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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 14.—Medicine, Hygiene, and Public Relief

Class 14.—Medicine, Hygiene, and Public Relief.

108 Aitchison, Elizabeth, Little Dorrit-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Ladies' surgical appliances.

109 Armstrong & Gallagher, 74 Lonsdale-st. Fast, Melbourne—Artificial limbs. Orthopedic instruments. Trusses. Beits.

110 Atkinson, E. K., 193 Swanston-st, Melbourne.—Surgical appliances for ladies. Belts. Corsets.

111 Bennet, P., 1 Market-buildings, Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Parlour gymnasium, for the practice of muscular exercises.

112 Birkmyre, W., Mona-place, South Yarra, Melbourne.—Purified Yan Yean water.

113 Brown, D., Rathdown and Reilly sts., Carlton, Melbourne.—Drawing, and key, of the anatomy of a horse.

114 Burston, L., 72 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Surgical boots.

115 Callia, Isabella, 4 Barkly-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Ladies' surgical appliances.

116 Chambers & Clutten, Lonsdale and Stephen sts., Melbourne.—Dripstone filters, &c.

117 Chatfleld, A. W., Brunswick-st., North Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Specimens of dentistry.

118 Crisp, H., Main-st.,Ballarat East.—Medical coils.

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119 Dahlke's Filter Co., Sandridge-road, Melbourne.—Dahlko's filters. Wine coolers. Ice chests.

120 Danks, J., 42 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Baths. Closets. Urinals.

121 Draper & Sons, 83 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Huon pine patent earth-closet commode, with pull action; ditto in deal, self-acting.

122 Duncan, G., & Co., 117 William-st., Melbourne.—Water purifier.

123 Fouracre, T., & Son, Eastham-st., North Fitzroy, Melbourne.—Disinfecting earth-closet, self-acting.

124 Gilbrook Pottery, Park-st., Brunswick, Melbourne.—Filters.

125 Gunn, Mrs. W. R., 7 Lyons-st. North, Ballarat.—Ladies' surgical appliances.

126 Gunn, W. R., 7 Lyons-st., Ballarat.—Surgical instruments. Trusses. Artificial limbs. Appliances for treatment of deformity.

127 Heath & Kernot, 67 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Specimens of mechanical dentistry, apparatus used in construction of artificial teeth.

128 Higgins, J. F., 39 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—Patent disinfecting commodes and closets.

129 Holt, J. G., 117a Cardigan-st., Carlton, Melbourne.—Stoneware water filters.

130 Jeans, S. E., High-st., St. Hilda, Melbourne.—Cedar plunge-bath.

131 Jones & Co., 106 and 108 Lonsdale-st. East, Melbourne.—Surgical instruments and appliances.

132 Knight, G., 159 Russell-st., Melbourne.—Galvanic medical appliances. Lung-testing apparatus.

133 M'Lean Brothers & Rigg, 69 Elizabeth-st., Melbourne.—Portable Turkish bath.

134 Middleton, A. G., 146 Little Collins-st. West, Melbourne.—filters. Demijohns. Majolica fountain.

135 Miller. J., 123 Lonsdale-st. West, Melbourne.—Improved domestic commode.

136 Mitchell, G., F.R.C.V.S., 106 Bourke-st. West, Melbourne.—Veterinary implements. Specimen of inoculating lymph. Skulls. Veterinary plates.

137 Parker & Co.. 29 Post Office-place, Melbourne.—Portable Turkish bath.

138 Romanis & Cooper, 95 Swanston-st., Melbourne.—Artificial teeth.

139 Simmons, Dwyer & Co., 104 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Artificial teeth, palates, nostrils, and noses.

140 Stevens, H., 90 Collins-st. East, Melbourne.—Artificial teeth and mechanical dentistry.

141 Timperley, W. J., & Brother, 13 Gwynne-st., Richmond, Melbourne.—Improved filters.

142 Wilson, Corben & Co., 168, 170, and 172 Lonsdalc-st. East, Melbourne.—Enamelled baths, enamelled lavatories, &c.