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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Class 72.—Condiments and Stimulants, Sugar and Confectionery

Class 72.—Condiments and Stimulants, Sugar and Confectionery.

475 Madras Government.—Tamarind (Tamarind us Indica).

476 Madras Government—Ajowan (Carum ajowan).

477 Madras Government.—Coriander (Corian-drum sativum).

478 Madras Government.—Chillies (Capsicum annuum).

479 Madras Government.—Pepper (Piper nigrum).

480 Madras Government.—Cardamoms (Elettaria cardamomum).

481 Madras Government.—Ginger (Zingiber officinale).

482 P. Vencatachellum, Madras.—Mango pickle in oil and vinegar.

483 P. Vencatachellum.—Mixed pickle, in oil and vinegar.

484 P. Vencatachellum.—Sliced pickle, in oil and vinegar.

485 P. Vencatachellum.—Hot pickle, in oil and vinegar.

486 P-Vencatachellum.—Sweet pickle, in oil and vinegar.

487 P. Vencatachellum.—Mixed pickle, in oil and vinegar.

488 P-Vencatachellum.—Lime pickle, in oil and vinegar.

489 P. Vencatachellum.—Tender bamboo pickle, in oil and vinegar.

490 P. Vencatachellum.—Bengal chutney.

491 P. Vencatachellum.—Madras chutney.

492 P. Vencatachellum.—Mango chutney.

493 P. Vencatachellum-—Lime chutney.

494 P. Vencatachellum.—Prawn chutney.

495 P. Vencatachellum.—Tamarind chutney.

496 P. Vencatachellum.—Sliced mango chutney.

497 P. Vencatachellum.—Minced mango chutney.

498 P. Vencatachellum—Chow-chow chutney.

499 P. Vencatachellum.—Mixed mango chutney.

500 P. Vencatachellum.—Cashmere chutney.

501 P. Vencatachellum.—Hyderabad chutney.

502 P. Vencatachellum.—Delhi sweet chutney.

503 P. Vencatachellum.—Cayenne sauce.

504 P. Vencatachellum.—Tapp's sauce.

505 P. Vencatachellum.—Indian zest sauce.

506 P. Vencatachellum.—Delhi sauce.

507 P. Vencatachellum.—Nepaul pepper.

508 P. Vencatachellum.—Cayenne pepper.

509 P. Vencatachellum—Ground pepper.

510 P. Vencatachellum.—Madras curry-powder

511 P. Vencatachellum.—Madras curry-paste.

512 P. Vencatachellum.—Mulligatawny paste.

513 Kodanaad Estate-—Pekoe tea.

514 Kodanaad Estate.—Orange pekoe tea.

515 Kodanaad Estate.—Flowery tea.

516 Kodanaad Estate.—Pekoe souchong tea.

517 Kodanaad Estate.—Souchong tea.

518 Kodanaad Estate—Congou tea.

519 Kodanaad Estate.—Hyson tea.

520 Kodanaad Estate.—Young hyson tea.

521 Avenue Estate.—Orange pekoe tea.

522 Avenue Estate.—Broken pekoe tea.

523 Avenue Estate.—Souchong tea.

524 Avenue Estate-—Green tea.

525 Hoveton Gardens Estate—Orange pekoe tea.

526 Glendale Estate.—Orange pekoe tea.

527 Glendale Estate.—Flowery pekoe tea.

528 Glendale Estate.—Finest orange pekoe tea.

529 Glendale Estate—Finest flowery pekoe tea.

530 Glendale Estate.—Congou tea.

531 Liddelsdale Estate.—Broken pekoe tea.

532 Liddelsdale Estate.—Pekoe souchong tea.

533 Liddelsdale Estate.—Pekoe souchong tea.

534 Liddelsdale Estate.—Souchong tea.

535 Liddelsdale Estate.—Souchong tea.

536 Perindotty Estate.—Tea.

537 Ellembellary Estate—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

538 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

539 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

540 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

541 Ellembellary Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

542 Ellembellary Estate—Plantation Class A coffee.

543 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

544 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

545 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

546 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

547 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

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548 Nedimbaley Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

549 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

550 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

551 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

552 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

553 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

554 Cootamundra Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

555 Sussex Estate.—Plantation coffee, in cherry.

556 Sussex Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment

557 Sussex Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

558 Sussex Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

559 Sussex Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

560 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

561 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee, in parchment.

562 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee, cleaned

563 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation small size coffee, cleaned.

564 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation medium size coffee, cleaned.

565 Chowdikadu Estate.—Plantation large size coffee, cleaned.

566 Tilly Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment

567 Tilly Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

568 Tilly Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

569 Tilly Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

570 Tilly Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

571 Eliza Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

572 Eliza Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

573 Eliza Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

574 Eliza Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

575 Eliza Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

576 Fairlands Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

577 Fairlands Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

578 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

579 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

580 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

581 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

582 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

583 Seaforth Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

584 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

585 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

586 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

587 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

588 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

589 Glenvans Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

590 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment,

591 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

592 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

593 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

594 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

595 Balmadies Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

596 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

597 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

598 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

599 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

600 Hallacarey Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

601 Stanes & Co.—Produce of several estates mixed: Plantation coffee, in parchment.

602 stanes & Co.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

603 Stanes & Co.—Plantation Class C coffee.

604 Stanes & Co.—Plantation Class B coffee.

605 Stanes & Co.—Plantation Class A coffee.

606 Hilgrrove Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

607 Hilgrove Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

608 Hilgrove Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

609 Hilgrrove Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

610 Hilgrove Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

611 Ingle wood Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment.

612 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

613 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

614 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

615 Inglewood Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

616 Waverley Estate.—Plantation coffee, in parchment

617 Waverley Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

618 Waverley Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee

619 Waverley Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

620 Waverley Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

621 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation pea-berry coffee.

622 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation Class C coffee.

623 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation Class B coffee.

624 Goatfel Estate.—Plantation Class A coffee.

625 W. H. Stanes, The Highlands Estate, Coonoor.—Specimen of coffee plant in blossom. Prepared in a concentrated solution of salt.

626 W. H. Stanes.—Specimen of coffee plant in fruit. Prepared in a concentrated solution of salt.

627 W. H. Stanes.—Specimen of coffee seed.

628 and 629 W. H. Stanes.—Photographs of the Colacumbay Estate.

630 Madras Government.—Palmyra sugar-candy.

631 Madras Government.—Palmyra jaggery.

632 Madras Government.—Refined cane sugar.

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633 Madras Government.—White cane sugar, No. 1.

634 Madras Government.—White cane sugar, No. 2.

635 Madras Government.—Country brown cane sugar.

636 Madras Government.—Raw cane sugar,

637 Madras Government.—Cane jaggery,

638 P. Vencatachellum, Madras.—Pineapple jam.

639 P. Vencatachellum—Guava jelly.

640 P. Vencatachellum.—Guava cheese jelly.

641 P. Vencatachellum.—Woodapple jelly.

642 P. Vencatachellum.—Mango jelly.

643 P. Vencatachellum.—Preserved tamarind.