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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39


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Durham Padding 1
Oatmeal Porridge 2
Barley & Apple Pudding 3
Groat Pudding 4
Indian Meal or Food Reform Knobs 5
Indian Meal Porridge 6
Indian Meal and Oatmeal Porridge 7
Whole Wheat Meal Porridge 8
Boiled Indian Meal Pudding 9
Batter or Egg Bread 10
Barley Soup 11
Potato Soup 12
Combination Porridge 13
Rice Pudding 14
Stewed Rhubarb 15
Haricot Bean Soup 16
Lentil Soup 17
Hominy Pudding 18
Hominy Porridge 19
Oatmeal Porridge 20
Rice Porridge 21
Oatmeal Cake 22
Peas Soup 23
Green Peas Soup 24
Barley Soup 25
Kidney Bean Soup 26
Brown Soup 27
Haricot Bean Soup 28
Lentil Soup 29
Lentil Soup 30
Apple Preparations 31
To Stew Apples 32
Rhubard Pudding 33
Apple & Bread Pudding 34
Plum Pudding 35
Stewed Apples 36
Fried Beet Root 37
Roasted Potatoes 38
Boiled Potatoes 39
Potato Balls 40
Turnip Hash 41
Hotch Potch 42
Fried Cauliflower 43
Stewed Onions 44
Stewed Celery 45
Irish Stew 46
Vegetarian Goose 47
Wheat Pudding 48
Bread and Butter (Paradise) Pudding 49
Boiled Haricot Beans 50
Ripe Marrowfat Peas 51
Potted Lentils 52
Savoury Pie 53
Vegetable Pie 54
Potato Pie 55
Goose Pie 56
Mince Pie 57
Savoury Fritters 58
Bread Crumb Omelet 59
Macaroni Omelet 60
French Omelet 61
White Sauce for Vegetables 62
Onion Sauce 63
Digestive Biscuits 64
Brown Gravy 65
Custard 66
Apple Dumplings 67
Mince Meat 68
Plum Pudding 69

W. M. Wright, Printer, Silver Street, Stockton.

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Seven more of the young women were requested to buy 1 lb. of Dates, stone them and stew the same in a pint of water for one hour, then add ½ lb. of Sugar and 3d. of Rhubarb, cut up into squares, and boil all together for half an hour.

The other seven were requested to buy stone of Wheat Meal and make the same into bread the day before, cut the same into square pieces, and bring it with them, along with one Quart of New Milk each.

To give the ladies as little trouble as possible, we requested all who came to the supper to bring with them basins and spoons.

When the men and women were seated, the ladies commenced to serve the Porridge, to which was added Rhubarb Syrup and New Milk, with a square of bread. The meal was partaken of with evident enjoyment—all who were present praising it on account of its being so good and palatable.

Alter supper, the Rev. Canon Falconer, who took the chair, said he could assure them from his own experience that Porridge was a good and substantial food, for he used to take it when he was young.

I then addressed the meeting on cheap living. Mr. Wilson also spoke in favour of Bread and Fruit. Several questions were asked by those present, and answered by myself.

Yours respectfully,

W. M. Wright.

P.S.—Gooseberries staved with Raisins or Dates makes an excellent Syrup to cat with the Porridge, Rice, Barley, Durham, or Hominy Puddings, and by having a good supply, less milk will be required. This only need be tried to be appreciated.