

Summers, Albert, Newbridge.

458 Three medallions.

Class XII.—Photographic Proofs and Apparatus.

Ararat, Shire of.

459 Frame of 15 local views (M'Donald, St. Hilda), and statistics.

Ararat, Borough of.

460 Frame of 15 local views (M'Donald, St. Kilda), and statistics.

Bennett, Mrs. W. W., Domain-road, South Yarra.

460a Two specimens of colouring photographs in water-colours.

Brunswick, Borough of.

461 to 475 Group of 15 local views (Burman).

Brennand, J. R., 4 Macquarie-st., Prahran.

476 to 482 Seven portrait specimens of mezzo-tints, mezzo-crayon, and crayon-tint.

Browne, J. E., 24 Nicholson-st., Fitzroy.

483 to 499 Group of 17 large and small portraits.

Caire, N., Melbourne.

500 Frame of 12 views forest scenery, Victoria.

501 Portrait—"Lily."

502 Frame of 12 views forest scenery, Victoria.

503 Frame of 5 portraits.

Clunes, Borough of.

504 Frame of 9 views local scenery (Beauchamp, Ballarat), and statistics.

Cornell, P., Sale.

505 to 540 Group of 86 views Gippsland scenery.

Commissioners for Victoria.

541 to 546 Six views in Dandenong State forest.

547 to 549 Three views of Melbourne.

Connor, Miss J., Geelong.

550 Frame of portraits—"Winchelsca Shire Council." (Part of special collection in Class 5).

Emerald Hill, Borough of.

551 Frame of 12 local views (Nettleton, Carlton).

Footscray, Borough of.

552 to 572 Group of 21 local views (Burman).

Fitzroy, City of.

573 to 595 Group of 23 local views (Burman).

Foster & Martin, Collins-st. East, Melbourne.

596-97 Two frames, 34 portraits, various.

Grant & Cameron, Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.

598 View of monster eucalyptus—"The Grizzly Giant."

Geelong, Town of.

598a Frame. 21 local views and portraits of Council

598b Frame. 21 local views and statistics.

Hamilton, Borough of.

599 Frame of 12 local views.

Johnstone, O'Shanassy & Co., Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.

600 to 611 Group of 12 frames portraits, coloured, &c., and in different styles.

612 to 627 Group of 16 portraits, coloured.

Kruger, F., Geelong.

628 "Panoramic View of Geelong and Suburbs."

Lindt, J. W., 15 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.

629-30 Group of two frames, 27 portraits.

631 to 643 Group of 13 frames, native portraits and scenery.

Marong, Shire of.

644 to 657 Group of 14 local views.

Metcalfe, Shire of.

658 Frame of 14 local views (Nettleton, Melbourne), and statistics.

M'Donald, D., St. Kilda.

659 Frame of 16 country views.

page 306

Nettleton, C., 19 Madeline-st., Carlton.

660 to 672 Group of 13 frames of 40 views in town and country.

Price, T., 112 Russell-st., Melbourne.

673 Seven coloured photos., in frame.

Portland, Borough of.

674 Frame of 11 local views.

Paterson Brothers, 68 Lygon-st., Carlton.

675 Case of portraits and scenery.

Sale, Borough of.

676-7 Two frames of coloured wild flowers. A. Bock.

Sale, Borough of.

678 Frame of 12 local views (Bock, Sale), and statistics.

Stawell, Shire of.

679 to 702 Group of 24 local views. Nettleton, Carlton.

Sandridge, Borough of.

703 Frame of 20 local views and statistics.

Swan Hill, Shire of.

704 Frame of 14 local views.

Taylor, A. E., 29 Dandenong-road, Windsor.

705 Case specimens of the art of colouring photos, in water-colour.

Tuttle & Co., 84 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.

705a Group of 3 frames of 42 plain and 3 of coloured portraits.

Wollamai & Phillip Island, Shire of.

706 Frame of 12 local views. Paterson Brothers, Carlton.

Warrnambool. Town of.

707 to 718 Group of 12 local views.