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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

9 Bengal Sub-Committee.—Two finest machlandi or musnud mats, and 17 of cheaper kinds, from Midnapore district.

10 Bengal Sub-Committee.—Ten samples pieces different qualities Calcutta grass matting.

11 Bengal Sub-Committee.—Six sitalpati mats, from Sylhet.

12 Superintendent Bhagulpore Gaol.—Carpet, from Bhagulpore Gaol.

13 Superintendent Hazaribagh Gaol.—145 varus matting of aloe fibre, from Hazaribagh Gaol.

14 Superintendent Midnapore Gaol.—45 yards country coir matting, 42 yards Maldive matting, and 11 coir-brush mats.