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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

III. Furniture and Accessories

III. Furniture and Accessories.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

163 Alcock & Co., 132 Russell-st., Melbourne.—
  • Billiard-table, carved mouldings, of figured black-wood, patent adjusting toes, lamp, complete.
  • Combination cabinet, electric marker.
  • Billiard-room settee.
  • Billiard-table, of tulipwood, with adjusting toes and lamp.
  • Combination cabinet and marking-board.
  • Billiard-room settee.
  • Combination reversible dining and billiard tabic, with adjusting castors.
  • Verandah lounge.
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164 Bailey, Ann, Sydney-road, Brunswick, Melbourne.—Table.

165 Baker, J., 32 Bank-st. West, Emerald Hill, .Melbourne.—American clothes-hanger. Linen-press.

166 Boll Brothers. 14 Lennox-st.. Richmond, Melbourne.-—Pedestal library table, of Australian woods.

167 Bennett, J., 174 Queen-st., Melbourne.—Enclosed console sideboard, in Australian woods.

168 Brown, E.. Shire Engineer, Benalla.—Furniture, with improved castors.

169 Cohen Brothers & Co., Lonsdale-st. East and Step hen-St.. Melbourne.—Huon pineand black-i wood bedroom suite, Oriental drawingroom suite.

170 Dellit. W.. 10 Arden-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Wicker chairs, made of Tasmanian willows.

171 Dillon, P., Ryrie-st., Geelong.—Draught-table.

172 Fallshaw, D., jun., Errol and O'Shannassy sts., Hotham, Melbourne.—Cane furniture.

173 Gabell, W. J.. Bay-st., Sandridge, Melbourne.—Chess-table.

174 Gottliebsen, T., 14 Victoria-st. West, Melbourne.—Pavilion.

175 Hickson, J., 131 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Child's cot of colonial woods.

176 Jones, J., 40 Pitt-st., Carlton. Melbourne.—Drawingroom aviary.

177 Lachal. G., 72 and 74 Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Sideboards.

178 Leach. C., 132 Lygon-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Table-top.

179 Lording, H., Canning-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Fancy dressing-table, made of Australasian woods.

180 Lyster & Cooke, 151 Stephen-st., Melbourne.—Fenders. Bedsteads.

181 M'Ewan. J., 361 Spencer-st., Melbourne.—Diningroom, library, and bedroom furniture.

182 M'Lean Brothers & Rigg, 69 Elizabeth st., Melbourne.—Lunchcon-tables. Folding-chairs. Garden-seats.

183 Plumridge, I., Bridge-road, Richmond, Melbourne.—Wood and cane seated Chairs.

184 Rowland, T., Pelham and Berkeley sts., Carlton, Melbourne.—Inlaid table.

185 Sheedy, J.. Lyndhurst-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Inlaid loo-table.

186 Stan way, W., Park-st., South Yarra, Melbourne.—French bedsteads, with spring mattresses, easy chairs, couch, coffee-table.

187 Steimle, Marg. A., 117 Jeffcott-st., West Melbourne.—Suite of furniture.

188 Steinfeld, LeVinson & Co., 93 to 99 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Furniture. Cane summer-house and furniture;

189 Sturrock, A. W., jun., 9 University-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Loo table.

190 Tiernan, P., Abbotsford and Spencer sts., West Melbourne.—Inlaid circular table.

191 Trapp, A., Ceeil-St., Williamstown, Melbourne.—Model chest of drawers. Spiral staircase.

192 Trapp, C., Cecil-st., Williamstown, Melbourne.—Chest of drawers, wardrobe.

193 Trapp, L., Cecil-st., Williamstown, Melbourne.—Secretaire bookcase.

194 Wadley & Teychener, Derby and Easey sts., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Spring mattress.

195 Wadley, J., Derby-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Brass-mounted iron bedsteads.

196 Wallach Brothers, 158 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Furniture. Bedsteads.

197 Watts, W. K.. Wellington-parade, East Melbourne.—Inlaid table-tops.

198 Wehsack, F., 18 Little Collins st. East, Melbourne.—Cedar wardrobe.

199 White, J. T., Kilgour-st., Geelong.—Veneered chest of drawers.

Class 18.—Upholsterers' and Decorators' Work.

200 Bennett, G. R., 29 Darling St., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Inlaid marble chess table.

201 Blight, C., 55 .Jobnston-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Fancy bracket-;.

201a Blogg Brothel's, 18 Stewart-st, Windsor, Melbourne.—Gilding and lettering on glass.

202 Bolton, J., Docker-st.. Richmond. Melbourne.—Imitation graining in oak. cedar, marble, &c.

203 Brooks, Robinson & Co., 39 Elizabeth-st., Mel bourne.—Embossed mirror, ebonite and gold.

204 Campi, A., 122 Russell-st, Melbourne.—Mirror, in gilt frame.

205 Carr & Sons, Spring-st., Melbourne.—Venetian and other window-blinds.

206 Carter, J., 82 Fcrrars-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Grained panels.

207 Cohen Brothers & Co., Lonsdale and Stephen sts., Melbourne.—Upholstery and cabinet work.

208 Curtain, J., York-st., North Fitzroy.—Carved and inlaid Gothic mantelpiece, in various woods.

209 Drewe, J., & Son. Dandcnong-road, Windsor, Melbourne.—Grained door. Decorative panel.

210 Fuller, V., 41 Cameron-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Decorative panels.

211 Hampshire, W. H., 82 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Window-blinds, Venetian and other.

212 Heathcote, T. S., Beaufort House, Drummond-st., North Carlton, Melbourne.—Imitation woods and marbles.

213 Heinzle, J., 211 Smith-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Upholstery.

214 Henderson, D. M., 137 Canning-st., North Carlton, Melbourne.—Carved frame, for mantelpiece mirror.

215 Huxley, Parker & Co., Russell-st., Melbourne.—Carved marble mantelpieces. Marble table-tops.

216 M'Lean Brothers & Rigg, 69 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.-—Spring mattresses. Cabinet Turkish bath.

217 M'Neil, T. H., 84 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Console-table, with pier mirror attached. Carving and gilding. Picture-frames. Brackets. Cornices.

218 Musschialli, L-, 112 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Pier-glass.

219 Norman, W. J., 7 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Picture-frames. Mouldings, &c.

220 Radley, W. B., Peel-st., Ballarat.—Scagliola lady's work-table.

221 Robertson, F., 4 Collins-st. East. Melbourne.—Drawingroom folding-screens, with pictorial and allegorical designs.

222 Rocke, W. H., & Co., 36, 38, 40. and 42 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Pavilion of Art Furniture and Decorations, as described below, each article entered as a separate exhibit:—
(1.)Becdroom suite, consisting of wardrobe, pedestal duchesse-table, pedestal wasbstand, chest drawers, pedestal cupboard, commode, and towel- page 40 rail, in colonial Blackwood and Huon pine, marqueterie, inlaid with ebony and holly, carvings in blackwood. Style, Italian renaissance.
(2.)Stuff-over Couch and Lounge-chairs, upholstered in turquoise-blue and silver sateen.
(3.)Blackwood and Huon pine occasional table, marqueterie, inlaid with ebony and holly.
(4.)Chimneypiece and glass, in Blackwood and Huon pine, marqueterie, inlaid with ebony and holly. Style, Italian renaissance.
(5.)Window cornices, in wood, gilt. Style, Italian renaissance. With valances in turquoise-blue and silver sateen.
(6.)Hangings, for bedstead, in turquoise-blue and silver sateen.
(7.)Parquet floor, in Blackwood and Huon pine.
(8.)Wall and ceiling decorations for bedroom, painted in oil colours, with panels of turquoise-blue and silver sateen.
(9.)Drawingroom Cabinet, in Satinwood and black and gold, incised ornaments, gilt and marqueterie; inlaid with ebony, holly, and purple woods; panels, figures painted on gold ground. Style, early English.
(10.)Drawingroom Cabinet, in thuya-wood and ebony, incised ornaments, gilt and marqueterie; inlaid with ebony, holly, purple, beef, orange, palm woods, and ivory; panels, figures painted on gold ground. Style, early English.
(11.)Drawingroom Jardiniere and Console glass, ebonised and gold, with painted panels. Style, Italian renaissance.
(12.)Drawingroom black and gold Occasional Chairs, upholstered in plush and velvet.
(13.)Drawingroom Wall Decoration, painted in oil colours. Style, early English.
(14.)Drawingroom Cornices, in black and gold, and valances in silk.
(15.)Oak Sideboard, 8-ft. 6-in., incised and carved panels, with cove and panels in painted figures on gold ground. Style, early English.
(16.)Mahogany pedestal Sideboard, 8-ft. 6-in. Style, modern.
(17.)Mahogany diningroom Chair, in colonial morocco. Style, modern.
(18.)Oak diningroom Chair, in colonial morocco. Style, early English.
(19.)Diningroom Wall Decoration, painted in oil colours. Style, early English.
(20.)Bedroom Suite, in colonial Blackwood, with mouldings, carvings, and handles of nickel silver, consisting of wardrobe, duchesse-table, washstand, chest of drawers, and pedestal cupboard.
(21.)Bedroom Wall Decoration, painted in oil colours.
(22.)Pavilion, containing above.

223 Rogers, W. P., 122 Gore-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Ornamental figures. Frames.

224 Slater, E., Auburn-road, Hawthorn, Melbourne.-—Settee. Easy chairs.

225 Sommer, J. C., 89 Victoria-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Painted decoration for walls, &c.

226 Thallon, J. & T., 105a Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Console table and glass. Jardiniere and girandoles. Chimney-frames. Cornices.

227 Thallon, J. & T., 105a Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Chimney-glasses. Girandoles. Jardinieres.

228 Waters, S. T., Castlemaine-st., Yarraville, Melbourne.—Decorative panel, mantelpieces, and door grained in imitation of woods and marble.

229 Watson, W., Upper Macedon.—Rustic tables. Rustic picture-frames, &c.

230 Wehsack. P., 18 Little Collins-st East, Melbourne.—Parquet flooring.

231 Whitehead, I., 87 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Gilt pier-glass and table, window cornices, brackets, picture-frames, &c.

232 Whitehead, I., 87 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Looking-glasses. Pier-glasses.

233 Whitelaw & Blair, 28 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Console tables. Mirrors. Brackets. Cornices. Mouldings. Decorations.

234 Wilson, Corben & Co., 168, 170, and 172 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Enamelled mantelpieces and tables.

Class 19.—Crystal, Glass, and Stained Glass.

235 Australasian Glass Manufacturing Co. Limited. 21 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Glassware.

236 Beer, C., Sydney-road, Brunswick.—Fish globes.

237 Bell, J., View-place, Sandhurst.—Ornamental glass windows.

238 Brooks, Robinson & Co., 39 Elizabeth-st, Melbourne.—Plate-glass, silvered and embossed.

239 Floyd, S., 28 a'Beckett-st East, Melbourne.—Collection of glassware and working appliances.

240 Melbourne Glass Bottle Works Co., The, Graham-st., Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Green glass bottles, assorted.

241 Simonsen, P., 96 Commercial-road, Prahran.—"Vitrcmanie"—imitation of stained glass.

242 Thomas & Richardson, Boundary-road, Hotham, Melbourne.—Glassware in variety.

243 Wilson, G., & Co., Little Flinders-st West Melbourne.—Patent-stoppered bottles, for aërated waters.

244 Woodroffe's Glassblowers, 101 Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Fancy glass. Philosophical instruments in glass.

Class 20.—Pottery.

245 Austin, J. H., Barkly-st., Brunswick, Melbourne.—Glazed stoneware pipes.

246 Australian Tile Works, Malvern, Melbourne.—Agricultural pipes. Vases.

247 Guthrie, G. D., Epsom. Sandhurst.—Parian marble, cane, cream, majolica, and white stoneware. Red and white terra-cotta.

248 Nolan, L., Sydney-road,Brunswick, Melbourne.—Earthenware and terra-cotta articles.

249 Dahlke's Filter Co., Sandridge-road, Melbourne.—Wine-cooler.

250 Gilbrook Pottery, Park-st., Brunswick, Melbourne.—Vase, fountains, &c., in terra-cotta and earthenware.

251 Kilpatrick & Co., 39 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Tcrra-cotta vases, medallions, &c.

252 Middleton, A. G.. 146 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Demijohns.

253 Teale, G., Malvern-road, Prahran, Melbourne.—Wedgwood-ware beer jug, having won first prize at the London Exhibition of 1851. (Loan.)

254 Timperley, W. J., & Brother, 13 Gwynne-St., Richmond, Melbourne.—Spirit barrels.

255 Knight, A., & Co., Lai Lai.—Stoneware.

256 Wolstencroft, J. & W., Miller-st, Back Creek, Sandhurst.—Earthenware mouldings.

257 Wilson & Ridge, Fehon-st., Yarraville, Melbourne.—China, earthenware, jam jars, jugs, &c.

page 41

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

258 Corrie, W., 21 a'Beckett-st., Melbourne.—Bedding materials.

259 Miller, J., & Co., 61 Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Coir mats and matting.

260 Penal Establishment, Pentridge, Melbourne.—Coir mats and matting.

261 Piper, J., 3 Francis-st.,Collingwood, Melbourne.—Hair for upholstery, bedding materials.

262 Tronson & Rutherford.—Bedding materials.

Class 23.—Cutlery.

263 Lillycrap, H., Urquhart-st, Castlemaine.—Cutlery for the use of butchers, curriers, &c.

264 Marsden, A., Barkly-st, Footseray, Melbourne.—Cutlery.

265 Walker, T., 95 Clarendon-st., Emerald Hill, Mel bourne.—Cutlery.

266 White, J. B. & T., York-st. West. Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Sheep-shearing instruments, &c.

267 Wragg, G., Powell and Chapel sts., South Yarra, Melbourne.—Bread, butchers', and cooks' knives.

Class 24.—Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Work.

268 Altman. E. A., 80 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.——Silver and gold cup.

269 Denis Brothers & Co., 72 and 74 Bourke-st. East, .Melbourne.—Goldsmiths' and silversmiths' work.

270 Edwards & Kaul, 5 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Goldsmiths' and silversmiths' work.

271 Evett, W., 85 York-st. East, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Materials for goldsmiths' and silversmiths' work.

272 Gartner, W.. 30 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Mounted emu eggs. Plated-ware.

273 Henty, P., Studley Park, Kew.—Prizes obtained at London agricultural shows. (Loan.)

274 Joseph Brothers, 77 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Mounted emu eggs.

275 Kilpatrick & Co., 39 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Goldsmiths' and silversmiths' ware.

276 Myers, W., 65 Mint-place, Lonsdale-st. West, Melbourne.—Clocks.

277 Rowland, J. R., 87 and 91 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Enamelled gold and silver ware; the enamelling champlevé.

278 Schafer, C., 33 Peel-st, Windsor, Melbourne.—Silver fern-tree flower-stand. Silver ornaments.

278a Stokes & Martin, 100 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Military badges and ornaments. Plated dishes, &c.

Class 25.—Bronzes and various Art Castings and Repousse Work.

279 Kilpatrick & Co., 39 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Statuettes and vases in bronze.

280 Lyster & Cooke. 151 Stephen-st., Melbourne.—Bronze castings for hall furniture.

Class 26.—Clocks and "Watches.

281 Bosch, G., Burwood-road, Hawthorn, Melbourne.—Lever watch movement

282 Edwards, J. B., 78 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Regulator clock, made of odds and ends picked up on the goldfields.

283 Gaunt, T., Royal Arcade, 14 Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Watches, as samples of finishing and escapement-making. Watch-cases, in various stages of completion. Chronometer. Marine timepiece. Hall quarter clocks. Railway-station clock. Racing chronograph.

284 Joseph Brothers, 77 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Turret-clock. Specimen of clock-making.

285 Kilpatrick & Co., 39 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Clocks and watches.

288 Maudsley, J.. Yarra-st., Geelong.—Chrono-metrical clock-work.

287 Thicthener, H., 112 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Clocks, skeleton and other.

288 White, W. J., 10 Maritime-chambers, Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Astronomical clock.

Class 27.—Apparatus and Processes for Heating and Lighting.

289 Andrews, C., Latrobe-terrace, Geelong.—Patent cooking apparatus.

290 Bond, Ruth, Farmer-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Box-iron, to be heated by gas.

291 Briscoe & Co., 11, 13, and 15 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Kitehen-range.

292 Brown, W., 23 William-st, Melbourne.—Tailor's iron, heated by gas.

293 Brunswick Foundry, Brunswick.—Grates.

294 Butcher. T., 124 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Atmospheric oven.

295 Cochrane & Scott. 194 Little Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Patent colonial oven, with movable fireplace.

296 Connelly, J. T., High and Forest sts., Sandhurst—Gas reflectors. Steamboat lamp.

297 Douglas & Sons, 108 and 110 Little Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Gasaliers. Hall lamps. Brackets, &c.

298 Drysdale & Fraser, 131 King-st., West Melbourne.—Cast-iron ventilators. Silent blast-fan.

299 Faul, J. W., Williamson-st., Sandhurst.—Lamps.

300 Goby, A., 85 Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Cooking stoves and utensils.

301 Harnwell, W., 62 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Colonial ovens.

302 Hutchison, J., 5 and 7 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Ranges and ovens.

303 Jeans, S. E., High-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Gas cooking and heating stoves. Water-heaters for baths, &c. Gas stoves for tailors' irons, &c.

304 Knobel, G. A., Royal Park Hotel, Queens-berry-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Knobel s improved compound ventilator.

305 Lockridge, D. D. B., Fire Brigade Office, Melbourne.—Electric lamp.

306 Lyster & Cooke, 151 Stephen-st., Melbourne.—Ranges. Register grates.

307 M'Lean Brothers & Rigg, 69 Elizabeth-st, Melbourne.—Economical kitchen ranges.

308 Mahoney, F., 22 Rathdown-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Ventilators.

309 Murphy, E., Sand ridge-road, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Patent ventilator.

310 Nicholson. J., & Son, 183 Victoria-parade, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Range boilers.

page 42

311 Parker & Co., 29 Post Office-place. Melbourne.—Colonial ovens. Portable stoves. High-pressure boiler. Gas stoves.

312 Paterson, J.. 30 Little Collins-st. East. Melbourne.—Railway, ship, street, and carriage lamps. Tea and coffee urns.

313 Patton, Emily S-, Studley Park-road, Kew. Melbourne.—Patent portable iron plate, for cooking over colonial oven.

314 Porta, J., & Sons, 140 Little Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Bellows and portable forges.

315 Pullinger, F., Staughton-alley, Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Kitchen-ranges, ship's stove.

316 Rasche, W., C.E., 55 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Patent ventilator.

317-18 Sanson, J. M., 25 Baillie-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Miniature kitchen-range and culinary utensils.

319 Toms, W., 138 Swan-st.. Richmond. Melbourne.—Bath, with furnace. Ventilators for roof.

320 Walker, A. R., 40 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Gas stoves. Bath heated by gas apparatus.

321 Wallis Brothers & Co, 211, 213, and 215 Wellington-st.. Colling wood, Melbourne.—Gas stoves, improved colonial ovens, kitchen-ranges, &c.

322 Williams, T., Gold-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Colonial oven.

323 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Steel lamps.

Class 28.—Perfumery.

324 Apollo Stearine Candle Co. Limited, Footscray, Melbourne.—Perfumed soaps.

325 Atkin, C. A., 43 Errol-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Eau-de-Cologne and lavender water.

326 Bosisto. J., Bridge-road, Richmond, Melbourne.—Perfumery obtained from native flowers.

327 Graham, J., 95 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Hair washes and pomades.

328 Johnstone, Jeannie H., Latrobe-terrace, Geelong.—Soap tablets and powders.

329 Kitchen, J., & Sons, 28 Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Soaps.

330 Lewis & Wkitty, 36 Charles-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Perfumery and hair oils.

331 Longmore, F., Flinders and King st. Melbourne.—Lavender water and other perfumes. Perfumers' materials.

332 Smith, A., & Co. 13 Little Collins-st West, Melbourne.—Sccnts. Essences. Fancy Soap.

333 Tilley & Clack, Surrey-road, South Yam, Melbourne.—Toilet Soaps. Violet powder.

Class 29.—Leatlier-work, Fancy Articles, and Basket-work.

334 Bryse, A., 225 Lygon-st.. Carlton, Melbourne.—Hair and nail brushes, glove-stretchers, shoehorns.

335 Gaunt. T., Royal Arcade. 14 Bourke-st East, Melbourne.—Samples of hair-work devices.

336 Hartley, H. J., Victoria-st., Brunswick, Melbourne.—Cocoanut-work plain and silver mounted.

337 Hartley, J., & Co., 17 Little Lonsdale-st. West, Melbourne.—Brooms. Whisks.

338 Haydon, A. T., 149 Rathdown-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Stationery-cases. Jewel-cases. Desks. Writing-cases, &c.

339 McLaren, J., Bay-st., Brighton, Melbourne.—Inlaid writing-desks.

340 Osborn, Cushing & Co., 124 Collins-st, West, Melbourne.—Brooms and brushes.

341 Parker, C. M., 2 Apsley-terrace, Station-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Inlaid tea-caddy.

342 Pettit, E., 33 Latrobe-st. East, Melbourne.—Basketware.

343 Porteous & Gibaud, 120 Little Flindert-st East, Melbourne.—Brush ware. Painters', household, fancy brushes, &c.

344 Rosenthal, S., 1 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Meerschaum pipes and amber goods.

345 Sage, A. J., Camberwell, Boroondara.—Caned cocoanut jewel-vases.

346 Sands & M'Dougall, 46 Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Dressing-cases.

347 Wehsack, F., 18 Little Collins-st East, Melbourne.—Improved cash-boxes.

348 Wheeler, E. J., Miller-st., West Melbourne.—Lady's cabinet.

349 Zevenboom, J., 223 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Brushware, painters' and general.

350 Zevenboom & Thompson, 1 and 3 Little Lonsdale-st. West, Melbourne.—Brooms. Brush-ware.