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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39

Dunedin Female Refuge. — Report for 1880-81

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Dunedin Female Refuge.

Report for 1880-81.

In presenting a record of the past year's work in the Female Refuge to the public, the Ladies' Committee express their hope of good having been done, notwithstanding much of perplexity and disappointment. Two unavoidable changes in the office of matron have been somewhat unsettling; that difficulty, the Committee sincerely trust, is now overcome, and under the present management they have reason to hope the Institution will be efficiently worked.

During the year seventeen women have been admitted and fourteen discharged. Altogether two-and-twenty women have received the shelter of the Refuge. One inmate (M.S.) who left the Refuge last August has since died in the Hospital. Another woman (J.M.) has been respectably married, both she and her husband being members of a Christian Church. Of another inmate (M.S.) the Committee has the most cheering intelligence. She has rejoined her family, and is now walking in the paths of peace and virtue. Of two or three other inmates who are now in respectable service, the Committee have reason to entertain good hopes of reformation.

The Committee desire to tender their sincere thanks to the public for the measure of support given to the Refuge in time past; and as it is not yet possible to render the Institution self-supporting, they earnestly beg for a continuance of the assistance so generously afforded. The need of such a home is most evident, and the Ladies' Committee will feel greatly indebted to all Christian or philanthropic page 4 minds who will direct any poor fallen ones they may meet with to seek the shelter of the Refuge.

Let us not grow weary in well-doing because the fruit of our labour is less abundant than we could desire, grateful that in any degree our efforts may contribute to the spread of the Redeemer's Kingdom, and feeling assured that in His own good time He will crown all Christian effort with success.

The warm thanks of the Committee are also due for several donations in kind from Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. E. B. Cargill, Mrs. R. Borrows, Mr. E. B. Tait, Mr. Sise, a friend from the Taieri, Messrs. Wise, Wilkie, and several others.