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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 29.—Fancy Articles in Sandalwood and Ivory, Basket-work, &c

Class 29.—Fancy Articles in Sandalwood and Ivory, Basket-work, &c.

93-95 G. Chinna Veeranna, Vizagapatam Workshop, Vizagapatam.—Plain ivory baskets.

96-99 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn bezique boxes, fretwork.

100-103 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood bezique boxes.

104 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn blotting-book.

105 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood.

106-108 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn book slides.

109 and 110 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood book slides.

111 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood inkstand.

112 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood inkstand.

113-117 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn three-striped glove-boxes.

118 and 119 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn two-striped glove-boxes.

120 and 121 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn small work-boxes.

122 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood whist counter-box.

123-130 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn card-cases.

131-134 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood card-cases.

135 and 136 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn cabinet-size picture-frames.

137-139 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Sandalwood picture-frames.

140-161 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn paper weights.

162 and 163 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Ivory bracelets.

164 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn cross, fretwork.

165 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Bison-horn cross.

166-177 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Ivory solitaires or sleeve buttons.

178 and 179 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Plainivory blotting-books.

180-187 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Ivory native ombs.

188 G. Chinna Veeranna.—Horn and ivory writing companion.

189-196 Madras Government.—Boxes made of the leaves of the Palmyra palm (Borassus flabelliformis), made at Pulicat. in Chingleput.

197 Madras Government.—Nest of round boxes.

198 Madras Government.—Nest of round boxes.

199 and 200 Madras Government.—Cigar-cases.

201-203 Madras Government.—Dish mats.

204 Madras Government.—Tiffin basket (West's pattern), made at the Madras Friend-in-need Society's workshop.

205 Madras Government.—Liquor-case.

206 Madras Government.—Trunk.

207 Madras Government.—Cruet-stand.

208 Madras Government.—Key-basket.