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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

I. Works of Art

I. Works of Art.

Class 1.—Oil Paintings.

Banning, Clara, 15 Selwyn-st., Sydney.

1 Landscape painting.

Boyd, T. H., George-st., Sydney.

2 Oil paintings.

Carse. J. H., 348 George-st., Sydney.

3 "Bulli Pass."

4 "Bulli, from Mount Pleasant."

5 "Mount Macedon Swamp, Victoria" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

CollingTidge, A. & G., Ryde, Parramatta River.

6 "Manly Beach, from Shell Bay."

7 "Wattles."

8 "Sunset," Ryde (N. S. Wales Art Society).

9 "Kissing Point, Parramatta."

Fielding, T. H., Woodlands, Double Bay.

10 "On the Dart, Devon"(N. S. Wales Art Society).

Franklin, F. A., Buona Vista, Wollongong.

11 Oil painting of Sydney Harbour.

Greenwood, A., 47 Hunter-st., Sydney.

12 Landscape "View of West Sydney" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

Halsted, G. F., 49 Castlereagh-st., Sydney.

13 "Sydney Harbour, from Vaucluse."

Hunt, C., 16 Bond-st., Sydney.

14 "Hyde Park, Sydney."

15 "On the Parramatta River" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

Hunt, Mrs. G. H., Ryde Public School, Parramatta.

16 Oil paintings.

Lowrey, C. C., Brundah, Grenfell.

17 "Head of the Killeries."

18 "The Song of the Streamlet."

19 "Stranded."

20 "Ship on Fire."

Marshall, Charlotte, 2 Lyons-terrace, Sydney.

21 "Morning after the Gale" (after Meilby).

Minchin, E. W., Survey-office, Sydney.

22 "Govett's Leap" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

Municipal Council, Sydney.

23 Oil painting of Her Majesty the Queen.

Piguenit, W. C., Warren-road, Marrickville.

24 "Cook's River, Canterbury, from near Under-cliff Bridge" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

Piguenit, Miss H. V., Warren-road, Marrickville.

25 "Flowers" (two) (N. S. Wales Art Society).

Rennick, Marian, Forest Lodge, Parramattaroad, Sydney.

26 Two landscapes of Australian scenery.

Samuel, Miss Lydia E., Auburn Villa, Bourke-st., Surrey Hills.

27 "Salmon Pool" (after Hull).

28 "Morning after the Gale" (after Meilby).

29 "Garden Palace, Sydney."

Woodehouse, E. B., Mount Gilead, Campbell-town.

30 "Prize cattlo" (two), by W. Macleod.

Woolley, Mrs. N. N., 15 Elizabeth-terrace, Upper William-st.

31 "Early Morning, Ocean side of Manly Beach."

Class 2.—Various Paintings and Drawings.

Alexander, Miss E. K. N., 48 Margaret-st., Sydney.

32 Two crayon drawings.

Anderson, R., 127 Riley-st., Woolloomooloo.

33 Pen-and-ink drawings—(1) "Elizabeth Knighting Drake," (2) "The Young Zither-Player."

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Basham, J., 234 Elizabeth-st., Sydney.

34 Two crayon drawings.

Bonnefin, C., Lane Cove, Sydney.

35 Frisain drawings—"Lithgow Valley," "Lane Cove River," "Crossing the Ford," "Forest Scene, Bulli"

Booth, Marian, Tooyal Station, Wagga.

36 Paintings on—(1) Satin, (2) cotton-velvet, (3) white moleskin, (4) paper formulas used in working.

Boyd, J. H., 250 George-st., Sydney.

37 Paintings in water-colour and Indian ink.

Chard, Eliz., Sherwood House, Stanmore-road, Sydney.

38 "Prince Consort and Prince of Wales," from casts.

Combes, E., C.M.G., M.P., Victoria Lodge, Miller's Point.

39 "Outskirts of Breeza Plains."

40 "Curl Curl, Manly Beach."

41 "Near Barmouth, North Wales."

42 "A Bit of Wiltshire" (outdoor sketch).

43 "Deserted" (Langham sketch).

44 "Top of the Hill" (Langham sketch).

Devine, Catherine, 2 Great Thorn st., Woollahra.

45 Portrait in water-colours.

Finlay, H., Thornthwaite, Scone.

46 "Valley of the Grose."

47 "On the Road to Bulli."

48 "Kangaroo Driving."

49 "Yarding Kangaroo," &c.

Harry, Eleanor J., The College, Ashfield.

50 Three head studies, in black and white chalks.

Hern, C. E., 105 Pitt-st., Sydney.—Water-colour paintings, viz.:—

51 "Mullion, Cornwall."

52 "On the Dart, Devon."

53 "Brink of the Falls, Govett's Leap."

54 "Govett's Gorge, looking towards Valley of Grose."

Hoyte, J. C., 72 Hunter-st., Sydney.

55 "Rosa Gully, Watson's Bay."

56 "Mount Egmont, Taranaki, N.Z."

Hunt, G. H., Ryde Public School, Parramatta.

57 Various drawings.

Hunt, Mrs. G. H., Ryde Public School, Parramatta.

58 Water-colours, crayons, paintings on various articles.

Hunt, C., 16 Bond-st., Sydney.

59 "Cook's River."

60 "Left by the Tide" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

Jackson, A. L., 169 Victoria-st., Darlinghurst.

61 "Fern-trees on Creek at Upper Kurrajong" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

James, H. A., Department of Mines, Sydney.

62 Specimens of map-drawing and etching, map of Hill End and Tambaroora.

Levvy, Miss Frances D., 21 Linsley-terrace, Lower Fort-st.

63 "Manly Beach, Ocean side."

64 "Shell Bay, Manly Beach."

Lloyd, H. Go Parramatta Steam Navigation Co., King-st., Sydney.

65 Four watcr-colours.

Lowrey, C. C., Brundah, Grenfell.

66 Two water-colour landscapes.

67 Etchings-"The Wooing of Henrv V.," "The Parting," "The Last Nip," "the Violinist," &c.

Marshall, Jane, 2 Lyon's-terrace, Sydney.

68 "Moth," in water-colours, from nature.

Municipal Council, Sydney.

69 Water-colour painting of the Town Hall.

Newman, J. H., 12 Oxford-st., Sydney.

70 Crayon portrait of Lord Augustus Loftus.

Rae, J., Under-Secretary Public Works, Sydney.

71 Water-colour—"Turning the First Sod of New South Wales Railways."

Richardson, J. T., Underwood-st., Paddington.

72 "Bell Rock."

73 "Merivieve, Bondi" (N. S. Wales Art Society).

Sayers, J. W., Treasury, Sydney.—Crayon drawings, viz.:—

74 "Ajax."

75 "Bust."

Smithers, W. H., 88 Victoria-st., Darlinghurst.

76 "Group of Roses."

77 "Yacht Race."

78 "Steamer in Gale."

Stoddard, Mrs., 2 Great Thorn-st., Woollahra.

79 Water-colour portrait.

Technical, or Working-man's, College, Pitt-st., Sydney.

80 Water-colours and drawings, illustrative of system of study.

Thorne, C., 3 Roslyn-terrace, Darlinghurst.

81 Crayon drawing.

Tioshbaner, A., 139 Castlcreagh-st., Sydney.

82 Skotches in water-colours for churches and apartments.

83 Panels for apartments.

Walker, Miss A. F., Sydney.

84 Seven groups of flower paintings.

85 Copy of gold medal.

Whiting, Miss E. W., 9 Cowper-terrace, Church Hill.

86 Five crayon drawings (three after Landseer).

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Williams, P. E., Treasury, Sydney.

87 Crayons—(1) "Fighting Gladiator," (2) "Apollo," (3) "Bust,"

Class 3.—Sculpture and Die-sinking.

Lavie, A., Albury.

88 Carved shield, in stone.

Murray, A., Colonial Architect's Office, Sydney.

89 Royal coat-of-arms, carved in Australian beech.

Sallkild, A., Grove-st, Camperdown.

90 Sculptures in stone.

Simonetti, A., Sydney.

91 Statues, life size—"Justice," "Mercy," "Minerva," "Venus of the South."

92 Busts—" Sir Hercules Robinson," and three others.

Thorpe, G. S., University-St., Camperdown.

93 Portraits, busts, models, relievos, in marble.

Wright, W., 458 George-st., Sydney.

94 Modelling in plaster, from life.

Class 4.—Architectural Drawings and Models.

Coomes, H., 15 Rose-st., Darlington.

95 Model of a double self-supporting staircase.

Gordon, C. G. S., Macaulay-st., Albury.

96 Plans, sections, and elevation of a theatre.

97 Full set of drawings for a cottage and villa.

Hordern, A., & Sons, Haymarket, Sydney.

98 Picture showing elevation of premises.

Rowe, T., Vickcery's-chambers, Pitt-st., Sydney.

99 Elevation of Great Synagogue.

100 Wesleyan College, Stanmore.

101 Perspective—Sydney Infirmary, &c.

Technical, or Working-man's, College, Pitt-st., Sydney.

102 Architectural drawings.

Class 5.—Engravings and Lithographs.

Buckley, Blensum & Co., 6 Bligh-st., Sydney.

103 Frame of stamps, illustrating the progress in stamp-making.

Collingridge, A. & G., Ryde, Parramatta River.

104 Engravings of New South Wales, and other scenery.

Reynolds, P. E., 410 George-st., Sydney.

105 Chromo-lithographs.

Richards, T., Government Printer, Sydney.

106 Photographs.

107 Engravings on wood.

Umpleby, E. C., Bayville-st., Balmain.

108 Lithographic designing.

109 Drawing on stone.

Walmsley, J., Norton-st., Petersham.

110 Two frames, with impressions of engravings.