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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Italy. — I. Works of Art

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I. Works of Art.

Class 1.—Oil Paintings.

Ardy, Commendatore Bartolomeo, Turin.

1 "Solitude."

2 "Between Albano and Rome."

Baldulno, Alessandro, Turin.

3 "The Friendly Barons."

Ballerini, Felice, Venice.

4 "Venice, from the Mole."

5 "Palermo."


6 "The Honeymoon"(exhibited by Cavaliere Felice Pisani, Florence).

7 "A Lady Sleeping" (exhibited by Cavaliere Felice Pisani, Florence).

Barbavara, Count Alfonso, Turin.

8 "H.M. Umberto I., King of Italy."

Bello, Pietro, Naples.

9 "Rising of the Moon on the Lagunes of Venice."

Betti, Augrusto, Florence.

10 "A Forest of Abruzzi."

Biscarra, Carlo Felice, Turin.

11 "The First Symptoms of Jealousy."

12 "Peasant Girls of the Hills, near Turin."

Bologrna, Domenico, Turin.

13 "Returning from the Pasture."

14 "The Convent Dole."

Borrani, Prof. Edoardo, Florence.

15 "The Recall of the Conscript."

Bradley, T. H., Florence.

16 "Florence, from the Arno."

17 "Florence, from the Villa Galileo."

Brandeis, Antonietta, Venice.

18 "Palazzo, Cavalli, Venice."

19 "A Balcony in Venice."

20 "The Buranella" (native of Burano Island, near Venice).

Bruzzi, Stefano, Florence.

21 "Country Fair on the Appennines."

Caprile, Vincenzo, Naples.

22 "Costumes of Naples."

Carcano, Filippo, Milan.

23 "La Romantica" (exhibited by V. Grubicy).

Castagnola, Prof., Florence.

24 "Faust and Marguerite" (exhibited by Cavaliere Felice Pisani).

Castelli, Alessandro, Rome.

25 "The Alps."

Cavarretta, Giuseppe, Naples.

26 "A Caprice."

Cefaly, Commendatore Andrea, Naples.

27 "The Car of Progress."

Celomoni, P., Florence.

28 "A Sea Piece" (exhibited by R. Metzgor).

Ciardi, Guglielmo, Venice.

29 "An Italian Market, Treviso."

Cimino, Mrs. G., Naples.

30 "Mamma's Bouquet" (exhibited by Vincenzo Cimino).

Cipriani, Nazzareno, Rome.

31 "Poultry Market in Rome."

Colle, Angelo, Venice.

32 "To the Wood."

Colle, Leone, Venice.

33 "Piazza S. Marco during the Carnival."

34 "A Serenade on the Grand Canal."

Corrodi, Hermann, Rome.

35 "Greek Temple. Paestum, near Salerno "

36 "Nicosia, Capital of Cyprus,"

37 "Venice."

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Costa, G., Florence.

38 "First Thought."

39 "The Ambitious Model."

40 "Costume of Tuscan Peasant."

41 "Costume of Tuscan Peasant."

42 "The Painter."

Crevatin,—, Florence.

43 "A Lady in the Garden" (exhibited by Cavaliere Felice Pisani).

Cumbo, Cavaliere Ettore, Florence.

44 "Bondasca."

45 "Sunset."

46 "Ischia."

D'Agliano, Cavaliere Michel Angelo, Turin.

47 "Erinitaggio, near San Remo."

48 "Rocks, near Bordighera, after a Storm."

49 "Olive Trees, at Bordighera."

50 "Near Cuneo."

51 "Seashore, near Bordighera."

52 "Mountains of Biellese."

D'Ancona, Vito, Florence.

53 "Costume of the Pope's Swiss Guard."

54 "Teresina, the Thoughtless."

55 "Capuchin Monk in his Cell."

D'Andrea, Jacopo, Venice.

56 "Fisherman, from a ballad of Goethe."

57 "Quereini Stampalia Presenting a Medal to Voltaire."

58 "Head of a Venetian Woman."

Danielli, Prof. Giovanni, Belluno.

59 "A Wood in Val Savarance. Victor Emmanuel, late King of Italy, hunting."

De Francesco, Lorenzo, Naples.

60 "Italian Costume."

61 "Italian Costume."

Delia Libera, G. B., Venice.

62 "The Doge's Palace in Venice."

63 "Interior of the Church of St. Mark, Venice."

De Martino, Guglielmo, Naples.

64 "Costumes of Calabria,"

De Nigris, Giuseppe, Naples.

65 "The Last Mass."

66 "Blind Working-women."

De Tommasi, Pubblio, Rome.

67 "Sunday."

De Vivo, Donato, Naples.

68 "Trophy—Pheasants, Hares, &c."

69 "Trophy—Ducks, Dogs, &c."

70 "Souvenir of Naples—Sailors on the Seashore of Posillipo."

71 "Souvenir of Naples—Peasants of the Abruzzi Dancing."

De Vivo, Cavaliere Tommaso, Naples.

72 "Allegory of America."

Di Pinto, Domenico, Naples.

73 "A Religious Procession."

Dovera, Achille, Milan.

74 "The Island of Pescatori, Lake Maggiore."

75 "Villa Clara, on Lake Maggiore, the Residence of Her Majesty the Queen of England."

Faccio, Cavallere Pier. Luigi, Turin.

76 "Harvest in Vallese."

Faccioli, Raffaele, Bologna.

77 "Visiting at the Castle."

Fattori, Prof. Giovanni, Florence.

78 "Horse Market, on the Piazza della Trinita, Rome."

79 "Costumes of Italian Forest Labourers."

Fiore,—, Florence.

80 "Bacchanals" (exhibited by Flor and Findel, Florence).

81 "Card Players" (exhibited by Flor and Findel, Florence).

82 "Monk Playing Chess" (exhibited by Flor and Findel, Florence).

83 "Wine Drinker and Dog" (exhibited by Flor and Findel, Florence).

84 "Roman Girl and Man" (exhibited by Flor and Findel, Florence).

Flor & Findel (exhibited by), Florence.

85 "Raphael's Madonna of the Chair" (copy from the original).

86 "Raphael's Madonna of the Goldfinch" (copy from the original).

Folli, Francesco, Florence.

87 "The Beard."

88 "The Holy Water."

Francini, Francesco, Florence.

89 "A Page."

90 "A Page."

Gabani, Giuseppe, Rome.

91 "A Herd of Buffaloes in the Campagna of Rome."

Galletti, M., Naples.

92 "The Ploughman's Breakfast" (exhibited by Vincenzo Cimino).

Gelati, Prof. Lorenzo, Florence.

93 "Florence."

Giacomelli, Cavaliere Vincenzo, Venice.

94 "Christopher Columbus sighting Laud."

Giannelli, Enrico, Naples.

95 "After Rain at Sunset."

96 "Palace Medina, at Posillipo."

Gioli, Francesco, Florence.

97 "The Mothers' Return."

Glisenti, A., Florence.

98 "Caught"

Gordigiani, Cavaliere Michele, Florence

99 "Portrait of H.M. Victor Emmanuel IL"

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Guardabassi, Guerrino, Rome.

100 "The Silly Old Man."

101 "La Malade Imaginaire."

Guerra, Achille, Rome.

102 "Cardinal Borromeo."

103 "Interior."

104 "Porta S. Antonio, Sorrento."

105 "A Chapel."

Guida, G.

106 "Odalisca."

Guzzardi, G., Florence.

107 "An Old Caress" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

108 "A Kitchen with Boys" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

109 "Woman with a Vase" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

110 "Peasant" (exhibited by R. Metzger. Florence).

111 "A Soldier of the Sixth Century" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

112 "Woman in Costume" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

113 "A Costume" (exhibited by R, Metzger, Florence).

Laezza, Prof. Giuseppe, Naples.

114 "A Curiosity for a Painter."

115 "Panorama of Sorrento."

116 " The Cupa of Tagliano after a Procession."

117 "Pu-ti-pu Player at the Fête of the Architiello."

118 "Cow and Sheep."

119 "Two Calves in a Stable."

Lega,—, Florence.

120 "Welleda" (exhibited by Cavaliere L. Pisani, Florence).

Legay, Roberto, Venice.

121 "North Facade of the Church of St. Mark."

122 "Rivo dei Santi Apostoli and Palace of the Doge, Marino Faliero, in Venice."

Liberti, Roberto, Naples.

123 "loni and Clodius' Flowers: Scenes of the Last Days of Pompeii."

124 "Neapolitan Costumes."

Locatello, Gian Francesco, Venice.

125 "Venus Playing with Cupid."

126 "The Prisoner's Comfort."

127 "The Secret Denunciation in the Lion's Mouth at Venice."

128 "Convent Politics."

129 "Portrait of H.M. Victor Emmanuel II."

Lori, A., Florence.

130 "Ciociara," peasant of the Campagna, Rome (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

Lovatti, Matteo, Rome.

131 "Sunset."

132 "in the Heart of the Campagna, Rome."

133 "Dead Nature."

134 "Roman Costumes."

135 "Bulls Fighting."

136 "A Baron's Court in the Sixth Century."

Loverini, Ponziano, Bergamo.

137 "The Fall of Snow."

Lugli, Florence.

138 "Calabrian Costume" (exhibited by Cavaliere L. Pisani).

Luzzi, Florence.

139 "Campagna at Rome" (exhibited by Cavaliere L. Pisani).

Maccari, Prof. Cesare, Rome.

140 "Indians at Venice."

Manaresi, Ugo, Florence.

141 "Winter."

Marcato, Antonio, Venice.

142 "Madonna and Child."

143 "Roman Costume."

Marinelli, Prof. Vincenzo, Naples.

144 "An Episode of the Song of Songs of Solomon."

Marko, A., Florence.

145 "Roman Horsemen" (exhibited by Cavaliere L. Pisani).

146 "Crossing the River."

Meglio, Prof. Francesco, Naples.

147 "The Market."

Meucci, Florence.

148 " Fruits and Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

149 "Flowers and Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

150 "Live Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

151 "Live Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

152 "Dead Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

153 "Live Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

154 "Live Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

155 "Live Birds" (exhibited by A. Pollastri).

Monteforte, Edoardo, Naples.

156 "Porta Capuana, Naples."

157 "La Fonte, Naples."

Palizzi, F., Naples.

158 "The Lace Maker" (exhibited by V. Cimino).

159 "The Old Grandmother" (exhibited by V. Cimino).

Palma il Giovane.

160 "Taking down from the Cross" (exhibited by G. Zezzos, Venice).

Paoletti, Rodolfo (exhibited by), Florence.

161 "Madonna of the Chair."

162 "A Nosegay."

163 "A Nosegay."

164 "A Nosegay."

165 "Madonna of Sassoferrato."

166 "After a Masked Ball."

Picchi, Andrea (exhibited by), Florence.

167 "Fanfulla da Lodi."

168 "A Page."

169 "Monk and Soldier."

170 "Titian's Love."

171 "The Musician."

172 "A Wreath of Flowers."

173 "Titian's Daughter."

174 "The Sybil."

175 "A Nosegay."

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176 "A Nosegay."

177 "Game."

178 "Fish."

179 "Bay of Naples."

180 "Posillipo."

181 "Juliette and Romeo."

182 "A Russian."

Poggi, Pietro, Rome.

183 "Ciociara" (costume of the Campagna).

Pollastri, Augusto (exhibited by), Florence.

184 "Angels" (after Fra Beato Angelico).

185 "Game-seller."

186 "Shame."

187 "Madonna" (Andrea Del Sarto).

188 "Madonna of Muriello."

189 Various small pictures.

Polli, Francesco, Florence.

190 "Fruits and Flowers."

Querena, Luigi, Venice.

191 "Canal of St. Mark."

192 "Departure of the Bucentaur from the Mole, St. Mark."

Ricca, Prospero, Turin.

193 "A Fall of Snow."

Ricci, Arvotalo Giuseppe, Turin.

194 "A Visit to the Old Aunt."

Rigo, Leonardo, Udine.

195 "Sunset in Friuli."

196 "The Tiber in Winter."

Roy, Pietro, Venice.

197 "An Old Prelate of the Middle Ages."

198 "Head of a Young Man in Agony."

Rubio, Cavaliere Luigi, Florence.

199 "Swiss Costume."

200 "A Woman Sleeping."

Sagliano, Prof. Francesco. Naples.

201 "Vesuvius, seen from Torre Annunziata."

202 "Pozzano, near Sorrento."

203 "The Hour of Rest."

204 "Fisherman of the Sarno"

205 "Dolce far Niente."

206 "A Gondolier of the Sarno."

Sassi, Pietro, Rome.

207 "Ruins of the Aqueducts of Claudius."

Sauli, Count Giuseppe d'Igliano, Turin.

208 "The Habit does not Make the Monk."

209 "On the Beach."

Schmith, Natanial, Rome.

210 "Children Playing."

Sehwicker, C.

211 "News of the War" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

212 "Near Rome" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

213 "Returning from School" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

Scuri, Prof. Enrico, Bergamo.

214 "The Nymph."

Serritelli, Giovanni, Naples.

215 "The Obelisk of S. Gennaro, from the side door of the Dome of Naples."

Siemiradzki, Enrico, Rome.

216 "A Pirate's Cavern."

Simonetti, Prof. Alfonso, Naples.

217 "A Young Man near an Oven, costume of Palazzolo."

Squarcina, Giovanni, Venice.

218 "Portrait of Garibaldi."

219 "The Laurel in the Nineteenth Century."

Talarico, Achille, Naples.

220 "The Dreamer."

221 " Neapolitan Costumes."

Tano, Eugenio, Florence.

222 "The Tower of Michel Angelo at S. Miniato."

223 "The Country Beggar."

224 "Neighbourhood of Florence."

Tessitore, Francesco, Naples.

225 "A Snow Effect."

Tiratelli, Aurelio, Rome.

226 "Sheep in the Roman Campagna at Sunrise."

227 "Alone in the Roman Campagna."

Trenti, Girolamo, Pomponesco.

228 "Summer."

229 "Winter."

230 "Autumn."

231 "A Visit."

Ussi, Prof. Stefano, Florence.

232 "Tacruri Amusing Arab Merchants camped in High Egypt."

Verita, F., Florence.

233 "A Camel" (exhibited bv R. Metzger, Florence).

234 "Hunting Dog" (exhibited by R. Metzger, Florence).

Volpe, Angelo, Naples.

235 "Siesta."

236 "G. Cabalesti."

Werner, Orlando, Rome.

237 "The Last Day of Pompeii."

Ximenes, Ettore, Florence.

238 "On the Arno."

Zamboni, G., Florence.

239 "Near Rome" (exhibited by R. Metzger).

Zezzos, Giuseppe (exhibited by), Venice.

240 "A Battle."

241 "Santa Maria Elizabeth."

242 "San Gerolamo."

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Zona, Baron Girolamo, Naples.

243 "Spring Flowers."

244 "Returning from the Marsh."

245 "The Disturbed Siesta."

246 "Innocence."

247 "The Sleep of Spring."

248 "Card Players."

Class 2.—Various Paintings and Drawings.

Ardy, Commendatore Bartolomeo, Turin.

249 Two hand-painted china plates, representing "The Tiber" and "Winter."

Battaglia, Gaetano, Naples.

250 Artistic earthenware, Capodimonte style.

Boncinelli, Giovanni, & Sons, Florence.

251 Pictures in Florentine mosaic.

Bradley, J. H., Florence.

252 Etching plate, artist's proof—"Venice, from the Giudecca."

253 Etching plate, artist's proof—"Ponte Panada."

Carabba, Vespesiano, Venice.

254 "Our Saviour and the Woman of Canaan" (copy de Palma).

255 "Portrait of Raphael da Urbino's Mother" (after a portrait in the Uffizi Gallery of Florence).

256 "Madonna and Child" (St. Catherine, copy of A. Cordigliaghi).

257 "The Fame of Giovanni Bellini."

258 "The Rape of Europa" (after Paolo Veronese's picture).

Chelazzi, Tito, Florence.

259 Mirror, with painted flowers.

Cipriani, Nazzareno, Rome.

260 Water-colour—"Roman Countryman."

261 Water-colour—"Roman Countrywoman."

Civita, A., Florence.

262 Collection of mosaics.

Corrodi, Salomon, Rome.

263 Water-colour—"Park, at Terni."

264 Water-colour—"Port Anzio."

265 Water-colour—"Pozzuoli."

266 Water-colour—"Via Appia, Rome."

Corsi, Pietro, Florence.

267 Mosaic works, ancient style.

De Nigris, Giuseppe, Naples.

268 Water-colour—"An Eruption of Vesuvius."

269 Water-colour—"Mugellina."

270 "The Aqueduct of Claudius."

271 "Coast of Sorrento."

272 "Costumes of Palazzolo, Castrocielo."

273 "Landscape, with Goat."

274 "Torre del Greco."

275 "The Forum of Pompeii."

De Tommasi, Pubblio, Rome.

276 Water-colour—" The Public Writer."

Ethofer, Teodoro, Rome.

277 Water-colour—" Game at Chess."

278 Water-colour—"Spanish Duet."

Falcini, A., Florence.

279 Collection of Mosaics.

Farina, A., & Son, Faience.

280 Artistic earthenware, Faience imitation.

Gallandt, L., Rome.

281 Monumental mosaic works—"St. Peter," "Forum of Rome," "The Arch of Titus," "Castel St. Angelo," "Pantheon."

282 Monumental mosaic works—"St. Peter," "Colosseum," "Forum of Rome," "Temple of Vesta," "Temple of Cecilia Metella."

283 Monumental mosaic works—" Cascades of Tivoli and Temple," "Forum of Rome," "St. Peter."

Ginori. Manifattura, Doccia, near Florence.

284 Paintings on earthenware and china.

Giustiniani, A., Naples.

285 Artistic earthenware, Urbino and Capodimonte style.

Guardabassi, Guerino, Rome.

286 "The Month of May."

Mariotti & Fantoni, Florence.

287 A collection of Florentine mosaic pictures.

Martinetti,. Angelo, Rome.

288 Mirror, with painted flowers and animals.

Mazzarelli, B., Naples.

289 Artistic earthenware, Urbino and Capodimonte style.

Meyer, Oscar, Florence.

290 Collection of Florentine mosaics.

Olivieri, Luigi, Venice.

291 Collection of mosaics.

Ricci, Paolo, Fiesole.

292 Various designs.

Rinaldi,—, Milan.

293 Water-colour—"Ugo and Parisina" (exhibited by V. Grubicy, Milan).

294 Water-colour—"Hamlet and Ophelia" (exhibited by V. Grubicy, Milan).

Roccheggiani, C., Rome.

295 "Alasco," "Forum of Rome," "Forum of Rome," "St. Peter," "Temple of Vesta," "Colosseum."

296 "Malachite," "Forum of Rome," "Temple of Vesta," "St. Peter," "St. Peter," "Colosseum."

297 "Forum of Rome," "Pantheon," "Campidoglio." "Flowers," "Pansies," "Doves."

Roesler, Ettore, Rome.

298 "The Supplication."

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Sandrini, A., Florence.

299 Collection of mosaics.

Severati, Pilippo, Rome.

300 Enamelled lava—"Head of the Fornarina, after the 'Transfiguration' of Raphael."

301 Two portraits, enamelled lava.

Soave's Manufactory of Tradesmen's Signs, Turin.

302 A sign.

Societa Venezia Murano, Venice.

303 "Christ," monumental mosaic work.

304 Celebrated men, in mosaic. Ornament.

305 "The Last Supper." monumental mosaic work.

306 The Apostles—"St. Andrew," "St. Luke," "St. John," "St. Matthew," and "St. John."

307 Two mosaics of Christ.

308 "Last Supper."

309 "Christ, the Redemptor" (copy of St. Marco).

Societa Musiva Veneziana, Venice.

310 "Byzantine Madonna" (copy of mosaic work in Church of St. Maria e Donate of Murano, Venice).

311 Three small mosaics, representing Christ and Raphael.

Tanfani, C., Rome.

312 Artistic earthenware—Etruscan vases.

Tarantoni, Luigi, Rome.

313 Picture in mosaic, representing "Night," by Raphael.

314 "Poetry—Raphael."

315 "Theology."

316 "La Sibilla Eritrea of Michel Angelo."

317 "The Prophet Isaiah."

Torrini, Giocondo, Florence.

318 Collection of mosaics.

Class 3.—Sculpture and Die-sinking.

Albacini, Achille, Rome.

319 Bust—"Ciociara," costume of the Campagna.

320 Statue—"Rebecca at the Well."

Ancona, Amilcare, Milan.

321 Bust—"Shakespeare."

322 Statue—" Leonardo da Vinci."

323 Statue—"Michel Angelo."

324 Statue—"Complacency."

325 Bust—"The Beggar."

Andreini, Perdinando, Florence.

326 Statue—"Cupid Chaining Hearts."


327 "Phryne and Iperide" (exhibited by Cavaliere G. Riga, Naples).

Argenti, Angelo, Milan.

328 Statue—"The Flower Girl."

329 Bust—"Innocence."

330 Bust—" Modesty."

331 Bust—"Hope."

332 "Happy Age."

Barcaglia, Donato, Milan.

333 Statue—"Returning from the Hunt."

334 Statue—"Daring."

Bazzanti, Pietro, & Son, Florence.

335 "Childhood of Michel Angelo."

336 "Childhood of Raphael."

337 "Sharon's Rose (Solamitide)."

338 "Forced Praver."

339 "Forced Lesson."

340 "Shepherdess."

Becucci Brothers, Florence.

341 "Fidelity."

342 "A Cold Bath."

343 Bust—" Bacchus."

344 Bust—" Murillo's Madonna."

345 Bust—"Bacchus."

346 "The Four Seasons."

347 "The Young Cricketer—'Good Morning.'"

348 "Music."

349 "Forsaken."

350 "Fisherman (Masaniello)."

Bernasconi, Pietro, Milan.

351 Statue—" A Child's Pleasure."

352 Statue—" A Child's Pain."

Besarel, Panciera, Venice.

353 Wood sculpture and carving.

Borro, L., Venice.

354 "Innocence."

355 "Youth."

Bottinelli, Antonio, Rome.

356 Marble bust—"Spring."

357 Marble bust—"Summer."

358 Marble bust—"Autumn."

359 Marble bust—" Winter."

360 Small group of marble—" The Genius of Poetry."

361 Small group of marble—"The Virgin Camilla."

362 Marble bust—" Roman Girl."

363 "First Communion."

Braga, Enrico, Milan.

364 Marble statue—"Shame."

Butti, Enrico, Milan.

365 Marble statue—"The Second Lesson."

Buzzi, Luigi Giberto, Milan.

366 Marble bust—" Inspiration."

367 Divan of carved stone.

368 Two scats of carved stone.

369 A table, with grapes and birds.

Calvi, Cavaliere Costantino, Rome.

370 A plate, in chased silver and iron, inlaid with gold and silver.

371 Small iron box, inlaid silver, with children chased in silvered bronze.

372 Chased and silvered bronze candlesticks; flagon, inlaid with gold and silver.

Caniparoli, Antonio, Carrara.

373 Marble statue—" Summer."

Casoni, Tacca Ariodante, Carrara.

374 Marble group—"Leda, and Jupiter (as a swan).

page 281

Ceccarini, Pietro, Rome.

375 Bust—" Queen Victoria."

Cencetti, Adalberto, Rome.

370 Bust in terra-cotta—" Gentleness."

377 Group—" Temptation."

378 Bust—"Piccolo Tonietto."

Ciapponi, F., ————, Rome.

379 Cameos.

Ciniselli, Giovanni. Rome.

380 Marble statue—"First Sorrow."

381 Marble statue—"Suzanne."

382 Bust—"Modesty."

Creco, Luigi, Osbuni, Bari.

383 Sculpture, damaged on the voyage.

Dal Todesco, Marco, Venice.

384 Wood sculpture and carving.

De Caro, A., Venice.

385 Cameos.

Delia Vedova, Cavaliere Pietro, Turin.

386 Marble statue—"Summer."

Dell'Ara & Co., Milan.

387 Marble group—" Children with an Umbrella."

388 Marble group—"Children with an Umbrella."

389 Statuette—"A Girl in Mask."

390 Two vases.

De Lotto, G. B., Venice.

391 Wood-carving and sculpture.

Del Panta, Egisto, Florence.

392 Statue—" The Future Soldier."

393 Statue—" Childhood of Carlo Goldoni."

394 Three groups—"Innocence," "Fidelity," "Boy and Dog.

D'Epinay, P., Rome.

395 "Sapho."

396 "Prince of Wales."

397 "Prince of Wales."

398 "Violette."

399 "Ciociara, Brigand's Wife."

400 "Princess of Wales."

401 "Satyr and Bacchus."

402 "Trasteverina."

403 "Penelope."

404 "Calypso."

Dini, Commendatore Giuseppe, Turin.

405 Marble statue—"Youth."

406 Marble statue—"After the Bath."

407 Marble statue—"Shipwreck."

408 Marble statue—" Autumn."

409 Marble statue—" Roman Girl."

Dupre, G. B., Florence.

410 Bronze statue—"Cain" (cast and exhibited by A. Tognozzi, Moreni).

Evangelista, Francesco Paolo, Naples.

411 Statuette, terra-cotta—Repentance."

412 Statuette, terra-cotta—"Poverty and Love."

413 Model for a monument, in terra-cotta,

Fiacchi, Enrico, Florence.

414 Jewel cabinet, in walnut, carved frames end brackets.

Fiaschi, Gerolamo, Carrara.

415 Marble statue—"Ambition."

416 Marble plate, with fruits.

417 Fruits, &c.

Fontana, Achille, Carrara.

418 "Venus de Medici" (copy of Canova).

Francati & Santamaria, Rome.

419 Cameos.

420 Engraved shells.

Frilli, Antonio, Florence.

421 Original group—"Fidelity."

422 Original group—"The Guardian Angel."

423 Statue—"An old Beggar."

424 Reproduction—"Venus of Canova."

425 Reproduction—'"Trust in God" (Bartolini).

426 A collection of marble and alabaster statuettes.

427 Artistic works in serpentine.

Galletti, Prof. Stefano, Rome.

428 "A Girl with Flowers."

429 Bust—"Tho Archangel Raphael."

430 Bust—"The Archangel Gabriel."

431 Bust—"Salve."

432 Bust—"Vale."

433 Bust—"Moses."

434 Bust—"Jesus Sleeping."

Galli, Rizzardo, Milan.

435 Group—'"The Orphans."

436 Statue—" Christopher Columbus."

437 "St. John the Baptist, as a Child, Sleeping on the Lamb."

438 "The Bride."

439 "The Devotee."

440 "Modesty."

441 "Prayer."

442 "Resignation."

443 "Spring."

444 Table and chairs for garden.

Gajani, Egisto, Florence.

445 Carved brackets, frames, &c.

Gamberai, Saul, Florence.

446 A book-cabinet, ancient style, carved frames, brackets, &c.

Gatti, Cavaliere G. B., Rome.

447 Wood-carving.

Gemignani, Antonio, Naples.

448 Statuetta—" Progress."

Giordani, Angelo, Venice.

449 Bronze statue—" Leda, with the Swan."

Grilli, Camillo, Rome.

450 Small group—"The Fall."

Guarnerio, Pietro, Milan.

451 "Forced Prayer."

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Guggenheim, M., Venice.

452 Wood-carving and sculpture.

Guglielmi, Prof. Luigi, Rome.

453 "Sleeping Boy."

454 Bust—" Marcus Aurelius."

455 Bust—"Venus del Campidoglio."

456 Bust—"Little Dog."

Jerace, Francesco, Naples.

457 Bronze statue—"Guappatiello."

458 Bronze statue—"A Donkey."

459 Marble bust—" Victa."

Kopf, Joseph, Rome.

460 Marble fountain—"Child upon a Dolphin."

Lazzerini, Pietro, Carrara.

461 "Two Children."

Leone, Angelo, Catania.

462 Sculpture.

Maccagnani, Eugenio, Rome.

463 Bronze—"A Negro of Tunis."

Marai, Luigi, Milan.

464 Marble bust—" La Stella Confldente."

Maraini, Adelaide, Rome.

465 Bust—"Romeo and Juliet."

466 "Magdalen."

467 Statuette—"Innocence."

Mariotti, Francesco, Carrara.

468 Statuette—"The Little Smoker."

Martini, Garibaldi, Pietrasanta.

469 "An Old Beggar."

Masini, Prof. Gerolamo, Rome.

470 "Fabiola."

Meli, Prof. G., Rome.

471 Small group—"St. John the Baptist."

Meyer, Oscar, Florence.

472 Terra-cotta statuettes.

Mossuti, Enrico, Naples.

473 Statue—"G. B. Pergolesi" (broken on the voyage).

Monzini, Gelindo, Milan.

474 Marble statuette—"First Sorrow."

Monteverde, Commendatore Giulio, Rome.

475 Marble statue—"The Genius of Franklin."

Morini, Francesco, Florence.

476 Two book-cabinets, in walnut.

477 A gilt carved lustre, and carved frames, brackets,

Morozzi Brothers, Florence.

478 A gilt carved lustre.

Olivieri, Cavaliere Luigi, Venice.

479 Cameos.

Orfanatrofio, Gesuati, Venice.

480 Wood-carving.

Pagani, Luigi, Milan.

481 Marble statue—"The Peri."

Pandiani, Costantino, Milan.

482 Statue—"A Mask."

Panducci, Evaristo, Florence.

483 Carved frames, &c.

Pazzi, Prof. Commendatore E., Florence.

484 Bronze statue—"Moses, as a Child."

Petrucci, R., Naples.

485 Cameos.

Pollastri, Augusto, Florence.

486 Works of art in carved wood, with figures and birds.

Pozzi, Egidio, Milan.

487 Marble—"Baby's Food."

Quartara, G., Turin.

488 A table.

Rech, A., Treviso.

489 Marble work.

Ricci, Paolo, Florence.

490 Bas-relief—" Holy Water."

491 Marble statue—"Dante, as Ambassador."

492 Medal made in remembrance of Buonarroti's Fourth Centenary, celebrated at Florence.

493 Six different works, modelled in chalk.

Ripamonti, Riccardo, Milan.

494 Sculpture.

Romanelli Brothers. Florence.

495 "A Boy."

Romanelli, Ferdinando, Florence.

496 "A Girl, with Roses."

497 "St. Cecily" (wood-carving).

498 Carved frames, brackets, and friezes.

Rondoni, Alessandro, Rome.

499 Marble bust—"Modesty."

500 Marble bust—" Fauna."

Rossetti, Antonio, Rome.

501 Statue-"Ophelia."

502 Fountain and table—"Vintage."

503 Pedestal, African marble—"A Vestal Tempted by Love."

504 "The Last Days of Pompeii."

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505 Statue—"Secret Love."

506 Group—"The Heart Question."

507 "Louis XVI. Vases."

508 Statue—" Secret Love."

509 "Hope."

Sani, Tommaso, Melbourne.

510 Statue—"Welcome."

Santarell, Prof. Cavaliere Emilio. Florence.

511 Marble statue—" The Madonna."

512 Marble statue—"Prudence."

513 Marble statue—"Secrecy."

514 Marble statue—"Michel Angelo."

515 Marble statue—" Galileo Galilei."

516 Marble statue—"Dante."

Scalambrini, G-, Rome.

517 "A Cup."

Siotto, P., Rome.

518 Cameos.

Societa Indoratori (S. Capasso, President). Naples.

519 Two small busts, in terra-cotta.

Somasca, Francesco, Rome.

520 Wood-sculpture and carving.

Spassi, Grazioso, Verona.

521 Marble group—" An Innocent Kiss."

Summers, Charles. Rome.

522 "Lynceus and Hypermnestra."

Tabacchi, Commendatore Edoardo, Turin.

523 "The Bather" (damaged on the journey).

Tacco, Giuseppe, Carrara.

524 "Leda."

Tognozzi Morein, A., Florence.

525 Bronze statuette—"Bacchante."

526 Bronze statuette—"Venus."

527 Bronze statuette—"Small Horse, with Harness.'

528 Statue-" Bull."

Tombini, A., Rome.

529 "Child's Play."

Trombetta, Ezechiele, Milan.—

530 Marble statuette—"Harvest."

Udney, John, Carrara.

531 Marble statue—"Shepherd Crossing the Alps."

Vichi, Ferdinando, Florence.

532 Alabaster statuette—"Bacchus."

533 Alabaster statuettes.

Weiller & Co., Leghorn.

534 Marble and alabaster works.

Weizenberg, A., Rome.

535 Marble statue—"The Youth at the Brook" (Schiller).

Zannoni, Cavaliere Ugo, Milan.

536 Marble statue—"Study and Work."

537 Marble statue—"Illusion."

Class 5.—Engravings and Lithographs.

Brogi, C., Florence.

538 Engravings.

Frauenfelder, Paolo, Palermo.

539 Lithographs.