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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

III. Furniture and Accessories

III. Furniture and Accessories.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

2 Bombay Committee.—Carved black wood and teak cabinet.

3 Jaffer, Sulliman & Co.—Chairs, couches, tables, &c., of carved blackwood.

4 Watson & Co., Bombay.—Carved blackwood tea-table, couch, cabinet, chairs, and other furniture.

Class 20.—Pottery.

5 Perozshaw Pottery Works.—Earthenware.

6 Terry, G. W., Bombay School of Arts.—Specimens of pottery.

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

7 Jaffer, Sulliman & Co.—Four Persian carpets.

8 Superintendent,Tanna Gaol.—Carpets, window-hangings, diaper, and various manufactured Indian cloths.

9 Superintendent, Yerroda Central Gaol.—Woolen carpets.

Class 24.—Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Work.

10 Cursetjee, Nusserwanjee & Co., Ahmad-nagar.—Collection of silver-ware, chased and repoussé.

11 Jaffer, Sulliman & Co.—Cutch silver-ware, chased and repoussé work.

12 Watson & Co., Bombay.—Silver-ware, in Cutch, chased, and repoussé work.

Class 25.—Bronzes and various Art Castings and Repousse Work.

13 Cursetjee, Nusserwanjee & Co., Ahmad-nagar.—Collection of brass-ware.

14 Grant, Mrs. C.—Sundry artistic and fancy articles.

Class 29.—Leather-work, Fancy Articles, and Basket-work.

15 Bombay Committee.—Fancy articles; box of ivory from the State of Junaghud.

16 Cursetjee, Nusserwanjee & Co., Ahmad-nagar.—Ivory-ware, pith models.

17 Jaffer, Sulliman & Co.—Collection fancy articles, in sandalwood, ebony, and ivory.

18 Jamsetjee Shapoorjee.—Collection fancy articles, in sandalwood and ebony.

19 Pestonjee Merwanjee.—Collection fancy articles, in sandalwood, &c.

20 Superintendent, Yerroda Central Gaol.—Canework baskets, menu-frames, and folding brackets.

21 Watson & Co., Bombay.—Collection of inlaid work, comprising desks, book-racks, card-trays, &c.