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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

I. Works of Art

I. Works of Art.

Class 1.—Oil Paintings.

Annabell, J., Hastings, Napier.

1 Four oil paintings.

Brandon, Misses, Wellington.

2 Paintings on silk.

Barraud, C. D.—Oil paintings—

3 "Mitre Peak";

3a "Hall's Arm, Milford Sound."

Farr, S. C., Christchurch.

4 Panoramic oil painting of Banks's Peninsula, 1853.

Garrard, W., Christchurch.

5 Oil pointing—"St. Kilda, 1857," by G. Winton, F.S.T.

Geisler, W., Nelson.

6 Two oil paintings; two paintings on porcelain.

Gibb, J., Christchurch.

7 Four oil paintings.

Gibb, W., Christchurch.—Two oil paintings—

8 "Akaroa Harbour";

9 "In the Bush, Little River."

M'Kenzie, G., Dunedin.

10 Four oil paintings, illustrative of Scottish scenery, by J. D. Moultray.

Merrltt, T. E., Wanganui.

11 Oil painting.

Moreton, S. H., Invercargill.

12 Oil paintings.

Nairne, C. J., Paurerere, Hawke's Bay.

13 Oil painting of Terawera, Jube, and Rua Waihia mountains.

Nicholls, Mrs. A. R., Southbridge, Canterbury.

14 Four oil paintings.

Peele, J., Rangiora, Canterbury.

15 Two oil paintings of New Zealand scenery.

Power, P., Leith-st., Dunedin.—Original oil painting of local scenery—

16 "Water of Leith, near Dunedin."

Pownall, R. W., Nelson.—Oil paintings—

17 "Mount Crusader."

17a "A Bit of Bush."

Roberts, Miss Undine, Dunedin.

18 Two pieces of Dresden china, ornamented by paintings by exhibitor.

19 Two paintings of flowers on silk.

Robin, A. W., Dunedin.

20 Two oil paintings from nature, by an amateur.

Stafford, Mrs., Amesbrook, Nelson.

21 Historical oil painting (by exhibitor)—"Lady Jane Grey refusing the Crown."

Thomson, J. T., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.S.A., Invereargill.

22 Oil paintings.

Watkins, W. M. N., Akaroa.

23 Four oil paintings.

Waymouth, Miss E., Invercargill.

24 Four oil paintings.

Class 2.—Various Paintings and Drawings.

Aubrey, C., Invercargill.

25 Water-colour drawing—" Oyster Fisheries."

26 Neutral-tint drawing—" Mouth of Wairau."

Barraud, C. D., Wellington.

27 Copy of "The New Zealand Graphic."

28 Four water-colour paintings of New Zealand scenery.

Barraud, N., Wellington.—Original water-colour sketch of New Zealand scenery—

29 "Mount Egmont."

Boscawen, H., Wellington.

30 Pen-and-ink drawings (one on paper, one on parchment).

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Brandon, E., Wellington.

31 Seven water-colour pictures.

Cane, T., Christchurch.

32 Four views in water-colours; drawing of the town and harbour of Akaroa.

Fox, Lady, Rangitikei.

33 Water-colour—" New Zealand Shrubs and Flowers, from Nature," by Miss King.

Freeth, C. J., Masterton, Wellington.

34 Pencil drawing—" Grace Darling at the Wreck of the 'Forfarshire.'"

Gapes, W., Gapes' Valley, Canterbury.

35 Two water-colour drawings of New Zealand scenery.

Grant, T. M., Government Survey Office, Wellington.

36 Pen-and-ink drawing.

Gully, J., Nelson.

37 Water-colour paintings.

Halcombe, A. F., Fielding, Wellington.

38 Drawing in sepia and pencil, by Mrs. Halcombe—"Town of Fielding."

Halcombe, Mrs. E., Fielding, Wellington.

39 Water-colour—"Lake Rhea. Otago."

40 Sketches of ferns and trees, by the late W. Swainson, Esq., F.R.S.

Hamilton. A., Petane, Napier.

41 Three illuminations.

Harris, Miss E., Nelson.

42 Twenty-eight water-colours of New Zealand wild flowers and berries.

Home, Miss M. W., Pamell, Auckland.

43 Water colour paintings (landscapes, Auckland and Taranaki).

Hutton, D. C., Art Master, Dunedin.

44 Various drawings, chalk and coloured.

Kesteven, Dr., Wellington.

45 Sketches of Sydney and suburbs (taken 50 years ago), by Edward Mason.

Merritt, Charlotte E., Wanganui.

46 Water-colour painting.

Moreton, S. H., Invercargill.

47 Water-colour painting.

Muntz, S. H., Nelson.

48 Three water-colour paintings.

Neville, L., Christchurch.

49 Three water-colour drawings of New Zealand scenery.

Nutt, Miss. Dunedin.

50 Twenty-four water-colour designs of ferns.

Oliver, J. T., Dunedin.

51 Drawing of wood planing machine.

Palmer, R. G., Foxton.

52 Water-colour paintings.

Roscoe. Ada. High-st., Dunedin.

53 Landscapes in water-colours.

Rowan, Mrs. F. C., Taranaki.

54 Water-colour drawings.

Savage, W., Christchurch.

55 Pen-and-ink drawing, by J. A. Wrigg.

Sharpe, A., Auckland.

56 Water-colour picture, representing New Zealand bush—"Entrance of Cadman's Creek."

Sinclair, G-, Draughtsman, Dunedin.

57 Decorative design, part of William Blake's "Mad Song."

Stiffe, Miss Nellie, late of Christchurch.

58 Water-colour paintings of flowers and ferns.

Stuart, Helen, Auckland.

59 Frame of photographs, painted in water-colours.

Sturtevant. G., jun., Auckland.—Two water-colour drawings—

60 "Manukau Harbour."

61 "Waitemata Harbour."

Temple, E. F., Christchurch.

62 Three water-colour paintings.

Tizard, Mrs. E., Thames.

63 24 water-colours of New Zealand flowers.

Willis, A. D., Wanganui.

64 Water-colour painting, by a crippled Maori boy—"Rangitoto Island."

Wrigg. H. C. W., Chief Draughtsman, Public Works Department, Wellington.

65 Pen-and-ink drawing, by the exhibitor—"Leisure Hours."

Class 3.—Sculpture and Die-sinking.

Bock, W. R., Wellington.

66 Specimens of die-sinking.

Godfrey, L. J., Dunedin.

67 Two carvings in stone.

68 Carvings in wood.

Jackson, J. W., Wanganui.

69 Engraving on glass; subject—"Racehorses," by A. Milne.

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Leves & Scott, Dunedin.

70 Specimen of glass embossing.

M'Clenahan, R. L., & Co, Christchurch.

71 Four engravings on plate-glass, by steel point.

Minister for Native Affaires. The.

72 Bust of the late native chief, Hapuka.

Munro, G., Dunedin.

73 Kakanui stone, worked drapery vase.

Oamaru Stone Co., Oamaru.

74 Carved stone, by L. Godfrey; subject—"Duck and Pukeka," with ferns and creepers.

Thomson & Co., Sculptors, Dunedin.

75 Carving in native white marble.

Class 4.—Architectural Drawings and Models.

Burwell, F. W., Invercargill.

76 Architectural drawings.

Lamb, R., Napier.

77 Series of five designs for timber-framed churches, illustrated by six sheets of drawings.

Class 5.—Engravings and Lithographs.

Bock, W. R., Wellington.

78 Engraving.

Buchanan, J., F.L.S., Wellington.

79 Illustrations of grasses and Alpine plants of New Zealand, drawn on stone.

Holmes, R. T., Wellington.

80 Steel plate, with progressive proofs—"Wayside Reverie," from a painting by Gilbert

Knowles. J., Under Secretary, Public Works, Wellington.

81 Lithograph—"Native Pah, Wanganui."