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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 31.—Thread and Fabrics of Flax, Hemp, &c

Class 31.—Thread and Fabrics of Flax, Hemp, &c.

34 Ahmuty & Co., Calcutta.—Cordage and coir yarn.

35 Barnagore Jute Factory Co., Calcutta.—Gunny bags.

36 Bengal Sub-Committee.—Cordage, &c.

37 Calcutta Mills, Agents of.—Jute fabrics, gunny cloth and bags.

38 Clive Jute Mills, Calcutta.—Gunny bags.

39 Ganges Manufacturing Co., Calcutta.—Jute twine, gunny bags, and cloths.

40 Howrah Mills Co., Calcutta.—Gunny bags.

41 Kamarhatty Co., Calcutta.—Gunny bags.

42 Superintendent Alipore Gaol.—Jute fabrics, gunny cloth and bags, from Alipore Gaol.

43 Superintendent Chittagong Gaol.—Coiryam.

44 Superintendent Hazaribagh Gaol—Aloefibre rope.