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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39

Peas,; &c

Peas,; &c.

50. Boiled Haricot Beans.—One pint of beans, two onions, and salt.—Wash the beans; soak over night; put them on the fire in a saucepan of cold water, just page 18 sufficient to cover them; add the salt and the onions; boil gently two or three hours, and serve with the liquid in which they are boiled, as this contains the principal portion of the flavour and nourishment of the beans. Any kind of kidney beans will answer the purpose.

51. Ripe Marrowfat Peas.—Wash one pint of large dry marrowfat peas, and soak twelve hours in soft water; boil three or four hours, either with or without mint, and season with pepper and salt.

52. Potted Lentils.—Stew a tea-cupful of lentils in water with a morsel of butter, and some mushroom powder. Then beat up to a smooth paste. When cold, add an equal quantity of fine brown bread-crumbs, with seasoning of salt, mace, and cayenne, and the size of a walnut of old cheese. Beat all together with two ounces of butter; press firmly into small pots. (Haricot beans may be used instead of lentils.) If to be kept, a little hot butter must be poured over the top.