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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Belgium. — I. Works of Art

page 232


I. Works of Art.

Class I.—Oil Paintings.

Abry, Leon, 43 Rue Ommeganck, Antwerp.

1 "Reverie."

Asselbergs, A., 9 Quai au Bois de Construction, Brussels.

2 "A Winter Day."

Beernaert, Mdlle. E., 20 Rue du Buisson, Brussels.

3 "Oak Trees at Modave."

4 "The Pool of Planchiport."

Bellis, H., S Rue du St. Esprit, Brussels.

5 "Fruit."

6 "Oysters."

Berlin, J., Brussels.

7 " Bad News."

7a "A Visit."

Bossuet, F., 165 Rue Royale, Brussels.

8 "View of Grenade."

9 "Xeres, South of Spain."

Bouvier, A., 18 Rue Caroly, Brussels.

10 "The Scheldt at Tholen, Holland."

Carabain, T., 54 Rue Vifquin, Brussels.

11 "View at Anticoli-Corrado, Italy."

Ceriez, Th., 89 Rue au Beurre, Ypres.

12 "Sketching a Bust—Time of Louis XV."

Clarys, A., Brussels.

13 "Lions Fighting."

13a "Races."

Cluysenaar, A., 61 Rue de la Source, Brussels.

14 "Le Petit Gate-Sauce."

Cogen, Felix, 192 Avenue d'Auderghem, Brussels.

15 "Fisherwoman."

16 "Fishermen Returning from Shrimp-fishing."

Collard, Mdlle. M., 3 Rue de Facqz, Brussels.

17 "After the Rain."

Coosemans, J. Th.,77 Rue Dupont, Brussels.

18 "Entrance of Wolf's Glen, Forest of Fontaine-bleau."

Courtens, Frans, 247 Chaussée d'Alsemberg, Brussels.

19 "Am Morning."

De Biseau, A., 34 Avenue d'Auderghem, Brussels.

20 "Winter, near Dinant."

20a "Old Mill on the Bièvre."

De Block, Eugr., 222 Chaussée de Haecht, Brussels.

21 "The Fisherman's Bride."

De La Hoese, Jean, 46 Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, Brussels.

22 "The Broken Chair."

De Bruycker, 95 Rue van Bloer, Antwerp.

23 "The Lesson in Botany."

De Pratere, Ed., 22 Rue Godecharles, Brussels.

24 "Extra Post Horses in Snowy Weather."

De Schampheleer, Ed., 22 Rue Gode-charles, Brussels.

25 "Dordrecht on the Meuse."

26 "Tamise on the Scheldt."

De Vigne, Mdme. Emma, 111 Rue Charles Quint, Ghent.

27 "Peonies and Lilas."

Farasyn, E., 45 Rue de la Province, Nord, Antwerp.

28 "Naughty Pussy."

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Francia, A., Rue du Berceau, Brussels.

29 "On the Beach, Scheveningen, Holland."

30 "Loch Katrine, in Scotland."

31 "Flemish Fishermen."

Gabriel, P. C. J., 331 Rue Rosier, Brussels.

32 "Landscape."

Gerard, Theodore, 40 Rue Gallait, Brussels.

33 "Hounds Feeding after Hunting.

Glibert, A., 118 Quai Mariemont, Brussels.

34 "Cabaret, under the Directory."

Herbo, Leon, 277 Rue Rogier, Brussels.

35 "A Brunette."

36 "A Marriage."

Heyermans, T., 40 Ruo van Schoenbeke, Antwerp.

37 "A Village Shop in Flanders."

Heymans, A. J., Wcchelderyaude, Thielem, Antwerp.

38 " Sunrise."

Hirth, du Fresnes, Nieuport.

39 "The Market-place at Nieuport."

Impens, Josse, 15 Ruo Hermans, Brussels.

40 "The Artist."

Jacobs, A. R., Brussels.

41 "Little Greedy One."

Keelhoff, F., 1 Chaussde d'lxelles, Brussels.

42 "The Water Mill."

43 "View of the Environs of Tongres."

Kuhnen, V., Chateau d'Habarn, near Neufchateau.

44 "Oven in Brittany" (France).

44a "Italian Girl."

45 "The 'Steen,' in Antwerp."

45a "Young Lady."

Markelbach, 129 Chaussde do Haecht, Brussels.

46 "Cromwell at Lady Claypole's."

Mellery, X., 29 Rue de la Charité, Brussels.

47 "Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi."

48 "Woman in the Campagna of Rome."

Mols, Robert, 100 Rue van Schocnbeke, Antwerp.

49 "The Port, Antwerp."

Musin, A., 114 Rue de la Limite, Brussels.

50 "The Tower of London."

Musin, Francois, 114 Rue do la Limite, Brussels.

51 "The Quay at Ostend."

Oyens, D., 81 Ruo Traversiére, Brussels.

52 "Business before Pleasure."

Oyens, P., 81 Rue Traverstére, Brussels.

53 "The Studio."

Portaels, T., 25 Rue de Loxum, Brussels.

54 "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

55 "Spring."

55a "Mignon."

56 "Souvenir of Morocco."

Rayemaekers, T., 1 Chaussée d'lxelles, Brussels.

57 "Deer Shooting."

58 "Bog Shooting."

Ringel, Fritz, 276 Rue Rogier, Brussels.

59 "Oriental Sentry."

Robbe, Henri, 25 Rue des Secours, Brussels.

60 "Flowers."

61 "Fruits."

Robbe, L., 22 Rue Joseph II., Brussels.

62 "A Meadow in Flanders."

Roffiaen, Francois, 16 Rue Godecharles, Brussels.

63 "Morning on the Lake of Brientz, Switzerland."

Rosseels, T., Termonde.

64 "Midday on the Scheldt."

Sacre, Emile, 42 Rue des Drapiers, Brussels.

65 "Summer."

Serrure, A., 224 Rue des Coteaux, Brussels.

66 "Homesick."

Slingenyer, E., 93 Ruo du Commerce, Brussels.

67 "The Tambourine."

Soubre, C., 14 Rue d'Auguste, Liège.

68 "The Notched Sword."

Stallaert, Joseph, 20 Rue des Chevaliers, Brussels.

69 "A Young Girl at Albano."

70 "Young Italian."

Stevens, A., 16 Rue des Drapiers, Brussels.

71 "Reverie."

Stevens, J., Brussels.

72 "Persecution."

Stroobant, T., 20 Rue van Aa, Brussels.

73 "View at Delft."

Seeldrayers, E., 45 Rue d'Allemagne, Brussels.

74 "Monks Begging in Antwerp."

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Tschaggeny, Charles, 1 Rue de l'Abondanee, Brussels.

75 "Under Fire."

Van Der Bussche, E., 247 Rue Rogier, Brussels.

76 "The War in Montenegro." (Van Lil, Joseph.)

Van Der Meulen. Edm.. Rue de la Buanderie, Brussels.

77 "Dogs in Kennel."

Van Leemputten, Frans, a Jette-lez-Brussels.

78 "Breakfast."

Van Seben, 9 Rue van Aa, Brussels.

79 "Children's Winter Games."

80 "Winter."

Van Severdonck, Joseph, 26 Rue du Progres, Brussels.

81-2 "The Swell Sleigh."

Verhas, Jan, 21 Rue Seutin, Brussels.

83 "Martha's Pigeons."

84 "In the Corner."

Verheyden, L., Croenendal, near Brussels.

85 "Heath, near Waesmunster."

Verheyden. J. J., 142 Chaussée d'lxelles.

86 "A Maid Servant."

Verhoeven-Ball, 66 Avenue Moretus, Antwerp.

87 "The Christmas Pudding."

88 "Flower Girl of the Park."

Verwee, Ch. L., 31 Rue du Moulin. Brussels.

89 "The Beguinage at Bruges."

Verwee, A., 258 Rue Rogier, Brussels.

90 "Cows at Pasture."

Wilson, G., 73 Rue Capoul, St. Gilles-lez Brussels.

91 "The Organ Player."

Class II.—Various Paintings & Drawings.

De Biseau, A., 34 Avenue d'Auderghem, Brussels.

92 Two etchings in aquafortis.

93 Two etchings in aquafortis.

Gasparoli, Mdlle. Maria, 153 Rue du Trone, Ixelles, Brussels.

94 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Gunther, Mdlle. Louise, 17 Rue Thére-sienne, Brussels.

95 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Maltby, Mdlle. Eva, Rue des Petite Cannes, Brussels.

96 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Maltby, Mdlle. Gertrude, Rue des Petite Carmes, Brussels.

97 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Michel, Mdlle. C.,19 Rue Navez, Brussels.

98 "In a Forest" (in chalk).

Robinson, J., 77 Rue Bcrckmans, St. Gilles, Brussels.

99 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Rochard, Mdme. Henriette, 127 Rue Malibran, Brussels.

100 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Tourteau, E., 16 Rue Tasson, Snel, Brussels.

101 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Van Bomberghen, Mdme. Josephine, 4 Rue du Soleil, Antwerp.

102 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

Van Immerseel, Mdlle. E., 53 Rue des Palais, Schaerbeck, Brussels.

103 Hand-paintings on porcelain.

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Class III.—Sculpture & Die-Sinking.

Brunin, Charles, 31 Avenue du Pare, Moris.—Groups in marble:—

104 "Napolitani."

105 "La Milanaise."

106 "Ciocciara."

Cattier. Armand, 222 Chaussée de Vleur-gat, Brussels.—Groups in bronze:—

107 "Italian Girl at a Fountain."

108 "Young Spartan."

Comein, P., 47 Rue van Dyck, Brussels.

109 Five groups in terra-cotta.

Laborne, Ed., 1 Rue Previnaire, Brussels.

110 "Resentment" (terra-cotta, broken).

Laumans. J., Laeken, near Brussels.

111 "Teaching the Dog" (bronze).

Ludwig, Louis, 39 Chausséc St. Pierre, Brussels.

112 "Innocents' Day" (terra-cotta).

Wiener, C., 29 Rue de Spa, Brussels.

113 "Mutual Love" (group in terra-cotta).

Class V.—Engravings & Lithographs.

Danse, A., Engraver, Mons.

114 An engraving—"La Folie de Hugues van der Goes," by Wautere.