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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

De Silva, D. F., Jeweller

De Silva, D. F., Jeweller.

172 Gold-mounted tortoise-shell box, contained in a porcupine-quill box.

173 Four silver-mounted tortoise-shell boxes.

174 Silver-mounted tortoise-shell box.

175 Gold-mounted dear-ease.

176 Pair ivory elephants.

177 Two pairs ivory elephants.

178 Nine pairs ivory elephants.

179 Three pairs ivory elephants.

180 Two pairs ivory elephants.

181 Two pairs ivory elephants.

182 Three pairs ivory elephants.

183 Five pairs ivory elephants.

184 Six pairs ivory elephants.

185 Two pairs ivory elephants.

186 Forty large paper-cutters.

187 Thirty small paper-cutters.

188 Thirty-six book-markers.

189 Fifty book-markers.

190 Sixty-four shoe-horns.

191 Four dozen elephant's teeth knife-handles.

192 Four dozen elephant's teeth knife-handles.

193 Four dozen elephant's teeth knife-handles.

194 Twelve small dressing-combs.

195 Two large dressing-combs.

196 Eight large dressing-combs.

197 Ten round combs.

198 Fifteen handle paper-cutters.

199 Twelve large cigarette-cases.

200 Twelve small cigarette-cases.

201 Twelve cigar-cases.

202 Three light-coloured dressing-combs.

203 Three light-coloured handle combs.

204 Three light-coloured tail-combs.

205 Six large paper-cutters.

206 Eighteen small paper-cutters.

207 Forty-eight napkin-rings.

208 Twelve handle combs.

209 Twelve tail-combs.

210 Twelve round combs.

211 Pair elephant's teeth pagodas.

212 Pair elephant's teeth pagodas.

213 Three pieces elephant's teeth.

214 Sixteen pieces elephant's teeth.

215 Piece elephant's teeth.

216 Two pieces elephant's teeth.

217 Eleven pieces elephant's teeth.

218 Fifteen pieces elephant's teeth.

219 Twenty-three pieces elephant's teeth.