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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

V. Raw and Manufactured Products

page 185

V. Raw and Manufactured Products.

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

16 Bewsher, C. E.—Four nuts of the coco-de-mer (Lodoicea seychellarum labill), from Praslin Island.

17 Cantley, N., Acting Director Botanical Gardens, Mauritius.—Collection of indigenous woods.

18 Dupont, E—Three brooms, made of the flowering spikes or the fataque grass (Panicum maximum jacq).

19 Dupont, E.—Four chairs, of colonial wood and vacoa leaves; box and four bags, in vacoa leaves; two rice-cleaners, "Vannes," in bamboo.

20 Fressang'es, Dr.—Fruits of coco-de-mer palm—shell of the fruit, the entire fruit, and cigar-case made from the leaves.

21 Galdemar. A.—Three flower-baskets, peduncles of the raphia palm.

22 Joly, J.—Fruit spikes of the raphia palm.

Class 44.—Products of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, and Spontaneous Products. Machines and Instruments connected therewith.

23 Caze, S-—Two hen's eggs—curious case of malformation.

24 Chery Moutou.—Collection of corals.

25 M'Millan, Miss.—Fancy works, made with seaweeds.

26 Robillard, V. de.—Four cases collection of natural history.

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food.

27 Cantley, N., Acting Director Botanical Gardens.—Collection of fibres.

28 Chazal, E. de, Rouge Terre.—Bale aloe fibre.

29 Couba. Mrs.—Thirteen bottles snuff tobacco, seven cases assorted cigars.

30 Desjardins, N.—Beeswax.

31 Le Magasin general des Huiles.—Cocoa-nut oil (two samples).

32 Levieux, X.—Samples raphia fibres.

33 Vally, C.—Box assorted cigars.