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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class II.—Water Colours

page 264

Class II.—Water Colours.

Various Paintings and Drawings.

Absolon, J., Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 106 Palace Gardens-terrace, London.

1 "The Emigrant Ship, Sunday Evening."

2 " Madame Desmoulins."

3 "Church of Tredamit, Brittany."

4 "A Bit of Wiltshire."

5 "Sir Roger de Coverley."

Aumonier, James, 136 Camden-road, London, N.W.

6 "A Yorkshire Fishing Village."

Bannatyne, J., 7 Crescent-place, Mornington-crescent, London.

7 "Duncraggan, Trossachs, Scotland."

8 "The Old Road to the Trossachs, Scotland."

9 "Bury, Sussex."

Barraud, C. J., 4 Langham-place, London.

10 "On the Coast of Devon."

Bayliss, Wyke, 7 North-road, Clapham Park, London."

11 "Interior of St. George's Chapel, Windsor."

Beale, Sophia, 3 Kent-terrace, London, or care of Thomas Harlin, Esq., The C.E. Grammar School, Melbourne.

12 "Paris, from the Salle d'Apollon of the Louvre."

Benwell, J. A., 13 Abingdon Villas, Kensington, London.

13 "Desert Travelling." Valley of Sinai.

Bouvier, Augustus, 56 Alexander-road, St. John's Wood, London, N.W.

14 "Cherry Ripe."

Bouvier, Gustave, Associate of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 1 Caversham-road, Kentish Town.

15 "The Old Sun Dial, Hastings."

Brierly. O. W., 38 Ampthill-square, London, N.W.

16 "Man Overboard, in the Baltic."

17 "Admiral Blake Blockading the Royalist Fleet under Prince Rupert."

Bromley, John.

17a "On the Old Road to Llanrwst."

17b "For the Midday Meal."

Buckman, E., 22 Ovington Gardens, London, S.W.

18 "Decorative Treatment of Modern Subject—London Street Itinerants."

18a The same.

Callow, Wm., Great Missendon, Bucks.

19 "The Town Hall and Market-place of Padua."

20 "Entrance to the Port of Tréport, Normandy."

Chase, Marion, Haddon Lodge, Reux-road, Kilburn, London.

21 "In the Conservatory."

22 "Cowslips and Orchises."

Courbold, Edward Henry. Eodge, Victoria-road, Kensington, London.

23 "Henry V. passing through the Streets of London after the Battle of Agincourt."

24 "Jehu on his Way to Jezreel."

Connell, J. M.

24a Ivory miniature—"Empress of Austria."

24b Ivory miniature—"Australian Chess Player."

Chevalier, Nicholas, 5 Porchesterterrace, Hyde Park, London.

25 "Te Anau Lake, New Zealand."

26 "Monte Rosa," from the Riffel, Switzerland.

Dakin, Joseph, Beaufort Cottage, Red Hill, Surrey.

27 "The Seine at Meudon."

Davidson, Charles, 23 Guildford-st., Russell-square, London.

28 "Pandy Mill, North Wales."

Davis, Val., Lismore Lodge, Haverstock-road, London.

29 "An Anxious Moment."

Donaldson, A. B., 10 Argyll-road, Kensington, London.

30 "Warwick Castle."

31 "Guy's Cliff, near Warwick."

32 "Bright Morning after Rain." Ely.

33 "A May Morning." Dordrecht, Holland.

Du Maurier, G., New Cross House, Hampstead Heath.

33a "Original Drawings for Punch," &c.

Duncan, E.,Member of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, 36 Upper Park-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

34 "A Study near Hurley Mill, on the Thames."

Earle, Charles, 9 Duke-st., Portland-place, London.

35 "The Lizard Lighthouse, Cornwall."

35a "An English Homestead on Sussex Downs."

Frere, Miss Catherine, Wressil Lodge, Wimbledon, Surrey.

35b "Fruitstall in Capetown Market."

page 265

Gilbert, Sir John, R.A., Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, Kent.

36 "Louis XIV. Transacting Business with his Ministers in the Apartment of Madame de Main-tenon."

Gilbert, Miss Ellen, Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, Kent.

37 "Old Letters."

38 "A Sunny Corner."

Gilbert, Miss O. P., Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, Kent.

39 "The Miniature."

40 "Beatrice—' Much Ado about Nothing"' (Act iii. scene i.).

Gillies, Margaret, 25 Church-row, Hampstead, London.

41 "Expectation."

Goodall, Edward A., 57 Fitzroy-road, Regent's Park, London.

42 "The Remains of the Causeway which Originally Extended from the Ancient City of Memphis to the Lybian Hills."

43 "Gate of Justice, Alhambra."

44 "Venice, from the Lagunes."

Goodall, Mary, 104 Wellington-buildings, Chelsea, Bridge-road, London.

45 "Seaweed Gatherers."

46 "Little Bo-peep."

Gosling, William, Sycamore Lodge, War-grave, Henley-on-Thames.

47 "The Thames by Bolney, near Henley."

Grace, A. P., Amberley, by Arundel, Sussex.

48 "August in England."

Grace, James E., Milford, Surrey.

49 "The Mill Pool."

Guerin, Mrs. A. L., Park-place Villas, London.

50 "Striped Azalea Tree."

51 "Wall Flowers."

52 "Azaleas."

53 "Cottage at Shere, Surrey."

54 "Farm Houses, Shere, Surrey."

Guinness, Miss E. S., 4a Chesson-road, West Kensington, London.

55 "Holy Bible, Book Divine, Precious Treasure, thou art mine."

Haag, Carl, S.P.W.C., 7 Lyndhurst-road, Hampstead, London.

56 "In the Cloisters of the Stiptskirche, at Berchtesgarten, Bavarian Highlands."

Haghe, Louis, President of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 103 Stockwell-road, London.

57 "Rood Loft in the Church of Dixmude, Belgium."

Hargitt, E., Associate of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 10 Alexander-square, Brompton, London.

58 "Evening."

59 "Highland Poachers."

59a "Loch Ling."

Harper, H. A., 42 Grove End-road, London.

60 "The Mount of God—Sinai."

Hayes, Edwin, R.H.A., Briscoe House, Steele's-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

61 "Ryde Boat, off Portsmouth."

62 "A Signal of Distress in the Offing, Gorlston Pier, Great Yarmouth."

63 "Tarifa, Coast of Spain."

Heffer, E. A., 6 Victoria-road, Kilburn, London.

64 "North Side of the Choir, Westminster Abbey."

65 "Chapel of St. John, Westminster Abbey."

66 "Coronation Stone, Kingston-on-Thames."

Herkomer, Hubert, A.R.A., Dyreham, Bushy, Hants.

66a "Alfred Tennyson."

Hine, H. G.. Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 130 Haverstock Hill, London.

67 "Thirlwall Castle, Northumberland."

68 "At Wareham, Dorsetshire."

69 "View from Hayward's Heath, Sussex."

70 "On the Kyles of Bute."

Hine, Harry, 60 Park-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

71 "St. Alban's Abbey, Hertfordshire."

72 "Chalky Sea, Eastbourne, Sussex."

Hopkins, Arthur, 22 St. Ann's Villas, Notting Hill, London.

73 "The Boy's Paradise."

Houston, J. A., R.S.A., Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 10 Upper Phillimore-place, London.

74 "Loch Vennacher and Ben Venue."

75 "Glen Sannox."

76 "Cuniag, Sutherland;" "Stark, from the Lax ford;" "White Castle, Monmouth;" "Near Arrochar—Evening."

77 "Harlech Castle, North Wales."

78 "Loch Earne."

79 "Druidical Remains."

80 "Death of Warwick, the King-maker."

81 "Snowdon—Evening."

Hunt, Alfred William, 1 Tor Villas, Camden Hill, London.

82 "Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye, Scotland."

83 "Ben Sleogh, Kinloch Ewe, Scotland."

Johnson, Harry, The Holt, 12 Loudon-road, St. John's Wood, London.

84 "When Spring and Summer Meet."

85 "Wigmore, an Old-World Village in Orchard Country."

86 "On the River Cad, under the Dewerstone, Devon."

87 "A Trout Stream near St. Peter Tavey, Dartmoor."

Jopling, J. M., Trafalgar Studios, King's-road, Chelsea, London.

88 "Preparing the Banquet."

89 "Lily."

90 "The Terrace, Balcarres, Fyfe, Scotland."

Kilburne, G. G., Hawkhurst House, Steelo's-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

91 "A Royalist"

page 266

Leonard, John Henry, 24 Camden Hill Gardens, London, W.

92 "Closing Day, the Kennet Valley, North Wilts."

Lewis, Lennard, Pembroke Lodge, 26 Upper Park-road, Hampstead, London.

93 "The Votive Church of St. Barbe, near Le Fauvët, Morbihan, Brittany."

Lewis, C. J.

93a "Village Gossips."

Lyon, Lucy S., 9 St. Philip's-terrace, Kensington, London.

94 "Autumn's Touch."

Macquoid, Thomas R., Stanley-place, Chelsea, London.

95 "Beside the Meuse, Dinant, Belgium."

96 "Inn Garden, Remouchamp." In the Ardennes, Belgium.

Macculloch, James.

96a "Blavin, from Loch Kilchrist, Skye."

Maplestone, F. E., 1 Richmond Gardens, Uxbridge-road, London, W.

97 "Anxious Moments."

Maplestone, Henry, 1 Richmond Gardens, Uxbridge-road, London, W.

98 "The Old English Festival of Rush-bearing."

99 "A Sudden Excitement in the Village."

Marrable, Mrs., 42 Ladbroke-road, London.

100 "View from St. George's Hill, Weybridge, Surrey, looking towards Windsor Castle."

101 "Ancient Larches, looking towards Pontresina, Engadine."

Mead, Miss, 8 Hornton-st., Kensington, London.

102 "Gossips of Many Years."

103 "A Yew Tree."

Miller, Henrietta, 7 Perham-road, West Kensington, London.

104 "In the Boathouse, Saint's Bay, Guernsey."

105 "Roses."

106 "Jug of Roses."

107 "Chrysanthemums."

Mitchell, Philip, 4 Bedford-terrace, Plymouth.

108 "Plymouth Sound, with Drake's Island."

Mogford, J., Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 17 Park-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

109 "Colzean Castle, West Coast of Scotland."

110 "Cornish Harvesting, near Grangewood."

111 "A Path through the Ferns, near Falmouth."

112 "From Beaumaris across to Aber, North Wales."

113 "An Estuary."

Montalba, Miss Clara, S.P.W.C., 20 Stanley-crescent, Notting Hill, London.

114 "Wreck in the Baltic."

115 "The Choir of St. Marc's, Venice."

Nash, J.

115a "Interior of the International Exhibition, 1862."

Nattress, G., 31 Great James-st. Bedford-row, London.

116 "Mont St. Michel, Coast of Normandy."

Newton, A. P., Member of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, 44a Maddox-st., London.

117 "Ben Nevis, from Lochlochy."

118 " A Study in the New Forest, Hampshire."

Pratt, Mrs. A. Epps, Marley, Haslemere, Surrey.

119 "The Slipway, Ryde, Isle of Wight."

Rigby, Cuthbert, High Duddon, Broughton, in Furness.

120 "In the Declining Summer Sun, the Labouring Mill-wheel Rests."

121 "A Dangerous Coast."

Riviere, H. P., Associate of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, 26 St. John's Wood-road, London.

122 "Good Friends."

Severn, A., Heme Hill, London.

123 "The Boulogne Boat entering Folkestone Harbour in a Storm."

124 "Venetian Boats Becalmed."

124a "Florence, from the Albergo d'Arno."

Severn, Walter, 9 Earl's Court-square, London.

125 "Street in Old Cairo—Palace of the Grand Vizier."

126 "Boscastle, North Coast of Cornwall."

Small, William, 294 Camden-road, London.

127 "Drying Herring Nets." Banff, Scotland.

Smallfield, F., Member of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, 62 Boundary-road, London.

128 "May Time in England."

129 "Æsop at School."

Smith, James W., 30 Abercorn-place, St. John's Wood, London.

130 "A Rainy Day—Farm-house, near Aldeburgh, Suffolk."

131 "Farm-house, on the Road between Lyndhurst and Lymington, Hants."

Smith, T. R.

131a "Brambletye."

Smith, W. Colling-wood, Wyndham Lodge, Brixton Hill, London.

132 "Wreck of an Indiaman on the Longships."

Spiers, Richard Phene, Carlton-chambers, 12 Regent-st., London.

133 "Great Hall of Columns, Kamac, Egypt."

134 "Church at Hux, on the Meuse, Belgium."

135 "Court of Justice, Cairo."

Stevens, A., 38 King-st., Covent Garden, London.

136 "The Thames at Bray, Berks."

page 267

Stocks, W. F., Upton House, Well Walk, Hampstead, London.

137 "Caernarvon Castle, North Wales."

138 "An English Village."

Tayler, E., 37 Gloucester place, Portman-square, London.

139 "Far Away."

140 "The Casket."

Thornycroft, Helen, Morton House, Melburly-road, Kensington, London.

141 "Strolling Players."

Toft, P., 156 Cornwall-road, Notting Hill, London.

142 "Bamborough Castle."

Wade, T., Hill Cottage, Windermere.

143 "A Farm Yard."

144 "Old Cottages."

Warren, E. G., Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 1a Phillimore Gardens, London.

145 "A Clearing in the New Forest, Hants."

146 "The Greendale Oak, Wellbeck, Sherwood."

Watt, Linnie.

147 "On the Downs. Somersetshire."

147a "Chalky Beach."

Weber, Otto, 26 Grevill road, St. John's Wood, London.

148 "Ploughing in Italy."

149 "Threshing in Italy."


150 "Fruit Piece." Lent by J. S. Laurie, Esq.