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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 27.—Apparatus and Processes for Heating and Lighting

Class 27.—Apparatus and Processes for Heating and Lighting.

289 Andrews, C., Latrobe-terrace, Geelong.—Patent cooking apparatus.

290 Bond, Ruth, Farmer-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Box-iron, to be heated by gas.

291 Briscoe & Co., 11, 13, and 15 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Kitehen-range.

292 Brown, W., 23 William-st, Melbourne.—Tailor's iron, heated by gas.

293 Brunswick Foundry, Brunswick.—Grates.

294 Butcher. T., 124 Brunswick-st., Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Atmospheric oven.

295 Cochrane & Scott. 194 Little Bourke-st. East, Melbourne.—Patent colonial oven, with movable fireplace.

296 Connelly, J. T., High and Forest sts., Sandhurst—Gas reflectors. Steamboat lamp.

297 Douglas & Sons, 108 and 110 Little Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Gasaliers. Hall lamps. Brackets, &c.

298 Drysdale & Fraser, 131 King-st., West Melbourne.—Cast-iron ventilators. Silent blast-fan.

299 Faul, J. W., Williamson-st., Sandhurst.—Lamps.

300 Goby, A., 85 Flinders-st. East, Melbourne.—Cooking stoves and utensils.

301 Harnwell, W., 62 Little Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Colonial ovens.

302 Hutchison, J., 5 and 7 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Ranges and ovens.

303 Jeans, S. E., High-st., St. Kilda, Melbourne.—Gas cooking and heating stoves. Water-heaters for baths, &c. Gas stoves for tailors' irons, &c.

304 Knobel, G. A., Royal Park Hotel, Queens-berry-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Knobel s improved compound ventilator.

305 Lockridge, D. D. B., Fire Brigade Office, Melbourne.—Electric lamp.

306 Lyster & Cooke, 151 Stephen-st., Melbourne.—Ranges. Register grates.

307 M'Lean Brothers & Rigg, 69 Elizabeth-st, Melbourne.—Economical kitchen ranges.

308 Mahoney, F., 22 Rathdown-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Ventilators.

309 Murphy, E., Sand ridge-road, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.—Patent ventilator.

310 Nicholson. J., & Son, 183 Victoria-parade, Collingwood, Melbourne.—Range boilers.

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311 Parker & Co., 29 Post Office-place. Melbourne.—Colonial ovens. Portable stoves. High-pressure boiler. Gas stoves.

312 Paterson, J.. 30 Little Collins-st. East. Melbourne.—Railway, ship, street, and carriage lamps. Tea and coffee urns.

313 Patton, Emily S-, Studley Park-road, Kew. Melbourne.—Patent portable iron plate, for cooking over colonial oven.

314 Porta, J., & Sons, 140 Little Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Bellows and portable forges.

315 Pullinger, F., Staughton-alley, Little Flinders-st. West, Melbourne.—Kitchen-ranges, ship's stove.

316 Rasche, W., C.E., 55 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Patent ventilator.

317-18 Sanson, J. M., 25 Baillie-st., Hotham, Melbourne.—Miniature kitchen-range and culinary utensils.

319 Toms, W., 138 Swan-st.. Richmond. Melbourne.—Bath, with furnace. Ventilators for roof.

320 Walker, A. R., 40 Latrobe-st. West, Melbourne.—Gas stoves. Bath heated by gas apparatus.

321 Wallis Brothers & Co, 211, 213, and 215 Wellington-st.. Colling wood, Melbourne.—Gas stoves, improved colonial ovens, kitchen-ranges, &c.

322 Williams, T., Gold-st., Collingwood, Melbourne.—Colonial oven.

323 Willis, W., & Co., 31 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Steel lamps.