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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 40

Extract from Commissioners' Report

Extract from Commissioners' Report.

The Commission were much gratified by the result of their inquiries as to the condition of the woollen industry, which will be seen by the evidence to be well established, and to require no artificial assistance of any kind. The only grievance which the woollen manufacturers complain of is the operation of the Employment of Females Acts. The Commission took great pains to investigate that matter; but, after giving it careful consideration, they are unable to recommend any alteration of the law in so far as it affects the length of the hours' of work. They are satisfied that the Act affords a substantial and valuable protection to female and youthful operatives; and, though they recognise both that the local manufacturers are placed at some disadvantage by it as against manufacturers in countries where no such law exists, and also that in the woollen factories now in existence no serious evils would be likely to arise under the present excellent management from a repeal of it, they nevertheless consider that the well-being of an industrious and comparatively helpless class of the community is so effectually secured by it that they have no hesitation in deciding as they have done. They would point out that the condition of factory hands as a class in the future, or in other trades even at present, cannot be judged of by the condition of those employed to-day in liberally-conducted establishments such as are described in the notes of their inquiry at Dunedin.