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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41



42. Statistics of manufactures and works in operation are collected by means of the staff employed by the municipal bodies to collect statistics of agriculture. The collectors are instructed to obtain returns only from establishments of an extensive character, except when the existence of industries of an unusual or interesting character seems to call for special comment. No attempt is made to enumerate mere shops, although some manufacturing industry may be carried on thereat. Were this done, the manufactories of the colony might be multiplied to an almost indefinite extent. There were in 1879 149 flour mills in the colony, which, during the year, operated upon 5,665,791 bushels of wheat, and produced 125,000 tons of flour; 102 breweries, in which 15,371,000 gallons of beer were brewed; 198 brick yards, some being also potteries, which made nearly 60,000,000 bricks, and pottery valued at over £25,000; 118 tanneries and fellmongeries, which operated upon 2,500,000 hides and skins, and produced leather, basils, wool, pelts, &c., valued at £1,240,000; 9 woollen mills, which used 1,750,000 lbs. of wool, and produced over 1,000,000 yards of tweed cloth and flannel, 22,000 yards of felt, 3000 blankets, and 378 shawls; 61 establishments working in books or stationery; .9 in musical instruments; 11 in prints and pictures; 23 in carving and figures; 6 in designs, medals, and dies; 7 in philosophical instruments; 6 in surgical instruments; 14 in arms and ammunition; 102 in machines, tools, and implements; 188 in carriages and harness; 25 in ships and boats; 25 in houses, buildings, &c.; 66 in furniture; 38 in chemicals; 167 in dress; 16 in fibrous materials; 38 in animal food; 36 in vegetable food; 160 in drinks and stimulants; 104 in animal matters; 389 in vegetable matters; 17 in coal; 46 in stone, clay, earthenware, and glass; 2 in water; 34 in gold, silver, and page 25 precious stones; and 177 in metals other than gold and silver. The total number of these establishments is 2343, of which 908 U6e steam-engines, the total horse-power of which is 13,064. They employ 33,278 hands, and the approximate total value of lands, buildings, machinery, and plant, is £6,800,000.