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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 38.—Clothing for both Sexes

Class 38.—Clothing for both Sexes.

22 Government, Central Provinces.—Embroidered mandil, or green turban, from Burhanpur, Central Provinces.

23 Government, Central Provinces—Green embroidered velvet coat, with gold lace, from Burhanpur.

24 Government, Central Provinces.—Cap, embroidered in gold, from Burhanpur.

25 Government, Central Provinces.—Jam-bhala mandil, or turban, embroidered, from Burhanpur.

26 Government, Central Provinces.—Chira turban of gold thread, embroidered, from Burhanpur.

27 Government, Central Provinces.—Short coat, silk embroidered, with gold-thread phatwayee, from Burhanpur.

28 Government, Central Provinces.—Paijamas, or drawers, from Burhanpur.

29 Government, Central Provinces.—Paijamas, embroidered, from Burhanpur.

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30 Government. Central Provinces .—Bodice, or choli, from Burhanpur.

31 Government. Central Provinces .—Dupata, ornamented, from Burhanpur.

32 Government, Central Provinces.—Dhoti, with silk border, worn by men, from Burhanpur.

33 Government, Central Provinces.—White uparni, or mantilla, worn by women, from Burhanpur.

34 Government, Central Provinces.—Red turban, embroidered, from Burhanpur.

35 Government, Central Provinces.—Plain white coat, from Burhanpur.

36 Government, Central Provinces.—Pair velvet shoes.

37 Government, Central Provinces.—Kurta, or small coat.

38 Government, Central Provinces.—Sari, with gold-thread embroidery.

39 Government, Central Provinces—Bodice, embroidered.

40 Government, Central Provinces.—Silk hatband, or pagri, termed jambhala purple.

41 Government, Central Provinces.—Silk necktie.

42 Government, Central Provinces.—Green hatband or pagri.

43 Government, Central Provinces.—Small necktie.

44 Government Central Provinces.—Red hatband or pagri.

45 Government, Central Provinces.—Neck-tie.

46 Government, Central Provinces.—White turban.

47 Government, Central Provinces.—Neck-tie.

48 Curator Nagpur Museum.-Dopata, worn by native gentlemen across the breast and shoulders, from Umrer, Nagpur, Central Provinces.

49 Curator Nagpur Museum.—Dopata, with border of gold-thread and silk, from Umrer.

50 Curator Nagpur Museum.—Dhotar jori, worn as trousers, from Umrer.

51 Curator Nagpur Museum.—Dhotar jori, with white border of very fine thread, from Umrer.

52 Curator Nagpur Museum.—Sári, worn by native women.

53 Curator Nagpur Museum.—Lady's cotton dress, with silk border, from Umrer.