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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Austro-Hungary. — I. Works of Art

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I. Works of Art.

Class I.—Oil Paintings.

Budinszky, Dovanhi M., 16 Neugasse, Vienna.

1 Oil painting.

Hohenberger, Henry, 371 Via Boschetti, Trieste.

2 Two oil paintings—"Still Life."

Class II.-Various Paintings & Drawings.

Bogner, Antonie, Vienna.

3 Photographs, painted in oil, transparent, and etched on glass.

Bouche, Henriette, 9 Albertgasse, Vienna.

4 Photographs painted in oil.

Devide, Th., 4 Schottenring, Vienna.

5 Gobelin imitation, four ceiling pictures, oil paintings by Viennese masters.

Faber, A., Trieste.

6 "Rural Scene," photographed on cloth in imitation of Gobelin, and painted by Prof. Sturm.

Falb, C., 9 Webgasse, Vienna.

7 Enamel and porcelain paintings.

Zasche, Joseph, 3 and 15 Karnthnerring, Vienna.

8 Porcelain and enamel paintings; portraits, dishes, vases, plates; enamelled boxes, articles of attire, &c.

Class III.—Sculpture & Die-Sinking.

Jackel, Z. J., Spitz-on-the-Danube.

9 Wood carvings.

Tilgner, Victor, Vienna.

10 Bronze bust of Francis Joseph I., Emperor of Austria.

Unterberger, Fr., Innsbruck, Tyrol.

11 Tyrolese wood-carvings of "Margaret, Daughter of Emperor Maximilian L"; " Speckbacher and his Son," &c.

Vogl, Adolf, Innsbruck.

12 Statue—"Heart of Jesus."

13 "Two Kneeling Angels."

14 "Child Jesus."

15 Framed station picture.

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Class V.—Engravings & Lithographs.

Czeiger, S., 43 Alleegasse, Vienna.

16 Self-published printed oil-colour pictures and baroque frames.

Engel, Emil M., Schottenring, Vienna.

17 Printings, illustrated works, pictures of photo., typo., and lithographical prints.

Gerlach, M., & Co., 20 Magdalenenstrasse, Vienna.

18 Art publishing works, illustrated; and some tableaux.

Holzel, Edward, 5 Louisengasse, Vienna.

19 Printed oil-colour pictures in frames, and objects for instruction.

Neumann, L. T., Vienna.

20 Printed oil-colour pictures.

Reiffenstein, G., I.R., Vienna.

21 Chromolithographs.

Stockinger, J.. & Morsack. Al., Vienna.

22 Printing, illustrated works, modelling cartoons, picture-sheets and painted figures, pictures tor children and schools.

Trassler, A., Troppau, Silesia.

23 Pictures in frames (photographs in ehromo-lithography).