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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39

Fruit Preparations

Fruit Preparations.

31. To Prepare Apples.—Let the apples be pared, cored, and sweetened, and placed in a deep dish, on the upper part of a stove; a large teacupful of boiling water poured over them, and a plate laid over the dish. Simmer until soft. There is no trouble about removing the skins when eating them.

32. To Stew Apples.—Three pints of water, and a pound and a half of sugar; boil this syrup thoroughly. Then peel your apples, core them, and put in as many as the syrup will allow; let them stew slowly till they are done.

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33. Rhubarb Pudding.—One pound of rhubarb, 12 ounces of bread without crust, and sugar.—Lay the rhubarb in water ten minutes; cut the bread into slices a quarter of an inch thick; toast the slices, and soak a few minutes in boiling water, pour on a plate, and mix with two table-spoonfuls of sugar; place some of the slices at the bottom of the dish; cut the rhubarb into pieces an inch long; till the dish; mix the sugar with it; place the other slices over the top; bake the whole in a moderate oven, and serve either hot or cold. Various kinds of fruit may be used instead of or with the rhubarb.

34. Apple And Bread Pudding.—Three-quarters of a pound of bread-crumbs, one pound and a half of apples, sugar, and butter. Pare and cut the apples as for a pie; put a little butter into a deep pie dish; then a layer of apples, with a little sugar; then a thick layer of bread crumbs; then another layer of apples, sugar, and bread crumbs. Lay a few small pieces of butter on the top and bake in a moderately hot oven. Cooked rice is a good substitute for bread-crumbs.

35. Plum Pudding.—Three pounds of raisins, stoned and chopped; three pounds of currants, three pounds of moist sugar, one-and-a-half pounds of apples chopped line, one-and-a-half pounds of carrots, grated, three pounds of flour, three pounds of bread crumbs, half a pound of lemon peel, cut fine, half an ounce of mace, one-and-a half pounds of butter melted, seven or eight eggs well beaten, and a little salt; mix all together with a gill of milk, put into buttered moulds, and cover with a cloth; then boil for eight hours.

36. Stewed Apples.—Take six pounds of apples, pare, cut into halves, and core; place in a pie dish two lemons, sliced and boiled in half-a-pint of water with half a pound of sugar until tender; then pour out the apples and stew in an oven.