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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

Tenth Group.—Mining Industries—Machinery, and Products

Tenth Group.—Mining Industries—Machinery, and Products.

Apparatus and Processes of the Art of Mining and Metallurgy.

Class 81.—Boring apparatus for Artesian wells and wells of large diameter. Boring machines and apparatus for breaking down coal and cutting rocks. Apparatus for blasting by electricity.

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Models, plans, and views of the mode of working in mines and quarries. Works for obtaining mineral waters. Machines and apparatus used for extracting ore, and for lowering and hoisting miners.

Winding, pumping, and crushing machinery.

Safety cages and hooks; signals and other appliances for lessening the danger in mines.

Machines for draining: pumps.

Ventilating apparatus; ventilators.

Safety lamps; lamps for electric light.

Apparatus for the mechanical dressing of ores and mineral fuel.

Apparatus for compressing fuel into cakes.

Apparatus for the carbonisation of fuel. Smelting furnaces. Smoke-consuming apparatus.

Apparatus used in metal works.

Special apparatus used in forges and foundries, electro-metallurgical apparatus.

Apparatus used in metal manufactures of all kinds.

Drawings of different classes of machinery used in mining.

Mining and Metallurgy.

Class 82.—Collections and specimens of rocks, minerals, ores. Ornamental stones. Hard stones. Refractory substances. Earths and clays. Various mineral products. Raw sulphur. Rock salt; salt from salt springs.

Mineral fuel: various kinds of coal, coal dust, and compressed coal. Asphalte and rock asphalte. Bitumen. Mineral tar. Petroleum, &c.

Metals in a crude state: pig-iron, iron, steel, cast-steel, copper, lead, gold, silver, zinc, antimony, &c. Alloys.

Products of washing and refining precious metals, of gold-beating, &c.

Electro-metallurgy: objects, gilt, silvered, or coated with copper, steel, nickel, &c., by the galvanic process.

Products of the working of metals: rough castings, bells, wrought-iron, iron for special purposes, sheet-iron, and tin plates, iron plates for casing ships and constructions, &c.

Sheet-iron coated with zinc or lead; copper, lead, and zinc sheets, &c.

Manufactured metals: blacksmiths' work, wheels and tires, unwelded pipes, chains, &c.

Wire drawing. Needles, pins, wire ropes, wire-work, and wire-gauze; perforated sheet-iron.

Hardware, edge-tools, ironmongery, copper, sheet-iron, tinware, Sec.

Other metal manufactures.