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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Congregated Village Sheets:—

Congregated Village Sheets:—

41 Agra District sheets.

42 Bareilly District sheets.

43 Delhi District sheets.

44 Ganges River, Country along.

45 Gya District.

46 Hooghly District.

47 Karnal District

48 Patna District.

49 Shahabad District.

50 Calcutta City, in 2 sections.

51 Jhabia Patan and Gagron Fort.

52 Simla and Jutog, in 4 sheets.

53 Nairn Tal Cantonment and Settlement.

54 Murree Sanitarium, in 6 sheets.

55 Morar Cantonment.

56 Oodeypore City and Environs, in 6 sections.

57 Gwalior Fortress.

58 Mount Abu, Cantonment and Civil Station of.

59 Great Indus scries.

60 Gwalior and Central India, degree sheet No. 12.

61 Khandesh and Bombay Native States, degree sheets 2 and 5.

62 Madras, meridional series.

63 Madras, longitudinal series, 1865-68.

64 Bay of Bengal, in 2 sections.

65 Bay of Bengal, sheet 1—Elephant Point to Cheduba Strait.

66 Jaygad, and entrance to Shastri River.

67 Pamban (Panben) Pass.

68 Ratnagiri, including Myria and Kalbadavie Pays.

69 Colombo Harbour.

70 Valley of the Alishang, from Tirgarie, by Major H. C. B. Tanner.

71 Views along the Khyber Pass. &c., by Lieutenant G. W. Bartram, R.E., in 26 sheets.

72 Bird's-eye view of country round Kabul, from west end of Bemaru Hills, by Lieutenant C. H. Manners Smith.

73 Panorama of Kabul from Camp Sia Sung, by Lieutenant C. H. Manners Smith.

74 Panorama of the country round Kabul, taken from the Takht-i-shah, in 6 sheets, by Lieutenant C. H. Manners Smith.

75 Photo engravings, coins (obverse and reverse), for the Asiatic Society.

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76 Photo engraving of a portion of antiquities of Orissa.

77 Photo electrotype of a map, by Major J. Water-house.

78 Photo engraving of a female figure.

79 Autotype (carbon) prints—group of convicts.

80 Photo collotype of convicts.

81 Photo collotype of plan of Simla and Jutog.

82 Photo collotype of chart of Rangoon River.

83 Photo collotype of a map, on cloth and paper.

84 Photo collotype of a drawing—" The Search of Laban."

85 Photo collotype of a drawing—"Adoration of the Shepherds."

86 Photo collotype of a drawing—" Tobias with the Angel."

87 Photo collotype of views of the suburbs of Calcutta.

88 Photo collotype of a view.

89 Photo collotype of a rose-water (silver) bottle.

90 Photo collotype of Dimapur, on Dunsire River, Assam.

91 Photo collotype of beetles.

92 Photo collotype of antiquities of Orissa (A2. A3, A4, DD2).

93 Photo collotype of a ceiling.

94 Pigment prints (simple prints, through process).

95 Platinum print of hill, shading by Mr. A. E. Caddy.

96 Photo collotype of ancient map of Bengal—" Descripcao."

97 Photo collotype—'" Renio de Bengalla."

98 Photo zincograph—"Magni Mogolis Imperium."

99 Washed carbon transfer.

100 Photo zincograph of a waterfall over Kymore Scarp.

101 Photo zincograph in colours, in Arabic, of mosque tablets.

102 Lithograph, in colours, of a helmet.

103 Silver print group of Lushai arms and utensils.

104 Silver print group (No. 8) of symbolical pendants found in fields.

105 Silver print from the sculpture at the Indian Museum.

106 Silver print figures of Lushai, &c., Nos. 1 and 2.

107 Silver print view of a Lushai village.

108 Silver print view on the Barak River, above Tipai Mookh.

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