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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

IV. Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories

page 175

IV. Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories.

Class 30.—Cotton Thread and Fabrics.

Kalugalle, Ratemahatmeya.

221 Sample of spun cotton.

222 Sample of cotton cloth.

Class 36.—Lace, Net, Embroidery, and Trimmings.

Ederewire Patabendege Thenishami.

223 Five yards lace.

224 Eight-and-half yards lace.

225 Four yards lace.

226 Eight yards lace.

227 Six yards lace.

228 Six yards lace.

229 Eleven yards lace.

230 Seven yards lace.

231 Five yards lace.

232 Five-and-half yards lace.

233 Eight-and-half yards lace.

234 Eight-and-half yards lace.

235 Five-and-half yards lace.

236 Three pieces five-and-half yards lace.

Wijenarayane, Don A.

237 Five yards lace.

238 Eighteen yards lace.

239 Twenty-nine-and-half yards lace.

240 Twenty-nine yards lace.

241 Twenty-nine yards lace.

242 Twelve yards lace.

Dowbiggin, Rev. R. T.

243 Parcel lace and embroidery.

Class 37.—Hosiery and Underclothing and Accessories of Clothing.

Government Agent, Kandy.

244 Kandyan chief's fan (anatu).

245 Smaller Kandyan fan (Waddana talatu).

246 Kandyan fan.

247 Ten Kandyan walking-sticks.

248 Fourteen Kandyan whips.

Dissanaike, D. A. T., Mudaliyar.

249 Two fans, with ivory handles.

Wijenarayane, Don Adrian.

250 Fourteen palmyra walking-sticks.

251 Ebony carved walking-sticks.

252 Two ebony carved walking-sticks.

253 Two ebony carved walking-sticks.

254 Two ebony carved walking-sticks.

255 Ebony carved walking-stick.

256 Two ebony carved walking-sticks.

Andris, Don B. G.

256a Twelve king cocoanut walking-sticks.

257 Twelve palmyra walking-sticks.

De Silva D. P.

258 Gold-mounted belt.

259 Silver-mounted belt.

Class 38.—Clothing for both Sexes.

Ceylon Government.

260 Seven pieces of Chettadai, of assorted colours.

Government Agent, Kandy.

261 Kandyan cloth (Tadappu).

262 Two hats (Tadappu).

Class 39.—Jewellery and Precious Stones.

Government Agent, Kandy.

263 Large silver cross.

264 Small silver cross.

265 Small silver cross.

266 Pair bangles, silver (Kandyan).

267 Pair bangles, brass (Kandyan).

268 Pair earrings (Todu).

269 Two necklaces, silver, coral, and brass.

270 Pair ear ornaments (Kuru).

271 Pair ear ornaments (Pullemal).

272 Silver ring.

273 Ancient Kandyan silver chain, made of old Kandyan coins.

274 Silver ring.

Werasiri, D. J.—Tortoise-shell ornaments.

275 Yellow flower necklace.

276 Pair yellow flower earrings.

277 Yellow flower brooch.

278 Pair yellow flower bangles.

279 Yellow flower bead necklace.

280 Six pairs yellow flower bead earrings.

281 Two pairs yellow flower bangles.

282 Three pairs yellow flower earrings.

283 Three yellow flower brooches.

284 Yellow flower watchguard.

285 Yellow flower chain.

286 Yellow flower chain.

287 Six black flower necklaces.

288 Three black flower star necklaces.

289 Six black flower bead necklaces.

290 Six pairs bangles.

291 Pair bracelets.

292 Six pairs earrings.

293 Six black brooches.

294 Eight lockets.

295 Two sets white studs.

296 Set black studs.

297 Fourteen sets black studs.

298 Two black crown crosses.

299 Three pairs star bangles.

300 Two pairs flower hairpins.

301 Pair star hairpins.

302 Two star brooches.

303 Two black bird brooches.

304 Two white bird brooches.

305 Black brooch, with snake.

306 Pair white cable-pattern earrings.

307 Three ivory crosses.

308 Carved pin, with picture.

309 Plain pin. with picture.

310 Pair black bangles, mounted in silver.

311 Pair bracelets, with black links.

312 Pair short star earrings.

313 Seven pairs black long earrings.

314 Black necklace, with a locket.

315 Small black cable-pattern chain.

316 Two long chains, goes twice round the neck.

317 Black flower cross.

318 Black leaf brooch.

page 176

319 Pair black long star earrings.

320 Pair black ball earrings.

321 Six pairs black earrings, with six pendant balls.

322 Black flower necklace.

323 Oval links black chain.

324 Pair short-ball earrings.

325 Carved white brooch.

Werasiri, D. J.—Gold and silver ornaments.

326 Single ruby ring.

327 Ring, with five pearls.

328 Ring, with two pearls and one ruby.

329 Silver gown-holder.

"Wijenarayane, Don Adrian.—Tortoise-shell ornaments.

330 Tiger-claws necklace.

331 Pair tiger-claws earrings.

332 Tiger-claws brooch.

333 Tiger-claws pin.

334 Tiger-claws chain.

335 Thirty sets of black studs.

336 Two pairs black bangles.

337 Three black watchguards, with chains.

338 Yellow loeket-chain.

339 Yellow locket-chain.

340 Eight sets yellow studs.

341 Yellow locket watchguard.

342 Four black oval-shape watchguards.

343 Three black oval-shape watchguards.

344 Four yellow hairpins.

345 Yellow brooch.

346 Twelve pairs solitaires.

347 Six pairs tortoise-shell earrings, with pendant balls.-

348 Flower tortoise-shell necklace.

349 Thirty-nine small ivory elephants, for charms.

350 Four small ivory elephants, for charms.

351 Two tortoise-shell plain hearts.

352 Three black locket charms.

Wijenarayane, Don Adrian.—Gold and silver ornaments.

353 Blue sapphire ring.

354 Blue sapphire ring. 355 Blue sapphire ring.

356 Pair earnobs, set with rubies.

357 Silver bead necklace of two rows.

358 Silver bead necklace of three rows.

359 Bentara Yahatugoda Badalge Tepanishami.—Twenty-four ivory elephants, for Albert chains.

Wijesundara Abeynarayane, Don C.

360 Nine silver puzzle-rings of seven.

361 Silver puzzle-ring of eleven.

362 Pair silver earrings.

Dewarpura Wemalaratna Jayesinghe, Don G.

363 Gold hairpin, set with Ceylon diamonds (zircon).

364 Pair earrings, set with emeralds.

365 Ratnawibusane, Don S.—Cocoanut gold brooch.

Ratnawibusane, Don S.

366 Pair of gold earrings, set with rubies.

367 Gold brooch, set with rubies and pearls.

Ratnawibusane, Don C.

368 Gold locket, set with water-sapphire and turquoise.

369 Gold chain.

370 Gold ring, set with rubies and emeralds.

371 Gold ring, set with rubies and emeralds.

372 Gold ring, set with a Ceylon ruby.

373 Gold puzzling-ring of eleven together.

374 Puzzling-ring of four.

375 Six puzzling-rings of seven.

376 Puzzling-ring of eleven.

377 Pair gold earrings, set with coral.

De Silva, D. F.—Gold and tortoise-shell jewellery.

378 Two sets—two brooches and two pairs pearl-grape earrings.

379 Two sets—two brooches and two pairs pearl-grape earrings.

380 Set moonstone necklace, bracelets, and earrings.

381 Large pearl cross.

382 Three small pearl crosses.

383 Pearl pin.

384 Pearl pin.

385 Seventy ivory charm elephants.

386 Six light-coloured necklaces.

387 Thirty-two sets large solitaires.

388 Forty-one sets small solitaires.

389 Twelve sets light-coloured studs and solitaires.

390 six sets light-coloured brooches.

391 Set cheetah's-claws necklace, brooch, and pair of earrings.

392 Large cat's-eye ring.

393 Large cat's-eye ring.

394 Two large cat's-eye rings.

395 Two large cat's-eye rings.

396 Three pearl hoops.

397 Half-pearl hoop.

398 Square half-pearl ring.

399 Pearl and emerald rase ring.

400 Pearl and sapphire hoop.

401 Large gent,'s sapphire ring.

402 Two sapphire hoops.

403 Two sapphire hoops.

404 Half-sapphire hoop.

405 Half-sapphire hoop, two rows.

406 Half-sapphire hoop.

407 Two ruby hoops.

408 Ruby hoop.

409 Ruby hoop.

410 Ruby hoop.

411 Six silver lockets.

412 Six large crosses.

413 Six small silver crosses.

414 Six silver-mounted cheetah's-claw pins.

415 Six gold-mounted cheetah's-claw pins.

416 Two horse-shoe pearl pins.

417 Gold samy bracelet

418 Gold samy locket

419 Gold samy locket.

420 Gold samy brooch.

421 Pair samy earrings.

422 Two beetle brooches.

423 Tillekeratne, H. D., Mudaliyar.—Gold article, called "Hallabontioue." used for cardamoms and spices by Singhalese ladies.

Tillekeratne Dissanaike, A. P., Mudaliyar.

424 Gold article or purse, called "Bagaldasia."

425 Gold article or scent-ball, called "Ambiribole."

Class 40.—Portable Weapons, and Hunting and Shooting Equipments.

Palipane, P. B., Ratemahatmeya.

426 Dessawa's waist-knife, mounted with gold, above 200 years old.

427 Ratemohotta's waist-knife and stylus, mounted with silver (ancient).

428 Lekatna's waist-knife, brass-mounted (ancient). Government Agent, Kandy.

429 Five spear-heads, with handle.

430 Three axes for killing bears.

431 Six Kandyan knives.

432 Small spear.

433 Spear-head, without handle.

434 Fernando, G., Mudaliyar.—Model crease (poniard).

Class 42.—Toys.

Fernando, G., Mudaliyar.

435 Set Jaffna wooden lacquered toys, 24 pieces.

436 Set Galle wooden lacquered toys, 9 pieces.