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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

I. Works of Art

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I. Works of Art.

Royal Collection.

Paintings Lent to the British Royal Commission by Her Majesty the Queen.

1 "The Queen Receiving the Sacrament" (the concluding part of the ceremony of Her Majesty's Coronation) on the 28th of June, 1838. By C. R. Leslie, R.A.

The picture represents Her Majesty in the Dalmatic Mantle (the Coronation robe), having taken off the Crown in approaching the altar, and wearing no jewels. The peers and peeresses, who had worn their coronets from the moment in which the Queen was crowned, have now put them off. The Sacrament is administered by the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Howley), assisted by the Rev. Lord John Thynna in the absence of the Dean of Westminster. On the farthest side of the altar is the Lord Chamberlain (the Marquis of Conyngham) and the Bishop of London (Dr. Blomfield). The Sword of State is borne by viscount Melbourne, near whom are the Duke of Wellington and the Duke of Sutherland. The Crown is held by the Lord Great Chamberlain (Lord Willoughby d'Eresby). next to whom is the Earl Marshal (the Duke of Norfolk). Under the lower canopy are seated the ladies of the Royal Family. Nearest Her Majesty are the late Princess Augusta, attended by Lady Mary Pelham; the Princess Augusta of Cambridge, attended by the Hon. Miss Kerr; the Princess Hohenlohe and the Duchess of Kent, attended by Lady Flora Hastings and Viscount Morpeth. The other ladies and gentlemen in attendance under the canopy are the Ladies Caroline Campbell and Caroline Legge, and Viscounts Villiers and Emlyn. Immediately behind the Queen are the Mistress of the Robes (the Duchess of Sutherland) and Lady Barham, the lady in waiting. In the foreground are five of the eight young ladies who bore the Queen's train—namely, the Ladies Caroline Lennox, Adelaide Paget, Fanny Cowper, Wilhelmina Stanhope, and Mary Grimston. Beyond the Coronation chair are the Duke of Nemours and Prince George of Cambridge, and behind it are the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge, the Duke of Coburg, Prince Ernest of Phillipsthal, and the Duke of Argyll; and two pages of honour (the Marquis of Stafford and Lord Mount Charles).

2 "The Royal Family in 1857." Copied by Signor Belli from F. Winterhalter's Picture at Osborne.

3 "The Marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales," at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, 10th March, 1863. By W. P. Frith, R.A.

4 "The Royal Procession to St. Paul's Cathedral," on the Thanksgiving Day, 27th February, 1872. By N. Chevalier.

Seventh Carriage in the order of the Procession:—Earl of Bessborough (Lord Steward), Viscount Sydney (Lord Chamberlain), the Duchess of Sutherland (Mistress of the Robes), General Lord Strathnairn (Gold Stick in Waiting).

Eighth Carriage in the order of the Procession:—Their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Connaught, Prince Leopold, and Prince George of Wales, and the Marquis of Ailesbury (Master of the Horse).

On Horseback:—The Lord Mayor and the Civic Authorities.

Ninth Carriage in the order of the Procession:—Her Majesty the Queen, and their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Beatrice, and Prince Albert Victor of Wales.

Painting Lent by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

5-6 "Ceremony of the Opening of the International Exhibition in Vienna, 1873." By N. Chevalier.

This picture contains more than 100 portraits. On a platform, profusely decorated with plants and flowers, are seated the Emperor and Empress of Austria; the Prince of Wales, the Crown Prince and Princess of Germany, the Duke of Connaught, the Crown Prince of Denmark, the Count of Flanders, the Countess Girgenti, the Princess Amalia of Coburg, and the Duke of Coburg are also present, and a vast concourse of princes and nobility of all nations occupy the second and successive rows of seats. The Archduke Carl Ludwig is represented in the act of reading the first address.

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Class I.-Oil Paintings.

Paintings on Canvas, on Panel, and on other Grounds.

Aikman, George, 51 York-place, Edinburgh.

7 "Cornfield, East Coast of Scotland."

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence, R.A., Town-send House, Titchfield-terrace, Regent's Bark, London.

8 Miss Thackeray's " Elizabeth."

9 "Spring."

10 "Sunflowers."

10a "Portrait of Herr George Henschel."

Alma-Tadema, Mrs., Townsend House, Titchfield-terrace, Regent s Park, London.

11 "ABirdcage."

Ansdell, Richard, R.A., Lytham House, St. Alban's-road, Kensington, London.

12 "Evening; Girl and Dogs."

13 "The Anxious Mother; Sheep."

14 "Partridge Shooting."

15 "The Deer Family.

Archer, J., R.S.A., 7 Cromwell-place, South Kensington, London.

16 "From the Ballad of 'Sir Patrick Spens.'"

17 "Loch Carron, Ross."

Armitage, E., R.A., 3 Hall-road, St. John's Wood, London.

18 "Pygmalion's Galatea."

19 "The Mother of Moses."

Aumonier. J., Associate of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 136 Camden-road, London.

20 "Dolgarrog Mill, Conway Valley, North Wales."

21 "South Cove Common, Suffolk."

Ballin, A., 1 Park Villas, Barton-road, Brentford, Middlesex.

22 "The 'Victory' Cutting the Franco-Spanish Line at the Battle of Trafalgar (Oct. 21st, 1805)."

Barber, J. M., 26 Canterbury-road, Brixton, London.

23 "Mowers."

24 "Elstead Bridge, Surrey."

Barnard, Frederick, Kingston House, Steele's-road, London, N.W.

25 "Scene from 'Barnaby Rudge.'"

26 "Saturday Night in the East-End of London."

Bartlett, W. H., Park Lodge, Church-st., Chelsea, London.

27 "Nearing Home." In the Oety Thal, Tyrol.

28 "TheTruants." Bavaria.

Bauerle, Carl, 12 Dawson-place, Bayswater, London.

29 "Spring."

30 "Midsummer Noon."

31 "Daisies."

Baxter, C. (the late).

32 "H.R.H. the Princess of Wales." Lent by A. Tooth.

Bayes, A. W., 21 Adelaide-road, London.

33 "Friends and Foes."

34 "Disturbed."

Bayliss, Wyke, F.S.A., 7 North-road, Clapham Park, London.

35 "Interior of Strasburg Cathedral."

Beale, Miss Sophia, 3 Kent-terrace, N.W., London.

36 "The Last Chapter."

Beavis, Richard, I.P.W.C., 38 Fitzroy-square, London.

37 "Bedouin Caravan descending the High Ground at Wady Ghurundel, en route to Mount Sinai."

38 "Threshing-floor at Gilgal."

Beckman, E.

39 "The Coastguard."

Bedford, J. B., 92 Boundary-road, London.

40 "Fair Margaret."

Bingley, J. G., Wallington, Surrey.

41 "The Miller's Belongings." Sketch near Penzance, Cornwall.

Bottomley, J. W., 46 Bedford Gardens, Camden Hill, London.

42 "Dawdling Home."

Boughton, G. H., West House, Camden Hill-road.

43 "Sunshine."

44 "Clouds."

Brett, John, 38 Harley-st., London.

45 "Mount's Bay, Cornwall."

Brewtnall, Edward F., 1 The Mall, Park-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

46 "The Sleeping Beauty."

Bromley, Win., 16 Loudon-road, St. John's Wood, London.

47 "Going to Market."

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Brooks, Miss Maria, 121 Sloane-st., London.

48 "The Penny Story Book."

Brooks, Thos., 3 Upper Phillimore Gardens, London.

49 "A Story of the Sea."

50 "The Rendezvous."

Brown, A. K., 113 West Regent-st., Glasgow.

51 "Pass of the Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland."

Browning, Robert Barrett, 15 Water-loo-place, London, S.W.

52 "A Stall in the Fish Market at Antwerp."

53 "The Unanswered Question."

Calderon, P. H., R.A., Western Lodge, Grove End-road, St. John's Wood, London.

54 "Joan of Arc."

Calthrop, Claude, 31 Coleherne-road, Redcliffe Gardens, London.

55 "Meeting of Scotch Jacobites."

Campion, Howard, 14 Charles-st., Middlesex Hospital, London.

56 "Woodland Stream, Normandy, France."

57 "On the Thames, Maple-Durham."

Cauty, H. H., Highlight, Gordon-place, Camden Hill, London.

58 "Tramps, Burnham Common, near Slough, Bucks."

59 "Caerleon Cove, near the Lizard, Cornwall."

Chapman, J. W., 53 Warwick-road, Kensington, London.

60 "The Old Curiosity Shop."—Vide Charles Dickens.

Charlton, John, 7 Victoria-road, Kensington, London.

60a "Beauty and the Beast."

Chester, F., 18 Emperor's Gate, Cromwell-road, London.

61 "Making Hay while the Sun Shines."

Chester, George, 10 St. Alban's-road, Kensington, London.

62 "The Hampshire Hatches on the River Avon, above Christchurch."

63 "Wood Gathering in the New Forest, Hampshire."

Clark, Joseph, 396 Camden-road, London.

64 "Wandering Minstrels."

Collier, John, 104 Eaton-place, London.

65 "Andrea dal Castagno." Surnamed degl' Impiccat, (of the hung).

Connolly, Ellen, 116 Gower-st., London, W.C.

66 "Granny's Pets."

Cooke, E. W., R.A., F.R.S., Glen-Andred, Groombridge, Sussex.

67 "The 'Cleopatra' Cylinder Vessel in a Hurricane in the Bay of Biscay, on the 14th of October, 1877."

68 "Ruins on Island of Phike the Beautiful." On the right the Temple of Isis, with its huge Pylons; on the left, the building called Pharaoh's Bed.

69 "A Dutch Galliot aground on a Sand Bank in the 'Bies-bosch,' Holland. Low-water."

Cooper, T. G., 42 Chepstow Villas, London.

70 "A Scene in Sherwood Forest."

Cooper, T. Sydney, R.A., 42 Chepstow Villas, London.

71 "A Brook in the Meadows."

71a "Amongst the Rocks, Glencoe."

Cope, C. W., R.A., 19 Hyde Park Gate South, London.

72 "Lieutenant Cameron's 'Welcome Home' from Explorations in Africa."

Correggio School.

73 Panel, "The Holy Family."

74 "A Dead Christ and Mater Dolorosa." By Domenichino.

[Both lent by J. S. Laurie, Esq.]

Cotman, F. G., 10 Boscobel-place, Alpha, road, London.

75 "Going through the Orchard."

76 "I am Monarch of all I Survey."

77 "A Sunny Bit."

Couldery. Horatio H., Maude Villa, Addington Grove, Lower Sydenham, London.

78 "Maternal Affection."

Cox, Frank E., 5 John-st, Bedford-row, London.

79 "The Towing Path." On the Thames.

Crane, Walter, Beaumont Lodge, Shepherds' Bush, London.

80 "The Fate of Persephone."

Crowe, Eyre, A.R.A., 33 Langham-st, Great Portland-st.

81 "Sheep-Shearing Match."

Davidson, T., 82 Park-road, Haveretod Hill, London.

82 "Dessert"

Davis, VaL, Lismore Lodge, Haverstock-road.

83 "Among the Buttercups."

Dicey, F., 76 Fulham-road, London.

84 "Song of Solomon."

Dicksee, J. R., 6 Fitzroy-square, London.

85 "Alice Lee." "Woodstock," Sir Walter Scott.

86 Mrs. Pepys "Home, and Found my Wife making Tea."

Dicksee, Thomas Francis, 2 Fitzroy square, London.

87 "Lady Teazle."

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Dillon, Frank, 13 Upper Phillimore Gardens, London.

88 "Eavesdropping."

89 "Tombs of the Mameluke Sultans, Cairo."

[Both lent by Frederick Wigan, Esq.]

90 "A Japanese Interior: The Lost Shuttlecock."

91 "House of the Sheikh Sedât, Cairo."

Dobson, W. C. T., R.A., Eldon House, Hampstead, London.

92 "Christ Raiseth from Death the Widow's Son at Nain." St. Luke vii.

Dockree, M. E., 13 Queen's-road, St. John's Wood, London.

93 "In Shelved Nook the Mill-stream still Sings its Merry Lay."

Dollman, John Charles, 15 Alma-road, Canonbury, London.

94 "The Course of True Love Never did Run Smooth."

Dowling, Rt., 27 Coleherne-road, West Brompton, London.

95 "Morning in the Market Place, Cairo."

96 "Moses Viewing the Promised Land."

Downard, E. Newman, 2 Theresa-terrace, Hammersmith, London.

97 "The Haunt of the Fallow Deer." The Rother, Petworth, Sussex.

Earle, Charles, 9 Duke-st., Portland-place, London.

98 "A Spring Morning."

Edward, Alfred S., 100 Foulden-road, Stoke Newington, London.

99 "From Birnam Hill to Ben-y-Gloe, Scotland."

Elmore, A., R.A., 1 St. Alban's-road, Kensington, London. (Medal, Vienna, 1873.)

100 "On the Housetops, Algiers."

Faed, J., R.S.A., 38 St. John's Wood Park, London.

101 "King James IV. before the Battle of Flodden."

Fahey, E. H., Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 10 Elsham-road, Kensington, London.

102 "All Among the Barley."

103 "Heartsease."

Field, Walter, East Heath Studios, Hampstead, London.

104 " A Summer Evening."

Fry, S., Windmill Hill, Hampstead, London.

105 " The Founder's Tomb, Westminster."

Fulleylove, J., I.P.W.C., 13 Braunstone Gate, Leicester.

106 " Where Heaves the Turf in many a Mould'ring Heap."—Gray.

Fyfe, Wm., 62 Abbey-road, St. John's Wood, London.

107 "The Young Cavalier." Fancy portrait of artist's son, aged seven years.

108 "Portrait of Gordon Campbell Ogg, aged seven years." Exhibited in Royal Academy, 1869.

Gadsby, W.

109 "The Picture Book."

Gale, Wm., 30 Osnaburgh-st., Regent's Park, N.W.

110 "Spoils of War."

111 "Maggie."

Garland, Henry.

112 "A Highland Drove, Argyleshire."

Gilbert, Sir John, R.A.. S.P.W.C., Van-brugh Park West, Blackheath, Kent.

113 "Doge and Senators of Venice in Council."

114 "Squire and Sophia Western and the Aunt at Cards."

115 "The Battle of Naseby."

Girardot, E. G., The Studio, Upper Park-road, N.W., London.

116 "Mamma's Flowers."

Glindon, H. Gillard, 40 Brewer-st., Golden-square, London.

117 "Arming the Household."

118 "Arrested."

Good all, F., R.A., Hon. Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, Graeme's Dyke, Harrow Weald, Herts.

119 "Spring Time in Egypt."

120 " Sheep-washing near the Pyramids of Geezah."

Goodman, Mrs., 53 Winchester-st., London.

121 "Waiting."

122 "Will He Come?"

Gow, James, 35 Fitzroy-square, London.

122a "An Easy Lesson."

Grace, A. F., Amberley, by Arundel, Sussex.

123 "Sussex Downs—Evening."

Graham, T., Stanhope Studios, Delancey-st., London.

124 "O'er the Downs."

Griffith, W., Bromley House, Bromley, Kent.

125 "My Baby Sleeps."

Griffiths, T., 31 Rochester-road, Camden Town, London.

126 "Carting Turf on the Yorkshire Moors."

127 "On the"Portland Road, near Weymouth."

Hall. W. Honywell, 7 Arundel Gardens, Notting Hill, London.

128 "Waiting for the Ferry." Scene on the Thames.

Hardy, T. B.

129-130 "Fishing Boats off Scheveningen."

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Hargitt, E., Associate of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 10 Alexander-square, Brompton, London.

131 "West Loch, Tarbet."

132 "Arran, from Cantyre."

Hayes, Edwin, R.H.A., Briscoe House, Steele s-road, London, N.W.

133 "Dutch Pinks Returning from Sea, Katwyke Beach, Holland."

134 "Genoa la Superba."

Hetherington, J., 4 Steele's Studios, Haverstock Hill, London.

135 "A Provincial Tour in South Devon."

136 "After the Apple Harvest, South Devon."

Hemy, C. Napier, Myrtle Lodge, North-end, Fulham, London.

136a "Home Again."

Hering, G. E., 45 Grove End-road, St. John's Wood, London.

137 "Bay of Brodrick, Isle of Arran, in the Firth of Clyde."

Herbert, J. R., R.A., The Chimes, Kilburn, London.

137a "Lear Disinheriting Cordelia."

137b "Christmas Eve at Bethlehem."

Herbert, Wilfred V., The Chimes, Kilburn, London.

137c "A Captive Briton in the Colosseum."

Hicks, G. E., 36 Kensington Park-road, London, W.

138 "Home from Work."

139 "All that was Left to Love."

Hill, A., 4 Langham-chambers, London.

140 "The Foolish Virgins."

Hodgson, J. E., A.R.A., 5 Hill-road, Abbey-road, London.

141 "Loot."—"One touch of nature makes the world akin."

Hopkins, W. H., 2 Elgin-road, Maida Vale, London.

142 "Rest."

Holden, E. H.

143 "Lane Scene at Scarborough, Yorks."

Horsley, J. C., R.A., I High-row, Kensington, London. (Medal, Vienna, 1873.)

144 "Cupboard Love."

145 "The Unwilling Salute. 'Discipline Oblige.'"

Horsley, W. C., 1 High-row, Kensington, London.

146 "Going to the Front." India, 1870.

Houston, John A., R.S.A., 10 Upper Phillimore-place, Kensington, London.

147 "The Matchlock." "Warlike Gear of Old."

Hughes, Wm., 32 Cheyne-row, Chelsea, London.

148 "English Flowers."

Hume, E., Petersfield-road, Midhurst, Sussex.

149 "Shrimpers."

Hume, Hy., 22 Park Village East, Regent's Park, London.

150 "A Normandy Farmyard."

Hunter, Colin, 14 Melbury-road, Kensington.

151 "Salmon Fishers, Loch Fyne."

Jay, W., 42 Great Castle-st., Regent-st.

152 "In Leigh Woods, near Bristol."

Johnston, Alexander, 36 King Henry's-road, London, N.W.

153 "The Wanderer."

Johnson, C. E., Morven House, Steele's-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

154 "A Gipsy Encampment."

Johnson, Harry, The Holt, 12 Loudon-road, St. John's Wood, London.

155 "An October Morning in Sussex—Waiting for the Guns."

156 "The Old Lock. Summer Twilight after Rain."

Johnston, A., 46 Fitzroy-st, Fitzroy-square, London.

157 "In the Leafy Lanes."

Jones, Carl.

158 "Chilston Lane, Cockington."

159 "Hampshire Downs. Sneep and Rooks."

Jopling, Mrs. Louise, Trafalgar Studios, King's-road, Chelsea, London.

160 "The Five Sisters of York."

Kilburn, G. G., Hawkhurst House, Steele's-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

161 "Spring Spoil."

Knight, J. W. Buxton, 20 Grafton-st, Fitzroy-square, London.

162 "Home, Sweet Home." Wales.

163 "The High Road, Winchelsea."

164 "Farm near Fairlight, Hastings."

Koberwein, Rosa, 182 Holland-road, Kensington, London.

165 "In that Sweet Mood when Pleasant Thoughts bring Sad Thoughts to the Mind."

Lancaster, A. D., 5 Sheffield-terrace, Kensington, London.

166 "Convalescents." In the Chapel of the Children's Hospital, Great Ormond-st., London.

Law, David, 9 Regent's Park-terrace, London.

167 "Dittisham, on the Dart."

page 255

Lawson, Cecil, 280a King's-road, Chelsea, London.

167a "The Hop Gardens of England."

Lehmann, R., 1 South Villas, Camden Hill, London.

168 "Ophelia."

Leighton, Sir Frederick, President of the Royal Academy of Arts, 2 Holland Park-road, London.

169 "Samson and Delilah."

Le Jeune, H., A.R.A., 144a Adelaide-road, London.

170 "Queen Catherine's Dream."

Lewis, C. J., Cheyne House, Chelsea, London.

171 "The Water Lane."

172 "A Wiltshire Mill-race."

173 "A Welsh View." Llangellin, North Wales.

Lucas, Albert Durer, Chilworth, Romsey, Hampshire.

173a Four oil paintings—"Flowers."

Lucas, Seymour, 26 Cavendish-square, Bloomsbury, London.

173b "The Gordon Riots."

173c "An Ambuscade."

Luker, William, 22 Notting Hill-square, London.

174 "Scotch Cattle in Down Park—Spring Morning."

175 "Spring Time—Burnham Beeches."

Maccallum, A., 47 Bedford Gardens, London.

176 "The Forest of Balloch Rhui, Balmoral."

Macallum, Hamilton, 171 Stanhope-st.

177 "Catching Dabs, Tarbart Harbour."

Macbeth, R. W., 6 The Mall, Park-road, Haverstock Hill.

178 "A Sardine Fishery."

M'Culloch, J., 9 Harrington-square, London.

179 "Porten Cross Castle, on the Clyde."

Marshall, W. E., 2 Steele's Studios, Haverstock Hill, London.

180 "Sheepfold—Winter."

Marks, H. Stacey, R.A.

180a "The Jolly Postboys."

Miles, T. R., 64 Charlotte st., Fitzroy-square, London.

181 "Tis mercy calls them to the work—a ship is in distress."—E. Cook.

182 "And England, rich in record of her princes, kings, and crowns,

May tell still prouder stories of her boatmen of the Downs."—E. Cook.

183 "I saw the pomp of day depart, the cloud resign its golden crown."—Longfellow.

Mogford, J., Member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 17 Park-road, Haverstock Hill, London.

184 "The Menai Straits."

Montague, Alfred.

185 "Off the Coast, Isle of Wight"

Moore, Henry, Associate of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, 4 Sheffield-terrace, Camden Hill, London.

186 "Mist and Sunshine, Yarmouth Roads."

187 "Towing out with the Tide—Sunset, Port Madoc."

Morgan, John, South Hill Villa, Guildford.

188 "Wards in Chancery."

Moscheles, F., Cadogan Gardens, London.

189 "On the Banks of the Kanagawa."

190 "Father's Nets."

Munger, Gilbert, 11 Fitzroy-st., London, W.

191 "Treberwith, Cornwall."

192 "Willapark, Cornwall."

Mutrie, Miss A. F., 36 Palace Gardens-terrace, London.

193 "Evening Primrose."

Mutrie, Miss M. D., 36 Palace Gardens-terrace, London.

194 "White Lilac."

Naish, John George, Runnacleave, Ilfra-combe, Devon.

195 "Hell Cove, North Devon."

Lady Nicholson, The Grange, Totteridge, Hants.

196 "The Three Sons of Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart."

197 "Portrait of Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart., D.C.L., LL.D."

O'Connor, John, 28 Abercorn-place, St. John's Wood, London.

198 "Evening on the Thames at Westminster."

198a "Granada, Spain."

Ormsby, P., 4 Hill-road, Abbey-road, London.

199 "Afternoon Tea in the Last Century."

Parsons, Alfred, 54 Bedford Gardens, London, W.

200 "A Willowy Brook that Turns a Mill."

Perugini, C. E., 141 Warwick-st., Eccleston-square, London.

201 "A Modern Bacchante."

202 "Finishing Touches."

Pocock, Lexden L., 70 Gower-st., London.

203 "The Dawn of Christianity in Britain."

Poole, P. F., R.A., Uplands, Greenhill-road, Hampstead, London.

204 "A Wounded Knight."

page 256

Pratt, Mrs. A. Epps, Marley, Haslemere, Surrey.

205 "First of May, Haslemere."

Prinsep, Val., A.R.A., 1 Holland Park-road, Kensington, London.

205a "The Death of Cleopatra."

Redgrave, R., R.A., 18 Hyde Park Gate South, London.

206 "Jack o' Lanthorn."

Robertson, H. R., 1 Steele's Studios, Haverstock Hill, London.

207 "A Summer Flood."

208 "Gleaners."

Rooke, Thomas M., 7 Queen Anne's Gardens, Bedford Park, Tumham Green, London.

209 "A Devonshire Maid."

210 "In Dittisham Church, Devonshire."

Sains Bury, E., 5 Rectory Grove, Clapham, London.

211 "A Late Visitor."

Scholderer, Otto, 8 Clarendon-road, Putney.

212 "Reverie."

Small, William, 294 Camden-road, London.

213 "The Captive Briton."

Smart, J., R.S.A., 4 Picardy-place, Edinburgh.

214 "The Crofter's Flitting."

Smith, George, Augusta Villa, Camden Hill, London.

215 "Far Away."

Starr, Miss Louisa, 14 Russell-square, London.

216 "Rose Time."

Stock, F. R., Stanhope Studios, Delancey-street, London.

217 "The Model."

217a "Jeannette."

Stocks, Arthur, 29 Harley-road, Hornsey Rise, London.

218 "Our Soldiers, Past and Future."

Stone, Marcus, A.R.A., 8 Melbury-road, Kensington-road.

219 "An Appeal for Mercy."

Storey, G. A, A.R.A., 19 St. John's Wood-road, London.

220 "Pettoe."

Thomson, Leslie, 76 Charlotte-st., Fitzroy-square, London, W.

221 "Furze in Blossom, Scotland."

222 "Where Tweed and Teviot Meet."

Thornycroft, Theresa G., Moreton House, Melbury-road, Kensington, London.

223 "Dives and Lazarus."

Thomas, Miss, London.

224 "Portrait of Charles Summers, Sculptor."

Topham, F. W. W., Ifeld, Prince Arthur, road, Hampstead, London.

225 "A Bridal Welcome." Florence, 1565.

Waite, James Clark, 9 Camden Studio, Camden-st., London.

226 "What shall we say next, Dickey?"

Walker, J. H., 4 Penywern-road, London.

227 "Preparing for the Festival."

Waller, S. E., 58 Circus-road, St. John's Wood, London.

228 "The King's Banner." Lent by Col. H. Stuart Wortley.

Wallis, Henry, 24 Brecknock-crescent, London, N.W.

229 "A Morning Call. Ladies of Smyrna."

Walters, G. S., 134 Adelaide-road, London.

230 "An Autumn Afternoon near Amsterdam."

Walton, F., Holmbury, St. Mary, near Dorking.

231 "The Home of Many Generations."

Waterlow, E. A., Associate of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, 3 St. Petersburg-place, London.

232 "A Mill-stream in Wales."

Watkins, B. Colles, R.H.A., 2 Leinster st., Dublin.

233 "Ecclesiastical Ruins and Round Tower, on Inniscaltra, or Holy Island, Lough Derg."

Watson, Charles J., All Saints' Green, Norwich.

234 "Boatbuilding on the Yare."

Watt, Linnie, Home Lodge, Norwood-road, London.

235 "On the Beach—Coast of Kent."

236 "A Little Picnic."

Watts, G. F., R.A., Holland Park, London.

237 "Britomartis and her Nurse."

238 "Esau."

Webb, James, 5 Haymarket, London.

239 "Brighton."

240 "Off the Dordt, Holland."

Weber, Otto, 26 Greville-road, St. John's Wood, London.

241 "Come on, Come along."

242 "A Herd of Highland Cattle."

page 257

Weigall, H., 35 Bryanston-square, London, W.

243 "Trumpeter."

Williams, Haynes, 23 St. Edmunds-terrace, Regent's Park, N.W.

244 "Foundlings." Spain, 1790.

245 "A Spanish Matador."

Winkfield. Fredk. A., 59 Britannia-road, Fulham, London.

246 "Mending Nets." Hastings.

Wyllie, Chas. W., 70 Carlton Hill, St. John's Wood, London, N.W.

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