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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

III. Furniture and Accessories

page 173

III. Furniture and Accessories.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

Government of Ceylon.

29 Two large lacquered chairs (child's).

30 Small lacquered chair (child's).

31 Large lacquered tea-poy, with four branches.

Sumps, A. C.

32 Rattan lounging chair.

33 Rattan tea-poy.

34 Perera, A., Arachchi.—Revolving tea-poy, made of different varieties of wood.

Government Agent, Kandy.

35 Two corner stands.

36 Table of flowered satinwood and elephant's bones.

37 Two small tables—wood and elephant's bones.

38 Andris, Don, of Galle.—Two carved ebony lounging chairs.

39 Rajapakse, Don S., of Galle.—Pair of wall brackets.

De Silva, D. F.

40 Carved ebony stand.

41 Pair of ebony couches, elaborately carved.

Class 18.—Upholsterers' and Decorators' Work.

Government Agent, Kandy.

42 Two Kandyan pillow-cases.

43 Kandyan counterpane (Samukkalawa).

Class 20.—Pottery.

Ceylon Government.

44 Two pairs goglets (clay).

45 Two tumblers (clay).

Dias, H.

46 Pair goglets (clay).

47 Tobacco jar (clay).

48 Dessanayeke, A. P. A., Mudaliyar, of Panadure.—Box of Ceylon earthenware.

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

Fernando, G., Mudaliyar.

49 Six tunheriya rush mats, coarse.

50 Rush mat.

51 Jayatillike, S., Mudaliyar.—Six Kandyan fibre mats (coloured).

52 Palipane, P. B., Ratemahatmeya.—Kandyan fibre mat (coloured).

53 Halpe, Ratemahatmeya.—Two Kandyan rush mats (coloured).

54 Tennekoon, C. E.. Ratemahatmeya.—Ten Kandyan rush mats (coloured).

55 Government Agent, Kandy.—Ten Kandyan mats.

Sumps. A. C.

56 Piece of coir matting, 2½ feet x 6 feet.

57 Coir door-rug, 1½ feet x 1 foot; weight, 2¼ lbs.

Class 23.—Cutlery.

58 Dissanaike, Mudaliyar.—Singhalese country knife.

59 Fernando, G., Mudaliyar.—Model Singhalese waist-knife.

60 Halpe, Ratemahatmeya.—Three silver-mounted Kandyan knives.

Ceylon Government.

61 Two knives (models).

62 Handknife (model).

Class 24.—(xoldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Work.

Ceylon Government.

63 Large silver carved box.

64 Silver carved cigar-case.

65 Silver carved arecanut cutter.

66 Palipane, P. B., Ratemahatmeya—Five silver carved boxes.

67 Halpe, Ratemahatmeya.—Silver carved box.

Government Agent, Kandy.

68 Three silver chunam boxes.

69 Three large silver boxes.

70 Small silver box.

71 Carved silver box (very old).

72 De Silva, D. F.—Four silver napkin-rings.

Class 25.—Bronzes and various Art Castings and Repousse Work.

Ceylon Government.

73 Brass lamp and chain.

74 Brass spittoon.

75 Brass betel-stand.

76 Brass chembu (small pot).

77 Copper chembu.

78 Government Agent, Kandy.—Copper shrine.

Class 28.—Perfumery.

79 Hormusjee, K.—Twelve bottles of king cocoa-nut hair oil.

Class 29.—Leather-work, Fancy Articles, and Basket-work.

Hormusjee, K.

80 Set of Kalutara baskets (large).

81 Set of Kalutara baskets (small).

82 Two cigar-cases (Kalutara).

83 Two tampachees (Kalutara).

84 Two purses (Kalutara).

85 Two caps (Kalutara).

86 Two bete! bags (Kalutara).

87 Two caps (Kalutara).

Government Agent, Kandy.

88 Betel stand.

89 Betel box.

90 Two images of Buddha, in ivory.

91 Two Ivory chains.

92 Three ivory images.

93 Ivory box.

94 Ear and tooth pick.

page 174

95 Carved eggshell.

96 Image of Buddha, with glass cover.

97 Ivory image.

98 Ivory earpick.

99 Ivory boxes, for medicines.

100 Silver ear and tooth pick.

101 Copper chunam-box.

Dewapuratne Jayasinghe, Don A.

102 Jewel-box.

103 Carved cocoanut-shell.

Weerajayasundara Goonewardene, Don N. de S.

104 Pair ivory carved elephants.

105 Carved calamander workbox.

106 Carved ebony case, for cigars or gloves.

Palipane, P. B., Ratemahatmeya.

107 Wooden lacquered betel-stand.

Werasiri, D. J.

108 White dressing-comb.

109 Six large white dressing-combs.

110 Twelve small dressing-combs.

111 Large crooked dressing-comb.

112 Small crooked dressing-comb.

113 Two dressing-combs, with big teeth.

114 Five tail-combs.

115 Two handle combs.

116 Six round combs.

117 Three black combs.

118 Six small plain combs.

119 Very small dressing-comb.

120 Hound cigar-case, with white spots.

121 Six shoe-horns.

122 Five large paper-cutters.

123 Twelve small paper-cutters.

124 Thick paper cutter.

125 Four flat cigar-cases.

126 Three round cigar-cases.

127 Six ladies' card-cases.

128 Three gentlemen's card-cases.

129 Seventeen book-markers.

130 Spectacle-case.

131 Eighteen napkin-rings, numbered in silver.

132 Twenty-four plain napkin-rings.

133 Tortoise-shell box.

134 Tortoise-shell fan.

135 Three whist-markers.

136 White pin.

137 Tortoise-shell fiddle.

138 Tortoise made from tortoise-shell.

139 Tortoise-shell penholder.

140 Four small ivory elephants.

141 Five Kalatura baskets.

Rankalasge, Adonis Martos.

142 Porcupine-quill workbox.

143 Porcupine-quill cashbox.

144 Cocoanut-wood workbox.

Wijenarayane, Don A.

145 Porcxipine-quill box.

146 Two tortoise-shell boxes, with silver mounting.

147 Twenty-eight small paper-cutters.

148 Five large dressing-combs.

149 Three large dressing-combs.

150 Yellow carved comb.

151 Two ebony watch-stands.

152 Pair ebony elephants.

153 Pair ebony elephants.

154 Twenty-three book-markers.

155 Twelve shoe horns.

156 Two tortoise-shell toothpicks.

Bentara Yahatugoda Badalge Tepanis Hami.

157 Pair ivory elephants.

158 Pair ivory elephants.

Aturaliya Welandugodage Subehami.

159 Ebony writing-desk, carved.

160 Porcupine-quill desk, caned.

161 Calamander desk, carved.

162 Ebony writing-desk.

163 Ebony inkstand, carved.

Kattalabadde Vedanege Carolis de Costa.

164 Four pairs watch-cases, with inkstands.

165 Ebony inkstand, carved.

Bentara Yahatugoda Badalge Baban-hami.

166 Two ladies' ebony boxes, richly carved and inlaid with ivory.

Wijesundara Abeynarayane, Don C.

167 Seven sets straw baskets of 12.

168 Set straw baskets of 6.

169 Four porcuplne-quill boxes.

Werajayawardene Goonawardena, Don D. de S.

170 Pair ivory elephants.

Attanagalle Koralla.

171 Ivory rose-water sprinkler.

De Silva, D. F., Jeweller.

172 Gold-mounted tortoise-shell box, contained in a porcupine-quill box.

173 Four silver-mounted tortoise-shell boxes.

174 Silver-mounted tortoise-shell box.

175 Gold-mounted dear-ease.

176 Pair ivory elephants.

177 Two pairs ivory elephants.

178 Nine pairs ivory elephants.

179 Three pairs ivory elephants.

180 Two pairs ivory elephants.

181 Two pairs ivory elephants.

182 Three pairs ivory elephants.

183 Five pairs ivory elephants.

184 Six pairs ivory elephants.

185 Two pairs ivory elephants.

186 Forty large paper-cutters.

187 Thirty small paper-cutters.

188 Thirty-six book-markers.

189 Fifty book-markers.

190 Sixty-four shoe-horns.

191 Four dozen elephant's teeth knife-handles.

192 Four dozen elephant's teeth knife-handles.

193 Four dozen elephant's teeth knife-handles.

194 Twelve small dressing-combs.

195 Two large dressing-combs.

196 Eight large dressing-combs.

197 Ten round combs.

198 Fifteen handle paper-cutters.

199 Twelve large cigarette-cases.

200 Twelve small cigarette-cases.

201 Twelve cigar-cases.

202 Three light-coloured dressing-combs.

203 Three light-coloured handle combs.

204 Three light-coloured tail-combs.

205 Six large paper-cutters.

206 Eighteen small paper-cutters.

207 Forty-eight napkin-rings.

208 Twelve handle combs.

209 Twelve tail-combs.

210 Twelve round combs.

211 Pair elephant's teeth pagodas.

212 Pair elephant's teeth pagodas.

213 Three pieces elephant's teeth.

214 Sixteen pieces elephant's teeth.

215 Piece elephant's teeth.

216 Two pieces elephant's teeth.

217 Eleven pieces elephant's teeth.

218 Fifteen pieces elephant's teeth.

219 Twenty-three pieces elephant's teeth.

Anganitta Cornelia Tillekeratne, Lama-etna.

220 Satinwood jewel-box, mounted with silver.