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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Madras Exhibits

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Madras Exhibits.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

1 Deschamps & Co., Madras.—Large cabinet, in rosewood and carved sandalwood.

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

2 His Highness the Nizam of Hyderabad.—Bamboo mat.

3 Madras Government.—Bamboo mat.

4 Madras Government.—Rattan mat, 1st sort.

5 Madras Government.—Rattan mat, 2nd sort.

6 Pal ghat, Malabar District—Coloured grass mats.

7 and 8 Palghat.—Coloured grass mats.

9 Palghat.—Coloured grass mats.

10 R. Hurry Rowe, Tanjore.—Coloured grass mats.

11 Madras Government.—Coloured grass mats.

12 Madras Government.—Coloured grass mats.

13 Madras Government.—Coloured grass mats.

14 Madras Government.—Mat made of the leaves of the screwpine (Pandanus odoratissimus).

15 Madras Government.—Mat made of the leaves of the screwpine (Pandanus odoratissimus).

16 Madras Government.—Mat made of the leaves of the Palmyra palm (Borassus fiabelli-formis).

17 Madras Government.—Mat made of the leaves of the wild date palm (Phœnix farinifers).

18 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Tadput rugs.

19 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Gunny bag for sacking, 1st quality.

20 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Gunny bag for sacking, 2nd quality.

21 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Warangal cotton carpet.

22 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Warangal cotton carpet.

23 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Warangal woollen carpet.

24 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Kus-kus door-blind, 1st sort.

25 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Kus-kus door-blind, 2nd sort.

Class 25.—Bronzes and various Art Castings and Repousse Work.

26 Madras Government.—Plain brass chemboo.

27 Madras Government.—Plain brass hemboo.

28 Madras Government.—Chased copper chemboo.

29 Madras Government.—Chased copper chemboo.

30 Madras Government.—Chased brass chemboo.

31 Madras Government.—Chased brass chemboo.

32 Madras Government.—Chased brass chemboo.

33 Madras Government.—Chased brass chemboo.

34 Madras Government.—Chased brass chemboo for religious service.

35 Madras Government.—Chased brass chemboo for religious service.

36 Madras Government.—Cup for religious service.

37 Madras Government.—Cup for religious service.

38 and 39 Madras Government.—Plain lotahs, or drinking cups.

40 Madras Government.—Plain lotah, or drinking cup.

41 Madras Government.—Plain lotah, or drinking cup.

42 Madras Government.—Plain lotah, or drinking cup.

43 Madras Government.—Goglet, or water bottle.

44 Madras Government.—Goglet, or water bottle.

45 Madras Government.—Lamp for religious service, with symbolical figures.

46 Madras Government.—Lamp for religious service, with symbolical figures.

47 Madras Government.—Lamp for religious service, with symbolical figures.

48 Madras Government.—Lamp for religious service, with symbolical figures.

49 Madras Government.—Lamp for religious service.

50 Madras Government.—Tall swan lamp.

51 Madras Government.—Tall lamp.

52 Madras Government.—Tall lamp.

53 Madras Government.—Malabar lamp.

54 Madras Government.—Figure holding lamp.

55 and 56 Madras Government.—Round chased brass trays.

57 Madras Government.—Round chased brass tray.

58 and 59 Madras Government.—Round chased brass trays.

60 and 61 Madras Government.—Round chased brass trays.

62 Madras Government.—Round perforated brass tray.

63 Madras Government.—Round chased brass tray.

64 Madras Government.—Round chased brass tray.

65 Madras Government.—Round chased brass tray.

66 Madras Government.—Copper tray for religious service.

67 Madras Government.—Native brass comb (old).

68 Madras Government.—Brass spice-box (new).

69 Madras Government.—Chunam or lime-holder (old).

70 Madras Government.—Mango-shaped bottle (old).

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71 and 72 Madras Government.—Brass drinking vessels.

73 and 74 Madras Government.—Brassdrinking vessels.

74a N. Sankunni Wariyar.—Brass chemboo with cover.

74b N. Sankunni Wariyar.—Brass cup and spoon.

74c N. Sankunni Wariyar.—Betel-nut set, consisting of nine articles.

75 and 76 Madras Government.—Brass lamps.

77 Madras Government.—Brass chemboo, inlaid with copper and silver.

78 Madras Government.—Brass chemboo, inlaid with copper.

79 Madras Government.—Brass chemboo doriah.

80 Madras Government.—Panchapatheram, with the ten incarnations of Vishnu.

81 Madras Government.—Chased brass goglet

82 Madras Government.—Brass octagonal tray, inlaid with copper and silver, representing Kistnaswami.

83 Madras Government.—Round brass tray, representing Ganesa.

84 Madras Government.—Round brass tray, chased Ganesa.

85 and 86 Madras Government.—Copper chemboos, inlaid with silver.

87 and 88 Madras Government.—Small chemboos, inlaid with silver.

89 and 90 Madras Government.—Round copper trays, inlaid with silver.

Class 28.—Perfumery.

91 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Attar.

92 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Attar.

Class 29.—Fancy Articles in Sandalwood and Ivory, Basket-work, &c.

93-95 G. Chinna Veeranna, Vizagapatam Workshop, Vizagapatam.—Plain ivory baskets.

96-99 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn bezique boxes, fretwork.

100-103 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood bezique boxes.

104 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn blotting-book.

105 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood.

106-108 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn book slides.

109 and 110 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood book slides.

111 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood inkstand.

112 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood inkstand.

113-117 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn three-striped glove-boxes.

118 and 119 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn two-striped glove-boxes.

120 and 121 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn small work-boxes.

122 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood whist counter-box.

123-130 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn card-cases.

131-134 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood card-cases.

135 and 136 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn cabinet-size picture-frames.

137-139 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood picture-frames.

140-161 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn paper weights.

162 and 163 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Ivory bracelets.

164 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn cross, fretwork.

165 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn cross.

166-177 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Ivory solitaires or sleeve buttons.

178 and 179 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Plainivory blotting-books.

180-187 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Ivory native ombs.

188 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn and ivory writing companion.

189-196 Madras Government.—Boxes made of the leaves of the Palmyra palm (Borassus flabelliformis), made at Pulicat. in Chingleput.

197 Madras Government.—Nest of round boxes.

198 Madras Government.—Nest of round boxes.

199 and 200 Madras Government.—Cigar-cases.

201-203 Madras Government.—Dish mats.

204 Madras Government.—Tiffin basket (West's pattern), made at the Madras Friend-in-need Society's workshop.

205 Madras Government.—Liquor-case.

206 Madras Government.—Trunk.

207 Madras Government.—Cruet-stand.

208 Madras Government.—Key-basket.

Class 30.—Textile Fabrics, Clothing and Accessories.

209 G. D. Grimes.—Cotton drill, made by prisoners in Central Gaol, Cannanore.

210 G. D. Grimes.—Cotton drill.

Class 36.—Lace, Net, Embroidery, and Trimmings.

211 Madras Government.—Table-cover, red ground with white embroidery.

212 Madras Government.—Table-cover, blue ground with white embroidery.

213 Madras Government.—Pairs cushion-covers, red ground with white embroidery.

214 Madras Government.—Dozens doylies, red ground with white embroidery.

215 Madras Government.—Dozens white lace doylies.

216 Madras Government.—Pieces (forming a lady's dress) of embroidery in black lace and beetles' wings.

217 Madras Government.—Pieces of embroidery in muslin and beetles' wings.

218 and 219 Madras Government.—Muslin puggries, with gold embroidered ends, Arnee, orth Arcot District.

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Class 38.—Native Costumes for both sexes.

220 Madras Government.—Native woman's cloth.

221 Madras Government.—Native woman's cloth.

222 and 223 Madras Government.—Native woman's cloth.

224 Madras Government.—Native woman's cloth.

225 Madras Government.—Native woman's cloth.

226 Madras Government.—Native woman's cloth.

227 Madras Government.—Native woman's cloth.

228 and 229 Madras Government.—Palampores, Ponneri, Chingleput District.

230 and 231 Madras Government.—Palam-pores, Vizagapatam.

232 Madras Government.—Palampore, Masulipatam.

233 and 234 Madras Government.—Palampores, Masulipatam.

235 and 236 Madras Government.—Palam-pores, Masulipatam.

237 Madras Government.—Piece, consisting of eight Madras handkerchiefs.

Class 39.—Silver Jewellery.

238 and 239 G. D. Grimes. Central Gaol, Cannanore.—Silver salt-cellars and spoons.

240 and 241 G. D. Grimes.—Puzzle bracelets.

242 G. D. Grimes.—Plain bangles.

243 G. D. Grimes.—Spring bangles.

Class 43.—Products of Cultivation, Pith, &c.

244 Madras Government.—Raw pith (Æschy-nomene aspera).

245 Madras Government.—Pith bottle-cover, lined with zinc.

246-251 Madras Government.—Pith hats, uncovered.

252 Madras Government.—Pith hat, covered.

Class 44.—Products of Fishing, Fish Oils.

253 Madras Government.—Shark oil (Malabar).

254 Madras Government.—Swordflsh oil (Malabar).

255 Madras Government.—Sardine oil (Malabar).

256 Madras Government.—Catfish oil (Malabar).

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food; Fibres.

257 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Dukhni hemp.

258 Madras Government.—Dukhni hemp.

259 Madras Government.—Musk-mallow fibre (Abelmoschus moschatus).

260 Madras Government.—Country mallow fibre (Abutilon Indicum).

261 Madras Government.—Bastard cedar fibre (Guazuma tomentosa).

262 Madras Government.—Fibre of Isora corylifolia.

263 Madras Government.—Sun hemp (Crotalaria juncea).

264 Madras Government.—Mudar fibre (Calotropis gigantea).

265 Madras Government.—Plantain fibre (Musa paradisiaca).

266 Madras Government.—Pineapple fibre (Ananas sativus).

267 Madras Government.—Palmyra fibre (Borassus flabelliformis).

268 Madras Government.—Thala Kolathur coir (Malabar).

269 Madras Government.—Laccadive coir (Malabar).

270 Madras Government.—Kollum coir (Malabar).

271 Madras Government.—Quilandy coir (Malabar).

272 Madras Government.—Kapad coir (Malabar).

273 Madras Government.—Marad coir (Malabar).

274 Madras Government.—Calicut coir (Malabar).

275 Madras Government.—Madras coir, bazaar sample.

276 Madras Government.—Great aloe fibre (Fourcroya gigantea).

277 Madras Government.—American aloe fibre (Agave Americana).

278 Madras Government.—Bowstring hemp (Sanseviera Zeylaniea).

279 Madras Government.—Fibre of Sanseviera eylindriea.

280 and 281 Madras Government.—Samples of fibre of a species of Sanseviera.

282 Madras Government.—Ground-nuts (Arachis hypogœa).

283 Madras Government.—Gingelly seeds (Sesamum lndicum).

284 Madras Government.—Castor seeds (Ricinus communis).

285 Madras Government.—Lamp-oil seeds (Ricinus communis).

286 Madras Government.—Ground-nut oil (Arachis hypogœa).

287 Madras Government.—Bassia oil (Bassia longifolia).

288 Madras Government.—Gingelly oil (Sesamum lndicum).

289 Madras Government.—Castor oil, medicinal (Ricinus communis).

290 Madras Government.—Lamp oil (Ricinus communis).

291 Madras Government.—Cocoanut oil, 1st sort (Malabar).

292 Madras Government.—Cocoanut oil, 2nd sort (Malabar).

293 Madras Government.—Cocoanutoil, Madras bazaar sample.

294 Roberts & Co.—Gootall Lunkah tobacco.

295 Roberts & Co.—Seetanagram Lunkah tobacco

296 Roberts & Co.—Gadala Lunkah tobacco.

297 Roberts & Co.—Burgoor Lunkah tobacco.

298 and 299 Roberts & Co.—Peraram Lunkah tobacco.

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300 Roberts & Co.—Vanapilly Lunkah tobacco.

301 Roberts & Co.—Tathpur Lunkah tobacco.

302 Roberts & Co.—Khadaree Lunkah tobacco.

303 Roberts & Co.—Ainamill Lunkah tobacco.

304 Roberts & Co.—Moosinooroo Lunkah tobacco.

305 Madras Government.—1st sort tobacco.

306 Madras Government.—2nd sort tobacco.

307 Madras Government.—3rd sort tobacco.

307a Neelamagnm, Pillay & Co.—Vadiputti Conan tobacco.

307b Neelamagrum, Pillay & Co.—Ariaputh-rian Putticonan tobacco.

307c Neelamagum, Pillay & Co.—Appu Rowthen tobacco.

307d Neelamagum, Pillay & Co.—Natchi Muthu Cownden tobacco.

308 Madras Government.—No. 1 tobacco.

309 Madras Government.—No. 2 tobacco.

310 Neelamagrum, Pillay & Co.—Petathu tobacco.

311 Roberts & Co.—Regalia cigars.

312 Roberts & Co.—Havannah cigars.

313 Roberts & Co.—Dolly Varden cigars.

314 Roberts & Co.—Short Varden cigars.

315 Roberts & Co.—Leisure-hour cigars.

316 Roberts & Co.—Sedan cigars.

317 Roberts & Co.—Babington cigare.

318 Roberts & Co.—Short Babington cigars.

319 Roberts & Co.—Burmah-shape cigars.

320 Roberts & Co.—Empress cigars.

321 Roberts & Co.—Office cigars.

322 Roberts & Co.—Five minutes cigars.

322a Roberts & Co.—Box of sample cigars.

323 C. W. Eaton & Co.—Dolly Varden cigars.

324 C. W. Eaton & Co.—Cortado cigars.

325 C. W. Eaton & Co.—Babington No. 1 cigars.

326 C. W. Eaton & Co.—Burmah-shape cigars.

327 C. W. Eaton & Co.—Case of samples, containing raw tobacco, prepared tobacco for seamen, Eaton's Express and other cigars.

328 Neelamagrum, Pillay & Co.—Dawson's Havannah cigars.

329 Neelamagrum, Pillay & Co.—Havannah cigars.

330 Neelamagrum, Pillay & Co.—Small Havannah cigars.

331 Neelamagum, Pillay & Co.—Thompson's Lunkah cigars.

332 Neelamagrum, Pillay & Co.—Dawson's Lunkah cigars.

333 Neelamagum, Pillay & Co.—Short thick cigars.

334 Neelamagum, Pillay & Co.—Small Lun kah cigars.

335 Neelamagum, Pillay & Co.—Barrel-shaped cigars.

336 Neelamagrum, Pillay & Co.—Burmah-shaped cigars.

337 C. H. Barter.—Dundreary Havannah No. 1 cigars.

338 C. H. Barter.—Dundreary Havannah No. 2 cigars.

339 C. H. Barter.—Dundreary Dindigul No. 1 cigars.

340 C. H. Barter.—Dundreary Dindigul No. 2 cigars.

341 C. H. Barter.—Dundreary Trichinopoly No. 1 cigars.

342 C. H. Barter.—Dundreary Trichinopoly No, 2 cigars.

343 Madras Government.—Dawson's Havannah No. 1 cigars.

344 Madras Government.—Dawson's Havannah No 2 cigars.

345 Madras Government.—Dawson's Lunkah-shaped cigars.

346 Madras Government.—Short thick Lunkah-shaped cigars.

347 Madras Government.—Barrel-shaped cigars.

348 Madras Government.—Manila-shaped cigars.

349 Madras Government.—Dawson's No.? cigars.

350 Madras Government.—Havannah-shaped No. 2 cigars.

351 Madras Government.—Havannah-shaped No. 3 cigars.

352 Madras Government.—Dindigul-shaped No. 2 cigars.

353 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Chiranji (Buchanania latifolia).

354 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Indigo (Indl gofera tinctoria).

355 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius).

356 Messrs. Croysdale & Co., Madras.—Fine purple-violet indigo.

357 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Fine red-violet indigo.

358 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Fine red-vioki indigo.

359 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Strong red-violet indigo.

360 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Showy violet indigo.

361 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Ordinary red and copper violet indigo.

362 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Ordinary dull and copper violet indigo.

363 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Common red and copper violet indigo.

364 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Fine dry-leaf indigo.

365 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Ordinary dry leaf indigo.

366 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Middling dry leaf indigo.

367 Messrs. Croysdale & Co.—Good Vellore dry-leaf indigo.

368 Madras Government.—Red-wood (Ptarocarpus saiualinus).

369 Madras Government.—Sappan wood (Cœsalpiuia sappan).

370 Madras Government.—Myrabolans (Terminalia chebula).

371 Madras Government.—Chayroot(Hedyctis umbellata).

372 Madras Government.—Kamela (Mallotus Philippinensis).

373 Madras Government.—Turmerie (Curcoma longa).

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Class 46.—Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.

374 Madras Government.—Cinchona natural crown bark.

375 Madras Government.—Cinchona mossed crown bark.

376 Madras Government.—Cinchona renewed crown bark.

377 Madras Government.—Cinchona natural yellow bark.

378 Madras Government.—Cinchona natural red bark.

379 Madras Government.—Cinchona mossed red bark.

380 Madras Government.—Cinchona renewed red bark.

381 Madras Government.—Cinchona natural grey bark.

382 Madras Government.—Cinchona natural hybrid bark.

383 Madras Government.—Purging cassia (Cathartocarpus fistula).

384 Madras Government.—Senna (Cassia lan-ceolata).

385 Madras Government.—Kino (Ptcrocarpus marsupium).

386 Madras Government.—Dried jalap root, sliced (Exogonium purga).

387 Madras Government.—Powder of jalap root

388 Madras Government.—Taraxacum (Taraxacum officinale).

389 Madras Government.—Nux vomica seeds (Strychnos nux vomica).

390 Madras Government.—Kaladana(Pharbitis nil), an excellent substitute for jalap.

391 Madras Government.—Croton seeds (Croton tiglium).

392 Madras Government.—Indian hemp (Canabis sativa).

Class 47.—Dyed Threads.

393 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Blue twist.

394 The Nizam of Hyderabad.—Red twist.

Class 48.—Leather and Tanned and Dyed Skins.

395 N. Sooboo Pillay & Co., Madras.—Tanned sheep-skins, uncoloured.

396 N. Sooboo Pillay & Co.—Tanned goatskins, uncoloured.

397 N. Sooboo Pillay & Co.—Coloured sheepskin.

398 N. Sooboo Pillay & Co.-Coloured goat-skin.

Class 67.—Cereals and Pulses.

399 R. Hurry Row, Tanjore.—Vellai sirumani, paddy.

400 R. Hurry Row.—Muthen samba, paddy.

401 R. Hurry Row.—Eraka samba, paddy.

402 R. Hurry Row.—Thottakaal samba, paddy.

403 R. Hurry Row.—Paalaant samba, paddy.

404 R. Hurry Row.—Vellai samba, paddy.

405 R. Hurry Row.—Aananthan samba, paddy.

406 R. Hurry Row.—Payani samba, paddy.

407 R. Hurry Row.—Shembuli pirian, paddy.

408 R. Hurry Row.—Paalamanien, paddy.

409 R. Hurry Row.—Kaivisai, paddy.

410 R. Hurry Row.—Shigappu, paddy.

411 R. Hurry Row.—Geruden, paddy.

412 R. Hurry Row.—Ponga, paddy.

413 R. Hurry Row.—Sembalai, paddy.

414 R. Hurry Row.—Shandy kar.

415 R. Hurry Row.—Paroon kar.

416 R. Hurry Row.—Poon kar.

417 R. Hurry Row.—Chittray kar.

418 R. Hurry Row.—Pody kar.

419 R. Hurry Row.—Yellan kar.

420 R. Hurry Row.—Mylarungum kar.

421 R. Hurry Row.—Kollacoorvay.

422 R. Hurry Row.—Karooncoorvay.

423 R. Hurry Row.—Aroovathan coorvay.

424 W. F. Dique, Tindivanum, South Arcot District.—Sugathoss, paddy.

425 W. P. Dique.—Sivan samba, paddy.

426 W. F. Dique.—Milagu samba, paddy.

427 W. F. Dique.—Palan samba, paddy.

428 W. F. Dique.—Payadu samba, paddy.

429 W. F. Dique.—Kaadai kaluthan, paddy.

430 W. F. Dique.—Geruden samba, paddy.

431 W. F. Dique.—Chada samba, paddy.

432 W. F. Dique.—Anna moyee, paddy.

433 W. F. Dique.—Vadan samba, paddy.

434 W. F. Dique.—Kaligan samba, paddy.

435 W. F. Dique.—Mana kathai, paddy.

436 W. F. Dique.—Sugathoss, rice or husked paddy.

437 W. F. Dique.—Sivan samba, rice.

438 W. F. Dique.—Milagu samba, rice.

439 W. F. Dique.—Palan samba, rice.

440 W. F. Dique.—Payadu samba, rice.

441 W. F. Dique.—Kaadai kaluthan, rice.

442 W. F. Dique.—Geruden samba, rice.

443 W. F. Dique.—Chada samba, rice.

444 W. F. Dique.—Anna moyee, rice.

445 W. F. Dique.—Vadan samba, rice.

446 W. F. Dique.—Kaligan samba, rice.

447 W. F. Dique.—Mana kathai, rice.

448 W. F. Dique.—Raggi (Eleusine coracana), 1st sort.

449 W. F. Dique.—Raggi (Eleusine coracana), 2nd sort.

450 W. F. Dique.—Cholum, or great millet (Holcus sorghum), white variety, common.

451 W. F. Dique.—Cholum, or great millet (Holcus sorghum), white variety, alangara cholum.

452 W. F. Dique.—Cholum, or great millet (Holcus sorghum), yellow variety.

453 W. F. Dique.—Cumbu, or spiked millet (Holcus spicatus), with husk.

454 W. F. Dique.—Cumbu, or spiked millet (Holcus spicatus), without hush.

455 W. F. Dique.—Tenney, or Italian millet (Panicum Italicum), with husk.

456 W. F. Dique.—Tenney, or Italian millet (Panicum Italicum), without husk.

457 W. F. Dique.—Varagu, or little millet (Panicum miliaceum), common, with husk.

458 W. F. Dique.—Varagu, or little millet (Panicum miliaceum), common, without husk.

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459 W. P. Dique.—Chadagru varagu.

460 W. P. Dique.—Kaudai-cunny, with husk.

461 W. F. Dique.—Kaudai-cunny, without husk.

462 W. P. Dique.—Sawmay, or millet (Panicum miliare), with husk.

463 W. F. Dique.—Sawmay, or millet (Panicum miliare), without husk.

464 W. F. Dique.—Pulse (Lablab vulgaris).

465 W. F. Dique.—Bengal horse-gram (Cicer arietinum), 1st sort.

466 W. F. Dique.—Bengal horse-gram, 2nd sort.

467 W. F. Dique.—Madras horse-gram (Dolichos uniflorus).

468 W. F. Dique.—Green-gram(Phaseolusmungo).

469 W. F. Dique.—Phaseolus trilobus.

470 W. F. Dique.—Phaseolus radiatus.

471 W. F. Dique.—Lentil (Ervum lens).

472 W. F. Dique.—Pigeon-pea (Cajanus Indicus).

473 Madras Government.—Tapioca (Manihot utilissima).

474 Madras Government.—Arrowroot (Curcuma Angustifolia).

Class 72.—Condiments and Stimulants, Sugar and Confectionery.

475 Madras Government.—Tamarind (Tamarind us Indica).

476 Madras Government—Ajowan (Carum ajowan).

477 Madras Government.—Coriander (Corian-drum sativum).

478 Madras Government.—Chillies (Capsicum annuum).

479 Madras Government.—Pepper (Piper nigrum).

480 Madras Government.—Cardamoms (Elettaria cardamomum).

481 Madras Government.—Ginger (Zingiber officinale).

482 P. Vencatachellum, Madras.—Mango pickle in oil and vinegar.

483 P. Vencatachellum.—Mixed pickle, in oil and vinegar.

484 P. Vencatachellum.—Sliced pickle, in oil and vinegar.

485 P. Vencatachellum.—Hot pickle, in oil and vinegar.

486 P-Vencatachellum.—Sweet pickle, in oil and vinegar.

487 P. Vencatachellum.—Mixed pickle, in oil and vinegar.

488 P-Vencatachellum.—Lime pickle, in oil and vinegar.

489 P. Vencatachellum.—Tender bamboo pickle, in oil and vinegar.

490 P. Vencatachellum.—Bengal chutney.

491 P. Vencatachellum.—Madras chutney.

492 P. Vencatachellum.—Mango chutney.

493 P. Vencatachellum-—Lime chutney.

494 P. Vencatachellum.—Prawn chutney.

495 P. Vencatachellum.—Tamarind chutney.

496 P. Vencatachellum.—Sliced mango chutney.

497 P. Vencatachellum.—Minced mango chutney.

498 P. Vencatachellum—Chow-chow chutney.

499 P. Vencatachellum.—Mixed mango chutney.

500 P. Vencatachellum.—Cashmere chutney.

501 P. Vencatachellum.—Hyderabad chutney.

502 P. Vencatachellum.—Delhi sweet chutney.

503 P. Vencatachellum.—Cayenne sauce.

504 P. Vencatachellum.—Tapp's sauce.

505 P. Vencatachellum.—Indian zest sauce.

506 P. Vencatachellum.—Delhi sauce.

507 P. Vencatachellum.—Nepaul pepper.

508 P. Vencatachellum.—Cayenne pepper.

509 P. Vencatachellum—Ground pepper.

510 P. Vencatachellum.—Madras curry-powder

511 P. Vencatachellum.—Madras curry-paste.

512 P. Vencatachellum.—Mulligatawny paste.

513 Kodanaad Estate-—Pekoe tea.

514 Kodanaad Estate.—Orange pekoe tea.

515 Kodanaad Estate.—Flowery tea.

516 Kodanaad Estate.—Pekoe souchong tea.

517 Kodanaad Estate.—Souchong tea.

518 Kodanaad Estate—Congou tea.

519 Kodanaad Estate.—Hyson tea.

520 Kodanaad Estate.—Young hyson tea.

521 Avenue Estate.—Orange pekoe tea.

522 Avenue Estate.—Broken pekoe tea.

523 Avenue Estate.—Souchong tea.

524 Avenue Estate-—Green tea.

525 Hoveton Gardens Estate—Orange pekoe tea.

526 Glendale Estate.—Orange pekoe tea.

527 Glendale Estate.—Flowery pekoe tea.

528 Glendale Estate.—Finest orange pekoe tea.

529 Glendale Estate—Finest flowery pekoe tea.

530 Glendale Estate.—Congou tea.

531 Liddelsdale Estate.—Broken pekoe tea.

532 Liddelsdale Estate.—Pekoe souchong tea.

533 Liddelsdale Estate.—Pekoe souchong tea.

534 Liddelsdale Estate.—Souchong tea.

535 Liddelsdale Estate.—Souchong tea.

536 Perindotty Estate.—Tea.

537 Ellembellary Estate—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

538 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

539 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

540 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

541 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

542 Ellembellary Estate—Plantation Class A coffee.

543 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

544 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

545 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

546 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

547 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

page 205

548 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

549 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

550 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

551 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

552 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

553 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

554 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

555 Sussex Estate.—Plantation coffee, in cherry.

556 Sussex Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment

557 Sussex Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

558 Sussex Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

559 Sussex Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

560 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

561 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee, in parchment.

562 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee, cleaned

563 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation small size coffee, cleaned.

564 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation medium size coffee, cleaned.

565 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation large size coffee, cleaned.

566 Tilly Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment

567 Tilly Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

568 Tilly Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

569 Tilly Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

570 Tilly Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

571 Eliza Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

572 Eliza Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

573 Eliza Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

574 Eliza Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

575 Eliza Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

576 Fairlands Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

577 Fairlands Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

578 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

579 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

580 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

581 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

582 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

583 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

584 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

585 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

586 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

587 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

588 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

589 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

590 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment,

591 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

592 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

593 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

594 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

595 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

596 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

597 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

598 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

599 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

600 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

601 Stanes & Co.—Produce of several estates mixed: Plantation coffee, in parchment.

602 stanes & Co.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

603 Stanes & Co.—Plantation Class C coffee.

604 Stanes & Co.—Plantation Class B coffee.

605 Stanes & Co.—Plantation Class A coffee.

606 Hilgrrove Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

607 Hilgrove Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

608 Hilgrove Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

609 Hilgrrove Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

610 Hilgrove Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

611 Ingle wood Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

612 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

613 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

614 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

615 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

616 Waverley Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment

617 Waverley Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

618 Waverley Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee

619 Waverley Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

620 Waverley Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

621 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

622 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

623 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

624 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

625 W. H. Stanes, The Highlands Estate, Coonoor.—Specimen of coffee plant in blossom. Prepared in a concentrated solution of salt.

626 W. H. Stanes.—Specimen of coffee plant in fruit. Prepared in a concentrated solution of salt.

627 W. H. Stanes.—Specimen of coffee seed.

628 and 629 W. H. Stanes.—Photographs of the Colacumbay Estate.

630 Madras Government.—Palmyra sugar-candy.

631 Madras Government.—Palmyra jaggery.

632 Madras Government.—Refined cane sugar.

page 206

633 Madras Government.—White cane sugar, No. 1.

634 Madras Government.—White cane sugar, No. 2.

635 Madras Government.—Country brown cane sugar.

636 Madras Government.—Raw cane sugar,

637 Madras Government.—Cane jaggery,

638 P. Vencatachellum, Madras.—Pineapple jam.

639 P. Vencatachellum—Guava jelly.

640 P. Vencatachellum.—Guava cheese jelly.

641 P. Vencatachellum.—Woodapple jelly.

642 P. Vencatachellum.—Mango jelly.

643 P. Vencatachellum.—Preserved tamarind.