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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Painting and Etchings

Painting and Etchings


"The Temptation Of Adam."

"I feel
The link of nature draw me; flesh of flesh.
Bone of my bone thou art, and from thy state
Mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe."
So having said, as one from sad dismay
Re-comforted, and after thoughts disturbed
Submitting to what seemed remediless.

Milton's "Paradise Lost," Book 9.

page 269


1 "Orphrus."

The scenery of this picture exhibits a view of the mountainous and desert country of Thrace; near the centre of the piece is Orpheus, singing his poems, his right hand stretched towards heaven; and accompanying his instructive song upon the lyre suspended from his shoulder.

2 "A Grecian Harvest Home."

The season is as the title expresses, that of harvest; and as most of the persons represented are employed in rural sports, the evening is chosen as the most proper time for such relaxation from the labours of the field.

In the foreground is a double terminal figure of Sylvanus and Pan, with their proper attributes; round which young men and women are dancing to the music of a rural pipe and tabor. Behind them are oxen with a load of corn, and other characteristic marks of the season of the year.

The distant parts of the picture exhibit a view of a fertile cultivated country, with a farmhouse, near which are men wrestling, and engaged in other manly exercises; aged men are sitting and lying along, discoursing and enjoying a view of those athletic sports in which they can no longer engage, and a marriage procession is advancing from a distant temple.

3 "The Victors at Olympia."

In this picture the artist has chosen that point of time when the victors in the several games are passing in procession before the judges, where they are crowned with olive in the presence of all the Grecians. At the right hand corner of the piece, the three judges are seated on a throne, ornamented with medallions of Solon, Lycurgus, and other legislators, and with trophies of the victories of Salamis, Marathon, and Thermopylae Near the foot of the throne is a table, at which the scribe appears writing, in the Olympic records of noble deeds, the name, family, and country of the conqueror; near this table, a victor in the foot-race, having already received a branch of palm, which he holds in his hand, is being crowned; next him is a foot-racer, who ran armed with a helmet, spear, and shield. Close following is seen a manly group, formed of two athletic figures, bearing on their shoulders their aged father; one of these represents a pancratiast, the other the victor at the cestus. The old man is Diagoras of Rhodes, who, having in his youth been celebrated for his victories in the games, has, in his advanced age, the additional felicity of enjoying the fruits of the virtuous education he had given his sons, amidst the acclamations of the people of Greece, some of whom are strewing flowers around the old man's head, while one of his friends is grasping his right hand, and supposed to be making the celebrated speech recorded on this occasion, "Now, Diagoras, die, for thou canst not be made a god." Near this group are seen a number of persons, the chief of whom represents Pericles speaking to Cymon. Socrates, Euripides, and Sophocles, are earnestly attending to what is said by Pericles, whilst the malignant buffoon Aristophanes is ridiculing the deformity of the cranium of the speaker, which was unusually long. The painter has in the person of Pericles introduced the likeness of the late Earl of Chatham.

Sitting on the base of the statue of Hercules, the artist has introduced his own portrait, in the character of Timanthes, holding in his hand a picture of the Cyclops and Satyrs, as related by ancient writers.

4 "The Thames."

The artist has in this picture represented the Thames, of a venerable, majestic, and gracious aspect, sitting on the waters in a triumphant car, steering himself with one hand, and holding in the other the mariner's compass, by the use of which modern navigation connects places the most remote, and has arrived at a certainty, importance, and magnitude unknown to the ancient world. The car is borne along by our great navigators, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sebastian Cabot, and Captain Cook; in the front of the car, and apparently in the action of meeting it, are four figures, representing Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, ready to lay their several productions in the lap of the Thames.

Overhead is Mercury, the emblem of Commerce, summoning the nations together; and following the car are Nereids carrying several articles of the principal manufactures of Great Britain.

5 "The Society."

This picture represents the distribution of the rewards of the Society of Arts, founded in 1754 for the purpose of introducing and perfecting the useful arts in this country. Not far advanced from the left side of the picture stands the late Lord Romney, then President of the Society; near the President stands His Royal Highness the then Prince of Wales; and sitting in the comer of the picture, holding in his hand the plan of the institution, is Mr. William Shipley, "whose public spirit gave rise to this Society." In the back-ground appear part of the water-front of Somerset House, St. Paul's, and other objects in the vicinity and view of this Society as instituted at London. As a very large number of the rewards bestowed by the"Society had in Barry's day been distributed to promote the arts of painting and sculpture, the artist has also most judiciously introduced a picture and statue; the subject of the picture is the Fall of Lucifer, designed by Mr. Barry when the Royal Academy had selected six of the members to paint pictures for St. Paul's Cathedral; the statue is that of the "Grecian Mother Dying," and in those moments attentive only to the safety of her child. In the corners of the picture are represented many articles which have been invented or improved by the encouragement of this Society.

6 "Elysium, or the State of Final Retribution."

In this picture the artist has brought together those great and good men, of all ages and nations, who have acted as cultivators and benefactors to mankind.

In the top of the picture the painter has glanced at what is called by astronomers the system of systems, where the fixed stars, considered as so many suns, each with his several planets, are revolving round the Great Cause of all things; and, representing everything as affected by intelligence, has shown each system carried along in its revolution by an angel.

In the centre of the picture are animated portraits of the good and great of all ages; and in the other corner of the picture the artist has represented Tartarus, where are seen War, Gluttony, Extravagance, Detraction, Parsimony. Ambition, Tyranny, Hypocrisy, and Cruelty, with their proper attributes.

page 270

7 "Portrait of the late James Barry, R.A." (Born 1741, died 1806.)

8 In Barry's original design the space at the end of the room, between the pictures of "Orpheus" and the "Grecian Harvest Home," was to have been filled with a portrait of George III.; and that between "The Thames" and "The Society," with a group representing Queen Charlotte superintending the education of her family at Windsor Castle. Barry did not live to complete these pictures, but his intentions were accurately recorded in this etching.

Nos. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 are groups taken from the pictures Nos. 3 and 6.

16 "The Temptation of Adam."

17 "The Phœnix; or, the Resurrection' of Freedom."

A tablet in this picture is thus inscribed:—"O Liberty, thou parent of whatever is truly amiable and illustrious, associated with virtue, thou hatest the luxurious and intemperate, and hast successively abandoned thy loved residence of Greece, Italy, and thy more favoured England, when they grew corrupt and worthless; thou hast given them over to chains and despondency, and taken thy flight to a new people, of manners simple and untainted. Hallowed and venerable are thy footsteps. Time, that best arbiter, shall distinguish, and strew thy track with honours."

18 "Testimonial to the Memory of Charles James Fox."

19 "Job Reproved by his Friends."

Dedicated to Edmund Burke, Esq.

20 "Sacra Christa Familia."

21 "The Conversion of Polemon."

Polemon, an Athenian youth, returning home in the morning from his night's entertainment overcome with wine, saw the door of the philosopher Zenocrates open. He entered the school, which was filled with learned men, and endeavoured to disturb the company and the wisdom and eloquence of the speaker by his drunken jests. The countenance of Zenocrates still continued the same, and departing from the subject on which he was speaking, he began to discourse on modesty and temperance, by the gravity of which Polemon was so affected that from an infamous debauchee he became an illustrious philosopher, remarkable for his sobriety, virtue, and abilities, and succeeded Zcnocrates in the school of Plato.

22 "Philoctetes in the Island of lemnos."

This is an engraving of a picture in the institute at Bologna, inscribed to Sir George Saville, Bart.

23 "The Fall of Satan."

The Royal Academy having in the year 1773 selected six of the members to paint each a picture for St. Paul's Cathedral, this sketch of the Fall of Satan was the design executed by Barry for that purpose.

24 "Satan's Address to the Fallen Angels."

25 "Satan and Death."

26 "The Birth of Venus."

27 "King Lear."

28 "Portrait of Pitt, Earl of Chatham."

29 "Pandora."

Class III.—Sculpture & Die-Sinking.

Adams-Acton, T., 103 Marylebone-road, London.

1 "Mirth." Marble bust.

2 "Sadness." Marble bust.

3 "The Rev. Mr. Spurgeon." Terra-cotta bust.

Foley, J. H., R.A. (the late).

4 "The Youth at the Stream." Lent by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Joy, A. Bruce, 76 Fulham-road, London.

5 "Mrs. Scott Siddons." Medallion.

6 "The Viscountess Monck." Medallion.

7 "Mrs. David M'lvor." Medallion.

8 "The Provost of Oriel College, Oxford." Medallion.

Soane, Harry, 8 Green-st., London.

9 Frame of specimens of engraving and die-sinking, heraldic painting, seals, &c.

10 Frame of specimens of engraving and die-sinking, heraldic painting, seals, &c.

11 Frame of specimens of engraving and die-sinking, heraldic painting, seals, &c.

12 Frame of specimens of engraving and die-sinking, heraldic painting, seals, &c.

Stevenson, D. W., 2 Castle-terrace, Edinburgh.

13 "Nymph at the Stream."

14 "The Fair Maid of Perth."

15 "Beatrice, a Roman Girl."

16 "The Blue Bell." Bust of a Scotch peasant girl.

Wood. Marshall.

17 "The Song of the Shirt"

Woolner, T., R. A., 29 Welbeck-st., London.

18 "Ophelia." Marble.

page 271

Class IV—A Rchitectural Drawings and Models.

Aitchison, George, B.A., F.R.I.B.A., 150 Harley-st., London.

1 "Decoration of large Drawingroom."

2 "Decoration of Boudoir."

[Executed for T. E. Smith, Esq., M.P., 52 Prince's-gate, London.)

3 "Decoration of Second-floor Bedroom."

4 "Decoration of Drawingroom."

5 "Decoration of Boudoir."

[Executed for F. Lehmann, Esq., 15 Berkeley-square, London.)

Barry, Charles, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., Officer of the Legion of Honour (Paris, 1878), 1 Westminster-chambers, Victoria-st., London.

6 "Burlington House." Erected for the use of the learned and scientific societies of England.

7 "Dulwich College." General view.

8 "Dulwich College, Great Hall."

9 "Dulwich College." Sketches of various portions.

10 "Design submitted in Competition, in 1859, for New Foreign Offices." Awarded second premium by the judges.

Boreham, F., A.R.I.B.A., 18 Finsbury-place South, London.

11 "View of the Aged Pilgrims' Asylum." Erected at Hornsey Rise, London.

Brandon, D., F.R.I.B.A., 24 Berkeley-square, London.

12 "Marlborough Club House, Pall Mall, London."

13 "Junior Carlton Club House, Pall Mall, London." South view.

14 "Junior Carlton Club House, Pall Mall, London." North view.

15 "Hemsted Manor, Kent." Erected for Lord Cranbrook.

16 "Taverham Hall, Norfolk." Erected for J. N. Micklethwait, Esq.

17 "Lytchett Heath, Dorset." Erected for Lord Eustace Cecil.

18 "Corn Exchange and Public Rooms, Aylesbury."

Brooks, James, F.R.I.B.A., 35 Wellington-st., Strand, London.

19 "Side Chapel, St. Chad, Haggerstone."

20 "Church of Annunciation, Chislehurst, Kent." South-west view.

21 "Church of Ascension, Lavender Hill." South east view.

22 "Schools of St. Michael, with Convent and Hospital, Shoreditch."

23 "Chapel of the Convent of St. Mary at-ye-cross, Shoreditch."

Cameron & Elliott, 46 Duke-St., Manchester-square.

23a "The Rent Day." Decorative oil painting, early English.

23b "Adoration of the Magi; Presentation in the Temple." Stained glass design.

23c "Transfiguration." Stained glass design.

23d "Four Apostles." Stained glass design.

23e "Domestic Window, for Billiard-room." Stained glass design.

Champneys, Basil, 39 Great Marlborough-st., London.

24 Two successful "Competition Designs for the New Literary and Divinity Schools for Cambridge University."

25 "Competition Design for New Examination Schools for Oxford."

26 "New Church of St. Pcter-le-Baily, Oxford."

27 "Now Church of St. Martin, Mayfield, Kent."

Clarke, E. F. C., 10 Serjeants' Inn, Temple, London.

28 "Holy Trinity Church, Beckenbam, Kent." In course of erection.

29 "House at Rotherham, Yorkshire."

Clarke, T. Chatfeild, F.R.I.B.A., 63 Bisnopsgate-st. Within, London.

30 "Perspective View of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Bishopsgate-st. Within."

31 "Perspective View of 36 and 37 Leadenhall-st."

Coe, Hy. E. (firm of Coe & Robinson), 4 Furnival'8 Inn, London.

32 "First Premiated Design for the Foreign Office, Whitehall, London."

Goodman, T., Southend, Essex.

33 "Interior View of the South Porch of the Church, South Benfleet, Essex."

Hansard, O., F.R.I.B.A., 8 Argyll-place, London.

34 "Messrs. Marshall and Snelgrove's Premises in Oxford-st. and Vere-st., London."

Hayward, C. Foster, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., 20 Montagu-st., Russell-square, London.

35 "Natural Science Schools, Harrow." Front view.

36 "Natural Science Schools, Harrow." Garden elevation.

37 "Hunting Lodge, Copsehill, Gloucestershire."

38 "Grand Pump Room Hotel, Bath."

I'Anson, E., F.R.I.B.A., 7a Laurence Pountney Hill, London.

39 "Perspective View of School Building, erected on site of old Charter House Schools in London, for Worshipful Company of Merchant Tailors."

Jackson, T. G., Devereux-chambers, Temple, London. (Honorable mention, Paris Universal Exhibition, 1878.)

40 "New Examination Schools for the University of Oxford." View in High-st.

41 "New Examination Schools for the University of Oxford." View of quadrangle.

42 "New Town Hall, Tipperary, Ireland." Architecture in terra-cotta, with decoration in sgrafflatura; walls rough-cast.

page 272

James. Seward & Thomas, Messrs., St. Jonn's-chambers, Cardiff.

43 "Perspective View, in Pen and Ink, of the New Municipal Buildings recently erected at Cardiff."

44 "Front Elevation of Design, submitted in competition, for Shakespere Memorial Theatre, Picture Gallery and Library, at Stratford-on-Avon."

Jones, Horace, F.R.I.B.A., Guildhall, London. (Third Medal, Paris Universal Exhibition, 1878.)

45 "The New Markets of the City of London:—Central Meat Market; Central Poultry and Provision Market; Billingsgate Fish Market."

46 "The Library and Museum of the City of London."

Lynn, W. H., R.H.A., F.R.I.B.A., Calendar-st., Belfast. (Second Medal, Paris Exhibition, 1867.)

47 "Original Design for proposed new Parliament Houses at Sydney, N.S.W."

Pearson, J. L., A.R.A., F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., 46 Harley-st., London. (First Medal, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, Paris Universal Exhibition, 1878.)

48 "North-east View of Wentworth Church, York shire."

49 "South-East View of St. Augustine's Church, Kilburn, London."

50 " Interior of Wentworth Church."

51 "View of a House in South Wales."

52 "Interior of Sutton Verry Church, Wiltshire."

Robins, E. C.. F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., 32 London-road, Marlborough-road, London.

53 "Design for Leicester Town Hall."

Scott, J. Oldred, F.R.I.B.A., 31 Spring Gardens, London.

54 "Design submitted in Competition for the new Vestry Hall, Kensington, London."

55 "The new Greek Church, Bayswater, London."

56 "The new Parish Church, Slough, Buckinghamshire."

57 "Design submitted in Competition for the new Examination Schools for the University of Oxford."

Seddon, J. P., F.R.I.B.A., 1 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, London.

58 "Interior of Chapel, St. Peter's Orphanage, Isle of Thanet."

59 "Rood-Screen, Ingham Church, Norfolk."

60 "University College of Wales, Aberystwith."

61"Lambeth Palace Chapel (interior)."

Smith, T. Roger, F.R.I.B.A., 10 Lancaster-place, Strand, London.

62 "Standiffe." Designed for Sir Joseph Whit-worth, Bart.

63 "Blythwood." Designed and built for George Hanbury, Esq.

64 "Brambletye." Designed and built for Donald Larnach, Esq.

Sorby, T. C., 13 Bedford-row, London.

65 "The Town Hall, Bromley, Kent."

66 "The County Court Offices, Barnsley."

67 "Design submitted for Municipal Buildings, Leicester."

Spiers, Richard Phene, F.R.I.B.A., 12 Regent-st, London.

68 "Schools erected in British-st., Millwall, for the London School Board."

69 "Memorial Tower erected in Locke Park, Barnsley."

Sulman, J., F.R.I.B.A., 10 Fumival's Inn, London.

70 "Exterior Perspective of Congregational Church, George-st., Croydon."

71 "Interior Perspective of Congregational Church, George-st., Croydon."

Tarring & Wilkinson, Messrs., 69 Basinghall-st., London.

72 "Design for Congregational Church, Blackburn, Lancashire."

73 "Presbyterian Church, Marylebone, London."

74 "Messrs. Doulton's Studios, Lambeth, London."

Taylor, W. G.

74a "Design for Window, St. Paul's."

Tarver, E. J.. F.R.I.B.A., 10 Craig's-court, Charing-cross, London.

75 "Design for University Building at Nottingham."

Taylor. Andrew J.

75a "The Angel Choir, Lincoln."

Trevail, Sylvanus, Tywardreath, Par, Cornwall.

76 "Towey Board Schools. Cornwall."

77 "St. Ives Board Schools, Cornwall."

Truefitt, G., F.R.I.B.A., 5 Bloomsburysquare, London.

78 "The Tower and Spire of St. George's Church, Tufnell Park, London."

Waterhouse, Alfred, A.R.A., F.R.I.B.A., 20 New Cavendish-st., London.

79 "Interior View of the Index Museum, Natural History Museum. South Kensington, London."

80 "Exterior View of the Principal Front of the Natural History Museum, South Kensington. London."

Watson. T. H., F.R.I.B.A., 0 Nottingham-place, London.

81 "Church of St. Luke, Deptford."

82 "Church of St. Mary, Loughton."

Whichcord. J.. F.S.A. (President of the Royal Institute of British Architects), 11 Queen Victoria-st., London.

83 "Premises occupicd by the Bank of New Zealand, and the National Safe Deposit Company, London."

84 "St. Stephen's Club House, Westminster Bridge, London."

page 273

White, William, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., 30a Wimpole-st., London.

85 " Church of St. Mark, Battersea Rise." South-cast view.

86 "Church of St Peter, Battersea." South-east view.

White, W. H., F.R.I.B.A. (Secretary of the Royal Institute of British Architects), 9 Conduit-st., London.

87 "Elevation of New Portions of Chateau de Martin-vast, near Cherbourg, France."

88 "Elevation (facing Courtyard) of New Portions of Chateau de Martinvast, near Cherbourg, France."

89 "Lateral Elevations of New Portions of Chateau de Martinvast, near Cherbourg, France."

90 "Longitudinal Sections of Chateau de Martinvast, near Cherbourg, France."

Wyatt. T. H., F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A. (Hon. Secretary of the Royal Institute of British Architects), 77 Great Russell-st., London.

91 "View of the Exchange and adjoining Buildings, Liverpool."

Young, William, 14 and 15 Exeter Hall, London.

92 "Haseley Manor House, Warwick." Erected for Alfred Hewlett, Esq.

93 "Designs for Mansions.

Class V.—Engravings & Lithographs.

Ballin, A., 1 Park Villas, Brentford, Middlesex.

Four Etchings—Battle of Trafalgar.

1 "The Morning."

"The English 'Temeraire' and the French 'Redoutable' and 'Fongueux.'"

"The 'Royal Sovereign' after the Battle."

"The Last Shot"

2 "Landing at Gravesend of their R.HH. the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh."

Barlow, Thomas Oldham, A.R.A., 38a Victoria-road, Kensington, London.

3 "Her Majesty the Queen, with her Grandchildren, Prince Albert Victor, Prince George, and Princess Victoria of Wales." After J. Sant, R.A.

4 "Prayer." After J. Phillip, R.A.

5 "Coming Home." After J. Phillip, R.A.

6 "La Gloria." A Spanish Wake. After J. Phillip, R.A.

7 "Breakfast in the Highlands." After J. Phillip, R.A.

8 "My First Sermon." After J. E. Millais, R. A.

9 "My Second Sermon." After J. E. Millais, R.A.

10 "Baron Julius Reuter." After R. Lehmann.

Evershed, A., 10 Mansfield Villas, Ham-stead, London.

11 "The Tower of London—The Byward Gate." Etching.

12 "The Tower of London—The Bloody Tower," &c. Etching.

13 "On the Thames—Kingston Bridge." Etching.

14 Ten etchings on the Thames, from nature.

Heseltine, J. P., 196 Queen's Gate, London.

15 Three etchings.

16 Three etchings.

Lowenstam, L., 9 Titchfield-terrace, Regent's Park, London.

17 "Portrait of Lord Salisbury." Etching.

18 "Portrait of Lord Derby." Etching.

19 "Portrait of the late Lord John Russell." Etching.

Montefiore, E. L., Paris.

20 Frame of etchings—including portrait of Sir Moses Monteflore.

Severn, W.

21 "Our Boys." From a painting by W. Severn. Engraved by J. B. Pratt.

Simmons, W. H.

22 "Happy as the Day's Long." AfterT. Faed, R.A. Artist's proof. Lent by Mr. Arthur Tooth, 7 Haymarket, London.

23 "The White Cockade." After J. E. Millais, R.A. Artist's proof.

page 274

Class XII.—Photographio Proofs and Apparatus.

Wortley, Lieut.-Colonel H. Stuart, Patent Museum, South Kensington Museum, London.

(Instantaneous Photographs on Dry Plates. Artistic Studies from Nature.)

1 "The Hill Side."

2 "Caernarvon Castle."

3 "Sea-Side Studies."

4 " What are the Wild Waves Saying?'

5 " Gathering Wraic."

6 " What are Hopes but Gleams of Brightness?'

7 "Clouds."

8 "Mademoisella."

9 "Dolly."

10 "Ethel."

11 "Chignita."

12 "In Maiden Meditation."

13 "The Stirrup Cup."

Heath, Vernon, London.

14 "Elder Brethren, Burnham Beeches."

15 "Summer, Burnham Beeches."

16 "Windsor Castle, from the Thames."

17 "Horse Chestnut Tree." The Thames, at Cook ham.

18 "The Old Manor House, Stoke Park."

19 "The Queen's Deodara—The Stopes, Windsor Castle."

20 "A Peep into Fairy Land, Burnham Beeches."

21 "Scotch Fir. Kentchurch Court."

22 "Blaven, from Scour-na-Gillean, Isle of Skye."

23 "Great Scots Fir, Inverary."

24 "Marscow, Isle of Skye."

25 "Ben-Venue and the Trossachs."

26 "Glen Shira, Inverary."

27 "Study of an Elm, Stoke Park."

28 "The Vale of Festiniog, North Wales."

Brightman, E., Bristol.

29 Group of photographs.