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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

[List of Maps, Plans and Charts]

1 Indian Atlas, Sheets of the (bound in two parts—"Western and Eastern India").

2 India, 1877 (sixth edition).

3 India, 1873 (without hills.

4 India, 1877 (with hills).

5 India. Map of illustrating the Progress of the Imperial Surveys to 1st October, 1879.

6 India, Index to the great Trigonometrical Survey of, exhibiting the Bengal, Madras, and Bombay Presidencies the Triangulations and the Sections of the Indian Atlas, 1875.

7 Boundaries and Routes between the Empires of Russia and China.

8 India, 1877 (preliminary edition, without hills).

9 India. 1877, with additions to 1880 (with hills in chalk).

10 India, Preliminary Sketch of the Geology of, 1877, in four sections.

11 Hindustan and the Caspian Sea, a Sketch of the Countries between (fourth edition), 1880.

12 Bengal, the Territories under the Lieutenant-Governor of.

13 Oude Province, 1877.

14 Turkestan, and the Countries between the British and Russian Dominions in Asia (fourth edition), 1879, in 4 sheets.

15 Western Sind, Geological Map of.

16 Orissa and Tributary Mehals.

17 Assam Province, sheets 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

18 Bengal, in 20 sheets, with an index.

19 Bijnour, Furrakhabad, Jalaum, and Lalatpur Districts—Gazetteer maps.

20 Punjab Salt Range, Rajmehal Hills, and Trans-Indus Salt Range—Geological maps.

21 Bogra, Bara Bankee, Durbhunga, Patna, Roy Bareilly, Sooltanpoor, Chanda, and Nimar—District maps.

22 Kosi Valley, in 8 sheets.

23 Simla and Kalka Road Survey, in 14 sheets.

24 Guzerat, sheet No. 80, in 16 sections.

25 Dehra Dun and the Siwaliks, with an index map.

26 Mount Abu, Plateaux of.

27 Deccan, sheet No. 12. in 4 sections.

28 Bhawalpur State, sheets 16 and 11.

29 Bhopal and Malwa sheet.

30 Deccan, sheets, with an index map.

31 Dehra Dun and the Siwaliks sheets.

32 Gwalior and Central India sheets.

33 Jhelum and Shahpur, sheet 6. in 4 sections.

34 Kattywar sheet.

35 Kumaun and Garhwal sheet, with an index map.

36 Khandesh and Bombay Native States, sheets 16 and 18.

37 Jamoo territories, in 3 sheets.

38 Rajputana, half degree sheet No. 12, south.

39 Hooghly District, in 7 sheets.

40 Bijnour District, in 7 sheets, with an index map.