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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VII. Alimentary Products

page 180

VII. Alimentary Products.

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

709 Wattagama, Ratemahatmeya.—Ten specimens of paddy.

Dissanaike. D. A. T., Mudaliyar.

710 Seventeen specimens of paddy.

711 Eight specimens of rice.

712 Eight specimens of dry grain.

713 Two specimens of pulse.

714 Hallugalle, Ratemahatmeya.—Eleven kinds of native grains.

715 Braine. C. F., Becherton Estate.—Sample of arrowroot.

Ceylon Government.

716 Thirteen kinds of native grains, from Jaffna.

717 Three kinds of fine grains, from Ratnapura.

718 Three kinds of paddy, from Ratnapura.

Government Agent. Kandy.

719 Thirty-two kinds of paddy.

720 Eleven kinds dry grain.

721 Three kinds of rice.

Class 69.—Fatty Substances used as Food. Milk and Eggs.

722 Government Agent, Kandy.—Four bottles cow ghee.

Class 71.—Vegetables and Fruit.

723 Ceylon Government.—Sample of arrowroot tubers from Ratnapura.

Government Agent, Kandy.

724 Quantity of jack seeds.

725 Quantity of beans.

Class 72.—Condiments and Stimulants, Sugar and Confectionery. Tea.

726 Lee Hedges & Co.—Ceylon tea—pekoe, pekoe souchong, flowery pekoe, broken pekoe, souchong, unassorted.

727 Owen, T. C., Oonoonagalla Estate.—One sample tea.

728 Hay. C. A., Windsor Forest Estate.—Ceylon tea—orange pekoe, pekoe dust, broken pekoe, pekoe, pekoe souchong, souchong.

729 Armstrong, C. S., Rook wood Estate.—Ceylon tea—pekoe, pekoe souchong, souchong, congou, broken pekoe, broken tea.

730 Keir, Dundas & Co.—Samples of Loolecon-dera Estate tea.

731 Haldane & Anton.—Samples of Calsay Estate tea.

Stork. A. J.

732 Sample of Blackstone Estate tea.

733 Sample of Oodawariana Estate tea.

734 Nelson, J.—Sample of tea prepared from the plants in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

735 Ceylon Co.—Ceylon tea—pekoe souchong; flowery, silvery, orange, souchong, and broken pekoe; hyson, young hyson, pekoe tips, &c.

736 Shand, P. R.—Ceylon tea—pekoe, pekoe souchong.

737 Leechman, G. & W.—Ceylon tea, from Agrawatte Estate—orange pekoe, pekoe souchong, souchong, congou.

738 Mackwood & Co.—Tea, from Galbodde Estate—pekoe tea, souchong, pekoe souchong, broken pekoe, pekoe dust, orange pekoe.

738a Shand, C.—Thirty samples tea.

738b Smith, J. Arbuthnot (Limited).—Sample Ceylon-grown tea.

738c Henty, J., & Co.—Samples of pekoe, pekoe souchong, and souchong.

Lee, Hedges & Co.

739 Plantation parchment coffee—peaberry, flat beans, Liberian.

740 Prepared plantation coffee—peaberry, flat beans.

741 Sample native coffee.

742 Owen, T. C., Oonoonagalla Estate.—Sample coffee.

743 Colombo Commercial Co.—Samples of plantation coffee.

744 Baker, J. F.—Samples of plantation coffee, from Yakkabendakelle Fstate.

745 Whittall & Co.—Samples of plantation coffee.

746 Courthope, Bosanquet & Co.—Plantation coffee—parchment, No. 0 elephant beans, No. 1 bulk size, peaberry.

747 Mackwood & Co.—Coffee—dried cherry, parchment, flat beans (large size), peaberry.

747a Delmege, Reid & Co.—Plantation coffee, the produce of Langdale, Kintyre, and Tilli coultry Estates.

Bawa, A.

748 Ceylon patent cafe-au-lait, or coffee and milk condensed.

749 Prepared coffee, milk, and sugar, compressed into cakes.

750 Lea, Hedges & Co.—Plantation cinnamon.

751 Rajapakse, S-, Mudaliyar.—Five samples of cinnamon.

752 De Silva, H.—Three samples of cinnamon.

753 Owen, T. C., Oonoonagalla Estate.—Sample cardamoms.

Drieberg, J. F., Ekelle Estate.

754 Seven parcels cinnamon.

755 Parcel cinnamon ehipe.

756 Delmege, Reid & Co. Bundle cinnamon.

757 Jayetilleke, S., Mudaliyar.—5 lb. vanilla.

Government Agent, Kandy.

758 Quantity of cinnamon.

759 Quantity of mustard.

760 Quantity of pepper.

Dasanayaka, H. L., Mudaliyar.

761 Quantity of pepper.

762 Quantity of mustard.

763 Quantity of bird pepper.

764 Phial of kitul syrup.

765 Phial of bee honey.

page 181

Class 82.—Mining and Metallurgy.

766 Lee, Hedges & Co.—Two samples plumbago—lump, dust.

767 Fernando, W. A., Mudaliyar.—Four samples plumbago of the first quality.

Delmege, Reid & Co.

768 Box plumbago.

769 Three bottles plumbago.

770 Ferguson, W.—Two specimens of breccia, or Pamunugama stone.

771 Palipane, P. B., Ratemahatmeya.—Plumbago, from the Kurunegala district.

Ceylon Government.

772 Plumbago, from Ratnapura.

773 Sample of a species of plumbago, generally found in the beds of rivers.

774 Government Agent, Kandy.—Quantity of plumbago.

775 Dixon, A. C.—Case of specimens, illustrative of the geology and mineralogy of Ceylon.