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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades appertaining thereto

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

495 Bonetti, G., 130 Spring-st., Melbourne.—Wine casks. Samples of cooperage.

496 Caughey, A. & R., Yarra Bank, Melbourne.—Wine-vats.

497 Connor, J. H., jun., Ryrie-st., Geelong.—Woods.

498 Dardel, J. H., Batcsford, Geelong.—Pine slabs.

499 Davies, W., Stockyard Creek. Gippsland.—Blackwood slab.

500 Department of A griculture, Melbourne.—Indigenous timbers, fibres.

501 Faziola, J-, Avend.—Charcoal.

502 Guilfoyle, W. R., F.L. Soc.. Director Botanical Gardens. Melbourne.—Specimens of woods, fibres. Paper material. Vegetable extracts. (As per Special Catalogue.)

503 Harrison. T. S-. & Co., 2-1 Little Collins-st East, Melbourne.—Bottle-corks, &c.

504 Lowan Shire Council, The, Dimboola.—Mallee wood.

505 Penal Establishment, Pentridge, Melbourne.—Basketware.

506 Petersen, G. H., 184 Moray-st., Emerald Hill.—Collection of Victorian woods.

507 Phœnix Steam Cooperage, Prince's-bridge, Melbourne.—Wine-casks.

508 Pow. J. K., & CO., 24 King-st, Melbourne.—Mimosa bark, ground, powdered, and chopped; extract of same.

509 Quiggin. J. E., Toolamba—Redgum slabs.

510 Schofleld, W., Somerset-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Knife-cut veneer.

511 Shire & Borough of Ararat.—Timber.

512 Taylor. H.. & Son, Kangaroo Flat, Sandhurst.—Samples of willow.

513 United Shire of Metcalfe, Metcalfe.—Native woods.

514 Webber, J., Geelong Cooperage, Ryrie-st, Geelong.—Articles of cooperage.